5 Min Crafts: Giant Sandwich

2020.febr. 3.
3 800 057 Megtekintés

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Cody Ko

  • the second he asked for yes chef i was yelling fuck you and kelsey said it with me lolololol

    sasuke 2opsasuke 2op7 órája
  • 3:06 So as a Turkish fan of yours I know this guy 👁👄👁🔫

    iloveyouhawksiloveyouhawks20 órája
  • Nobody gonna talk about how hard that sandwich song slapped tho?

    Vapors MusicVapors MusicNapja
  • We need more buzz caught cody

    Jacob blueJacob blueNapja
  • I can’t believe I was just insulted by an old man for telling him “yes chef”

    Mr. PeanutMr. PeanutNapja
  • 1:32

    Diego LunaDiego Luna2 napja
  • Smh shouldve went to whole foods. Heard they have bomb celery.

    Drake JedlickaDrake Jedlicka2 napja
  • Ꭵ ᖇᗴᔕᑭᗴᑕ丅 丅ᕼᗩ丅 ᒎᗝᛕᗴ

    julissa villajulissa villa4 napja
  • Just freaked out thinkin this dudes my cousin then realized that Steve is a very common name

    Emma CoteEmma Cote5 napja
  • nobody: cody: I blew a bag at trader joes, actually is was only $80

    EthanAlexGamingEthanAlexGaming5 napja
  • why was “the apples cousin” the funniest joke in this video and cody didn’t even write it

    Lauren ChestnutLauren Chestnut5 napja
  • ليش مافي عرب بالكومنت

    Assass AkakakaAssass Akakaka5 napja
  • *touches meat with raw hands* 3 seconds later *runs hands through hair*

    Dean Luciano DrelloDean Luciano Drello5 napja
  • I have contacts and onions still make me cry!!

    H. RichH. Rich6 napja
  • Get dunked on "yes chef" losers LMFAOOOO

    Michael DandonaMichael Dandona7 napja
  • No one: Cody: Can I get a yes Chef?! Me: YES CHEF! 😁 Cody: If you said that your a loser Me:🤓🤦‍♀️ TRIGGERED

    Katrina BKatrina B7 napja
  • Me: y3s ChEf Ko: if u really did that you're a looser Me: yeah...sure, no i would nEVah

    Ana BastidasAna Bastidas9 napja
  • "fuck you!" Kelsey is perfect for you

    hellsundeadarmyhellsundeadarmy9 napja
  • So we’re just going to ignore that little music break?

    Remi OgunsanyaRemi Ogunsanya10 napja
  • I don't know to be embarresed or to be proud because that man is from my country lol

    Nurçin YılmazNurçin Yılmaz11 napja
    • same, lol

      sude nazsude naz6 napja
  • i’m getting ‘my sandwich juices are flowing’ tattooed on my forehead

    Alpha SkAlpha Sk11 napja

    clarissaclarissa11 napja
  • Wow, you low-key didn't finish cooking that steak

    not_ashernot_asher11 napja
  • I miss going out without a mask on 😂

    Sofia-Rose GionomoSofia-Rose Gionomo11 napja
  • My god, I only started watching cody about a week ago coz of watching danny and drew and kurtis. I just realise after watching the intro its eerily similar to scrubby, I'm saying scrubby might have inspiration from cody, I stopped watching scrubby ages ago the vids are just not good anymore. Down to the head movement and editing, jesus. Lol I pay attention to weird details

    Ashrif CassimAshrif Cassim12 napja
  • Cody: say "yes chef!" me: yes chef! Cody: If you said that you are a loser. Me: :(

    Luis NolascoLuis Nolasco12 napja
  • After watching every single one of the craft videos all we get out of them is that Cody is a short bitch who has a cold sensitive mouth.

    McKenna RishMcKenna Rish12 napja
  • "Elderly man spanking his meat and cheese in front of camera" would have been a better title tbh.

    MKultra81MKultra8112 napja
  • .....so.... it's Cody makes dinner? Bro click bait much!?

    421541Michee421541Michee13 napja
  • who tryna q up war zone?

    fish swimfish swim14 napja
  • Me after Cody said I was a loser for saying yes chef: ᕕ( ཀ ʖ̯ ཀ)ᕗ

    ApocrophonApocrophon14 napja
  • 15:12 SENT ME

    Taylor HorneTaylor Horne16 napja
  • 12:01 how I chop my vegetables

    HydrosityHydrosity16 napja
  • 11:45

    victor manuel romero cordovavictor manuel romero cordova16 napja
  • you need to drop a full song of sandwiches

    DeadShotDeadShot17 napja
  • Im a chef and this whole was cringy. Love you Cody my bro. My favorite youtuber by far(also noel is a boss)

    parzaparza18 napja
  • I said yes chief

    Vanessa KilpatrickVanessa Kilpatrick18 napja
  • 3:15 LMAOOO IM DYING HES FROM MY COUNTRY AND HES A MEME HERE like hes so creepy and he makes weirdass food

    Poffy DaisyPoffy Daisy19 napja
  • Just googled your surname. Felt like I was having a stroke. Love your videos dude.

    Jacques SmitJacques Smit20 napja
  • 10:05 that sounds like a survival action movie song lol

    Dancing triangleDancing triangle21 napja
  • You cut things like a middle schooler who's parents are letting them use the big knife for the first time

    Thats gr8 m8 8/8Thats gr8 m8 8/821 napja
  • Burda bile cznburak karşıma çıkmak zorunda mıydı :(

    Ilay 일라이Ilay 일라이21 napja

      Poffy DaisyPoffy Daisy19 napja
  • The montage song was a bop . He sings so well 😭😂💀

    Yoanne DrawsYoanne Draws22 napja
  • bro swiss cheese sucs

    Zarko PetrovicZarko Petrovic22 napja
  • yes chef

    The Emperor Of MankindThe Emperor Of Mankind22 napja
  • “My sandwich juices are flowing” iconic just iconic

    Mack GrayMack Gray22 napja
  • its funny how Americans always refer to Swiss cheese as if there's one kind. we have over 200 of cheese lol

    Melody HoferMelody Hofer22 napja
  • “Swiss cheese“.

    K KK K24 napja
  • Id like a full release of "big goddamn sandwich" soon

    Alex SchustAlex Schust24 napja
  • Who else wants the full sandwich song

    Diego HessDiego Hess25 napja
  • its almost painful how little you know about cooking. ha!

    Ducati NYC VlogDucati NYC Vlog25 napja
  • 7:11 he looks so inl ove omfg

    Hannah McCrearyHannah McCreary25 napja
  • It was my first opportunity to say "Yes chef", of course I'm going to get excited and do it

    Eddie BlileEddie Blile25 napja
  • another possible title for this video: cody makes a f*cking sandwich for 17 minutes

    Hannah FultonHannah Fulton25 napja
  • This is the second time I’ve watched this video and both times I said “yes chef” back to you😂

    Jack SHULLJack SHULL26 napja
  • watched this video more times i’ve breathed

    Alpha SkAlpha Sk26 napja
  • Czn burak izledi ya mükemmel ahahajdjsjsjssjsjs

    Ayşe GökçeAyşe Gökçe26 napja
    • @Poffy Daisy sadece tepki vermiyor canlamdırıyor da lol

      Ayşe GökçeAyşe GökçeNapja

      Poffy DaisyPoffy Daisy19 napja
  • i just wanted to let you know my grandma has the same soap as you

    wee weewee wee26 napja
  • When he screamed at the sandwich’s I fucking died

    Steven ShookmanSteven Shookman27 napja
  • Here’s some advice: don’t ever get the pre-seasoned meat. Always over seasoned.

    Kyle HudsonKyle Hudson27 napja
  • the real question is, why are there no k cups in the spinny k cup holder??

    Shan RiceShan Rice28 napja
  • She looks like billy eye lash

    Nick MasonNick Mason28 napja
  • Your empty Keurig stand in the background is depressing

    Nick MasonNick Mason28 napja
  • Droppin a big like for that giant ekmek arası köfte and that killer smile

    Cans CanusCans Canus28 napja
  • Onion salt on onions is pretty funny i agree with him on that.

    Jeremy B.Jeremy B.28 napja
  • Y O U A R E A K I N G !!!!!!

    Reina CReina C28 napja
  • This video is brought to you by uncle Steve! Check out uncle Steve in the description below

    MediumMedium29 napja
  • सिदसाऩत

    Siddhant SharmaSiddhant SharmaHónapja
  • You have the same fridge as me

  • I choked on my hot cocoa when you said you were ready to splooge. Edit: So thanks for that.

    Renzo CheneyRenzo CheneyHónapja
  • Megaloaf is probably the band that wrote megalovania.

    Adam NielsonAdam NielsonHónapja
  • *slurping meat noises* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Partna JPartna JHónapja
  • Kelseys commentary is A1!

    Pixel ArkPixel ArkHónapja
  • “either that or he could kill you and your whole family and never feel a thing. who knows. anyway....”

  • link to that butt picture early in the video?

  • As bayrakları as as as

    Büşra AktayBüşra AktayHónapja
  • the way he cut the onions physically pains me

  • The mystery is solved the hair product Cody uses is meat grease

    Billy Bust InsideBilly Bust InsideHónapja
  • Cody: can i get a YES CHEF! Me: Yes chef! Cody: If you did that, you're a loser Me: No chef!

  • i know mr. struggle did not just call me a loser

    Lily ErwinLily ErwinHónapja
  • coulda just bought a baguette my guy

    Alpha SkAlpha SkHónapja
  • Nobody Literally nobody Not even a single soul The special kid during cooking class: 10:50

    Depressive PxndaDepressive PxndaHónapja
  • Gunna's midnight snack

    Ben FargoBen FargoHónapja
  • Welcome back to Cody gets drunk and cooks food from a serial killer

    Ossama AbdusalamOssama AbdusalamHónapja
  • That man was a big meme in Turkey... It’s weird to see my favourite youtuber adore him while I feel embarassed.

    Buket ÖzdoğanBuket ÖzdoğanHónapja
  • next craft video down a four loko

  • that meat isn't COOKED

    Hayley BirchHayley BirchHónapja
  • creacody

  • Why he kinda sound like Ryan Reynolds

    Dylan H LeeDylan H LeeHónapja
  • Fuck, I'm a loser

    The Traveling CircusThe Traveling CircusHónapja
  • I need to eat that sandwich

  • Lvl. 100 chopping stance

  • if that cheff is not psychopat or serial killer i dont know who is..m he has the fakest facial expressions ever

    Silent AutumnSilent AutumnHónapja
  • The casual but chaotic vibe of this video is so choice. This is definitely not helping my parasocial problems :P

    Alex FarleyAlex FarleyHónapja
  • türkler nerde peki

    Nihan KaracaNihan KaracaHónapja
  • Cody: "Can I get a yes chef!" Me: Cody: "if you just did that you're a loser" Me: 😃

    Overcrow 0303Overcrow 0303Hónapja
  • i said yes chef

    Pigeon SquadPigeon SquadHónapja
  • What a brave soul, eating that meat to save us vegans from seeing it. A true warrior.

    MPF Union #8679MPF Union #8679Hónapja
  • He bought 4 loaves of bread only to use 4 slices

    Loli BaltoLoli BaltoHónapja
  • Bruh i said Yes chef so happy n shit but then i get called a mf Loser damn

    ari anaari anaHónapja