7600 tons of Ocean Seawear were launched successfully

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  • "We did it, boys! Light off the cheap firecrackers!"

    It's ZeythIt's Zeyth7 órája
  • Je suis qualifié de ce travail mais j'ai pas encore trouvé du boulot suis en Italie

    Babacar Kane NiassBabacar Kane Niass8 órája
  • Wtf was that at the end? Shitty fireworks?

    Cris AnthonyCris Anthony9 órája
  • I love this glide and the fireworks 🎆 too

    Uday BagadeUday Bagade12 órája
  • How's it not tip over?

    Nathan WinslowNathan Winslow20 órája
  • Могут когда хотять😉

    Артём ИзосимовАртём Изосимов22 órája
  • Then they wonder why the sea level is elevated? How many boats in the world 🌍, every year are put in the oceans? Plus all the rest of the small ones? It all adds up. Think 🤔 about. 05/11/21.

    Frank MezFrank Mez23 órája
  • Anyone else is watching them doing it from the box lifted by the forklift

    Ded PanasDed PanasNapja
  • 下饺子咯

    shuo pengshuo pengNapja
  • What about that cable still attached to it??

    James DennisJames DennisNapja
  • Cool.

    Charles ReedCharles ReedNapja
  • Half way down he turn to the other guy.. did you put the plug in?... No! I thought you did!..

  • Lol

    Nehan NurdianasariNehan NurdianasariNapja
  • Yawn ! If your gonna post a vid make sure it’s when it goes tits up !

    R DfrR Dfr2 napja
  • Who else thought some poor miss guided kid opened up with an AR 15 !

    dr. chipsdr. chips2 napja
  • やべっ、船が進んじゃった?! みんな冷静だしもう止めれないから諦めたのかと思った。 完成した船が初めて海に入るとこだったんだ

    なーたーなーたー2 napja
  • 凄い音で滑っていくなと思ったら 爆竹かよ!

    みかん専門チャンネル-satsuma-みかん専門チャンネル-satsuma-2 napja
  • Made in China 👎

    honey bighoney big2 napja
  • If only one mand built this it will take him 5million years to finish hahah but cool

    Kristof gamerKristof gamer2 napja
  • One of them should of just grabbed the cable if they didn't want it in the water yet

    Eoghan DridlEoghan Dridl2 napja
  • I could hold that ship with one hand with that chain👀

    mack burgermack burger2 napja
  • Plot Twist: “ship launched sinks immediately”

    The Dark LordThe Dark Lord2 napja
  • This is my head work bro

    Chemeze uwosuChemeze uwosu2 napja
  • Wow so beautiful

    Chemeze uwosuChemeze uwosu2 napja
  • Another China fail

    Shulom Ben RubanShulom Ben Ruban2 napja
  • My Amazon package has ‘shipped’

    motobrat69motobrat693 napja
  • Dude yelled “light the fire cracker dragon”

    John MitchellJohn Mitchell3 napja
  • Spectacular

    Dum DumDum Dum3 napja
  • The guy who lights a fire cracker and welds it in something's day job.

    Paul KellerPaul Keller3 napja
  • 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂

    kojek zaki2kojek zaki23 napja
  • 船の浸水式が見れるなんて/(^o^)\

    翔鶴翔鶴3 napja
  • Aya naon

  • 15,200,000 pounds damn.

    Jonathan MillerJonathan Miller3 napja
  • まだ完成してないんでしょ? 事故だよねぇ

    かずまんかずまん3 napja
  • ㅇㅅㅇ

    하하하하하하3 napja
  • And this is how the Great Pyramid was built. 😂

    Mark CornellMark Cornell3 napja
  • This scene reminds of Sherlock Holmes (only legends know)

    Priyanshu SoniPriyanshu Soni3 napja
  • And stuck in wall (> ᴗ

    homeageifyhomeageify3 napja
  • We gunna talk about how two dudes were in a box on some forks?

    chaseyestrauchaseyestrau3 napja
  • Поплыл в расию

    Даниил МашировДаниил Маширов3 napja
  • Who all thought it was the titanic 2 : ?

    Dream SmpDream Smp3 napja
  • Akhirnya kalian menemukan komentar berbahasa Indonesia

    Biim ChyBiim Chy3 napja
  • Chinese Fireworks, yeah we knwo that 😅

    Christian PartschChristian Partsch4 napja
  • 無事に出向致しました

    サラリーマンサラリーマン4 napja
  • They forgot to remove that connecting wire

    Raj Kumar SinghRaj Kumar Singh4 napja
  • The guys look like little robots when there walking at end of the video, lol...

    Mickey CoronadoMickey Coronado4 napja
  • มีจุดประทัดด้วย

    Tumiko MamiTumiko Mami4 napja
  • man...China is where the money at

    ThaBrooklynFellahThaBrooklynFellah4 napja
  • I guess that cable will be dangling there for 40 years

    Marco de VriesMarco de Vries5 napja
  • Minha nossa 😬😱

    Suzana Rodrigues De OliveiraSuzana Rodrigues De Oliveira5 napja
  • El comentario en español que buscas

    Jhordygusman RafaelramosJhordygusman Rafaelramos5 napja
  • Seriously? That skinny cable was holding that entire ship in place? The power of science children!

    Dora IzchiDora Izchi5 napja
  • Wow lot more simplistic than I thought it would have been

    Tyler AndersonTyler Anderson5 napja
  • Do I see an osha violation?

    Jackson BowersJackson Bowers5 napja
  • Umm... You left a couple danglers.

    Boo BerryBoo Berry5 napja
  • Pareciera que va comiendo galletitas cuando va sonando el hormigón

    David loaderDavid loader5 napja
  • they didnt care about the fireworks lol

    PandaPanda5 napja
  • Why this chinese propaganda?

    Princeps MaximusPrinceps Maximus6 napja
  • California

    Ladonna CaldwellLadonna Caldwell6 napja
  • Lol yeah man can run 🏃‍♂️😂🤣😅😆🏃‍♂️

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  • نورماندى ٢ 😁

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  • 😱😱😲😲

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  • Продольный спуск. Никогда не видел спуск на баллонах

    Владимир КомаровВладимир Комаров6 napja
  • Bouhmedienne.

    DROX BuiltDROX Built6 napja
  • The long rope left attached is for weekend warrior water skiers🤕🌊👣

    Kieran BlazeKieran Blaze6 napja
  • The last guy did accidentally release the ship. So he went stop the ship

    Manikandan DManikandan D6 napja
  • Finally they got my yacht in the water. Took long enough 🙄

    Why do I keep reading commentsWhy do I keep reading comments6 napja
  • So macht man das und nicht seitwärts

    Marvin WeberMarvin Weber6 napja
  • Mens work, their amazing!! 👍🤗🙏🙏🙏

    rocio orozcorocio orozco6 napja
  • Titanic😂(B ?

  • 😳🧐🤔.. amazing

    Anthony MitchellAnthony Mitchell6 napja
  • White hat: Awsome! Look at her go..So who did you end up getting to drive the boat? Yellow hat: "drive the boat" ?! I thought you were getting someone to drive. White hat: I texted you about this! Yellow hat: yeah your text says "we need to get someone to drive the boat" I was already getting the fireworks and bringing my extra long cutting torch..I assumed you would bring someone to drive the boat...IT'S YOUR BOAT!!

    W.S. Soap CompanyW.S. Soap Company7 napja
  • Another Chinese "research" ship

    Jeremy RuncimanJeremy Runciman7 napja
  • 😬

    Ana Van HelsingAna Van Helsing7 napja
  • We can afford to build/fix the ship but we cant afford a lift so y’all gotta stand in a dumpster on the forklift

    Daniel BurnsDaniel Burns7 napja
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Bayu MBayu M7 napja
  • Saudade do presidente lula no porto de suape😪

  • Q rico viajar

    Abersain Landero JimenezAbersain Landero Jimenez7 napja
  • He forgot to put the hand brake or what?

    DerespektanDerespektan7 napja
  • One hell of a cable securing all that weight

    John ScanlonJohn Scanlon7 napja
  • Osmm

    Ocian BoyOcian Boy7 napja
  • They are using a dumpster and a forklift. 😂😂

    Garrett PhillipsGarrett Phillips7 napja
  • Is anybody in the Boot 😂

    FTSFTS7 napja
  • Fireworks disturb my view😒

    Firdaus SharedFirdaus Shared7 napja
  • “And boat when out to sea never to be seen again” Now it’s a ghost ship

    destinyjam cookiedestinyjam cookie7 napja
    • Bu havfli emasmi ?

      Jamshiddin AvazovJamshiddin Avazov4 napja
  • I thought he accidentally cut the cord, then he ran like he got left behind 😆

    Kevin JohnsonKevin Johnson7 napja
  • Looks like an oxygen lance or plasma cutter on a stick we used to sever the cable. Cool

    Timothy SandsTimothy Sands7 napja
  • The guy in the blue jacket : Hey ship please come back to me , don't leave me alone 😂

    Sudhanshu SomaniSudhanshu Somani7 napja
  • If that launch went bad, someone would get a stern talking to.

    Robert CrossRobert Cross7 napja
  • Fireworks: pop pop pop Workers:

    Lunch TreLunch Tre8 napja
  • Smoke pollution

    Shekar LakshmanShekar Lakshman8 napja
  • F CCP

    Albion ParrotAlbion Parrot8 napja
  • La obra finalizada

    cesar julio Quimbayacesar julio Quimbaya8 napja
  • Todo bién, solo no quemen polvora, no hace falta contaminar más de lo que ya lo hacen.

    Óscar RamírezÓscar Ramírez8 napja
  • Why did the guy go running like he left his phone on the ship 😂😂

    lee verralllee verrall8 napja
    • Lol the video is sped up makes him look like he's sprinting but hes not

      relaxation23relaxation234 napja
    • Ha..ha..😂😂😂😂

      Manikandan DManikandan D6 napja
  • Belle video

    Abdel SamiAbdel Sami8 napja
  • Dêu Ruim !🤔🙏🏼

    Maria RibeiroMaria Ribeiro9 napja
  • Llou nouw espiquinglich 😂

    Grillito GritonGrillito Griton9 napja
  • Just knowing Superman can pull that with his pinky 😵

    Angel ReactsAngel Reacts9 napja
  • Weeee > Machine guns start firing into the air

    [[[ *Dragonier* ]]][[[ *Dragonier* ]]]9 napja