A Very Kirbo Christmas 🎄

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Merry Christmas!

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Production Assistant, Writing - Vanessa Chinshue
Chelsea Livingstone (Colonel Cheru) as Kirbo
NiGHTS into Dreams... - Take the Snow Train (CPS-2 Remix) | CHRISTMAS REQUEST By TheLegendOfRenegade
Bomberman Max 2 - Garden Stage Remix By Jemmysponz
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  • OMG kirbo is so cute, i like the way you put critian stuff on it

    Davi Rodor de Oliveira MartinsDavi Rodor de Oliveira MartinsÓrája
  • Poyo

    charles edwardcharles edwardÓrája
  • i love you so much dude 😂 merry belated Christmas 🎄

    Zac BeattyZac Beatty2 órája
  • I'm so ashamed that I forgot about TerminalMontange >_

    Jr CruzJr Cruz2 órája
  • One more day till this video is a month old

    tatical karttatical kart2 órája
  • Season 4 is eventually my last season ( youtube get eventually closed in germany... damn politics 😢) btw sad poyo

    FlüssigmetallschleimFlüssigmetallschleim3 órája
  • Kirbo is so cute amen

    Adario czAdario cz5 órája
  • You make one "Something About" Metroid Fusion

    O AlvorecerO Alvorecer5 órája
  • Do something about Minecraft please

    Alphazér 0Alphazér 05 órája
  • Video idea: something about slime rancher

    Lani GLani G6 órája
  • hey jeremy could you mabye do a somthing about earthbound in the near future

    Noah LirbonNoah Lirbon6 órája
  • Whispy woods will be agonized by used of Christmas tree

    Alexandru GutuAlexandru Gutu6 órája
  • Will we ever see a Something about Super Mario 3D World?

    Gunkfunkulous Munktrunkulous v.2Gunkfunkulous Munktrunkulous v.27 órája
  • Anyone who doesn't like the Christian Kirbo, get a life

    Comandante_ AzulComandante_ Azul8 órája
  • It's gonna be hilarious when kirbo finds out he's part demon in star allies

    Pup DaNiPup DaNi8 órája
  • This TRULY is a Merry Christmas. Happy new year btw

    The HumanThe Human8 órája
  • The ending tho 😂 (the secret one)

    DudifyDudify8 órája
  • Poyo.

    KorboKorbo8 órája
  • that was........ POYOtiful

    Doing random things every weekDoing random things every week9 órája
  • This made my day

    Mario ParhmariMario Parhmari9 órája
  • Kirby

    kiara morinokiara morino9 órája
  • we should have every character celebrate christmas together

    Matcha Ch.Matcha Ch.9 órája
  • and he dissapeared, rip

    TIMtheGamePlayerTIMtheGamePlayer10 órája
  • pls age of calamity it has been four weeks

    _-themagmapig-__-themagmapig-_12 órája
  • it was a great christmas

    kirbokirbo13 órája
  • poyo pog this year

    yeet gangyeet gang16 órája
  • Who remembers when Kirbo send a message saying this is my Cristian Channel no swears

    Leon FuentesLeon Fuentes16 órája
  • 0:24 Did I hear a fart?

    -The Top Hat Toy Bonnie--The Top Hat Toy Bonnie-16 órája
  • 🔷💀

    本間あきら本間あきら17 órája
  • Poyo! Translation: Merry Christmas. IDC if it is late

  • Like your vid’s like your channel

    Larae BurrellLarae Burrell17 órája
  • I love the end when you see the pics and names and in the corner you can see Kirbo having a seizure

    Drae HeeheeDrae Heehee18 órája
  • I say.. Hey Terminal! How about you make a holiday video where the whole gang has to fight Master hand or Crazy Hand on Halloween or Christmas? Your choice!!!

    Jeremiah LucasJeremiah Lucas18 órája
  • I love it when it says poyo xd

    Edgar OliverosEdgar Oliveros18 órája
  • All the sounds in this video are so pleasing..

    Silver CherrySilver Cherry18 órája
  • Why is this animation so adorable like i think kirbo is the true representation of christmas

    ShowtimeShowtime18 órája
  • idk if this is true, but I think Luigi and Simon were there because 1. Simon is the most epic christian, and 2. Luigi said something holy in that Mario video when Mario was being dragged into the underworld, but I mean like, I wish everyone was there :P

  • Please do a something about Kirby Return To Dreamland, it's My favorite Kirby's game please, I love your job =)

    FrankiYTFrankiYT19 órája

    GemmTheCosmicGemmTheCosmic20 órája
  • Kirbo Squeak Squad please!!

    DaviexeDaviexe20 órája
  • This video was... wholesome? Nothing wrong? Good Kirby. :>

    TheAdvertisementTheAdvertisement20 órája
  • That little face Kirby makes sitting back after placing something in the beginning is so pure.

    TheAdvertisementTheAdvertisement20 órája
  • I HA- MIlDLY DISLIKE Anyone who Dislikes this vid because it is so cute and wholesome and God and Jesus are the BEST!!!

    Marilyn Luce RobertsonMarilyn Luce Robertson20 órája
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I love it

    Amy Ryan-DormanAmy Ryan-Dorman21 órája

    davidgamesdavidgames21 órája
  • That’s nice

    Xavi NavaXavi Nava22 órája
  • this is make me chill even im late ... so peaceful

    putra mirwandiputra mirwandi22 órája
  • Me iso llorar

    Juan david SantanaJuan david Santana22 órája
  • the basic definition of wholesome ;)

    Jennifer TobiasJennifer Tobias22 órája
  • P o y o

    - MJ Animations-- MJ Animations-23 órája
  • I have an idea why not among us somthing about among us

    Samy Liam BendakirSamy Liam Bendakir23 órája
  • Amen :)

    navin Rodrígueznavin RodríguezNapja
  • I wanna help u animate

    Natimationarts will help Defend Justin YNatimationarts will help Defend Justin YNapja
  • something about oneshot?

    Doncan FloresDoncan FloresNapja
  • Can you do a Jojo's bizarre adventure?

  • I love you bro : ;)

  • 0:44 food? Blankets? Toys? This is everything we need! Thanks kirbo! Kirbo: *P U Y O*

    Stephen SykesStephen SykesNapja
  • :) I like Christians and i love God

    ImperialEnderKing 234ImperialEnderKing 234Napja
  • If this is the end of season 3 we get a super wholesome ending before subspace.

    Devil Bowser253Devil Bowser253Napja
  • please a slendytubbies video

    Magaly GaliciaMagaly GaliciaNapja
  • Heavenly Father, we pray for comfort for everyone around the world during these difficult times. thank you for reminding us that we are blessed in order to be a blessing to others and, finally, we thank you for loving us so much by sending your son Jesus Christ, so that we may have eternal life. in Jesus' name, amen!

  • I'm sorry but I had to laugh at 1:15 cuz of the way Kirbo was saying poyo

    Ephraïm Dide AgossouEphraïm Dide AgossouNapja
  • Wholesome doesn't even begin to describe this

    kirby superstarkirby superstarNapja
  • This does put a smile on my face seeing the kirbo spread the love of Christmas and God everywhere he goes god bless him

    Ronin X72Ronin X72Napja
  • Poyo

    Filipe Valente SantosFilipe Valente SantosNapja
  • MOVE teach this is education

    Bentley BrownBentley BrownNapja
  • That nipper plant better come back

    Green-Eyed PsychoGreen-Eyed PsychoNapja
  • Merry Christmas Kirbo

    Lincoln WatkinsLincoln WatkinsNapja
    • Late Christmas

      Lincoln WatkinsLincoln WatkinsNapja
  • The two invincible candies and the nipper plant are 100% gonna show up later and be used

    Colin MackeiganColin MackeiganNapja
  • Kirbo, the best Christian

    Dragon Ball Gaming YTDragon Ball Gaming YTNapja
  • Kirbo:NOW IS 2021

    Elisa MelguizoElisa MelguizoNapja
  • Can we have more wholesome kirbo

    Toby GregoryToby GregoryNapja
  • It’s surprising how fast Kirbo was able to decorate, it’s takes me a week for only the Christmas tree. And A mouth total Edit: reading the comments is so wholesome being that everyone is talking about how wholesome this is. Now that’s wholesome

    Type D CrystalType D CrystalNapja
  • Can you a “something about super Mario 3D world”

    Amazing Lord Glitchy 9Amazing Lord Glitchy 9Napja
  • Cute kirbo

  • Can you make a something about undertale

    Diana TeodosievaDiana TeodosievaNapja
  • It is very canon that kirbo is very Christian

    Sebastián PastranSebastián PastranNapja
  • where​ ocarina of​ time​ 2

    พราย สุกมากพราย สุกมากNapja
  • Kirbo says some very beautiful things sometimes. (I was watching this because I was sad, now I'm happy)

    Arav RajanArav RajanNapja
  • I Love How Kirbo Character Being Created, Pink Gum With Smol Smiled Face, And Looking Cute :)

  • Poyo Poyo poyo poyo, poyo poyo

    Jason SchwarzJason SchwarzNapja
  • Kirbo even found and donated a Turbo Man!

    Justin MillardJustin MillardNapja
  • As an atheist, I gotta say, this is really wholesome.

    The 4th of 3rdThe 4th of 3rdNapja
  • This is so wholesome and my heart is full

    Sweena MangalSweena MangalNapja
  • Bring back attack on pikmin: day one

  • He do be going to heaven tho

    teuszito ‘-‘teuszito ‘-‘Napja
  • Yo where is some thing about ocarina of time 2 are you working on it

    Nintendo FanNintendo FanNapja
  • Make Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time part 2

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  • i just love the fact that kirbo was prying lmao

    C VelezC VelezNapja
  • Kirbi yeeees

    Diana JimenezDiana JimenezNapja
  • 0:40 comfirmed kirby is a communist

    Marx Isaiah StörmannMarx Isaiah StörmannNapja

  • He is a charitable man

    William WilsonWilliam WilsonNapja
  • Hey! I just want to say that you’re my idol and i want to be just like you.. i’m 13 and i have seen all you’re video’s and like’d all of them too! I do Subscribe.. and really wish for that you can have a good day! (Please resbond so i know you have seen this, in that way, i know you can feel good!)

    Audun KarlsenAudun KarlsenNapja
  • POYO

    gian carlosgian carlosNapja
  • It's great to see such funny videos, with a core of genuine faith. Thank you, Jeremey.

    Jetson MaceJetson MaceNapja
  • Oh Kirbo even sent letter to Marx.... Even though he is pure evil now how cute is that :3

    Max DeqtyarevMax Deqtyarev2 napja
  • Where something about undertale

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  • When we will see Ocarina Of Time part 2?

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  • this video makes me so happy lol

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