AMONG US, but with 1001 PLAYERS

2020.nov. 6.
45 347 687 Megtekintés

Love is the one thing that transcends time and space. lul. 🌠
🎵 Featured Music: CG5 - Show Yourself
🥳 Thank you so much Charlie! Keep up the great work!
👑 Play Among Us:
Don't reupload! 🚨 Thanks! 🥰
Actually 359 Players (in the cafeteria). 🤥
The idea was to add 1001 players this time,
but then you wouldn't have been able to read
the usernames of the individual players.
Since this was more important to me,
I changed the amount of players.
Almost all usernames are your submissions! Thank you! 🥰
For the first time I measured the time It took me to animate this video.
I was curious, because I quickly underestimate the sense of time.
So this one took me 75 hours (without audio). 😲
It took me 62 hours to beat Dark Souls 1
and 86,2 hours to beat The Witcher 3.
Thanks for reading, have a nice day! 😁✌️

Oh.. and Ping: 1100101 - /watch?v=hXkY_ETVf7Q

  • That's a lot of sneaky little impostors.

    CG5CG522 napja
    • Yes

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    • @Terminator t0mat0 ккзлтоирх

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    • hi

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    • 3

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    • @Kenji Ridyard me to

      Artem BashurovArtem Bashurov14 napja
  • Like si te llamas sara

    Sara Martín PérezSara Martín Pérez3 perccel
  • Who are the imposter 🧐🧐🧐🤔🤔

    Otu EbubeOtu Ebube3 perccel
  • Party

    Darica DaricaDarica Darica7 perccel
  • Hello everybody. I hope you are doing well. Remember to wash your hands. Be careful. Even though it's tough right now for everyone, we have to remember it will be good again.

    BlipBlipistBlipBlipist8 perccel

    Roderic PalaroanRoderic Palaroan11 perccel
  • 1:15 "잼민이"

    Error 404Error 40412 perccel
  • This should be a new game mode added to among us

    The oof ChannelThe oof Channel13 perccel
  • Who else has a mod for among us

    L GuapitoL Guapito30 perccel
  • 잼민이 ㅋㅋㅋㄹㅋㄹㅋㅎ

    채영채영37 perccel
  • 1:54 "помогите" Я: Где Рашки?

    Under FoxyUnder Foxy40 perccel

  • 0:53 killed, founded and shot XD

    MateoPlay HDMateoPlay HD49 perccel
  • اول شي وقف المقطع ثانيا اضغط على هذا 0:20 بتلاقي بدر السلمي وحبيبة الشايب تحت الأسود 🌞

    ُُ51 perce
  • 1:51 CG5 :D

    Redgamer12Redgamer1255 perccel
  • 1:13 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그와중애 잼민이 있는거 개웃기넼ㅋㅋㅋ

    Anon imousAnon imousÓrája
  • RIP - Every Among Us Crewmates And Impostors That Didn’t Go To The Upper Medbay.

    iiPrandz - Official Youtube ChanneliiPrandz - Official Youtube ChannelÓrája
  • How did I come up with all these names

    Taiyabah WafaTaiyabah WafaÓrája
  • Way he use vietnam

    Max GamingMax GamingÓrája
  • Idk Steve *SUS*

    Banana _Banana _Órája
  • 1:53 indonesian

    Azfianda EbiAzfianda EbiÓrája
  • 0:20 who stopped at the time, who saw The Pixel Kingdom in red bright color?

    • M e

      Under FoxyUnder Foxy35 perccel
  • Ping!

    الكابتن ياسرالكابتن ياسر2 órája
  • Ping!

    الكابتن ياسرالكابتن ياسر2 órája
  • Ping

    الكابتن ياسرالكابتن ياسر2 órája
  • Ping

    الكابتن ياسرالكابتن ياسر2 órája
  • It's awesome!

    Lucélia Gomes Pereira FreitasLucélia Gomes Pereira Freitas2 órája
  • 1:12 잼민 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    아닌데아닌데2 órája
  • It's really good I'm from Indonesia I like this animation it's really good👍👍👍

    Amongg GamingAmongg Gaming2 órája
  • 🤣🥰😍🤩😈🙊

    Noha SalimNoha Salim2 órája
  • 1:29 잼민이 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    공격매트릭스공격매트릭스2 órája
  • Me win

    Ngọc Loan SiêuNgọc Loan Siêu2 órája
  • Wow

    Ngọc Loan SiêuNgọc Loan Siêu2 órája
  • Imagine trying to talk here tho-

    Anime and Korean VideosAnime and Korean Videos2 órája
  • PART 1 PART 2?

    SCP-1923-Kl MoreiraSCP-1923-Kl Moreira3 órája
  • I so love :D ❤

    YoShiX IIIYoShiX III3 órája
  • 0:57 de halil var kskskkskks (herkez yabancı adı bi turk o)

    nehir çobannehir çoban3 órája
  • Cooool

    Nicolas ReyesNicolas Reyes3 órája
  • Whaaaaat

    Nicolas ReyesNicolas Reyes3 órája
  • 잼민이 뭐야

    싸이트QS싸이트QS3 órája
  • sus

    ショタコンpommegamショタコンpommegam3 órája
  • 한명 닉네임 왜 잼민이임? ㅋㅋ

    네오Neo네오Neo3 órája
  • Make among us with 9000 players

    Ritika TomarRitika Tomar3 órája
  • The love for the bedcrab made my hear cry cause its so cute

    Darlane SaDarlane Sa3 órája
  • Who ever reads this is gonna have an awesome week👍👍👍👍🤙🤙🤙

    IdkwtnmcIdkwtnmc4 órája
  • you you are are

    Arthur Corrêa ArendArthur Corrêa Arend4 órája
  • 1:23잼민잌ㅋㅋㅋ도뢌

    류댠류댠4 órája
  • كأني شفت اسم عربي (بدر)

    اليافعي ذيباليافعي ذيب4 órája
  • Not sushas ded died fented xD

    Umar NisaUmar Nisa4 órája
  • Woahh what a animation bro 😍😍😍

    Swayam Vine'sSwayam Vine's4 órája
  • The Pixel Kingdom SUS! He wasn't in the lobby...

    No NameNo Name4 órája
  • And that one impostor named hisoka:

    Mariusz KorzeniewskiMariusz Korzeniewski4 órája
  • 7:55 руский

    пака макапака мака4 órája
  • Among us but 1000 kiler

    Onur KedikliOnur Kedikli4 órája
  • This is getting out of hand, now there are 1000 of them

    I do things specificI do things specific4 órája
  • malakas

    mary grace cuarteronmary grace cuarteron5 órája
  • malakas

    mary grace cuarteronmary grace cuarteron5 órája
  • Are we just going to ignore the fact that 2:34 was taken was from the movie Gravity

    Muniza QaziMuniza Qazi5 órája
  • 0:20 guys I saw some one name Arabic I don’t know it say lol look up and u see 2 Arabic names

    Omar was not the lmpostorOmar was not the lmpostor5 órája
  • Oo

    Elmas YeğenElmas Yeğen5 órája
  • Make long one seems more cool

    ahmadgg ٖahmadgg ٖ5 órája
  • Save the Little bean crab

    Luisa LupulescuLuisa Lupulescu5 órája
  • 잼민이 it’s Korean hahaha

    평화로운 현우good tv평화로운 현우good tv5 órája
  • How are people replying on cg5’s comment I literally can’t bruh

    Finn NathanielFinn Nathaniel5 órája
  • Ur chance to be imp is 0.01%

    bakux gamer999bakux gamer9995 órája
  • 1:23잼민이 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    솜사탕여니솜사탕여니5 órája
  • Among us in 2673 year

    Is NothingIs Nothing5 órája
  • There Is a problem one app stole your video that video Is among us with 99 inpostors And use IT in their add i forget the app name So if you see that add call them realy i am not lying

    Jeroným RohJeroným Roh6 órája
  • Огооооооооооооо!!!!!!

    Мика ВарданянМика Варданян6 órája
  • Can I have a shout out

    Wavy FinWavy Fin6 órája
  • 잼민이ㅅㅂㅋㅋ

    야호야호6 órája
  • How do you do this

    Anime drawingAnime drawing6 órája
  • cuu giup VIETNAMESE

    Hồng Quân NguyễnHồng Quân Nguyễn6 órája
  • Everyone is unsafe bcs if it’s overloaded you won’t know who killed

    BlackwolfBlackwolf6 órája
  • Bisa sebanyak itu nanti error loh

    Ajib NggantengAjib Ngganteng7 órája
  • Hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂

    80sBaby Kim80sBaby Kim7 órája
  • Pls 1000 player

    massive gamemassive game7 órája
  • 1:17 여기 잼민이가 있다 난 한국어만 할줄안다 너무 이 동영상은 재미가 있다 올려줘서 고맙다

    라나라나7 órája
  • It Fake

    Muj_ SheffMuj_ Sheff7 órája
  • 00.59 what wepons mk ? 😂

    emine akbugaemine akbuga7 órája
  • 한국어?

    최현미최현미7 órája
  • There’s actually 359 according to red the pixel kingdom

    Hayden GirouxHayden Giroux7 órája
  • 잼민이 모얔ㅋㅋ

    김형준김형준7 órája
  • جاي من طرف اوسمز 😂😂

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  • 코리아 이즈 잼민이

    송사무엘송사무엘7 órája
  • "꿀알바" ◆ 나이/지역/장소 X ◆ 합법적인 간단알바 ◆ 하루 3만원 ▼▼▼▼ 카카오톡 상단 돋보기 클릭!! ""꿀job""검색 채널클릭 gogo

    이예영이예영8 órája

    shlinctorz gamesshlinctorz games8 órája

    Gaming with K MGaming with K M8 órája
  • ez?

    한시아한시아8 órája
  • 1001 players

    dolls mini teaparty worlddolls mini teaparty world8 órája
  • Мне одной показалось что steve сказал на РУССКОМ?

    Twilight Sparkle: pony townTwilight Sparkle: pony town8 órája
  • 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

    Jemnlin D R. BumanglagJemnlin D R. Bumanglag8 órája
  • Are we going to ignore the fact that a part from a ship fell from the sky? 1:47

    Jehad UrbistaJehad Urbista8 órája
  • Oil is leaving from storage

    teena thomasteena thomas9 órája
  • 1:53 Việt Nam :v

    Kem LêKem Lê9 órája
  • at 2:40 some sounds were ruh roh

    KebboKebbo9 órája
  • I no playing

    Sharon TanSharon Tan9 órája
  • is fake

    victory punvictory pun9 órája

    Ze3 LameZe3 Lame9 órája
  • انا حصلت على كلمة السر لكل شبكات الواى فاى المجاورة 📶👌🏻 خلال ثواني بدون تحميل أي برنامج 💯✅, الأن يمكنك معرفة باسورد أى WIFI قريب منك 🔑 👍 اكتب فى جوجل 🔎 70mbc 🔍 وادخل اول موقع

    درعان القحطانيدرعان القحطاني9 órája