A Boris day in The Zone - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. animation

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Did some documentary work on the side. Enjoy!
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I make funny cheeki breeki slav videos of gaming and cooking.
Slav squatting with semechki in my hand.
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  • Was that Boris' voice in the beginning?

    You don't have to know my nameYou don't have to know my nameNapja
  • Ha that was slav!! 👌🇦🇺 hand it to Boris to get the job done..James bond who?

    Most HatedMost Hated4 napja

  • Why did I not discover this channel before 2020. Maybe because this is when I needed it the most.

    jnerdsblogjnerdsblog7 napja
  • Враждебно

    owen ferdinanowen ferdinan8 napja
  • 2:41 its hard to argue with his asessment

    semi-legal /semi-legal /10 napja
  • So do we still have to wait to see the blyatiful activity?

    Mihai SisuMihai Sisu10 napja
  • Call of Boris : Modern Vasya

  • "I said come in, don't just stand there"

    Jefferson TanJefferson Tan14 napja
  • boris stalker styled xcom game when?

    Erik SzalárdyErik Szalárdy14 napja
  • i just need that ak sound please

    Piniok WilkuPiniok Wilku17 napja
  • The concept of a Zone documentary is actually really cool, though

    Gregor McscrungusGregor Mcscrungus20 napja
  • 3:34 -Jesus Christ! -No... Just Boris...

    Cyrus PLCyrus PL20 napja
  • cyka sparrow

    Rheva AndiszaRheva Andisza21 napja
  • Boris should be in national geographic channel

    Rheva AndiszaRheva Andisza21 napja
  • "Hello mr. Bandit :D"

    Pan DequesoPan Dequeso23 napja
  • “HAH! WESTERN SPY! CAN’T HANDLE SOME GOOD VODKA!” this is where I died of laughter

    Da random guy Of randomnessDa random guy Of randomness26 napja
  • 90% of viewers are probably not slavs hah

    Pavle MilosevicPavle Milosevic27 napja
  • 2nd part please

    linas laukaitislinas laukaitis28 napja
  • If you are I’m American

    kirby harriskirby harrisHónapja
  • 0:45

    Mihály VidaMihály VidaHónapja
    • 0:44

      Mihály VidaMihály VidaHónapja
  • needs a sequel

    Moritami KamikaraMoritami KamikaraHónapja
  • Thats a dacia right

    Jac CastilloJac CastilloHónapja
  • hey boris this animation is great though

  • @5:08 hahaha

    Zyskv YTZyskv YTHónapja
  • "Blyatifull...Just Blyatifull..."

    GamingWithFox YTGamingWithFox YTHónapja
  • He attacc But most importantly His suit is tracc

    JR RoloffJR RoloffHónapja
  • HE shoot

    JR RoloffJR RoloffHónapja
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R means stock the Atlas later like Epic race

    Maryjane PeecheemowMaryjane PeecheemowHónapja
  • Boris the Slav coming to Slavflix 2021

    Muhammad ZulhisyamMuhammad ZulhisyamHónapja
  • 3:19

    vanessa adrianavanessa adrianaHónapja
  • Part 2

    Ded ManDed ManHónapja
  • Which one is this?

    Balázs János DominkóBalázs János DominkóHónapja
  • Blyatiful :)

  • Life of stalin where is my vooooddkaaaaaaaaa

    Ioan PadurariuIoan PadurariuHónapja
  • I really laughed at the part when he said "jesus christ" and boris said "no just boris" 😂😂😂

  • my wimchester 30/30 is better than your sniper rifle boris

    Oliver HelOliver HelHónapja
  • Yo what is boriss real job??? Is he only a part time yutuber?

    Banana HammockBanana HammockHónapja
  • Boris = Slavic Deadpool

    The HarlequinThe HarlequinHónapja
  • I thought that the thumbnail was a CS:GO skin

  • What a masterpiece , I love it *im just here for fun blyat*

    Kevin LeeKevin LeeHónapja
  • I've been a fan for a year now why didn't I notice thisss

    Djolian Oliver G. LegaspiDjolian Oliver G. LegaspiHónapja
  • 0_0

    Joseph StalinJoseph StalinHónapja
  • Something blyatful

    Dan PDan PHónapja
  • I like to watch this

    Life of MehdiLife of MehdiHónapja
  • wait thats look like a dacia


    Cheeki Breeki IICheeki Breeki IIHónapja
  • vadim blyht 3:23

  • Im the cyka that doesn't like vodka

    Rey Alexander MuñozRey Alexander MuñozHónapja
  • 3:20 is probably my favourite part

    HyperSniper 207HyperSniper 207Hónapja
  • As we all know Slav squat is optimal combat position.

    Elite EmeraldElite EmeraldHónapja
  • 4:24 *no full auto in the hallways*

  • Nobody: Russian crow: Caw blyat!

    Ali KabeerAli KabeerHónapja
  • Cyka crow

    da boida boiHónapja
  • Guy in red hazmat suit: Whaaat is he doing Boris pops up behind them Guy in red hazmat suit:Jesus Christ Boris:Nnnnno just boris -.-

    PaintDemon049PaintDemon0492 hónapja
  • We need more videos like this.

    Pavol HavlikPavol Havlik2 hónapja
  • HA HA HA Boris Drives a Dacia 1300 ;) ;)

    Attila BertaAttila Berta2 hónapja
  • Boris pulled up in a Dacia 1300

    Rex JollesRex Jolles2 hónapja
  • это действительно красиво, браво Поставьте лайк этот комментарий и посмотрите Бориса

    Enes EFE ATCIEnes EFE ATCI2 hónapja
  • i love that u used a dacia 1300 (romanian car)

    Gubyus ROGubyus RO2 hónapja
  • 0:45 Dacia 1300 ÷)))

    gamerul zombiegamerul zombie2 hónapja

    les larmes coulentles larmes coulent2 hónapja
  • Boris is the proper COD camper sniper tutorial now fight me comrades

    broski yeetsbroski yeets2 hónapja
  • 🤣

    MrDontCareMrDontCare2 hónapja
  • MORE

    SkrtSkrt2 hónapja
  • 0:44 to 0:50 Me when I get out of bed: 0:44 Me when I'm at school: 0:50

    Nate UrquhartNate Urquhart2 hónapja
  • I just came back to listen to boris talk, and laugh at the things he does

    Sophia ThomasSophia Thomas2 hónapja
  • I swear that I understand better Boris accent than normal English accent

    RaenaVadim•JupiterRaenaVadim•Jupiter2 hónapja
  • i like this anime

    Arnaldo Antonio Casanova CamposArnaldo Antonio Casanova Campos2 hónapja
  • I’m just wondering why there are no cooking animations

    Jack WheetJack Wheet2 hónapja
  • That dacia 1310... you are driving xars from the hole eastern block i see...

    Alexandru CojocaruAlexandru Cojocaru2 hónapja
  • I want this as a game

    Bane of TitanBane of Titan2 hónapja
    • @Dank Lord Thanks, even if I already knew now

      Bane of TitanBane of Titan2 hónapja
    • Well, this is a game though?

      Dank LordDank Lord2 hónapja
  • Them enjoying some squat time Is like the distracted meme

    Strange thingsStrange things2 hónapja
  • Please make more of these boris. they are EXCELLENT

    Levi HillsmanLevi Hillsman2 hónapja
  • dont just stand there comi in * ratatatata *

    Patrick ChappellPatrick Chappell2 hónapja
  • Nothing more dangerous that Boris with an AK

    Mr. GhostMr. Ghost2 hónapja
  • Vadim

    Juan José BJuan José B2 hónapja
  • This video is cheeki breeki

    Burak Melih IŞIKBurak Melih IŞIK2 hónapja
  • Hi mr bandit does this smell like chloroform

    Vinny botVinny bot2 hónapja
  • wow these animations are incredible

    DesenhalDesenhal2 hónapja
  • Translate Indonesia so bad under standing

    hernandy Pratama Krisna ajihernandy Pratama Krisna aji2 hónapja
  • 4:50 i see what you did there

    Father GrigoriFather Grigori2 hónapja
  • Настоящий день в зоне это когда идешь без аптечек на перегрузе с радиацией и хлещешь водку чтоб потом продать это сидоровичу за 1 бинт

    просто челпросто чел2 hónapja
  • something BLYATIFUL XD

    Jacks _Jacks _2 hónapja
  • This is my favourite awp skin in csgo blyat

    Rayyan KaleemRayyan Kaleem2 hónapja
  • This just makes me want a Life Of Boris FPS game.

    cbtillery135cbtillery1352 hónapja
  • I’d pay to see a fucking movie of this

    MahkusMahkus3 hónapja
  • Why the hell is this so funny

    Yo YoYo Yo3 hónapja
  • STALKER aka Ukraine Simulator

    Hayden BoardmanHayden Boardman3 hónapja
  • now watch this 720p and you get the best movie you can find

    Jp the AnimatorJp the Animator3 hónapja
  • A nuuuuuu cheeki breeki

    Nam BảoNam Bảo3 hónapja
  • Those voice actors you hired are really good

    Union of Soviet Socialists RepublicUnion of Soviet Socialists Republic3 hónapja
  • how did he make this, wow

    Robin WiggieRobin Wiggie3 hónapja
  • I want a full on TV series of this.

    Copyright GamingCopyright Gaming3 hónapja
  • "our only hope is to stay hidden" "Vadim blyat

    [チカラユメ]Chikara Yume[チカラユメ]Chikara Yume3 hónapja
  • 2:51 gives me apartje memories, rip him.

    wxz7wxz73 hónapja
  • I would join this man in a squatting party any time!

    Strange thingsStrange things3 hónapja

    Skipper YTSkipper YT3 hónapja
  • Radiation make you little crazy yes?

    Corporal WolfCorporal Wolf3 hónapja
  • This why never leave vasya near vodka

    Nicolas RobyNicolas Roby3 hónapja