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    • I’m Going To Say The N Word “THATS RACIST YOU CANT SAY THE N WORD”

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  • 0:40 The Earrapest Scream of 20 21

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  • *D* *O* *R* *I* *M* *E*

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  • R.I.0 doggy mask

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  • A panis among us character XD

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  • Pink:goin scream to the chandler

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  • 1:19 it's my friend

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  • Lime: 1:55 Subtitules:[ __ ]

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  • 1:51 top 5 cursed characters of among us 5 murr3y 4 s4b0t3ur 3 redd 2 un.known 1 1MP4ST4

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  • 0:38 lime s earraping voice Rip all windows

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  • In that day was my birtday

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  • When I watch a cursed Among Us video: 1:05 Me: 1:07

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  • 1:19 is that sonic

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  • this is so funny

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  • 1:22 Orange Wth?

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  • Anyone know wahts the song name 2:01

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  • I made my first video of playing Minecraft

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  • This is so true though

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  • Imposter wore a Furry Custome = 1:13

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  • Sonic AMONG us

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  • Todos 2 homem-aranha 😶😶🤢

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  • Чимару потписан на поззи

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  • brasil e reconhecido por alguns

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  • Damn I immediately disliked that shit when I saw that furry mask, but when he took it off and shot it, *I enjoyed that.*

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  • The Airship?

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  • 0:3

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  • 0:3

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  • So dose eny one got an eye on the inposter for ya know shit like love

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  • 1:34 if EA owned among us

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  • Lime: I'm gonna show the N-word Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(Banned)

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  • 0:52 MY EARS

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    • cant stop rewinding

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  • i like the e3 cinimatic part where it was wake the fuck up samurai

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  • Dude make a videos where the imposter destroyed the airship

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  • Name the músic plis

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  • Wath among us 2?

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  • My favorite HUworldr is CHIMARU/all

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  • All airship is crazy

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  • 1:58 Crewmates POV: "I am so glad that we, the crewmates, are now able to fight back. Its too bad that we can only fight back on the airship, but why am I complaining about this? This, for once has been the most best and the most wonderful time of my life." -Blue and lime

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  • 1:58 Imposters POV: "This is the first time that I, the imposter, have felt fear and have been scared of the crewmates. Thankfully, this will never happen again in history. I, for once am glad it won't." -Yellow

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  • 1:50 meatcanyon

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  • Amomg US 2 Is Real ????!!!!

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  • Brasil ;w;

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  • p u t t h e m o n e y i n m y a z z n i- wa. *epicly shoots*

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  • 1:19 sonic easter egg

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  • i love the yellow impostor Dorime jajajajajaja It's very funny xd

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  • 1:42 radios in roblox

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  • When i go to 0:40* .tv breaks.

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  • the fuc-

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  • next episode of Among us plssssssssss

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  • guys didn't you heard yet that inner sloth is canceling among us 2 bc they putting all of their hard work on among us 1?

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  • Yellow was driving the vent

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  • Among us: adds voice chat Players:

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  • What music on 0:43 please

  • İmposter is defeted

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  • Discord???

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  • *1:19** M E E T T H E D l C K M A T E* * _TF2 intro plays_ *

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  • Pink is play music

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  • 1:19.3 look at that Orange

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  • I love Conga Earrape

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  • 0:43 whats the music???🤣🤣

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  • So funny

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  • Rip Headset

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