A Regrettable DBZ Cartoon

2020.nov. 8.
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  • This is mildly unnerving yet calming...

    I Comment On Everyone's VideoI Comment On Everyone's Video34 perccel
  • "It was just an educated guess" Her fate was sealed with that one.

    CaptainDerpCaptainDerp37 perccel
  • Dende watch this and give it a like

    The black saiyanThe black saiyan52 perccel
  • Wow I wonder how goHan is going to look because of how much drugs his dad is on

    James EvansJames EvansÓrája
  • I_I

    SM69 AnimationsSM69 AnimationsÓrája
  • “Would you care for a senzu bean C H I. C H I

    Logan WaddellLogan WaddellÓrája
  • No country for old men ;)

    1-800-000 -LOVE U1-800-000 -LOVE UÓrája
  • S O I L

    Klaus BarrettKlaus Barrett2 órája
  • The lack of swearing and tone is super disturbing 🗿

    _ZaYNsWEg_ZaYNsWEg2 órája
  • This made me incredibly uncomfortable.. I want more

    R extR ext2 órája
  • Goku overdoses on ketamine and dies

    Dried BlueberriesDried Blueberries3 órája
  • i don't know why, but i think ChiChi kinda hot

    Victor LeocadioVictor Leocadio4 órája
  • Goku? More like drugku am I right? All right I'mma head out from that horrible joke...

    Skeleton BoiSkeleton Boi5 órája
  • When you realized that your abusive husband is an all powerful god!

    Dave 4526Dave 45267 órája
  • CURSED!?

    Umar WilliamsUmar Williams7 órája
  • It’s like Hannibal Lecter and Goku switched personalities

    Awol KittyAwol Kitty7 órája
  • No worries, shes got at least 30 more episodes to think of a plan before Goku actually tries to do anything besides yelling.

    Corey MartinCorey Martin8 órája
  • Damnn no country for old men👌😂

    Brandon TerrazasBrandon Terrazas10 órája
  • This isn’t regrettable

    NodnarbNodnarb10 órája
  • 0:05

    CheezieCheezie12 órája
  • His little monkey man

    Steven BernatzSteven Bernatz12 órája
  • My dude goku was gone of the percs

    kolt_45kolt_4513 órája
  • He realy looks like a drug dealer or some shit

  • What happened to goku??? He was handsome

    Dr PaperbottomDr Paperbottom16 órája
  • was seriously expecting a newgrounds link in the description

    Mike DeshielMike Deshiel16 órája
  • I don't remember this episode

    Christopher PlayzChristopher Playz19 órája
  • Why my dude sound like Kratos

    AtoriamAtoriam19 órája
  • Who hurt you MC

    CloudCloud20 órája
  • Honestly the scariest part of this video is Goku’s mastery of the English language

    uberlyrodneyuberlyrodney20 órája
  • Look at how they massacred my boy.

    ChaseSpxkeChaseSpxke21 órája
  • He sounds like he suspects Chi Chi of having an affair or something 😐😐😐

    Mina SenegalMina Senegal21 órája
  • Yo thx fo tha shoutout meaty pops

    monkeh mehnmonkeh mehn22 órája
  • looks like one of those weird moving photos

    Flames And Spice studiosFlames And Spice studios22 órája
  • I hope they make a part 2 of this. I seriously hope so. lol

    CatsRevengeCatsRevenge23 órája
  • I- BoI U neEEd SoMe hOlY waTeR

    Samantha VaccaroSamantha Vaccaro23 órája
  • We need more of this beautiful art please

    Lan CeLan CeNapja
  • Thisnis grogu

    nachopops the secondnachopops the secondNapja
  • Can't wait for the next episode.

    Inky SplatersInky SplatersNapja
  • Netflix Adaption

    Crack HeadCrack HeadNapja
  • Chi chi miss her shot (Goku f**k you chi chi )

    CriticalBot XDCriticalBot XDNapja
  • Weres My boy? My little Mσɳƙҽყ ɱαɳ

    Santiago Tapia SanchezSantiago Tapia SanchezNapja

    I need moarI need moarNapja
  • Make a vegeta one

    PlayStation 5PlayStation 5Napja
  • Probably shouldn't have watched this at night...

  • As coryxkenshin said why he poppin those senzu beans like Xanax


    Ella AustinElla AustinNapja
  • *What....?*

    Alexandria SwettAlexandria SwettNapja
  • Deepfakes just turned into fakedeeps. It's like a kaleidoscope of uncanny feelings.

  • This no country for old men and DBZ collab is not it man

    zaki majboorzaki majboorNapja
  • _Starnge...I don't remember watching this episode_

    Michael F.T.IMichael F.T.INapja
  • OOF

    Clint HamptonClint HamptonNapja
  • You been playing your hold life...

    ThatBoi _NuggetThatBoi _NuggetNapja
  • I sub an bell and I for got

    C MilC MilNapja
  • Part 2 plz

    C MilC MilNapja
  • The little monkey man thing made me scream a lil

    Miss Lady GaiaMiss Lady GaiaNapja
  • 1 day after your mom and dad break up in the middle of the night be like:


    Taj PiperTaj PiperNapja
  • Now, this is hard to watch. Great fckin job bro.

  • Get jiren in here!!

    Free animeFree animeNapja
  • This is a masterpiece

  • I'm sorry but when he popped that bean and his mouth I died🤣😅😭

    Maddie GonzalesMaddie GonzalesNapja
  • I finally got the refrence

    sayianprince blue instincsayianprince blue instincNapja
    • what reference was that? lol

      supaTURTLE シsupaTURTLE シNapja
    • After 3 weeks

      sayianprince blue instincsayianprince blue instincNapja
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/yYevmq2ajsm-mYg

    • i hate you

      supaTURTLE シsupaTURTLE シNapja
  • What the HELL was this

    • Perfection at its finest 👌👌👌

      Michael F.T.IMichael F.T.INapja
  • If chi chi dies probably everyone will try to stop goku and kill him. Maybe Gohan will go ssj2 and kill him cause of anger and vegeta might be able to stop him.

  • Yellowish eyes Goku must have liver problems the heart virus might have moved downward He should eat a senzu bean no wonder he was pissed at chichi missing

    Bobzilla at White HouseBobzilla at White HouseNapja
  • Goku gone god mode

    One more timeOne more timeNapja
  • wht made goku like this.i need context

    TAsty toasTTAsty toasTNapja
    • Overdose on Senzu Beans

  • What?

    Christian OchoaChristian OchoaNapja
  • Me while watching: /\__/\ | ¡. _ ¡.| |_____|

    Corazon SenarisCorazon SenarisNapja
  • Domestic Brawl Z

  • This is my fav meat canyon vid idk why .

    Haru TsukiHaru TsukiNapja
  • Homelander if he was an Asian Space *Monkey man*

  • Sss. Hope yall know what that is

    Bucket DogBucket DogNapja
  • Maybe that’s actually Black. Has Zamasu already taken over Goku’s body.

    Justin SullivanJustin SullivanNapja
  • I don't think I can describe in words how uncomfortable this makes me feel.

    Shannon HShannon HNapja
  • Saw this on super scary Sunday on Cory kenshins channel 😂😂😂

    Marcus HarrisMarcus Harris2 napja
  • In spanish, chichi name was changed because that means "tits", instead she was named "Milk". Something similar to chichi? Ok, then "Milk"

    Renard FeuerRenard Feuer2 napja
  • where is my boy? My little....... M U N K Y M A N

    Bruh_man _iceconeBruh_man _icecone2 napja
  • Why does Goku keep on padding his chest like bongos

    tacofox 36tacofox 362 napja
  • I thought DBZ had some weird shit in it but this makes that look normal....

    Cotton, The Hug Dealer UwUCotton, The Hug Dealer UwU2 napja
  • you guys kinda did this like a 70s cartoon were only 1 part of the drawing moves but the face almost looks like deepfaked at the same time its really cool

    Jay TimeJay Time2 napja
  • Am I the only one that sees the Brazilian flag in Goku's eyes?

    Kevin Apana-KorleyKevin Apana-Korley2 napja
  • She should’ve taken the senzu bean from how burned she got from this

    RenxxSamaRenxxSama2 napja
  • Goku: Tell me chi chi where my boy, my little *m o n k e y m a n*

    Harmoni AndersonHarmoni Anderson2 napja
  • Is he on cocaine?

    VizorVizor2 napja
  • I'm getting a strange ASMR thing out of this....

    Paul McAllisterPaul McAllister2 napja
  • Aw shit tigtone is catching on, thank you for your time

    MrMrNevetsMrMrNevets2 napja
  • ChiChi doesn't know where her own child is? What the fuck is wrong with her?

    Yellow KingYellow King2 napja
  • How much have you ever lost in a game of cornhole? CORNHOLE C O R N H O L E

    Todoroki ShoutoTodoroki Shouto2 napja
  • Yo mc I've looked at some episodes of dbz and chi chi has always been a bich Goku in this be putting setting her straight up

    Alpha ChaviraAlpha Chavira2 napja
  • Fucking why

    YOBE -OTOYOBE -OTO2 napja
  • Cringy!!!!!!!

    LiamLiam2 napja
  • Do a parody on "the thing" from 1982 that would be a good one

    neko destroyerneko destroyer2 napja
  • Real tigtone vibes

    Jayden LedbetterJayden Ledbetter2 napja
  • I would divorce goku for this

    gan fanggan fang2 napja
  • this channel is gold.

    Paul RossPaul Ross2 napja
  • did this boy just say my munky man racist be like this

    Aparicio PerezAparicio Perez2 napja
  • this animation feels more pilotredsun inspired.

    john doejohn doe2 napja
  • It's funny how many people don't realize what this is a reference to

    SanzettiSanzetti2 napja