Amelia Watson’s charm is being lewd (Hololive Animation)

2021.jan. 4.
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Watson Amelia: @Watson Amelia Ch. hololive-EN

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  • Hololive en gen 0 and 1 both being fascinated by moving eyebrows (Coco did the same thing)

    KamoGamingKamoGaming22 másodpercig
  • boner no

    pikapikachupikapikachu3 órája
  • Very adorable....i approve

    republic gamerrepublic gamerNapja
  • HIC

    James TDOJames TDONapja
  • *Reads title* Well yes but actually yes.

    Oculus Mentis AnimoOculus Mentis Animo3 napja
  • I mean she's charming.

    Broke ass JayBroke ass Jay3 napja
  • Ooh god

    Fuff UffFuff Uff3 napja
  • Those eyes make me feel funny Keep going

    FurinickFurinick4 napja
  • I see a rise of great animators honoring the hologirls. I couldn't be any happier.

    SpiralPegasusSpiralPegasus4 napja
  • lewd

    w85214726w852147264 napja
  • tonedeaf princess

    dogeatbeardogeatbear4 napja
  • THIS is the reason why I fell down the Rabbit Hole.

    Elias SilversElias Silvers5 napja
  • 0:09 Amelia: "what if my charm was being lewd instead" HUworld Auto-generated caption: "what if my time was being glued instead" Me: O_o

    ProlonpoProlonpo6 napja
  • i'd like to know this "lewd charm"

    booredexbooredex7 napja
  • I've gotta admit, she DOES have a very appealing voice.

    Solar chosSolar chos7 napja
  • POV: you are mom

    daviddare100daviddare1007 napja
  • LOL!

    Ninja ChhethNinja Chheth8 napja
  • This fits Ame too well! It's so powerful! Amazing animation keep it up!!

    Kiony FeyKiony Fey8 napja
  • ame: what if my charm was being lewd? Marine: Welcome aboard fellow horny one!

    Ima end this man's whole bloodlineIma end this man's whole bloodline8 napja
  • Lol

    PiercingMoney30PiercingMoney308 napja
  • I love the eyebrows thank you mr. Aninator

    Drunken JJDrunken JJ9 napja
  • That person is wrong her charm is being lewd

    Demon AmvsDemon Amvs9 napja
  • Do u have discord

    knightkiller leaderknightkiller leader9 napja
  • why the fuck am I watching this? I should go out, do something with my life Enjoy the world... feel my lungs fill with air. I shouldn't be watching animations about a female streamer talking about the sexual activity of a charm I should be living life. I should be doing things. but i'm not. don't be like me. go outside.

    FrajewelFrajewel10 napja
  • *law and order*

    Announcer Speaker Box BfdiAnnouncer Speaker Box Bfdi10 napja
  • Well played I'm horny now

    Vitas DemoserVitas Demoser10 napja
  • *I felt sexually assaulted when she lifted her or (his) eyes brows at me*

    Billy BobBilly Bob11 napja
  • Hololive THE Anime looks legit

    EddyPlyz ChannelEddyPlyz Channel11 napja
  • Good luck feeling the touch of a real woman now you all have hit rock bottom my recommendations are ruined now all i wanted was to see anime memes 😭

    EdgyTeenagerEdgyTeenager11 napja
    • one of us!!!

      AcefishyAcefishy11 napja
  • This video has a whole new meaning of life.

    Marco DiazMarco Diaz11 napja
  • You're charm isn't being lewd, it's being smug.

    Ian SturkeyIan Sturkey11 napja
  • i wish to die

    Emerald BlazikenEmerald Blaziken12 napja
  • Ame is very.....developed so not surprising she lewd

    Divinee TrayDivinee Tray12 napja
  • THE SMUG THO ⊙﹏⊙∥

    rolando jr benavidesrolando jr benavides12 napja
  • Everyone here is probably a weeb

    KerilnyanKerilnyan12 napja
  • Looks like something illustrspooks made

    Cyclone 78Cyclone 7812 napja
    • Oh gosh I see it and I can't tell if I love it or not

      PipeGuy64BitPipeGuy64Bit12 napja
  • Jokes on you, I'm into that shit

    Exotic_ManticoreExotic_Manticore13 napja
  • Its the hentai for me

    Tboss2017 GdTboss2017 Gd13 napja
  • Naturally, Miss Watson, you are funny and cute girl.

    Marco Antonio CabreraMarco Antonio Cabrera13 napja
  • i know the side mouth is suppose to make her look smug but... for me it just looks like she has Birth Problem

    Tony CallmeTony Callme13 napja
  • Why is this shit in my recomandations i dont get vtubers i just want to watch league of legends videos

    KGR -KGR -13 napja

    Avalon of MistralAvalon of Mistral13 napja

    Dalek SecDalek Sec13 napja
  • Lew jail

    Batuhan KocBatuhan Koc13 napja
  • The eyebrows 🤣🤣

    SIMPLY TakumaSIMPLY Takuma13 napja
  • -_- leave me alone please I aint losing my innocents this fast

    Ink The Inked VesselInk The Inked Vessel13 napja
  • And this is why we have Rule34

    Guy With BreadGuy With Bread13 napja
  • Ayuda nose ingles , pero re piola la ame

    Oliver OrtizOliver Ortiz13 napja
  • Honestly the animation makes her look really adorable

    Doc PlaysDoc Plays13 napja
  • Okay the moment in between 0:13 and 0:15 needs to be a gif

    DarkWitchFanBoyDarkWitchFanBoy14 napja
  • I feel like the fact she had to point out she's lifting her eyebrows proves she isnt lewd lmao

    Boi BotBoi Bot14 napja
  • I like that "k, thaa" sound she makes at the end

    cruelpokecruelpoke14 napja
  • I don’t even watch hololive and this is in my reccomended. Why HUworld?

    Last NameLast Name14 napja
  • Ok I have a crazy idea Imagine an animation of a bond style intro for Amelia with snake eater as the theme and ina can be the main singer while Cali, Kiara and gura are the back up singers

    The Unlucky 13The Unlucky 1314 napja
  • whats a charm

    B Chrisphoto2B Chrisphoto215 napja
  • What the heck I just started the video and I'm already smiling

    PsychoRage CreppyPastaPsychoRage CreppyPasta15 napja
  • If ame was in highschool dxd it would be the best show on earth

    3EGames3EGames15 napja
  • Yes

    Roberto RenteriaRoberto Renteria15 napja
  • Flash backs to ara ara

    chingchong childchingchong child15 napja
  • Does Ame insinuating having sex with my mom not count as lewd?

    A Literal LampA Literal Lamp15 napja
  • 'o_o

    John michael nuñezJohn michael nuñez15 napja
  • Why

    Gamma BurstaGamma Bursta15 napja
  • i must admit this is low quality as fuck

    XroniumXronium15 napja
    • How?

      The omega Umbreon Meme ChannelThe omega Umbreon Meme Channel14 napja
  • ....F L U E S T E R

    Classic ScooterClassic Scooter15 napja
  • It's late and I'm tired but this was worth watching every second

    Flying FangsFlying Fangs15 napja
  • Came for the lewd Stayed for the eye brows

    N-JOIN-JOI15 napja
  • 0:10 She looks like she just snagged the last Oreo out of the box and is just like *GOTTEM*

    Steven ZhuangSteven Zhuang15 napja
  • She is even cuter when she is animation

    Erin goocErin gooc15 napja
  • You deserve more subscribers. Like, 10k? WE GOTTA PUMP THOSE NUMBERS UP BAYBEH

    Humphrey WolfeHumphrey Wolfe15 napja
  • She got use there

    Asspext -Asspext -16 napja
  • She was cute,funny and made a weird noise at the end. Point proven

    Bruno WillichBruno Willich16 napja
  • my eyes were burning for some reason nothing important or related to the video

    HorizonHorizon16 napja
  • Oh~ she has been lewded alright...*flashes back to a certain animation made by a certain Neko* she has deeefinitely been lewded...

    Drag-onDrag-on16 napja
  • *insert lenny face*

    Ghisst L.W.Ghisst L.W.16 napja
  • So, did she give up on the phony British accent?

    AGrayPhantomAGrayPhantom16 napja

    Isaac Lopez superomninovaIsaac Lopez superomninova16 napja
  • That sound just bonfire in front of her, it was just the Wood that get just positive thinking guys( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Nikon valent sakaesaNikon valent sakaesa16 napja
  • Wtf is this and why are degenerates liking it

  • The eyebrows killed me 🤣

    N2800W -November-N2800W -November-16 napja
  • yo highkey this is actually really cute tbh props to the person who made this

    Future RatherFuture Rather16 napja
  • journey to the bottom left

    Cabbage CatCabbage Cat16 napja
  • i love her

    aBanabisaBanabis16 napja
  • No

    skillfull modyskillfull mody17 napja
  • Sorry Ame I still can't block from my memory the GIANT dirt pp

    ZerumZerum17 napja
  • OwO

    breathbreath17 napja
  • Thy shall not seduce me foul temptress!!

    Degenerate SupremeDegenerate Supreme17 napja
  • Y yo aquí perdiendo el tiempo

    Nemesis DiazNemesis Diaz17 napja
  • 10k subs!

    • • •• • •17 napja
  • *I cant stop seeing spongebob*

    blazing dragonblazing dragon17 napja
  • Those eyebrows though...

    Culture Man Skippity RibbityCulture Man Skippity Ribbity17 napja
  • Gura: Smug and Child Ame: Lewd and """"Normal""""" Calli: Tsun and conductive Ina: Sweet and Kind Kiara: Cheery and Wild

    IJN Aoba ChanIJN Aoba Chan17 napja
  • Fuck:(

    Страшный МудакСтрашный Мудак17 napja
  • You did her justice. That’s all I can say. Sasuga animator-kun.

    OneBiasedOpinionOneBiasedOpinion17 napja
  • Me trying to not be horny: *pulls out Mac10* DON’T GIMME THAT BULLSHIT

    Notgineer GamingNotgineer Gaming17 napja
  • Why everyone liking 2D girl instead a real girl Mann 🤔

    M.Raihan Al Muflih [7D]M.Raihan Al Muflih [7D]17 napja
    • Well thanks for the time you got to text this

      M.Raihan Al Muflih [7D]M.Raihan Al Muflih [7D]16 napja
    • Because the real ones are a pain in the ass to deal with and the virus is still around

      Just your typical Emo boyJust your typical Emo boy17 napja
    • Well please no bully

      M.Raihan Al Muflih [7D]M.Raihan Al Muflih [7D]17 napja
  • Wait... It’s all lewd?! *Always has been*

    Cross-PixelationsCross-Pixelations17 napja
  • Im getting some real Ai Hayasaka vibes here

    Carlos EsquivelCarlos Esquivel17 napja
  • Coco: "Those are my eyebrows mother fucker!"

    Samurex AtlasSamurex Atlas17 napja
  • 0:16 WHOLESOME

    delimiterdelimiter17 napja
  • *1 0 0 % S E I S O*

    Ben HendersonBen Henderson17 napja