All Entries That Never Got To Perform On The Eurovision Stage ( 12/03/21 )

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All Entries That Never Got To Perform On The Eurovision Stage ( 12/03/21 )
-Instagram - @peopipeo
-Little Brothers HUworld - @jaytwofresh
ALBANIA : Anxhela Peristeri - "Karma"
AUSTRALIA: Montaigne - "Technicolour"
AUSTRIA: Vincent Bueno - "Amen"
BELGIUM: Hooverphonic - "The Wrong Place"
BELARUS: Galasy ZMesta - "Ya Nauchu Tebya"
BULGARIA: Victoria - "Growing Up Is Getting Old"
CROATIA : Albina - "Tick-Tock"
CYPRUS : Elena Tsagrinou - "El Diablo"
CZECHIA : Benny Cristo - "Omaga"
DENMARK: Fyr og Flamme - Øve Os På Hinanden
ESTONIA: Uku Suviste - The Lucky One
FINLAND : Blind Channel - "Dark Side"
FRANCE : Barbara Pravi - "Voilà"
GERMANY : Jendrik Sigwart - "I Don't Feel Hate"
GREECE: Stefania - "Last Dance"
IRELAND : Lesley Roy - "Maps"
ISRAEL : Eden Alene - "Set Me Free"
LITHUANIA : The Roop - "Discoteque"
MOLDOVA: Natalia Gordienko - "Sugar"
NETHERLANDS: Jeangu Macrooy - "Birth of a New Age"
NORWAY : TIX - "Fallen Angel"
PORTUGAL: The Black Mamba - Love Is On My Side
ROMANIA: Roxen - "Amnesia"
RUSSIA: Manizha - "Russkaya Zhenschina"
SAN MARINO: Senhit - "Adrenalina"
SERBIA: Hurricane- “Loco Loco”
SPAIN : Blas Cantó - "Voy a quedarme"
SWITZERLAND: Gjon's Tears - "Tout l'univers"
UKRAINE : Go_A - "Shum"

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  • Norway 1968 was disqualified because it was too simmilar to another song Cyprus 2021: nervous sweating

    Filip LovrinovićFilip LovrinovićHónapja
    • Just my opinion though

      Mike GrinMike Grin10 napja
    • To be honest this is as stupid as saying that all songs past Fuego by Eleni Foureira given by Cyprus are Fuego copycats

      Mike GrinMike Grin10 napja
    • well also heroes won and it sounds so much like "lovers in the sun" by david guetta

      evan thornevan thorn29 napja
    • @ESC SSS They're always angry. Devil exists. Get over it, people. Lol

    • @Ruslan Actually, its because this song refers to the *DEVIL* which makes the Cypriot church really angry.

      ESC SSSESC SSSHónapja
  • San Marino 2012 did perform!

    Nanami ChiakiNanami Chiaki4 napja
  • Per Sempre didn't won Sanremo...

    Red DiamondRed Diamond9 napja
  • 8:55 Oouuoodghhh 🤢🤮

    TrattenTratten11 napja
  • Nina Zilli non vinse Sanremo. Nel 2012 vinse Emma. Nina arrivò 7°.

    Nicola GrattiNicola Gratti13 napja
  • In 2020 All countries withdraws 😭😭😭😭

    xxJeremyEurovision FanxxJeremyEurovision Fan14 napja
  • You can now add Australia 2021 - Technicolour. It will paricipate, but it won't get to perform on the Eurovision stage.

    DimidruggDimidrugg17 napja
    • Also Sweden 1987, San Marino 2012 & Albania 2016 weren't replaced, but changed. And it is tragic how many times Belarus appears in this video. And I don't think Un giorno di mirai was ever intended to enter Eurovision, it simply won Sanremo. Special shoutout to stunning song from Lebanon. 🇱🇧

      DimidruggDimidrugg17 napja
  • For 2020 you should have put "Cancellation" Instead of "Covid 19"

    xxJeremyEurovision FanxxJeremyEurovision Fan19 napja
  • Fun video, but how fast do you think non-english speakers can read the text below the songs? It was all so fast! Like 1 second!!!

    Pascal OorPascal Oor21 napja
  • Italy 2016: Stadio declined the ticket to Stockholm because they had other commitments such as a planned tour. So RAI offered the honor to Francesca (Sanremo runner-up) and she accepted

    Stephanie SaczawaStephanie Saczawa24 napja
  • Actually, you forgot one more entry, Denmark 1962. Apparently, Gitten Hænning was supposed to participate in Dansk Melodi Gran Prix that year with "Jeg snakker med mig selv," but was disqualified right before the show, because the composer of the entry was heard whistling the song in a restroom at DR studios. It was the bookies favorite to win DMGP that year and represent the country, and would have done better than what they sent. It's totally crazy!

    J. T.J. T.24 napja
  • Romania 2016 with Anton 🥺🥺🥺🖤

    Roxen-Amnesia fanRoxen-Amnesia fan25 napja
  • 1992: reason: greece withdrew from contest lol

    Денис БеляевДенис Беляев25 napja
  • Lebanon 2005 and Belarus 2012 were kinda good tho

    Демьян БобровскийДемьян Бобровский27 napja
  • Didn’t the second song of belarus in 2021 also got banned?

    robinhio84robinhio8428 napja
  • Malta 2016 Chameleon my favourite.

    Sapo verdeSapo verde28 napja
  • Siren Song and Imperia 🔥🔥

    Andrew ChapranAndrew Chapran29 napja
  • Just a notice, actual winner of Serbia & Montenegro was Flamingosi - Ludi Letnji Ples which was proven later. Also, in 2011 Georgia had "a situation" where they at first wanted to replace the performer but their broadcaster forcefully replaced the singer of Eldrine, Tamar Vadachkoria, with Sopho Toroshelidze and kept the song but they rearranged it to sound a bit different from the original one. And in 2009, audience in Serbia chose OT Band - Blagoslov Za Kraj but jury fixed the results for Marko Kon for some unknown reason.

    Mr. FantasticMr. FantasticHónapja
  • No Germany 1996? What’s even the point of this video huh

    May MorganMay MorganHónapja
  • Nina didn't won Sanremo in 2012, she was internally selected by the RAI.

    AJ MoralesAJ MoralesHónapja
  • Siren Song,is one of best ,not was at End ,at ' Eurovision' .When this Song was at ' Eurovision' then was ,I think at 1. Place or last Place!

    Jonathan FischerJonathan FischerHónapja
  • After recent events happened in the UK, I'm worried James Newman (UK) & Montaigne (Australia) could be on this list for the same reason France 1974 is. Then again, the magnitude would be much bigger than 1974, given the person is an international figure & I'm not sure what the EBU would do in that situation

    Choco's StuffChoco's StuffHónapja
  • Are we just gonna ignore Enzo Guzman, man got denied from performing twice at Eurovision.

  • How am I supposed to read that fast?

    LVD videoLVD videoHónapja
    • You don’t 🧞

  • Interesting

    C MazingC MazingHónapja
  • How many times do you want to not perform Belarus: yes

    Jean-Baptiste ChopinJean-Baptiste ChopinHónapja
  • Now you can add the Belarusian propaganda rabbit song. It's available in HUworld

    ArvinRoido AtienzaArvinRoido AtienzaHónapja
  • You used the wrong flag of Belarus

    • @Peopipeo indeed, and as I said, it's roughly 1/9 of the overall population. But it's just the protest, the state flag is red-green. That exactly is my point

    • @boevoikrikun 1995 is 30 years ago, and have not seen any of the Belarusian protest?

    • @Peopipeo people of Belarus chose their flag in 1995. Nowadays, ~1/9 of population want it to change, so no, you don't use the flag that the people of Belarus want

    • @boevoikrikun I use the flag the Belarusian people want

    • @Peopipeo no you didn't. the correct flag is green and red

  • Thank u for the interesting video and special thanks for the real Belarusian flag . Even such a small thing is very important to us🤍❤️🤍🥰

    Nadia KristapNadia KristapHónapja
  • san marino straight up made a facebook ad for their 2012 entry

  • Guess you’ll have to add the other song Belarus tried to submit 😂

    Jose RiveraJose RiveraHónapja
    • @Peopipeo oh

      Jose RiveraJose Rivera28 napja
    • Yep 🥲

      PeopipeoPeopipeo28 napja
  • Georgia 2009 and Belarus 2021: Disqualified for political stuff Ukraine 2016: *sweats profusely* Also, if you’re about to say, I used the pinned comment as inspiration.

  • I adore I Am Belarussian

    GESC SpainGESC SpainHónapja
  • 2002 Lithuania, actually sounds pretty good. 🇺🇦 🇱🇹

    ST. BanderaST. BanderaHónapja
  • Zena said it, "Let's break the rules" and they did it

    Hikari xHikari xHónapja
  • Anastasiya Vinnikova is just a propaganda machine, apparently

  • Liked the right flag for Belarus. :)

  • you used to white red white flag for belarus🥺❤️

    crunchy gowoncrunchy gowonHónapja
  • 2019 😭😭😭 Never forgive...

    Helen MooreHelen MooreHónapja
  • Lebanon tried in 2005 huh. I never knew that

  • Good video but your spelling sucks sorry

    SG Miner21SG Miner21Hónapja
  • 2020... sad man ireally liked a lot of those

  • Belarus 🇧🇾

    Roman NecheukhinRoman NecheukhinHónapja
  • 2003 is so unfair it's ridiculous

    Branka ZlaticBranka ZlaticHónapja
  • Not a single month has passed and this list is already outdated. "Pesenka" was selected as the second belarussian entry this year and was quickly disqualified by the EBU. Still a very interesting list!

    Zwelfbungt - ESC mit LucasZwelfbungt - ESC mit LucasHónapja
    • I’ll update it next year when another Belarusian entry gets DQ 😭

  • Could the text be kept on the screen for longer next time? I can't pause the video as the video title covers the subtext as I watch HUworld on my TV.

    James MacLeodJames MacLeodHónapja
    • I would love to keep it up longer but since HUworld copyright could give me a strike on my channel I choose to keep it up for that long :)

  • 4:20 you cant tell me that song was from eurovision, its genuinely a great song, sad that it wasnt included

  • 6:05 this is the wrong flag of Belarus. It only last last one year (1994).

    • @Peopipeo Sure it’s anchored in the constitution.

    • @fxlix_1502 just Bc it’s official Doesn’t mean I have to use it

    • @Peopipeo But it’s the official flag. And the UNO recognize it as those.

    • I refuse to use the 🇧🇾 as it represents that oppression of the Belarusian people

  • Withdrawn, lyrics, disqualification, anniversary, too late, cutbacks, changes, reaction, scandal, time, funeral, cheating, copyright, refusal, banned, & Covid-19 2022 will be better for another update.

    Tamela CaseyTamela CaseyHónapja
  • Ludi letnji ples ❤️❤️

    Mihajlo ÐorđevićMihajlo ÐorđevićHónapja
  • You forgot Tunisia in 1977

    • They are in this video I made about a year ago :)

  • Maruv, an actual winner of esc 2019💔

    LegendaryBitch 1810LegendaryBitch 1810Hónapja
  • Good compilation!

    David GonzálezDavid GonzálezHónapja
  • Italy has sacrificied a winning song in 2012

    Kambariui, linksmaiKambariui, linksmaiHónapja
  • I liked the maruv one

  • У Белоруссии вместо флага прокладку использованную вставили

    Ser ZavjalovSer ZavjalovHónapja
  • The only time where France withdrawn, it's the year of... Waterloo

  • What about the prequalification in 1997?

    Pane PerunovskiPane PerunovskiHónapja
    • @Pane Perunovski yes but they were a part of the show, the reason why they weren’t on stage was a part of how Eurovision worked. The other songs weren’t on stage due to foreign reasons .

    • @Peopipeo they never got to perform on the eurovision stage, as your title is saying.

      Pane PerunovskiPane PerunovskiHónapja
    • I didn’t include them since they were a part of the show

  • I’m very happy North Macedonia was allowed to stay in the contest this year!!

    Katie DwyerKatie DwyerHónapja
  • Seriously, who would withdraw from Eurovision due to a funeral?

    Katie DwyerKatie DwyerHónapja
  • so in 2011 Belarus really went from I am Belarussian to sending I love Belarus 💀

    Knusprige SchuhsohleKnusprige SchuhsohleHónapja
  • As a Hungarian, I just can recommend you Tompos Kátya - Magányos Csónak, which is a hit song 13 years later too. And as we have one of most visible corrupt government, we held our national selection in the last 2 years just for our entertainment, where the winners didn't have a chance to go to Eurovision. The winners were in 2020 Rácz Gergő & Orosvai Reni - Mostantól, which broke every single record record in my country, and this year Kaukázus - Egyetlen szó won.

    János ÁgnerJános ÁgnerHónapja
  • Wouldn't even count Albania 2016 as a new song tbh

  • How many times you want to be disqualified? Belarus: YES

    Ilkin MustafayevIlkin MustafayevHónapja
  • Italy 2012: "Per sempre" did not won, Emma Marrone won with the song "Non è l'inferno"

    Manuel ZnzManuel ZnzHónapja
  • 2016 Belarus: Moment of Silence EBU: Two can play at that game.

    Andrew GrimmAndrew GrimmHónapja
  • “Per sempre” didn’t win Sanremo in 2012. Actually, Nina Zilli came 7th that year with “Per sempre” She was internally selected for Eurovision. The winner in 2012 was actually Emma Marrone, who after missing out on Eurovision in 2012, was internally selected for 2014, the first time in the history of Italy that the representative for Eurovision wasn’t chosen from Sanremo.

    Óscar AlvarengaÓscar AlvarengaHónapja
  • someone rent out Liechtenstein and give them a tv station, that could be very interesting

    Jesse StentonJesse StentonHónapja
  • Spain's one in 1968 was the best thing they could do cause if i havent messed up with the years, that year they won

    Alexxan ́s GamesAlexxan ́s GamesHónapja
  • Fyra Bugg och En Coca Cola was renamed so it could be played. The song stayed the same just changed Coca Cola to Rocka Rolla. So I would argue that it is pretty much the same song that was in ESC.

    Niklas ErikssonNiklas ErikssonHónapja
  • Wait albania 2016 song is changing? I thought it just revamped?

    Ghozy IAGhozy IAHónapja
  • Poor Enzo from Malta, he lost not only one but twice and never got a chance to represent him country at Eurovision

    Antonio Montañez HernándezAntonio Montañez HernándezHónapja
  • You missed Emma's Non E L'inferno

  • Emm... Belarus?

    Mariogaturros MgMariogaturros MgHónapja
  • that france 2004 song sounded like a bop

    Evita ViitalaEvita ViitalaHónapja
  • I hope, that Azerbaijan will never be banned or disqualified. COVID 19 HURTS

    Matea KuničićMatea KuničićHónapja
  • I teared up when Rotterdam 2020 showed up

  • as greek i did not know this happend to us

    kittylikeme BlueJay9kittylikeme BlueJay9Hónapja
  • EBU is inconsequent, they should've banned Azerbuyjan for scamming a long time ago.

    Daro AndDaro AndHónapja
  • It's freaking awesome you use the correct Belarussian flag.

    Henry MerkelHenry MerkelHónapja
  • I love how Israel is honoring their memorial days

    Ziiivaac8 XZiiivaac8 XHónapja
  • Nice video, but so many misprints in the descriptions! :O

  • Russia 2017 🇷🇺❤️ 🤩👌

    ESC LanceESC LanceHónapja
  • Belarus really likes to DQ

  • Hey Greece 1986!

  • its been torture watching this video and pause it every few seconds to read micro sentences down in corner..

    Igor IgorIgor IgorHónapja
  • Can you leave up the text a little longer for us to read next time. Very interesting thanks!

  • "Per Sempre" didn't win Sanremo btw. RAI chosed Nina internally from the artists who were in Sanremo

    Samuele BertoliniSamuele BertoliniHónapja
  • THANK YOU for telling about Franco in the Lalala replacement, it was a dictatorship decision

    Barawen WhoBarawen WhoHónapja
  • Cool, there's a few entries still missing though such as 1970 - Portugal - Sergio Borges - Onde Vais Rio Que Eu Canto? 1990 - Malta - Maryrose Mallia - Our Little World Of Yesterday and the 1996 entries that had chosen their songs but due to rule change were denied entry (the only year that germany missed out on) Israel - Galit Bell - Shalom Olam Germany - Leon - Blauer Planet Denmark - Martin Loft & Dorthe Andersen - Kun Med Dig Russia - Andrej Kosinskij - Ja, Eto Ja Hungary - Delhusa Gjon - Fortuna Macedonia - Kaliopi - Samo Ti Romania - Monica Anghel & Sincron - Ruga Pentru Pacea Lumii

  • the original songs for belarus 2010 and france 2004 were soo much better than the songs they replaced it with omg

  • Maruv queen

    Dibil IdiotDibil IdiotHónapja
  • FRANCE 2004 WOW

    Арсеній ГогерчакАрсеній ГогерчакHónapja
  • "The song was disqualified due to the song being performed prior" I don't understand that reason. Can you explain?

    • The rule is in Eurovision if the song was performed before the first day you can release it you can’t perform it at Eurovision. So let’s say the first day you can send a song is December 1st, if it’s found out you performed the song or released it November 20th you cant send that song to Eurovision

  • Maruv from Ukraine refused because in the contract it stated that she could not preform in Russia anymore, but she refused since she has a huge fan base in Russia and she has several songs in Russian

    michael yushkovmichael yushkovHónapja
  • Gosh your comments pass by way too fast. It's impossible to read them, just slow down!!!

  • 8:40 If you didn't get emotional when you saw this, you're not a real Eurovision fan.

    Berat VinBerat VinHónapja
  • We need Maruv back at some point...siren song was too good 😔💔

    Luca PassfieldLuca PassfieldHónapja
  • Whats wrong with belarus

    Диана ГолдДиана ГолдHónapja
  • 4:41 best quality not gonna lie

    GamerKidLuis 213GamerKidLuis 213Hónapja