Amazing Nose Job Transformation! #shorts

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Watch this beautiful woman count down to her rhinoplasty and see how she looks after!

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    Anthony Youn, MDAnthony Youn, MD14 napja
    • Is still looks little long

      tamim fedaietamim fedaie4 órája
    • Now she looks like gru of despicable me

      headball gameplayheadball gameplay12 órája
    • Nobody wanted explanation

      Johan X24Johan X2412 órája
    • Now she looks like gru of despicable me

      headball gameplayheadball gameplay15 órája
    • She looked like gru at the start

      monkeybutt2525 gaming and funmonkeybutt2525 gaming and fun19 órája
  • What a waste of money

    DA AkuiraDA Akuira6 perccel
  • She looks the same

    spooky grim 408spooky grim 4089 perccel
  • Where's here minions?

    AdamAdam12 perccel
  • Awesome... Hats off to surgeon....🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Thought you were a dentist from you saying it when you reacted to a guys teeth brushing tik tok

    BifurBifur17 perccel
  • She’s beautiful

    Gabriela MontenegroGabriela Montenegro18 perccel
  • Great!! She looks like everyone else with a nose job. And she was absolutely beautiful before too. Just wish people would love who they were without doing this. But if it’s something to do to make you feel better then more power too you.❤️

    Hannah PhillipsHannah Phillips18 perccel
  • Nice try but I watch Grey’s so you don’t need to teach me 😌

    Nao FukuiNao Fukui20 perccel
  • The first comment you made is perfect. I hate that society, mainly other women, pushed them to this point

    Omar MijaresOmar Mijares20 perccel
  • Still a jew

    Christ Is LordChrist Is Lord28 perccel
  • Him: She's a beautiul young woman My toxic ass: LMAO SQUIDWARD FOUND THE ONE XDDDD

    estone 303estone 30334 perccel
  • There is no diffrent🥲

    Melike AlMelike Al40 perccel
  • This is the extreme rare occasion where plastic surgery makes the patient look more appealing

    Hubert AllicockHubert Allicock44 perccel
  • what it looks like after taking meth

    G8L9X9 YTG8L9X9 YT47 perccel
  • There is a difference between saying, I would like to change something small, or even fix something with plastic surgery... and trying to become a person with so much plastic that it would make a Barbie blush

    EmyrianDragon22EmyrianDragon2248 perccel
  • Can this be covered by health insurance?

    Darth VixDarth Vix50 perccel
  • Continua enorme :v

    Sky_cloudSky_cloud52 perccel
  • If sneeze come, what happens next?

    Anuj KumarAnuj Kumar53 perccel
  • Her nose still big af

    Bilal ZoubekBilal ZoubekÓrája
  • 👃 🔯

    A Retarded AssholeA Retarded AssholeÓrája
  • You cant even tell that beak had any work done on it. Thats not a compliment. Thing is still massive.

    Albert FelixAlbert FelixÓrája
  • Her nose is still hella huge though.

    Victoria LVictoria LÓrája
  • Doesn't look any different ? Still got that bird 🐦 look goin on ....hmm

    Street Glide PeteStreet Glide PeteÓrája
  • She look like A Boy really no kidding

  • 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮

    Saikiran ReddySaikiran ReddyÓrája
  • what a beak on her. she made sure to keep the functionality though so she'll still be able to get deep inside tree trunks to get after those little grubs and insects.

  • Se la dejáron igual niña

    Gloria SolisGloria SolisÓrája
  • Yup, exactly why plastic surgery was invented.

  • is it rhinoplasty?

    Shanu BabuShanu BabuÓrája
  • Oy vey

    Get Rich By 2020Get Rich By 2020Órája
  • Cringe asw

    alprtm onealprtm oneÓrája
  • I don't loved the final nose 😕

    TotalizerTotalizer2 órája
  • still got a beak like a buzzard

    2 W2 W2 órája
  • It looks exactly the same

    Joe EliJoe Eli2 órája
  • Huge improvement

    Dakota JordanDakota Jordan2 órája
  • Shut up bird

    Reuben CampbellReuben Campbell2 órája
  • She looks like woodpecker. Sry

    karan barokaran baro2 órája
  • dafuq was the differncr

    Anish DeyAnish Dey2 órája
  • Her genes will gibe that nose to her children though…

    epicREDepicRED2 órája
  • Eagle Nose 🦅👃👈😭😭

    Pietro bellucciPietro bellucci2 órája
  • Ur good lookn neways, why get it done.. that's just mg option

    Scott GrauelScott Grauel3 órája
  • Thanks you did her amazingly

    Lloyd HendersonLloyd Henderson3 órája
  • Horrible ghost 🤣🤣🤣

    Advocate DGAdvocate DG3 órája
  • Needs to fix those teeth next

    Cody FuentesCody Fuentes3 órája
  • Plot twist: he did the plastic surgery

    Raphael KoffiRaphael Koffi3 órája
  • Lines of cocaine are definitely afraid of her 😳

    A QuinteroA Quintero3 órája
  • Duzy nos, Gucci Hugo Boss

    Nogi WężaNogi Węża3 órája
  • but how do they take a bath?

    rinririnri3 órája
  • You see a nose job... I see insecurities.✌️

    Poonie HPoonie H3 órája
  • Still a huge honker

    Eitan REitan R3 órája
  • you talk too much

    Mohamed KhouyiMohamed Khouyi3 órája
  • Armenian noise

    Андраник БарсегянАндраник Барсегян3 órája
  • Looks better, but still on the larger side. Surprised that bruising took so long.

    4204204 órája
  • You guys know her religion

    Jokhon Apni RohanJokhon Apni Rohan4 órája
    • jødedommen? 😆

      Sig God GSig God GÓrája
  • don’t see a difference

    Glo4evaGlo4eva4 órája
  • that’s not the way it has to be..

    변화해변화해4 órája
  • Bro her noise got huge to big 🤣 whoever did this Just got free money

    isaac diasisaac dias4 órája
  • Ainda ficou grande

    Paula PinheiroPaula Pinheiro4 órája
  • She's either Israeli, Kurdish or Pakistani, how do I know? Oooh.. just a hunch.

    DresdenDresden4 órája
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Дмитрий В.РДмитрий В.Р4 órája
  • Well that was a really good nose job. I hate to say it, but it definitely did help her appearance

    Justin AkersJustin Akers4 órája
  • I liked her original nose. I like noses like that. Don't mess with what nature gave you, especially if it's your face!

    Adam TerasekAdam Terasek5 órája
  • Peccato che geneticamente è trasmissibile

    Gabriele SabatiniGabriele Sabatini5 órája
  • Hello There, Doctor Tenma

    Atul SinghAtul Singh5 órája
  • I cannot even hear u

    Allec_ thecuteAllec_ thecute5 órája
  • It’s the same 👃 nose.

    Tim ClemonsTim Clemons5 órája
  • Smoking in the rain nose...🤫

    Pensamento AmigoPensamento Amigo5 órája
  • Now it just long but not fat :)

    Youssef HalouiYoussef Haloui5 órája
  • Pipe?

    doodle feddoodle fed5 órája
  • Looks the same

    Brazil PhillipsBrazil Phillips5 órája
  • It looks like somebody already told her twice.

    Ben H.Ben H.6 órája
  • I think girls without make-up are the most beautiful

  • What is the name of the video song?

    FenixFenix6 órája
  • Gross, should have clipped that beak back a little

    MrMisterDerpMrMisterDerp6 órája
  • Her eyes looks like erens after transforming into a titan

    jesus christjesus christ6 órája
  • Yeah. Making advertisement for not needed surgery is quite unprofessionel

    Rü D1ggaRü D1gga6 órája
  • It is detrimental to wear that I just got plastic surgery t-shirt for 3 to 4 weeks. mandatory!!

    LookAt YouGoLookAt YouGo6 órája
  • Какая же ты страшная подруга

    Сергей КСергей К6 órája
  • I didn't even notice her eyes until he talks about them 😅

    Girl and the beatsGirl and the beats7 órája
  • It still is big tho

    Mrs GrantMrs Grant7 órája
  • Her Nose is still so big it doesn't fit in the right half of my screen

    Der_Fuchs_ 9140Der_Fuchs_ 91407 órája
  • Fala em português

    naruto uzumaki namikazenaruto uzumaki namikaze7 órája
  • Итак была красивая

    Fat OldFat Old7 órája
  • Pra mim nn mudo nada

    RENAN '-'DLCRENAN '-'DLC8 órája
  • Bro that shnoz cant be fixed she knocks stuff off shelves when she turns around

    bleep blopbleep blop8 órája
  • Шнобак хачатурский был конечно. Елда наверно тоже была.

    Мяско МясноеМяско Мясное8 órája
  • Why my nose hurt while watching this?

    kaveesh dissanayakekaveesh dissanayake8 órája
  • It was a massive hooter

    Steven GraySteven Gray8 órája
  • After surgery pura TATTI lag raha hai...🤣

    Sebastian Dipanjan.Sebastian Dipanjan.9 órája
  • She still needs a black plague mask though 💀💀

    Arturo PorrazArturo Porraz9 órája

    i a n . a m vi a n . a m v9 órája
  • Momo got a nose job

    LJ HMLJ HM9 órája
  • Still big as fck for her face

    DonisajoDonisajo9 órája
  • The surgeon did good.. That nose was out of control..😳

    6fiddy6fiddy9 órája
  • What !! It's still massive

    NZ MuzzNZ Muzz10 órája