All Countries That Have Never Won Eurovision

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As of the 2019 contest, there are 24 countries that have never won the Eurovision Song Contest. Which one do you think will be the next one to change that?
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  • What do you think - which country will be the next one to be removed from the list? Let me know here 👇🏼

    • Macedonia

      Eurovision MacedoniaEurovision MacedoniaÓrája
    • Malta, Cyprus, Iceland or Lithuania

      Ruben AtencioRuben AtencioNapja
    • Cyprus

      Μαρία Κ.Μαρία Κ.2 napja
    • Malta 🇲🇹❤

      Joanna AzzopardiJoanna Azzopardi2 napja
    • Lithuania!

      mingailllemingaillle4 napja
  • How did Morocco participated in the Eurovision?😳 very interesting i didn't know that until now

    AthinaAthina12 órája
  • Malta sang it in the past. „I’ll be your destiny“ 😉🙌🏼 Je me casse ✌🏼

    Malex M.Malex M.14 órája
  • Dan moet je kijken naar dezelfde periode. Albanië doet nog niet zo lang mee als Nederland. Zo vind ik 't niet eerlijk.

    Hans BazelmansHans Bazelmans18 órája
  • San marino 2019 legend

    IlseIlse21 órája
  • Georgia 9th place again 2011?

    Barış KamaBarış KamaNapja
  • Bulgaria won several times Eurovision

    Assassin GirlAssassin GirlNapja
  • I really got das for Austria on 2018

    Samira SalimSamira SalimNapja
  • I LOVE Maria Magdalena so much, and its one of my moms favorite songs to xd

  • Armenia will win next year 💋🇦🇲

    Happy UniversalHappy UniversalNapja
  • Its a crime Bulgaria and Cyprus havent won yet😓

    Patrick RyanPatrick RyanNapja
  • San Marino and Lithuania will have their best result this year 😘

    Camila CasadosCamila CasadosNapja
  • Kym nas mas is really underrated. My number 10 in Eurovision of all time.

    Uranium-235 Ashviliyandze#3Uranium-235 Ashviliyandze#3Napja
  • Eleni in 2018 and Kristian in 2017 biggest disappointments

    Arsenii IudinArsenii IudinNapja
  • Morocco is in Europe?

    Dawid WiencekDawid WiencekNapja

    joonphoriajoonphoria2 napja
  • 666.. EUROVISION... VIRUS.... Vaccin....

    Cristina DCristina D2 napja
  • Oh no, when I hear Say Na Na Na, that song will be stuck in my head for like a week. So catchy

    Michelle EnderinkMichelle Enderink2 napja
  • Australia and Cyprus got robbed.

    snauwsnauw2 napja
  • I'm still waiting to San Marino to win

    VeriniseVerinise2 napja
  • Eleni Foureira should have won 😢

    Manu AMManu AM2 napja
  • Malta should have won in 2005 - Angel is the best song EVER on Eurovision!

    Freeman GriffinFreeman Griffin2 napja
  • I thin im dumb so andorra la veta 2023?

    EST0NIAEST0NIA2 napja
  • I’m not from europe so I know little about EuroVision, so I completely choked on my snack when I saw Australia on *Euro* vision.

    Renzoh’s ClubRenzoh’s Club3 napja
    • In short, Australia are big fans of the contest. They were supposed to perform as a one-time thing in 2015, but were welcomed back and have been participating ever since. Out of five acts, four have been in the top ten.

      snauwsnauw2 napja
  • Maltaaaa will hopefully win

    Leo PotatoLeo Potato3 napja
  • Iceland 2009 one of my Fev...

    Evita PetrouEvita Petrou3 napja
  • Albania deserved 2012.

    Wakanda ForevaWakanda Foreva3 napja
  • *Whare Taured Singer?*

    Second Galaxy - SatanistSecond Galaxy - Satanist3 napja
  • Cyprus have won, if Greece won then it is Cyprus' win as well

    MasterG 25MasterG 253 napja
  • Israel won in the 70’s???

    Daniel PlaysDaniel Plays3 napja
  • Still very confused as to why Australia is participating in Eurovision emphasis on EURO... last time I checked Australia is not in Europe

    DutchgameboiDutchgameboi3 napja
  • Romania will win 2021 edition !

  • Australia 2016 y Chipre 2018 son mis ganadores ⭐🇦🇺🇨🇾⭐

    Andy Plaza SantosAndy Plaza Santos4 napja
  • Seeing Iceland made me really sad since they were the alleged winners last year and their song got famous world wide...

    Zita FransenZita Fransen4 napja
    • @snauw Yeah... Same with Bulgaria (My personal favorite 🥲)

      Zita FransenZita Fransen2 napja
    • @Zita Fransen they could

      DutchgameboiDutchgameboi2 napja
    • And then there's Little Big and their 200m views. So sad we never got to see either act on the Eurovision main stage...

      snauwsnauw2 napja
    • @Dutchgameboi Yes, but they probably won't win this year lol

      Zita FransenZita Fransen3 napja
    • Theres always this year! As from what I I understand is last years was postponed to this year

      DutchgameboiDutchgameboi3 napja
  • I like moldova 2017 ❤️

    Vlad BasVlad Bas4 napja
  • cyprus shouldve won

    lewis Youlewis You5 napja
  • "Cyprus nearly won the competition in 2018, but in the end......... they didn't" One of my favourite eurovision phrases.

    Jakobat_lolJakobat_lol5 napja
  • Malta for this year!!!!

    JadesmanningJadesmanning5 napja
  • so it's basically a list of east European countries. I know only Azerbaijan and Russia to have won from east EU

    Andrei MureșanAndrei Mureșan6 napja
  • nothing against my own country but there is no way in hell we are ever going to win the eurovision song contest, czechia just..yeah definitely not

    Silvie CollinnSilvie Collinn6 napja
  • 3:50 She didn't play Jaja Ding Dong so she didn't win

    Cristi GiambasuCristi Giambasu6 napja
  • happy to live in a country that has won once. 2006

    Aice FlashbackAice Flashback6 napja
  • Lithuania trolled everyone lol

    TasPatsProTasPatsPro6 napja
  • I like it more when countries sing in their language, it’s so much more fascinating and interesting to listen to

    AnjaAnja7 napja
  • Albania and Malta deserve it. They bring always strong voices

    NoraNora8 napja
  • I have an feeling Malta is going to get their first win this year ;)

  • 2.08 çay istəyir yetim çay süzün ona 😂

    Leyla YusifovaLeyla Yusifova9 napja
  • Moldova’s best result was in 2010: ascension into epicness.

    DmitryNDmitryN9 napja
  • San Marino will hopefully get there first win in 2021

    Daniel harveyDaniel harvey10 napja
  • 2018 eurovision was a banger. I adored it.

    きKekkoきKekko10 napja
  • Slovenia should have won in 2001, that song still gives me goosebumps. Also I didn't know Australia is in Europe 3:21 ?????

    EldnsayEldnsay11 napja
  • Haha couldn’t be Ireland, we have some of the most Eurovision wins

    Yee HawYee Haw11 napja
  • Everyone here proud of their countries, meanwhile I'm just here like "how the FUCK did that shit get the 6th place?"

    HK-47HK-4712 napja
  • Lots of countries who never won the contest have a good chance to win the contest this year. Hope one of them does the trick

    Jack LindersJack Linders12 napja
    • Not Armenia tho

      윤기민윤기민10 napja
  • Let's not forget that a lot of these countries have financial problems, and it wouldn't be good if the countries prioritized ESC instead of fixing the economic situation...

    Anna M Teistedal GjøtterudAnna M Teistedal Gjøtterud12 napja
  • No shit? Georgia has never won? Some of their Eurovision songs are among my daily music playlist!? How come?

    Juzefa WingedCatJuzefa WingedCat12 napja
    • Thats more junior eurovision

      윤기민윤기민7 napja
  • Many off this countries are not “allowed “ to win because they don’t have the economy to host Eurovision 😕

    What MadeLikesWhat MadeLikes12 napja
    • Wait frl

      Mimi E yakaMimi E yaka12 napja
  • I think Malta is coming down from this list this year.

    MrPlayItCoolowskiMrPlayItCoolowski12 napja
  • i’m still mad that Marija Magdalena from Croatia didn’t win!

    nkbkld jdlsbrnkbkld jdlsbr13 napja
  • Actually Croatia won once in the 90s as Yugoslavia but the singers were Croatian... Riva Rock me

    LuciaaLuciaa13 napja
  • I really hope so much that a new country will win this year, for an example Bulgaria, Malta, Romania, Cyprus, Lithuania, Iceland & San Marino have great songs this year so they deserve to win this year. And also many of them have send so many great songs in previous year but have never won.

    ViggzplashfilmsViggzplashfilms13 napja
  • The last one might come ture

    Ben EntyBen Enty13 napja
  • My favorite is San Marino this year. Cyprus also have a good song. Malta have chances - so why not a new winner this year ?😄

    Morten NielsenMorten Nielsen14 napja
  • Croatia won in 1998

    The Lion King Croatia ッThe Lion King Croatia ッ15 napja
  • Its an East European thing 😉 Gotta love being East European n always getting the bottom of the barrel am I right

    Hanny ShizukaHanny Shizuka15 napja
  • you forgot Lebanon

    OrianaOriana15 napja
  • You forgot Bhutan

    Tristiano’s stuffTristiano’s stuff15 napja
    • Bhutan is not in Eurovision Song Contest

      윤기민윤기민7 napja
  • F for Andorra 🇦🇩

    Nerd0!Nerd0!15 napja
    • Σπυριδούλαααα

      Aristos KatsarosAristos Katsaros12 napja
  • I dont think San Marino, Andorra will ever win

    ImVineprexDEImVineprexDE15 napja
  • Okay but Bulgaria's ,,Beautiful mess" from 2017 is and will remain a masterpiece!

    Ashal SabrievaAshal Sabrieva16 napja
  • no one's talking about how Australia was in an Eurovision song contest

    Wilhelm GreyHeartWilhelm GreyHeart16 napja
  • Belarus 2007 is a banger.

    Lunairetic BLunairetic B17 napja
  • I didn't even morocco participated in this

    levilevi17 napja
  • Has Italy never won a euro vision?

    TriGgEreD S3W :3TriGgEreD S3W :317 napja
    • They've won twice, in 1964 & 1990

      snauwsnauw2 napja
  • Chiara from Malta 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    mieinermieiner17 napja
  • albanian lyrics: AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaA

    Maša KMaša K19 napja
    • she’s saying: leave me to crYYYYYYYYYYYYY

      Hans SchneiderHans Schneider12 napja
  • Edyta gorniak,my NUMBER ONE in the eurovision history 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Porfirio PascualPorfirio Pascual21 napja
  • Cyprus 🇨🇾 Elena Tsagrinou 🥰 El Diablo 😈🔥☝️1️⃣ Eurovision Song Contest 2021 💖

    Θωμάς ΧριστοδούλουΘωμάς Χριστοδούλου21 napja
  • Cyprus always has songs that are remembered and very catchy tho xD

    Marie ᶘ oᴥoᶅMarie ᶘ oᴥoᶅ21 napja
  • Cyprus should’ve won 2018 🤦🏽

    Ghost Of SpartaGhost Of Sparta21 napja
  • i want lithuania to win this year. or france. lmao

    stan loonastan loona22 napja
  • btw lithunia has won the eurovision of 2020

    GooDz Laur1sGooDz Laur1s22 napja
  • You have great videos ☀️ subscribed

    ESC FeverESC Fever22 napja
  • Maybe this is the year Malta finally wins!

    JamesJames22 napja
  • Valetta 2022 Hold my word :D(Malta predicted Destiny)

    Matej JavoršćakMatej Javoršćak22 napja
  • north macedonia have to won in 2019

    amöntaramöntar23 napja
  • I found Kristian's song only two years later after the Eurovision and I was shocked when I heard he singed that amazing song and he didn't win .... I just couldn't understand why( I still can't) 😩😩

    Loona LuLoona Lu23 napja
  • Serbia winn in evrouvision with song: molitva and it newer win again but im from serbia

    Nađa SavićevićNađa Savićević23 napja
  • Eurovision: "Poland never won" Eurovision Junior: *Am I a joke to you?*

    Emilia W and Blossom Flower - ProductionEmilia W and Blossom Flower - Production23 napja
    • @Agnieszka M if we are using that logic an Australian singer, Canadian singer, and American band have won Eurovision.

      Umbresour 1Umbresour 16 napja
    • @윤기민 Considering Riva won for Yugoslavia, not Croatia, it's a little bit debatable how we should treat it (and there actually IS a debate down in the comments, I really don't want to argue), but yes, a Croatian band did win the contest back in 1989

      Agnieszka MAgnieszka M9 napja
    • @Agnieszka M not croatia croatia won in 1989

      윤기민윤기민9 napja
    • @Mikasa Ackerman95 I don't remember Cyprus winning Junior Eurovision

      Владислав КосоруковВладислав Косоруков13 napja
    • @Agnieszka M Cyprus

      Mikasa Ackerman95Mikasa Ackerman9515 napja
  • Jesus christ I totally forgot how good bulgaria' s song was in 2017

    kk24 napja
  • Bruh if Slovenia ever wins we will go bankrupt lol

    AnaAna24 napja
  • Eleni Fureira my true winner

    Tomas Paolo Canu BritoTomas Paolo Canu Brito24 napja
  • 0:41 my country

    Miloslav MasárMiloslav Masár24 napja
  • We werent the winners but i gotta say that im in love of my countrys song lithuania

    Its RusneIts Rusne24 napja
  • of course most Eastern European countries never won we aren't surprised

    Po prostu DawidPo prostu Dawid25 napja
  • Poland was so close.... Edi is the best

    Po prostu DawidPo prostu Dawid25 napja
  • Georgia known best for Junior eurovision

    Gwangkong HuihuiGwangkong Huihui25 napja
  • 2010 eurovision manga should won

    b kb k25 napja
  • I want australia to win 🌝

    Insert Name HereInsert Name Here25 napja
  • but Australia has already won once

    Yara SpigtYara Spigt25 napja