Academy Anecdotes (School Stories)

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Have you ever wondered what I did in school? Well let me just tell you the good parts.
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  • JAMES IS GAY I'm not being rude btw

    Sarah SandersonSarah Sanderson5 órája
  • Maths is easy

    MEMSMEMS7 órája
  • I hate maths everything in school because it sucks and it’s all worse it but it’s not worth it because they suck to

    shamma khalifashamma khalifa7 órája
  • So James hate Asians bit rude but okay lol Also to may Asian jokes

    Mm NinjaMm Ninja12 órája
  • I like mat pat!

    Jefferson HandberryJefferson Handberry13 órája
  • 198E+1289 ×18370 =

    WD gasterWD gaster14 órája
  • No offense but that moment with Theboyintheband looked gay-

    Lâttê LøvêrLâttê Løvêr18 órája
  • M.A.T.H=mental abuse to humans.

    Tran CarterTran Carter19 órája
  • Did somthingelseyt Was THERE ? LOL

    Adam BourghAdam Bourgh20 órája
  • I was gonna get up and do something, then I watched like 20 seconds of this and forgot what I was gonna do, like, what's the point of chicken tenders when there is already chicken nuggets

    Jesse LimaJesse Lima21 órája
  • I love math !!!!!!

    Sebastian VilladsenSebastian Villadsen23 órája
  • You don't want to move to china

    Logan FilkinsLogan FilkinsNapja
  • Math is the best

    Joury AmeenJoury AmeenNapja
  • 0:29 he said math sucks

    Jaafar AlghazoJaafar AlghazoNapja
  • The things you learn at school are important for you not to become antivaccers and not to believe in homeopathy and stuff like that

    Артём ЯАртём ЯNapja
  • Seven Cruel Hours Of Our Lives

    Victor CruzVictor CruzNapja
    • S C H O O L

      Victor CruzVictor CruzNapja
  • I have a 95 in algebra 2 and I feel very happy this year 😄

    Scorpio BlossomScorpio BlossomNapja
  • Four! I had to write four essays for math in high school. I lived in WI for my freshman and sophomore years and every subject required an essay at the end of every semester. Even math! Why?! I can't even remember what I wrote about.

    daniels rosedaniels roseNapja
  • Math on test show your work me:fuck you math book

    Louis OsorioLouis OsorioNapja
  • I'm sorry but 7th grade math is already hard enough because I cannot remember a 20 step problem

    Jonah AstonJonah AstonNapja
  • *well you see fredrick due to my high levels of abathy and the stress of knowing I’ll never be good at math I’ve decided to give up on even trying to do good on the test*

  • I got 100% and the kids in my class cried like crazy 😛

    Andyourout GamingAndyourout Gaming2 napja
  • The cute school amazingly annoy because pike sadly fasten within a slimy farm. scattered, marvelous smile

    IceWitDaHypeIceWitDaHype2 napja
  • The odd ones out is way better than boyinaband

    Luke YoungLuke Young2 napja
  • M mental A abuse T to H humas Yep we'll I like math but same are harddddddddddd

    Czarina Louise TadlipCzarina Louise Tadlip2 napja
  • Lol DAVES LOOK 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Aamosh GamerAamosh Gamer2 napja
  • Hello I know what your up to. I’ve seen references to sea rabbit, jaiden animations, something else yt and Rebecca parham(I think)

    A guyA guy2 napja
  • i also love math

    Rivan MandotRivan Mandot2 napja

    Ben EstantoBen Estanto2 napja
  • ah yes....... CIDS

    Bright Bear JXBright Bear JX2 napja

    Chris MaulChris Maul2 napja
  • actually nobody said you were straight in the 1st place

    Kazi RashidKazi Rashid2 napja
  • 0:50 wrong I have had to right essays in maths before

    Shay JasmineShay Jasmine3 napja
  • Odd1sout. I am on your page at the beginning of the video

    tiger 2.0tiger 2.03 napja
  • Math rlly sucks

    1k subs without any vids challenge1k subs without any vids challenge3 napja
  • i actually have to write multiple paragraphs for math plus showing my work (and all my other classes as well)

    Sofia KitchokoffSofia Kitchokoff3 napja
  • I always will hate math

    Talia lyne RamediesTalia lyne Ramedies3 napja
  • Lol Pov:you pressed read more

    NeilNeil3 napja
  • OMG You watch MatPat videos

    MEtimeMEtime3 napja
  • Bro I had to write essays in math on famous math people once every quarter (1/4 of the school year)

    Danielle FranklinDanielle Franklin3 napja
  • many essays in fact

    Potato127 pPotato127 p3 napja
  • 5:45 I think back to this moment EVERY TIME I’m about to cry. 😂

    _inquisitive__inquisitive_3 napja
  • The hole point of school is to learn how to learn, and use them in life

    Diana DrappelDiana Drappel3 napja
  • I actually had to write an essay in math on why we need math is important in my everyday life

    Sister VlogsSister Vlogs3 napja
  • 6:13 one time i sneezed so Hard i fell to the floor 😂😂😂

    •ItsDiamond_ YT••ItsDiamond_ YT•4 napja
  • i love math

    Cameron DunwellCameron Dunwell4 napja
  • James: this is the sotry of my first detention and it is not that cool *ad* T-mobile is the first 5 g mobile ultra speed

    Ryguy 5407Ryguy 54074 napja
  • James would not like to move to China today

    Gibson RinoGibson Rino4 napja
  • To the odd1sout Hello. I am a fan of your work. your vids are amazing. But, you did just elevate the look on maths in this video. and that isnt good. so here are my arguments for why maths is actually bad, and so is most the subjects you mentioned. The reason people are quick to hate on maths is becuase it is the one subject that has such a wide range of topics attached to it. You mentioned three in your video. there are probably 50 or so more. Another reason would be the emmediate devide between people who are good at this subject, and people who aren't. There is no middle class. There are people that just have this stuff spilling out of there mouth holes, and others that only learn how to do basic operations. Also, I agree on your opinion that maths isn't actually that bad. But if you ask me and alot of other people who agree with these points, they dont hate maths becuase they are bad at it. they hate it becuase its boring. And even if i hate to say it, the same thing applies to science. But the reason science doesnt get the same hate is becuase there is practical work and generally more fun topics linked to it than geometry/trigonometry/calculus. Plus, technology has already peaked our abilities. Think calculators. type in a maths operation on a calculator, then tell someone the same question. Make sure its actually a hard question, not 2+1 or something like that. and when you tell another person the question, hit the equals button. Who got it first? The technology did. Becuase we kinda suck at basic operations based on free consousness (the ability to think for ourselves). Becuase i can garantee you tht if a calculator could understand that it didnt have to do maths all day, it would just stop. thanks for reading this whole thing if you did. Fan of your work, not your maths.

    Joshua StringerJoshua Stringer4 napja
  • "Math is easy" So the many times I've cried in math because I have a C was wrong

    ihatepoetryandmyselfihatepoetryandmyself4 napja
  • im still in 3 XD and im form danmark

    KarlFarKarlFar4 napja
  • As a carpenter and irrigation ‘specialist’ I use math everyday

    Butters StotchButters Stotch4 napja
  • Math = love •_• and LIFE

    Grady 365Grady 3654 napja
  • I like math

    Jessica SmojicJessica Smojic4 napja
  • 1:35 James gets it (I don’t like trump or Biden so can’t touch this)

    Ded_Sec08Ded_Sec084 napja
  • Awin: ........................................ bye.............................................

    amyfarah Zainolamyfarah Zainol5 napja
  • *is James gay*

    komoweekomowee5 napja

    Aiden DawkinsAiden Dawkins5 napja
  • It sucks

    Bec RoachBec Roach5 napja
  • Math dumb

    Bec RoachBec Roach5 napja
  • Schools a joke

    Rachelle wavesRachelle waves5 napja
  • Bwitch 🙃 im doing math now and it sucks

    Ivan 1698Ivan 16985 napja
  • 3:20 my cousin used to do that in public

    Mason HowardMason Howard5 napja
  • Wait what why he name frederick

    Frederick YeoFrederick Yeo5 napja
  • It’s one

    Cheryl BrooksCheryl Brooks5 napja

    Eddie III AlixEddie III Alix5 napja
  • the third time he said i am not going to say his race i thought he was going to say Asian again

    yichen chenyichen chen6 napja
  • Agreed. Everyone gives math a bad rep. But I 𝗹𝗼𝘃𝗲 𝗶𝘁

    Marleyy Go brrrMarleyy Go brrr6 napja
  • I like math

    Gaming Girl EshalGaming Girl Eshal6 napja
  • Hey I love math

    Jackiscool KnightonJackiscool Knighton6 napja

    AdIn ReLAdIn ReL6 napja
  • James: How to pick a good president- Trump: hola

    [just Sakura][just Sakura]6 napja
  • “Peeing standing up is great-“ If I could I would still prefer the privacy of a stall

    TheDounutIsHereTheDounutIsHere6 napja
  • one time in school i bursted into tears because i got the answer wrong

    OucJay314OucJay3146 napja
  • James would be the Teacher we all want.

    Check My PlaylistsCheck My Playlists6 napja
  • I love math.. 150+150=300 350-70=280 300x4=1200 60 divided by 3=30 Math kinda Ez

    Edward Alfonso Sunarpo 1406193Edward Alfonso Sunarpo 14061936 napja
  • 7:13

    Sulay RamirezSulay Ramirez6 napja
  • Mathpat ;)

    Fox ChanFox Chan6 napja
  • "like taxes and how to pick a good president" That is so true.

    iPhone 11iPhone 117 napja
  • Kids started with a K

    Emerald KrownEmerald Krown7 napja
  • I just realized- maybe james misheard when the kid said "RUNNY nose" and just thought he said "bloody nose"

    Tal nev.Tal nev.7 napja
  • Oh yeah no one ever reads my comments

    Ikaw TalagaIkaw Talaga7 napja
  • james is a nerd at math

  • 3:20 I had someone in class do that in third grade. He was also in cub scouts with us

    higherlvl _ythigherlvl _yt7 napja
  • I know how the sneez is like Onece i had a sneez 3 times in a row during class aaaand it was as loud as a pterodactyl pointing at its non silent The soumd was so loud it was nowhere to be seen

    beangamingbeangaming7 napja
  • why does every one hate math

    DaPotatoDaPotato7 napja
  • I'm not gonna tell u he race cuz it doesn't matter *two secs later* he's Asian.

    Billie EyelashBillie Eyelash7 napja
  • If you hadn't heard SCHOOL stands for six cruel hours of are lives MATH stands for mental abuse to humans and HOMEWORK stands for half of my energy wasted on random KNOWLEDGE

    Gacha MarshmelloGacha Marshmello7 napja
  • Everyone has peed standing up, because showering.

    Marlena LittleMarlena Little7 napja
  • im happy bc i have no detention in my school

    Aiden PilkingtonAiden Pilkington7 napja
  • Is that "lady" letmeexplaneStudios

    Isa_animationIsa_animation7 napja
  • Please make a dinosaur Video.

    Alex AlmenaresAlex Almenares7 napja
  • Suit yourself I hate math and always will

    Game till your DeadGame till your Dead7 napja
  • One of my teachers threw a shoe at us and she hit her target man 6th grade was hard


    C FlyC Fly8 napja
  • Academy anecdotes? My man probably went on google and searched up synonyms for school then stories. I know this cuz u searched it up🙃

    YoshiYoshi8 napja
  • But doctor stone uses math

    Xiao DoggeXiao Dogge8 napja
  • in kindergarten every would do the pee thing

    Edison BosekEdison Bosek8 napja
  • 3:17 I found like 17 people doing that in my school and I looked at the booty

    Theresa BickfordTheresa Bickford8 napja
  • math is good fun

    Andrew AshbyAndrew Ashby8 napja