all your among us happiness in one video

2020.okt. 5.
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sorta-flawless impostor win idk but it was pretty good round ngl
do I qualify for the 69420 IQ plays now???
In this video I play Among Us, a video game about deception. There are 10 players and 2 of them are the impostor! They have to kill the crewmates before they get called out or the crewmates finish tasks. I played as an Impostor and killed many people! It was very intense, as my own impostor teammate threw me under the bus when we could've won! However, I clutched up in the end and eventually won. It was super funny to watch and making this video was lots of fun!
bruh this shouldn't get copyright claimed cuz i used youtube's music library lmao

  • 0:13 Replay the YAAAS

  • Is no one going to talk about how he sold out his impostor mate

    RonaldRonald3 órája
  • Why can't u kill green? Didn't get it

    AbrahamAbraham6 órája
    • Because yellow saw him go towards nav

      nothing pnothing p5 órája
  • Wow black tried to though you under the bus......smh

    LillyOmg 20LillyOmg 206 órája
  • That made me so happy

    Lexie WattsLexie Watts6 órája
  • Hello everybody. I hope you are doing well. Remember to wash your hands. Even though it's tough right now for everyone, we have to remember it will be good again.

    BlipBlipistBlipBlipist6 órája
  • This once happened to meh :D

    Mønster ajMønster aj6 órája
  • 99% of all comments: About Among Us 1% of all comments: GEOMETRY DASH!!!

    Денис ДовгийДенис Довгий8 órája
  • H

    Lucky Ducky1123Lucky Ducky112311 órája
  • A

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  • P

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  • P

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  • Y

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  • :)

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  • :)

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  • :)

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  • :)

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  • :)

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  • if u want gaming amoung us video sub my channel if u want.

    Howl GamingHowl Gaming12 órája
  • I hate when it says there is 8 player and i click it and it says its full

    LegendPlayzLegendPlayz12 órája
  • dude dont fake upload if u didnt fake download

    Hendry ChungHendry Chung13 órája
    • You have a big brain

      I make worthy contentI make worthy content12 órája
  • im a carrot

    milku bbmilku bb13 órája
  • Ëöäüïj́çń

    Tornado wsTornado ws13 órája
  • My mind when someone takes your color when you join the game: .......OH ARE YOU FRIKIN SERIOUS...*leaves game*

    waqar shahwaqar shah13 órája
  • I just have one question: How much takes did it take to actually get this game?

    PikaNinjaBrosPikaNinjaBros15 órája
  • BTW did anyone realize he could have been caught when he did upload in admin before doing download

    RottenCucumber 123RottenCucumber 12315 órája
  • 0:17 And That Ruins All The Fun

    Reyirth ThakurReyirth Thakur16 órája
  • did anyone notice when the song at the last failed lol 😂

    To AikaTo Aika17 órája
  • I'm so happy you reached 80k Subs! Congratulations, I wish I had a youtube channel.

    saima ambreensaima ambreen18 órája
  • You join a game first try: :P You get your color and the game starts instanly: :o You get impostor: :0 You do a double kill successfully: :O You win: :DDDDD

    flower hates bucketflower hates bucket20 órája
  • This really is all my happiness in one video my heart melted with joy watching this :)

    Cadence MccoyCadence Mccoy21 órája
  • Nam I think is me

    Nam Tran (Nam)Nam Tran (Nam)21 órája
  • Are U a boy or girl?

    Jackson AshleyJackson Ashley22 órája
  • Wait, you join public lobbies?!?!?

    WatermelonWatermelon22 órája
  • the word i always fricking see *Where*

    softpuppieessoftpuppiees22 órája
  • This just made my day...

    The BORING ChannelThe BORING Channel22 órája
  • 0:14 me:dash

    TheHispanicUsernameTheHispanicUsername23 órája
  • I LOVE THIS!!!


  • I find it incredible that nobody called him out for uploading in admin first

    Marcus PrimeauMarcus PrimeauNapja
  • Nobody: This man faking *UPLOAD* in the beginning of the round

  • The heck is wrong in America and on your iPads :3:3

    Ava Luvs gacha clubAva Luvs gacha clubNapja
  • One word:Perfection

    DJ LewisDJ LewisNapja
  • 0:17 Boomers be like: whats a GLIZZY?😕🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Balck why you vote other imposter

    WrangWrang is meWrangWrang is meNapja
  • But- I hate imposter unless I'm playing with friends and that never happens.

  • The first task he did did was actually the upload task event to go to a download task like in the cafeteria electrical navigation

    doodleman I'm a doodledoodleman I'm a doodleNapja
  • 2:13 exactly what that guy deserved for literally blaming his own teammate

  • Fake video, its filmed

    Svyat _Svyat _Napja
  • 0:48 😂😂😂😂😎

    Aarav ChitkaraAarav ChitkaraNapja
  • The only way u can vote an imposter out Without anyone being sus of u *"if its not him vote me"*

    Crow playsCrow playsNapja
  • Alright I’m subbing now

  • That carrot thick I thought they skinny UnU

    Nancy GautamNancy GautamNapja
  • I was like don’t kill Luke

    Blair KeelsBlair KeelsNapja
  • 5 people left "if it's not him, vote me out next." 4 people left "Kill luke he didn't stick together."

    Valdemar Østermark LarsenValdemar Østermark LarsenNapja
  • Everyone: *memes* My brain: *blackpink*

  • Lol as if this will ever happen to me-

  • This makes me happy

    Anbar FarooqAnbar FarooqNapja
  • Me: about to click my last memory task cube 1 milisecond before i was about to finish: Dead body reported

    stipica Živkovićstipica ŽivkovićNapja
  • Wow just love it

    Ankita LodhAnkita LodhNapja
  • Guy: So Cyan what were you doing? Me: I was cleaning vents. *A C T U A L L Y W O R K S*

    The Lamb SauceThe Lamb SauceNapja
  • This game gave me trust issues but this video gave me happiness :D

    Max PlaysRobloxMax PlaysRobloxNapja
  • This dont happen to me

  • 0:17 killed me for some reason

    Paul RobinsonPaul RobinsonNapja
  • Hey plumbit im moving and i dint get to see my friends anymore in school:(

  • Wait so on this if black called plumbit a girl although plumbit is a boy then......

    Laila BallLaila Ball2 napja
    • @Just some Idiot oh well then whatever

      Laila BallLaila Ball2 napja
    • @Laila Ball I’m completely lost here

      Just some IdiotJust some Idiot2 napja
    • @Just some Idiot is he gay..😅

      Laila BallLaila Ball2 napja
    • What the hell are you trying to say

      Just some IdiotJust some Idiot2 napja
  • Why would black vote out their teammate?? That's just horrible

    Cocoa rose heartCocoa rose heart2 napja
  • This is not happy you did the upload task in admin at the start

    GaryGary2 napja
  • when people say u are safe but u r the imposter

    The Incredible HulkThe Incredible Hulk2 napja
  • omgmy brother was glizzy

    Mini CrewmateMini Crewmate2 napja
  • Ah yes :>

    Just_ AudreyJust_ Audrey2 napja
  • You May Like this 😊 Among us meme

    Arun KumaranArun Kumaran2 napja
  • Well the worst thing in this video is that my internet is so bad

    Fatma GhoneimFatma Ghoneim2 napja
  • Well the worst thing in this video is that my internet is so bad

    Fatma GhoneimFatma Ghoneim2 napja
  • Hi do u remember me muslim girl :)

    Anaya ButtAnaya Butt2 napja
  • Ugh Confusion because U killed purple but their literally typing on the chat after

    Aidan BounkeuaAidan Bounkeua2 napja
  • Can we take a minute to appreciate how hard it was to get all of this in 1 game.

    IrexJeviIrexJevi2 napja
  • His teammate was toxic af

    The Master of Souls GamingThe Master of Souls Gaming2 napja
  • How dare you lie i was black and you got away with it just wow just wow

    Alberta JimenezAlberta Jimenez2 napja
  • What was that last sound that came at the end of the video?

    Ravindran PanapalliRavindran Panapalli2 napja
  • 😌

    Reagan Plays RobloxReagan Plays Roblox2 napja
  • Gg

    Lakshay DahiyaLakshay Dahiya2 napja
  • Time to go play among us

    Madeline CreshoMadeline Cresho3 napja
  • I was super suprised baby moo turned on you. That is not a good impostor partner.

    Kamilah Love SalminaoKamilah Love Salminao3 napja
  • FAKE. there was no coochie man in the game

    big nonobig nono3 napja
  • 8 people and 2 Imposters is a shitty game

    Kent ZyvenKent Zyven3 napja
  • this is rilly cool :)

    Among GlitchAmong Glitch3 napja
  • Uhh I don’t understand this video because in among us I don’t have hapiness

    Blueboth PlaysBlueboth Plays3 napja
  • yey

    simpel namesimpel name3 napja
  • Things happen right opposite of this when I play.....

    Anveshika GuptaAnveshika Gupta3 napja
  • You are the worst impostor ever. There is no download task in Admin just upload. You are lucky nobody saw you.

    Blood HuntersBlood Hunters3 napja
  • am i the only one who doesnt like being impostor?

    「sorrowfulsoul」「sorrowfulsoul」3 napja
  • 0:13 how did a geometry dash HUworldr (Npesta) turn into such a meme because he verified one of the hardest levels and started crying in happyness

    1k_471k_473 napja
  • Don't do the upload task first, do the downloads. People will know you are fake tasking btw

    Green CrewmateGreen Crewmate3 napja
  • 0:17

    Bjorn ElgersmaBjorn Elgersma3 napja
  • Am I the only one who laughs like a witch when I get imposter 😂😂

  • 0:13 npesta scream i beat kenos

    Neagu Elena MariaNeagu Elena Maria3 napja
  • I wish I was you!I never be lucky before!

    Simply MagicalMelisaSimply MagicalMelisa3 napja
  • 188888 iq

    Beast YahyaBeast Yahya3 napja
  • i needed this so bad :))

    Sogutwie NichtsSogutwie Nichts3 napja