AMONG US, but there's a SECRET MAP

2020.nov. 2.
18 018 222 Megtekintés

AMONG US, but there's a SECRET MAP
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I did this short among us animation for fun to show some possible easter eggs and secret map areas
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  • I added some easter eggs to the video see if you can spot them

    ParagonHexParagonHex26 napja
    • @Steveyboy Tighe no

      SlimSlim4 napja
    • @the tiger lol its stickmin not stickman

      SlimSlim4 napja
    • @PHØEBE_ ANG ellie*

      SlimSlim4 napja
    • @BoxerBXR122 Gaming ellie? You mean Red.

      SlimSlim4 napja

      SlimSlim4 napja
  • Lie no control button, joystick

    Karamat Hussain AbbasiKaramat Hussain AbbasiÓrája
  • How do you get these amazing ideas

    Mussie KabacznikMussie KabacznikÓrája
  • WOW☺☺

    Vicky SeifVicky SeifÓrája
  • It’s Ellie from Henry stickmin

    Biggie ThunderBiggie ThunderÓrája
  • Привет кто рус?

    Екатерина ГалееваЕкатерина ГалееваÓrája
  • Best animation ever

    Kimberly SwaderKimberly SwaderÓrája
  • Your video is good!!

    Spencer XSpencer XÓrája
  • Is this what it looks like in the vents?

    Bailing WuBailing WuÓrája
  • Oi

    Emanuel HemriqueEmanuel HemriqueÓrája
  • 100 points for creativity ! :0

    Ricky JacksonRicky JacksonÓrája
  • This was so good omg !!!

    Skyela SmithSkyela SmithÓrája
  • *crewmates were the impostors*

  • At last white crewmate was an imposter

    Shubhani PatelShubhani PatelÓrája
  • Thay for got the vent in upper engen

    Rita BartonRita BartonÓrája
  • One more the imposters can walk with their mouths open

    Kawii_ PrincessKawii_ PrincessÓrája
  • Another one is they have arms when they shoot guns

    Kawii_ PrincessKawii_ PrincessÓrája
  • One Easter egg is they have green goggles

    Kawii_ PrincessKawii_ PrincessÓrája
  • This reminds me alien move 😂😂

  • Me: Goodbye Red: Goodbye White: Goodbye

    Fredrick OpiyoFredrick OpiyoÓrája
  • Kruto

    Aruzhan ErmekovaAruzhan ErmekovaÓrája
  • How i unlock that map? Obiusly sarcasm

    Hipo CHipo C2 órája
  • Wow this animation is brilliant

    cool technologycool technology2 órája
  • If you saw it till the end, you can see the question mark

    Sukhyun LeeSukhyun Lee2 órája
  • Epic animation!

    Doritosss PicantesssDoritosss Picantesss2 órája
  • That is a very good among us animation, i would like to see more of them!

    Bücher WurmBücher Wurm2 órája
  • wow wow wow

    elesytelesyt2 órája
  • WOOOOW! Great job with this :)

    Tiffany AlencarTiffany Alencar2 órája
  • This gives me stranger things vibes

    Hello my FriendHello my Friend2 órája
  • Among us needs to had a mode like that

    De MexDe Mex2 órája
  • Imagine this happening in real game!! "Red was is a kinda sus becuz he was wasting his ammo"😂😂

    Prasad GhaisasPrasad Ghaisas2 órája
  • Infected Clones?

    FrostBite DragoFrostBite Drago2 órája
  • Is this true?

    Larah MisseyLarah Missey2 órája
  • How you do that tried but it didn't work

    Fitwithattiya 001Fitwithattiya 0012 órája
  • I feel like this is a game

    Malou SabordoMalou Sabordo2 órája

    tomeefi.gamingtomeefi.gaming2 órája
  • Did anyone realise that at the end white was opening his mouth 😳

    Karina K.KKarina K.K2 órája
  • Soo cutee

    Haee_ CiiieHaee_ Ciiie2 órája
  • Can this can happen in real among us

    art and actart and act2 órája
  • It's fake

    Khushi KumariKhushi Kumari3 órája
  • Victory???

    Super Mario World Remastered Mario Luigi Boon DemoSuper Mario World Remastered Mario Luigi Boon Demo3 órája
  • This is fake

    anand vaidyaanand vaidya3 órája
  • Epic

    Soha KhanSoha Khan3 órája
  • Кто тут русский?!

    Таисия ОрловаТаисия Орлова3 órája
  • 1:06 saw henry's friend .

    Ram AelonRam Aelon3 órája
  • Wow like movie I love that

    Che Asraf Che AsrafChe Asraf Che Asraf3 órája
  • I like how black just killed indront of you but you didn't report or call emergency meeting lol

    mochi playzmochi playz3 órája
  • I hade lair and I know u are a lair I don't even like your lair video

    Benjieliyn P. LucasBenjieliyn P. Lucas3 órája
  • That's very cool

    willianyeliz riverawillianyeliz rivera3 órája
  • Just like stranger things 😂😂😜

    Govindahhvv BainGovindahhvv Bain3 órája
  • Whoever is reading this: You skin isn't paper so don't cut it Your body isn't a book so don't judge it Your heart isn't a door so don't lock it Your life isn't a movie so don't end it Be you....stay safe (Btw small youtuber looking for your support) I didn't create this quote Just wanna spread positivity Stay safe my friends

    SyckoSycko3 órája
  • หนังซอมบี้

    วัยรุ้นชอบเล่น เกมรถบัสวัยรุ้นชอบเล่น เกมรถบัส3 órája
  • How ???

    Riri SayRiri Say3 órája
  • 0:02 How he sleep in bed aomg red and RED SUS

    Bella TashaBella Tasha3 órája
  • Nice animation

    Semabicen 1417Semabicen 14173 órája
  • I think they are trying to show us how the vents look like in the inside

    zakaria issezakaria isse3 órája
  • This is kiek fallout 😆 you go to in abandoned building with bad people done there Xd

    Diana RDiana R3 órája
  • Liar

  • Wow what if Among Us was like this for real?

    Rafia AlexaRafia Alexa3 órája
  • coo

    modestamodesta3 órája
  • This looks like uhmm impostor's apocalypse tho.. :-:

    Natzumi ChangNatzumi Chang3 órája
  • I love how white is the imposter

    RedsroneRedsrone3 órája
  • 1:22 you killed the killer......😂😅 and then there are more imposters 😂😅🤣

    Mus KaraMus Kara3 órája
  • Its not her video i saw it first

    pro ninjapro ninja3 órája
  • This animation was amazing . Keep it up

    Barnali BhattacharjeeBarnali Bhattacharjee3 órája
  • The crewmates are the imposter for killing the imposters. 😝

    xXbeehoneytooXx LimmmxXbeehoneytooXx Limmm4 órája
  • Tour animations are just so awsome

    Helix TVHelix TV4 órája
  • Setahuku Naik pesawat dulu

    Javas AlaricJavas Alaric4 órája
  • 🙀😈👅🦷🗣

    Legendary RipperLegendary Ripper4 órája
  • 2:54 Top 10 anime plot twists

  • I may know where is the easter egg its in the end where the skeld ship was abandoned at the end, when red and white is safe, white opened his mouth like an imposter

    Axcel BolorAxcel Bolor4 órája
  • Kill streak

    Bodido Bodido VlogsBodido Bodido Vlogs4 órája
  • There is many impostors i never had that lucky you have an friend

    ZizzyZizzy4 órája
  • Sooo them imposters are like mini venoms running around. 😅

    AjAj4 órája
  • I love

    Lamees BarakatLamees Barakat4 órája
  • I hope innersloth adds this in Among Us 😂 Also: lol 😂 the crewmates be killing the impostor's 😂 they not crewmates anymore 😂😂😂

    Sophixx CincoSophixx Cinco4 órája
  • This is soooo cool 😎

    It’s AdelineIt’s Adeline4 órája
  • Is zombie

    danendra meme channeldanendra meme channel4 órája
  • O my goddess i never had seen this 🤤🤤😲😲😲😲😲😲😲🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤😯😯😯😯😯😯

    bts bt fan btsbts bt fan bts4 órája
  • my god white is one of them too

    Eric the_ gamersEric the_ gamers4 órája
  • really cool, it must be hard to make👍🤧

    Suli SulianiSuli Suliani4 órája
  • I love it🎉🎉🎉🎉 brilliant animation

    Soumya EdgerSoumya Edger4 órája
  • I was surprised that why white didn't take any gun and how he got a pistol, which an imposter have... At that time I knew something is suspicious... 🤨

    Ullas Kumar NayarUllas Kumar Nayar5 órája
  • Apocalypse mode

    Ashli XdAshli Xd5 órája
  • Ннннн

    Юлия СадовскаяЮлия Садовская5 órája
  • this is not real I just animated it

    Johnamma AnthonyJohnamma Anthony5 órája
  • how did you make that??

    Seo yunSeo yun5 órája
  • How to make animation like this?

    Ninji86Ninji865 órája
  • Isn't anyone gonna talk about how white opened his mouth a little a the end

    Aya iba.Aya iba.5 órája
  • Like the intro😂

    Mochi PlayzMochi Playz5 órája
  • Red : white what are u doing White: just yawning

    A ShrikarA Shrikar5 órája
  • 2:52

    Julissa Machaca S.Julissa Machaca S.5 órája
  • This video is fake

    Omar WalidOmar Walid5 órája
  • Nice Animation❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Unknown CreatureUnknown Creature5 órája
  • I can can say with the utmost satisfaction Joy emerges within when watching them run, in the game i allways try to run as slowly as i can, sometimes i get em to walk still even ",

    Joni EnrothJoni Enroth5 órája
  • Fake or Really ?

  • Omg

    Vitolo PanoloVitolo Panolo5 órája
  • Господи сколько их там много я в шоке. К за 5

    Алиса НовиковаАлиса Новикова5 órája
  • walking dead be like:

    •-Fumikage Tokoyami-••-Fumikage Tokoyami-•5 órája
  • Anybody gonna make a part 2????????

    Ghost 275Ghost 2755 órája