7 Millennials Decide Who Gets $1000

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  • Does anyone else kinda hate Aaliyah?

    Fandom VinesFandom Vines13 órája
  • You could tell from the beginning that aaliyah was gonna be ridiculous.

    BrandiBrandi14 órája
  • Is no one gonna talk about how the winner cheated on the second round

    Kobe KanenKobe KanenNapja
  • Aaron more like 2nd coming of jesus

    Elliott WatkinsElliott WatkinsNapja
  • why are the millennials so dumb!!!

  • I love earl

    DaffiDaffi2 napja
  • Why are these people so dumb

    Matt LawrenceMatt Lawrence2 napja
  • Reading these comments has restored my faith in humanity

    G FrostG Frost2 napja
  • F destiny

    Chalice JonesChalice Jones2 napja
  • aaron and muhammed deserved it the most, and i feel bad for destiny because she was nice, but she should have gotten voted out first and she knew it (comparably her reasons weren't as good as the others)

    symleessymlees3 napja
  • can we get aaron on here? we need to know how he went! we need updates and send him love

    Katherine MichailidesKatherine Michailides3 napja
  • Imagine throwing all your norms and values out of the window for 1000 DOLLARS.

    CoRECoRE3 napja
  • sonnie has the same energy of fish girl

    Dora NogueiraDora Nogueira3 napja
  • god i hated the whole cast except aaron and mohammed

    Dora NogueiraDora Nogueira3 napja
  • also this show genuinely seems to bring out the worst in ppl ... especially when everyone is struggling to get work so that’s kinda tone fucking deaf of them to create a series like this during a whole pandemic 🤢

    tattitatti3 napja
  • the amount of times they say destiny.. like why does it hit different when it’s your name

    tattitatti3 napja
  • This just proves we’re humanly selfish even if we think we’re generous but to be honest we’re not perfect

    Catherine GoyetteCatherine Goyette3 napja
  • No hate to destiny but like they're all so blinded by her "wholesomeness" that they're forgetting there are other people who could have genuinely benefitted from the money. Their judgements are wack asf

    Mah MMah M3 napja
  • *destiny for destiny* yep, definitely millennials

    Mah MMah M3 napja
  • tracy and destiny are so annoying. they clearly go to college on their parents money like "i live in an expensive apartment building" bruh ur lucky HUHHH

    Allie DerubeisAllie Derubeis4 napja
  • Oh my God dude my blood is boiling not really but that is so dumb they wrote it off instantly the two people that probably deserved the most the guy who wanted to Pay for sign language lessons to speak to his mother and the other guy is a counsellor at a camp that gives kids a chance to go to camp because their parents have cancer and they get voted off instantly how does this make sense I am so disappointed like the people that deserve it the least always survive the longest the two main people that were left one wanted to get a new apartment or some shit I don’t know what she wanted and the girl that actually won $1000 needed it for mental health like what and it’s nowhere near as much as she needed she said it was like $24,000 or something oh my God dude I hate everybody in this video and it really shows why the dislikes are more than likes

    BroThisGameTrashBroThisGameTrash4 napja
  • These videos just make me angry holy fuck literally one of the girls reasons was I need $24,000 for mental health and then before that she was like oh you need classes to learn sign language to communicate with your mother just watch it on HUworld like what and I don’t think anybody voted for her to get off on the first round like what no but they voted a guy that’s trying to help find the kids to go to camp because their parents have cancer but they didn’t think to remove some woman because she wanted to pay for her apartment🤦‍♂️

    BroThisGameTrashBroThisGameTrash4 napja
  • aaron's the type of camp counselor i would have a crush on lol

    ilya r-k.ilya r-k.4 napja
  • Instead of voting for the people they want to leave they should vote for the person they think should get the money and the person with the least votes leaves so it’s less FUCKING AWKWARD.

    WW4 napja
  • Millennials were supposed to be better

    Peter TranPeter Tran5 napja
  • I am not surprised because people gave kylie Jenner money to make her a billionaire. This show also shows how democracy doesn't work. 😂

    tara sstara ss5 napja
  • Ahhh... California

    King_of_the_SunKing_of_the_Sun5 napja
  • I haven't finished this yet but if destiny wins I'm going to agressively shit

    Wrathful CucumberWrathful Cucumber5 napja
  • destiny seems like the person to say “smol bean” and for that reason i hate her

    Rubi OwensRubi Owens6 napja
  • why does he hate charities so much

    Camille ZepedaCamille Zepeda6 napja
  • 1000$ can absolutely do a lot for someone who needs it. The fact that they voted out the guy who wanted the money for kids with cancer over a girl who hasn't yet found a sublet? I found a sublet for my trash apt in a matter of weeks

    trap_harls_4evertrap_harls_4ever6 napja
  • Tiny looks high. she’s not high, she is what you see when your high.

    VicinitrixVicinitrix6 napja
  • The guy with cancer summer camp is like ocean facts girl but nice and wants the money in a good place. Ocean facts girls just wanted to chill in some blue ass water

    SamSam6 napja
  • I hate millennials

    olivia elliottolivia elliott6 napja
  • 8:38 only five votes? That girl cheated 😕

    poutipoupoutipou7 napja

      King_of_the_SunKing_of_the_Sun5 napja
    • Omg you are right

      King_of_the_SunKing_of_the_Sun5 napja
  • 16:35 Chloe from vine

    Isidore AerysIsidore Aerys7 napja
  • I keep being shocked the one in the leather jacket is not a girl

    Isidore AerysIsidore Aerys7 napja
  • Lmao Cody thinks he’s a millennial

    G W DG W D7 napja
  • The girl who won only counted 5/6 votes, you can see this at 8:16, super shady

    Landon LacosteLandon Lacoste7 napja
  • aaliyah was laughing the entire time she counted the votes because she knew they wouldn’t have voted for her. makes me so pissed ughhhh she didn’t deserve to win.

    jaclynnnjaclynnn8 napja
  • Cis White Male should have just saved everybody’s time and taken a seat. It didn’t matter what he said or did. He lost the grievance olympics.

    Kyle AbbottKyle Abbott8 napja
  • I hate Sonne

    Helena HelouHelena Helou8 napja
  • 13:32 L A T E R T R A C E

    Sam GomezSam Gomez8 napja
  • Aaron and Mohammed were the only tolerable ones here.

    avaava9 napja
  • sonne: "I need to be able to take classes to communicate with my deaf mom” Aaliyah: "cant you get taught for free by someone in the community?” me: cant you talk about your problems to someone in the community?

    holly cholly c9 napja
  • this is why cody isnt funny..hes a millennial

    lilalila9 napja
  • I feel like this is a little microcosim of why politics are such a nightmare. We can’t decide on who deserves resources more than other pple & everyone (in power...) can’t help but vote in their own interest

    Hunter HawkinsHunter Hawkins9 napja
  • Sonne is the fish girl of this episode but a lot more quiet than she was

    MariaMaria9 napja
  • First of all, sonne is salty asf. Second, why was the girl w brown hair just *in charge*?? Like ok you’re thing WASNT amazing and you’re kinda mean lol

    Lucille M.Lucille M.9 napja
  • As soon as they got past the first round and didn't vote off the chick with the apartment I knew right away this was gonna be a shitshow

    TxJonathanTxJonathan10 napja
  • Those people sucked 💀

    Astri MAstri M10 napja
  • CUT makes the *most* uncomfortable stuff, bruh 😂😂

    Lala LandLala Land10 napja
  • id rather have anyone else win besides aaliyah

    gothgirljadegothgirljade10 napja
  • Funniest moment: 12:52 Without a doubt.

    c.v.dancer_22 *c.v.dancer_22 *10 napja
  • I’m so mad

    tuanatuana10 napja
  • Why do i like the highschoolers better, i was not expecting this

    katherine Janzenkatherine Janzen11 napja
  • big brother but the contestants have to collectively rank themselves

    Ashley GAshley G11 napja
  • As a bitter and broke millenial ... They are just all bitter and broke lol 😂

    Syd LindoSyd Lindo11 napja
  • I think this was one of the worst videos for $1000

    Lillian McBrayerLillian McBrayer11 napja
  • I was SURE 3:48 was gna be a sponsorship

    A AzarieA Azarie11 napja
  • Think about the political climate when this show was filmed. Millenials are so terrified of being called racist they are literally letting a contestant pick the outcome while showering her with praise.

    Bret HarleyBret Harley11 napja
  • There are very few youtubers who can talk to the camera and get millions of views.

    Bret HarleyBret Harley11 napja
  • okay but i agree that people should get the money rather than charities. charities have intermediate costs and les money gets to people that way, plus some of them are corrupted. by helping people directly that doesn't happen AND weight is lifted off of charities

    Sandra DaggerSandra Dagger12 napja
  • She didn't even count the last card wtf

    Dababy Secret accountDababy Secret account12 napja
  • The voting for herself move is a well played move!

    thach nguyenthach nguyen12 napja
  • More than 2 of them must be destiny's friend it seems 🤔🤔. The others just too shy to go against the crowd 😂😂

    thach nguyenthach nguyen12 napja
  • Okay Sonne and Aaliyah were so rude. This was ridiculous.

    Renee BullockRenee Bullock12 napja
  • Wtf man come on he's doing it for the kids

    hahaha hahahahahahaha hahahaha12 napja
  • i want aaron to know how much i love him and that if i could give him money i would aaron i hope you see this comment section

    Liliana CochiaroLiliana Cochiaro12 napja
  • the worst thing is the cut is probably going to make more than enough from their video to give them all 1k

    cashleyscashleys12 napja
  • Notice how the minorities always single out the whites people on these things. Pretty fucked

    Zed RileyZed Riley12 napja
  • How are they... less mature than the high schoolers?????

    Grace LumpkinGrace Lumpkin12 napja
  • You know why this happened You know why Aaron was voted off first and if you don't know you don't want to know. Because it obviously wasn't because his reason wasn't good enough. And destiny isn't even eliminated after they re remember she is just trying to sublet her apartment. The only reason destiny got voted off is because she felt so uncomfortable with what was going on if she was a bad person she could have won this. Meanwhile cancer kids (Aaron) and deaf mom(sonni) get kicked off first come on.

    Marlena thorvaldMarlena thorvald13 napja
  • Oh this is a different millennials one then I saw

    Marlena thorvaldMarlena thorvald13 napja
  • Let's vote out the person who tries to do something positive with the money first!

    MoahGentleMoahGentle13 napja
  • Finally someone who has the same reactions as I do watching this show

    briana baileybriana bailey13 napja
  • I feel sonni fr. I was like him the wholeee time watching this

    hAhGoTemhAhGoTem13 napja
  • We need Aaron in a video

    misttmistt13 napja
  • 9:32 ok but that is literally how i get through life

    BlogManiac64BlogManiac6413 napja
  • Now we need them to do a "youtubers decide who gets $1000" featuring all the creators that reacted to these like pewds, cody ko, graham stephan, etc

    Maria DezMaria Dez13 napja
    • @ilya r-k. that's the point

      Maria DezMaria Dez2 napja
    • they're all rich so there's no reason lol

      ilya r-k.ilya r-k.4 napja
  • 8:35 so are we not gonna talk about how she counted 5 votes instead of six so there for that means she cheated i bet you that sixth vote was for her but she didn't count it because she didn't want to lose free 1000 dollars also she doesn't need 24000 dollars for therapy because its free also she didn't count the vote for herself in that moment because she wanted that money for herself because she was desperate and when you become desperate you become selfish

    Beany Boi95Beany Boi9513 napja
  • Holy shit a JSchlatt reference in a Cody Ko video... my life is complete

    kaos dayskaos days13 napja
  • I stg if anyone do something to Aaaron im throwin hands for homie

    Crazy gogoCrazy gogo14 napja
  • 8:30 there was 6 people and she counted 5 votes btw

    lucaluca14 napja
  • okay, Destiny. No. She lives in a fancy apartment. The people who needed it the most were the guy who need to learn ASL, Aaron and mohamed.

    Justine GallagherJustine Gallagher14 napja
  • bro when HIGHSCHOOLERS can make somewhat better decisions than millennials, jesus this was a shitshow

    Entity UnknownEntity Unknown14 napja
  • These people are so aggravating omfg. How did they vote off all the charity-related causes and leave “I have to sublet my apartment🥺” and “mental health💕” (mental health is extremely valid but with no context or explanation versus “I’m trying to help children who literally need our help” is like ????)

    Emma HarringtonEmma Harrington14 napja
  • Notice how mob rule threw out the most logical guy as soon as the could lmfao

    Bench ShrapnelBench Shrapnel14 napja
  • Earl was right about Sonne though. He came in so wholesome with a good reason for the money and became such a sore loser. Aaron and Muhammed deserved it the most, imo.

    Leslie SantanaLeslie Santana14 napja
  • I feel like they all unconsciously and IMMEDIATELY defined destiny as the most deserving due to their built in biases, which then led destiny to UNCONSCIOUSLY fulfill that role in their group dynamic, leading to their roles and ranks to be reinforced..... they all just went with it, the groupthink effect, wanting to keep harmony, even if it is not logically explained. Which is why they voted differently to what they actually VERBALIZED, because they wanted to keep the harmony, yet they still had personal control of their opinions. I feel like I have to watch this through a social psychology lens to not lose my mind bahahaha

    Ava RhinehartAva Rhinehart14 napja
    • I also believe the experimenters purposely places the white male and rest of the males standing above the poc/women of color, to immediately reinforce that unconscious bias... the people who began in a pose of power ended up leading the discussions and pitying those beneath them, perhaps to deal with the cognitive dissonance of believing they are impartial and fair, yet still unconsciously pitying the more minor minorities.

      Ava RhinehartAva Rhinehart14 napja
  • aaliyah was the most annoying out of all of them tf

    Jayda JenkinsJayda Jenkins14 napja
  • why did it turn into mafia

    MaxMax14 napja
  • These people are awful

    Caitlyn MurphyCaitlyn Murphy14 napja
  • bro everyone there was annoying except for Mohammad and Aaron!

    Kat SmithKat Smith14 napja
  • I'm ashamed to be a millennial

    Conrad JamesConrad James14 napja
  • Fuck destiny.

    Clyde SlydeClyde Slyde15 napja
  • Aaliyah and Nina were both so manipulative and controlled the outcomes, I hate em.

    Brandy HBrandy H15 napja
  • This group's moral compass is FRIED. They voted off the two people who needed it the most FIRST. They were all emotionally immature besides Aaron.

    V.C. LewisV.C. Lewis15 napja
    • This is the third of these I've watched, and it seems to always go that way.

      Brad MillerBrad Miller10 napja
  • wh ythe fuk are there 20 fukin ads wtf I want to suppoert but im turning on add block for this wtf

    0shadowgrace00shadowgrace015 napja
  • 14:14 you Can see how done the guy on the right is

    Very niceVery nice15 napja