Adorable puppy crashes reporter's weather report on live TV! | FOX 5 DC

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FOX 5's Bob Barnard was cleaning icy cars - and rescuing puppies - on a cold and slippery morning in Leesburg! STORY:
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  • FOX 5's Bob Barnard was cleaning icy cars - and rescuing puppies - on a cold and slippery morning in Leesburg! STORY:​ STAY CONNECTED: INSTAGRAM »​​ TWITTER »​​ FACEBOOK »​​ On the go? Stay in the know! Keep connected to DC, Maryland and Virginia news and weather by downloading FOX 5's mobile apps, and make sure to allow notifications to receive alerts:

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    • You nut cases are wearing Mask outside? What is wrong with you sheep?

      The White House CommentsThe White House Comments20 órája
    • She's cracking up 🤣 #1 most cheesy news anchor. Yuk yuk Yuk Bashing Ted Cruz? Okay Northern Virginia VA is a swampy shite hole

      Marie McDonaldMarie McDonald3 napja
    • Bob is great! Literally never fire Bib.

      shane loganshane logan7 napja
    • Man. He's adorable. Scatter brain hehe

      valeforedarkvaleforedark10 napja
    • I'd rather pet dog as well.

      Rio BankRio Bank11 napja
  • I’d like to pick up that puppy. I’d prefer to pick up its owner though

  • This is what all news reporters should be like. All we have are bots

    prithvi bumiaprithvi bumia4 órája
  • Now the dog is the reporter

    prime odoprime odo4 órája
  • He’s entertaining!

    GanonGanon4 órája
  • Great, I'm a feral dog now!

    Meredith EllingworthMeredith Ellingworth5 órája
  • What a fabulous reporter. So kind to the wiggly puppy!

    PIEPIE5 órája
  • Ohh bubbie

    eerohugheseerohughes6 órája
  • The Ted Cruz jokes were hilarious. Even Fox reporters know he's a schmuck! XD

    SleepyMoogleSleepyMoogle6 órája
  • This is so cute I LOVE IT

    AngieAngie7 órája
  • So did he ever finish deicying that car? He was prepaid already.

    Magnus Guglius VugliusMagnus Guglius Vuglius7 órája
  • every ones gangster until peiroggie licks their face

    Aw350m3 H3R0Aw350m3 H3R08 órája
  • Best news I ever seen

    Rock ManRock Man8 órája
  • Is this how TV news in the USA look like?

    Angel LopezAngel Lopez9 órája
  • “Hi mom” :3

    Puffy PuffPuffy Puff10 órája
  • I really enjoyed this!

    Love Thy SelfLove Thy Self11 órája
  • These people look so stupid with their masks...

    2021Account2021Account12 órája
  • Nice mask losers

    Souless ValleysSouless Valleys12 órája
  • Soo good morning starting

    Ozkr hillsOzkr hills13 órája
  • So you have a problem with Ted Cruz going to Cancun, but no problem with the Biden crime family making money selling Joe's influence in political office to China, Ukraine, Iraq, Russia, via his son and brother. No problem with the border crises under Biden, which far outweighs the Trump era. Especially considering that this crisis is happening during a pandemic. No problem with the number of covid deaths accrued in the three months Biden has been in office. Which has doubled in contrast to a years worth of cases that you constantly reminded us of during Trump's last year. Cool how your priorities morph depending on who's in office. That's all you're really good for is scraping ice off cars. Other than that, you're as useless as tits on a bull.

    Mitch KumsteinMitch Kumstein14 órája
  • What a cute pup!

    OmegaWolf747OmegaWolf74714 órája
  • Pay this man good y’all he’s funny and great

    Autumn SmithAutumn Smith15 órája
  • This is given me ADHD vides

    a little elfa little elf16 órája
  • Perogie, fucking excellent.

    HeezNeezHeezNeez16 órája
  • “I’ve got a couple businesses going” omg I cracked uppp 😂😂

    Shelby TaylorShelby Taylor17 órája
  • Except for the love of God take the masks off! Argh.

    lemuriangirllemuriangirl17 órája
  • I hope you got the car owner to start it and turn on the defrost?

    Von ClohkVon Clohk17 órája
  • please note covid is not air born you do not need a mask 24/7

    emrysemrys18 órája
  • Everyone in this video has the most amazing energy....:) and you can tell it's genuine not just for their job or the camera...

    PicklenuggetsPicklenuggets18 órája
  • Sooo cute❤

    Bust it op3n23Bust it op3n2318 órája
  • Can I ask for a little help?

    Reynan H. De LunaReynan H. De Luna18 órája
  • Can I ask for a little help?

    Reynan H. De LunaReynan H. De Luna18 órája
  • Can I ask for a little help?

    Reynan H. De LunaReynan H. De Luna18 órája
  • Oh that puppy stole my heart!

    Cheri CoffmanCheri Coffman19 órája
  • What a waste of good tv

    ASAP FergASAP Ferg19 órája
  • How the hell did I get this pop up in my feed. American Proganda at its finest.. V sad

    Gawani WhitecrowGawani Whitecrow21 órája
  • Get back to work brother $20

    chan-dong PAchan-dong PA22 órája
  • I hate when people talk about how wonderful hot places are, I lived in a tropical/humid place almost all my life, and unless you like taking showers at least 2 times a day and sweating 24/7 then I suggest you dont live there, also it NEVER snows! I have only seen snow 2 times in my life while visiting Nevada..

    Agent x Smith xAgent x Smith x22 órája
  • Do john have a surname as sin?? Because he is in Every occupation like in PH

    priyansh guptapriyansh guptaNapja
  • Cute puppy. Stupid weather man. I ♥️ my Senator.

    LoriGirl TexasLoriGirl TexasNapja
  • This news reporter was able to produce good content with the 20 bucks and the dog

  • hope he returned that poor guy's money 🤣

    Sky BugSky BugNapja
  • Take the mask off. No one is around you. Stop the fear mongering.


  • Noone talking about how he's wearing a mask *outside* yet the others are *inside* with no mask

    RSD SinghRSD SinghNapja
  • 🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Kenny CelestinKenny CelestinNapja
  • The steady lyric phytogeographically paste because birch pivotally blush out a defeated cafe. greedy, cut slash

    Boerner WilliamBoerner WilliamNapja

  • “I’ll keep an eye on her” You know that dude was having the best morning lol. Made 20 bucks and got to pet an adorable puppy

    Throw communists out of helicoptersThrow communists out of helicoptersNapja
  • This is the news now...

    turtle tomturtle tomNapja
  • If the girl at 2:40 wouldve busted her ass then this would have 20 million views

    White AllianceWhite AllianceNapja
  • her: how’s it out where you are? him: i’m getting free puppy cuddles out here

    Lex FLex FNapja
  • I absolutely loved this video

    Karla Germán-SkrinjaricKarla Germán-SkrinjaricNapja
  • This guy's happy ultra chaotic energy is LEGIT kinda wholesome

  • “” PEROGY!”” 💕💕💕💕

    pat sloyanpat sloyanNapja
  • He better get the car clean HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAH

    Kaboomaroom 16Kaboomaroom 16Napja
  • I'm not jealous. Really, I'm happy for the guy! Just wish my days were more like his!

  • Too cute.

    lemard mayslemard maysNapja
  • So wholesome and cute, love it

  • Wow I never knew news reporters talked about these kind of stuff on television. The news reporters in our country are all serious robots

    Bakugou KatsukiBakugou KatsukiNapja
  • adhd in a news reporter

  • Big puppy 😍😉 eyes! Complete with 🐶 germs!

    Cynthia PickettCynthia PickettNapja
  • All I feel is good vibes. Wow this guy is magical with a smooth and very fun personality.

  • The mysterious course unknowingly guide because pentagon arguably level above a resonant print. kindly, chilly milkshake

    jano lacojano lacoNapja
  • Great days work 💪gorgeous puppy..well done guys stay safe and godbless 🙏😘😊❤

    Sal LeeSal LeeNapja
  • Omg that's too cute what a sweet pup

  • did he scrape the guys windows though?

  • I wish a father like him, mine is just abusive

    Anne CarolineAnne CarolineNapja
  • I can't stop smiling during the entire video!!!!

    gail mgail mNapja
  • Guy gave him $20 for nothing

    Lego ManLego ManNapja
  • Vicious Pitt Bull attack caught on live TV!

  • God if only this was what was on the news every day 😂😂😂😂 thats fuckin adorable omg

    Marionette HannahMarionette HannahNapja
  • Hank from BD

    Shaka in LimboShaka in LimboNapja
  • Lovely 🐕, please take off that pathetic useless mask, might scare the dog!!

    Heber MoloneyHeber MoloneyNapja
  • great video like always 💘💘💘💘💘💘👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • TwEntY BuCkS?!?!?!? 😂😂😂

    Jana ŠustekováJana ŠustekováNapja
  • Where are used to do living in New Jersey was I would let my car run for about an hour with the defrosters on and then everything would just melt off

    Brett DuffyBrett DuffyNapja
  • i love how the dog appeared right after he mentioned "walking his dogs"

  • the puppy biting off his glove was so adorable 🥺☺

  • Who came from the bunny video? Lol

    Maple ChanMaple ChanNapja
  • good man

    gtltjt41gtltjt412 napja
  • bob: “lemme scrape some ice off of cars!” also bob: “oh look! puppy!”

    TwixxTwixx2 napja
  • ‘I don’t see an owner’....that would be my cue to put that dog in my car and drive away....🤣

    deeprose4deeprose42 napja
  • The puppy comes at 1:53

    Caleb Logan EditzCaleb Logan Editz2 napja
  • Once upon a time the bandits used the mask to steal kill attack the banks ah you already have a credit card now 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Fulvia MalfattiFulvia Malfatti2 napja
  • this guy is that one awesome uncle.

    OlaoluwaOlaoluwa2 napja
  • this guy seems awesome!

    OlaoluwaOlaoluwa2 napja
  • New contraption, century old 😂😂

    marcius marciukasmarcius marciukas2 napja
  • I love this one. Watch this about 5 times already

    Godzilla TunaGodzilla Tuna2 napja
  • Such a wholesome dog

    Pakistan iPakistan i2 napja
  • I love how that guy just made $20 for no reason😂

    Isaiah LassiterIsaiah Lassiter2 napja
  • Nice man

    Asad JeeAsad Jee2 napja
  • Welcome to Canada, with the nicest people on the planet

    Wild LoneWolfWild LoneWolf2 napja
    • That's not Canada. It's a neighborhood in Northern Virginia in the US.

      KindredKindred13 órája
  • We can see that he loves his job🥺

    Wild LoneWolfWild LoneWolf2 napja
  • A lot just happened

    Kiara GeorgeKiara George2 napja
  • 👌🐶😘

    sainath459sainath4592 napja
  • Pierogi

  • Even the support cast is hilarious.

    uddam Kumaruddam Kumar2 napja
  • This is so wholesome!!!

    5BIRDOG55BIRDOG52 napja
  • Uplifting stuff! Love it!

    Nancy ClarkNancy Clark2 napja