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  • from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

    • @Named_James i think they're just sad the series had to end and that there was a serious moment towards the end. And to Jocat this video has probably saved so many gms from trying to force their LOTR epic onto their players by showing the most important goal of any Tabletop Rpg. *Salutes in sword and shield* Thank you very much.

      Wolventhe6thWolventhe6th17 napja
    • Come back please

      7Step Tips7Step Tips24 napja
    • Look how you’ve grown, JoCat! This is wonderful. I feel like this is your magnum opus, your incredible, defining piece of work. Wonderfully done. Thank YOU!

      Quinton BQuinton BHónapja
    • Thank you jocat! This series helped my players understand the game so much better. Idk if you will see this but could you keep doing Crap Guides to Table Top games? I think it would be cool to expand everyone's taste in ttrpgs outside of dnd

      Griffin BaileyGriffin BaileyHónapja
    • This was absolutely amazing Jocat, as more and more ppl started popping in i checked the description to see how many collaborated on this and was completely blown away, this was without a doubt well worth the delay and the wait. I can only imagine the amount of time and effort you put into this, and I can't thank you enough for it. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and that the dice gods bless your rolls.

      N PN PHónapja
  • This is so accurate lol

    Yunhan GuoYunhan GuoPerce
  • Is it just me, or does the text at the beginning have the same effect as the Dr. Farnsworth "Good News!" meme?

    Alex WillensAlex WillensÓrája

    Ariel BandeiraAriel Bandeira2 órája
  • Overly Sarcastic!!! I love this!!! That voice and analysis skill is perfect!!!

    Cayto CastanedaCayto Castaneda2 órája
  • whenever I feel the need to focus on campaign stuff I listen to your crap guide to keep me in the same mindset and help me thing so thanks for making these videos and putting in so much work for us common shmows

    SirsithUnboundSirsithUnbound2 órája
  • As a DM, that kept being the DM, for 8 years, with no possibilities to became a player, I cried

    Paolo MancusoPaolo Mancuso3 órája
  • This is why you never run a group bigger than 5.

    CelticRotCelticRot4 órája
  • Wait... 9:00 i reconize 3 out of 4... PuffinForest, Dingo Doodlesm, Zee Bashew... but who is number 4? OKAY I JUST CONTINUED WATCHING, I AM GIVING UP!

    Die1PumaSchildkroeteDie1PumaSchildkroete5 órája
  • I appreciate the blushy lizard

    Alex DuffyAlex Duffy5 órája
  • Big Book Of Hold On Let Me Pretend To Look That Up When Really I'm Stalling For Time While I Come Up With Something I feel called out

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  • Wtf is ben doing there

    lulospawnlulospawn7 órája

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  • Only just noticed the bard and paladin miniatures holding hands and the bard holding the paladins shield

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  • holy shit, how many people did you pull in for this?

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  • BRUH, did the Bard try to seduce the Demon Lord? 🤣

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  • Mate, I couldn't of asked for a better ending great work

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  • The first problem I spot here is that you were playing with 10+ people, way too hard to keep track of. Party of 6 is best with 8 being the maximum, and that can even be tough

    Austin MethenyAustin Metheny15 órája
  • Your players all act worse than 12 year old.

    RottenRotten16 órája
  • I had my first session with my players, all of us first timers, and i was under prepared and still trying to figure out the mechanics of the game. A week later they all said i sucked at story telling and said someone should takr over dming, but no one wanted to volunteer. So i'm really bunmed out idk if i should even try to get them to come for a second sesh to carry on the campaign

    RocknRroldRocknRrold16 órája
  • OMG SIPS!! *screams as a schoolgirl* PUFFIN FOREST!!! *screams some more* The ending brouht me to tears, I wish I had a group to play ^^ (Why was this recomended in my feed so late?? I've seen all these videos and only now realize I wasn't subscribed LOL)

    enzi87enzi8718 órája
  • I want to disagree with the end, I understand the overall point of the video is to be both entertaining and to keep dungeon masters from thinking the game is all about them, but alot of those players were really disrespectful and they didn't once try and see it from the DM's perspective, also only the DM apologies yet he wasn't the only person in the wrong, again I understand the players are youtuber's being entertaining and running with that many players is guaranteed to be pure chaos but I feel they were too demanding on the DM and they didn't take his feelings into an account. Sometimes especially when ur adults and everyone has jobs and you only have 3 or 4 hours to play a week it's better for game if everyone understands the stress put on the DM and tries to play the game they prepared instead of ignoring them and being selfish. The DM is a player too and deserves to have fun just as much as the players do. Again I understand it was intended for entertainment purposes and it was neat to see other youtuber's come together but I often feel DM's get mistreated and are seen as entertainment pieces for players and instead of another player and too often the blame is aimed at them when alot of those players pointing fingers were dicks.

    Jeremy LottJeremy Lott19 órája
  • OMG OSP :D

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  • Who was the dwarvish drink guy

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  • I can’t believe that he got Mathew Mercer for this.

    Connor HoenenConnor Hoenen19 órája
  • 16:30 i just kept playing it over and over and i still find it entertaining

    DavyDavy19 órája
  • It brings a tear to the eye...

    CornwalltheOmniCornwalltheOmni20 órája
  • RED AND BLUE CROSSOVER! I got waaaay too excited seeing them.

    N NtN Nt20 órája
  • Me being a golith and hearing some one ask if there was any goliaths in the tavern." You said what now"

    Yoda I amYoda I am20 órája
  • I'll be honest I'd love to play a JoCat Game...

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  • I think this is my new favorite video on the internet

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  • Your missing a crap guide to watching people play dnd XD

    SamBoy 777SamBoy 77723 órája
  • Rocks fall, everyone dies. A tale as old as time.

    Alan BockelmanAlan BockelmanNapja
  • I friends invited me to a D&D night before the world went to crap there is a lot of sex in D&D lol never knew. They are all into warhammer so there was a few Skaven players witch i did think was neat.

    Tom YorkeTom YorkeNapja
  • And this is why you don’t have a party of 14 as a first time DM Edit:spelling

    Nathan ReidNathan ReidNapja
  • Wdym with making a world and laws of physics and etc? Improv is always the way dude


  • That sponge/kidney analogy was accurate as shit

    Clunk ClinkClunk ClinkNapja
  • I've DMed since 1980..and boy was I crap at it. This is something every DM and DM wannabe should watch, no matter what edition. (I never got further than 2nd ed, and like it there. :D)

    Daniel LaneDaniel LaneNapja
  • Who else wants to see all the dnd animation channels do a huge collaboration were they just play a big game of dnd and they all animate it in a series of awesome videos from each channel

    Rowen HarmanRowen HarmanNapja
  • Legendary. And totally true- been a player + Dm for 26 years now...

    Mike BarkerMike BarkerNapja
  • 14:50 “how did he surround us if he’s just one person? Aren’t we like a whole group?”

    anthony cannetanthony cannetNapja
  • This is an amazing collaboration

    anthony cannetanthony cannetNapja
  • Funny vid, but damnright annoying how you don't have time to read the text that appears for 0.000001seconds...

  • The second i heard Matts voice i did a loud man-scream.

  • Idk some rando: infinity war is the most ambitious crossover Me:


    Felicia EFelicia ENapja
  • I am currently resisting the urge to make a five paragraph long comment of my dad's funny campaign stories

    Amber StoneAmber StoneNapja
  • Noobs: There is no such thing as the largest DnD Crossover on HUworld Jocrap: Challenge accepted nerds!!!!!!!!!

    Elijah HanschuElijah HanschuNapja
  • This is great. It's every DND HUworldr I love.

  • Red and blue!

    Jane EgglestonJane EgglestonNapja
  • Started snickering when I noticed Puffin Forrest's character show up. You really did bring the whole party into this, didn't ya? Only thing that would've topped it would've been to have had Prudence from the Oxventurers. =)

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  • That was the most chaotic yet accurate description of encounters

  • What's the link to the icons for classes, I've lost it

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  • Video idea: crap guide to warhammer 40k

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  • This is so accurate it hurts

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  • This was amazing, so much extra work and such a great watch.

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  • "How's he funding all this..." lols

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  • Now make a crap guide to 4e

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  • Just starting a teaching job for the first time ever. 14:30 actually accurately represent me every day now.

    SpiritReacherSpiritReacher2 napja
  • Bad DM’s: Neutral good Good DM’s: Lawful Evil.

    TheJHZHZTheJHZHZ2 napja
  • did they really get Matt Mercer?

    Louison DonzeLouison Donze2 napja
  • or maybe just don't run a game with 30 people

    Ninjapilot10Ninjapilot102 napja
  • 13:48 Is that a fucking Zune?

    cyanmantacyanmanta2 napja
  • I just love how bard and elf are together and holding hands

    spaghetti with a salty saucespaghetti with a salty sauce2 napja
  • this has littrally everyone in it holy shit I'm so happy

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  • is is that sips?

    The Lonely GhostThe Lonely Ghost2 napja
  • Man, this is the main reason why my rich world, plot, and npc (to me atleast) went to waste... I mean my profile picture is how im supposed to look as the DM

    John Vincent CastilJohn Vincent Castil2 napja
  • I didn't know new videos were being made until my players sent me this. I laughed, I raged...I cried. Because this was so true to how much of a dizzying rollercoaster being a new DM is, and yet, I wouldn't trade those mistakes for anything and I came to the same conclusion: it's a co-op writing experiment of the mind....so I need to share, take ideas, and roll with it a best as possible because nothing makes me feel more like Almighty God DM like having fun with my friends and they are loving it too. Any session where we had a fun time, in game or around the table, is a win.

    Val DeNayVal DeNay2 napja
  • Thanks, this actually helped

    Lucas CarrLucas Carr2 napja
  • Honestly, like 80% of my DMing is improv off of brief notes and ideas; because I ain't got the mental fortitude to overprepare a ton of storyline and lore just for one of the party members to go all murder hobo on the subplot-bait NPC. (Yes, the latter part happened, which is why I'm glad I didn't do the former thing)

    Daniella H.Daniella H.2 napja
  • I keep rewatching this, it's such a fitting sendoff to an amazing series.

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  • Not going to lie I'm so happy about the Cami-Cat song we got out of this video :D

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  • The humor in these videos make me so happy 😁😂

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  • 13:16 sailor moon reference

    Patrick McneilPatrick Mcneil2 napja
  • The weirdest thing I ever had to make up on the fly was the wedding between one of my players and a bugbear

    WingedWaffle123WingedWaffle1232 napja
  • Great video! Would love your thoughts on the world/character/item/spell generator I created with GPT-3 (which runs AI Dungeon)...

    LitRPG Adventures (Paul Bellow)LitRPG Adventures (Paul Bellow)2 napja
  • I love the wiggler hat.

    Totally not PromTotally not Prom2 napja
  • I could have used this video 5 years ago. But something tells me maybe JoCat needed it back then, too. It's important to remember all the little things from the books and videos online that make a DM good and a story great, but it's also important to remember all the things you've learned from your own players and your own stories as well. Listen to your players, listen to some DnD podcasts, read lots of inspiration, but most importantly, play the game with your friends.

    SpoonmanSpoonman2 napja
  • 13:49 what song is that

    Julian LagardaJulian Lagarda2 napja
  • So I get the point of the video and it has a nice message. I'm aware this is an exaggeration of what DMing can be like at its worst. I'm also aware this was scripted. Does not stop me from being bothered that the players did not apologize for their own shitty behavior and just called him "immature" and what not for his, in my opinion, understandable reaction. Would have been nice if that was included the script.

    sweetthan73sweetthan732 napja
  • Just... awesome

    WibblesticksWibblesticks2 napja
  • wow that was impressive good sir ! the journey has been lovely thank you for all your content :)

  • Yes

    Dice GoblinDice Goblin3 napja
  • Tbf rule number one of trpgs. Dont start things when the dm is addressing something.

    박동민박동민3 napja
  • The reference of the guests in session. I like that stuff

    Space RatSpace Rat3 napja
  • CHRIS ZITO!!!!!!

    Sara-Hannah FarkasSara-Hannah Farkas3 napja
  • pain

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  • Suddenly there was a bunch if voices i knew. . .

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  • Sounds like technoblade

    Gavin vongkaysoneGavin vongkaysone3 napja
  • Blind dragonborn with a gun. I can't see how can this end badly. And he can't either.

    Jędrzej KoszewskiJędrzej Koszewski3 napja
  • And this is why you don't want to run a D&D campaign with EVERY DnDTuber. - Because the game will turn into a gibbering nonsense since they all want to do their thing? - ... Actually no, it's because they're too many and you won't be able to keep track of the game.

    Math DarvenMath Darven3 napja
  • Jocrap: NOBODY CARES MATT MERCER! Everyone: *GASP* is that legal?!

    Caleb ThompsonCaleb Thompson3 napja
  • My reactions to several guests in this video went as follows: ”I think I recognize most of these voices...” ”Ooh I know this one!” ”Oh they’re here too!” ”Eyy! Sips!!” ”No way, is that Blue? Wait, Red too??” ”Sing your heart out, CamiCat!!” ”... was that actually MATT MERCER?!” Love the vid!!

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