5 Min Crafts: DEEP FRIED PIZZA (w/ Joshua Weissman)

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5 Min Crafts: DEEP FRIED PIZZA (w/ Joshua Weissman)
Cody Ko
Shot by: twitter.com/VicramFilms, instagram.com/schleepj
Edited by: huworld.info
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  • We need another collab! I love their energy together.

    nica4life0nica4life02 órája
  • the iconic duo we never asked for but completely delivered.

    Zara BorgZara Borg5 órája
  • Her: he's probably cheating on me Me and the boys: 7:00

    ZosoJuanZosoJuan17 órája
  • Black Friday special for premium upgrade @ 7:22

  • They give me distant but close cousin energy

    Larry StylinsonLarry StylinsonNapja
  • 15:26 “hoh fug it wants to come apart so bad 😩🥴”

    Soggy B0nesSoggy B0nesNapja
  • Where is Josh’s video with Cody?

    Niko SpinellaNiko Spinella2 napja
  • Ugly guy

    HeihachiChaolanHeihachiChaolan3 napja
  • why does cody look like a skinny legend in that apron like damn, he said body crazy curvy wavy

    lystellelystelle3 napja
  • That beer slam was far too impressive to me..

    Peace MullinsPeace Mullins4 napja
  • the great thing about cody is that even though he doesn't subtitle his videos, you can always lipread because of how expressive he is

    Siobhàn PamplinSiobhàn Pamplin5 napja

    Rajnandani RathoreRajnandani Rathore5 napja
  • i love how this is called 5 minute crafts..................😂😂😂👀👀 riGhtyo

    Katherine MichailidesKatherine Michailides5 napja
  • where can I find that beer shotgunning attacthment thing? I need it!

    dave rumbeardave rumbear5 napja
  • the ''im so sorry man''

    SmokierSumoSmokierSumo5 napja
  • I've beeb a fan of Josh for a while now and just discovered you recently this is a match made in heaven lol

    butidontwantonebutidontwantone7 napja
  • I didn't think there would be such a height difference

    elinaelina8 napja
  • Getting a spanish ad is so

    Akasaka SawayamaAkasaka Sawayama9 napja
  • Where does one acquire the chugging tool that Cody used?? Asking for myself

    Sam HoodSam Hood9 napja
  • I was the 100k like I feel so special lol

    Freshy JawsFreshy Jaws9 napja
  • comparing the grown ass dad amount of hair on cody's arms to the smooth hairlessness on joshs

    JohnJohn10 napja
  • Woah the chef from the DHAR MANN video is making YT cooking tutorials now? That's amazing!

    Sanguine LawSanguine Law10 napja
  • 16:35 the doggo hehe

    Marc O'MalleyMarc O'Malley10 napja
  • Josh reminds me so much of Spock

    Marc O'MalleyMarc O'Malley10 napja
  • I forget that Josh is only like 23 until he starts joking

    Tait CarrilloTait Carrillo10 napja
  • yea it honestly looked pretty good. heavy, maybe something you share with someone. the truffle oil must have added another dimension.

    John Pavlosky IVJohn Pavlosky IV10 napja
  • They habe Brother Energy

    Fräulein PumucklFräulein Pumuckl12 napja
  • cant believe im just barely finding this

    Fernando GonzalezFernando Gonzalez12 napja
  • Lol this is so "bros in the kitchen"

    Jay FranJay Fran12 napja
  • this is funnier than The Office

    SacredgeometrySacredgeometry12 napja

    SacredgeometrySacredgeometry12 napja
  • Cody looks exactly like my mom in this video

    Vansh AnekarVansh Anekar13 napja
  • Cody isn’t crying because he’s wearing contacts

    RamaRama13 napja
  • I want a chug bud 🥺

    Adam DubravetzAdam Dubravetz13 napja
  • I never saw the collar on Josh’s channel. Did I miss something?

    Hannah AshbyHannah Ashby13 napja
  • I bet it tastes like a full day of working out

    HermiliousHermilious13 napja
  • Was war das, bitte bring jmnd dem Boy trichtern bei 😪

    Lord TrevorLord Trevor14 napja
  • The macabre airbus broadly trade because pet spontaneously exist sans a courageous adjustment. guarded, previous defense

    sour chucksour chuck14 napja
  • 13:31 I think josh had a stroke

    Thomas SullyThomas Sully14 napja
  • 16:39

    Imperial dnbImperial dnb14 napja
  • 11:47 my mans about to put the dog in the oven. I think u got the recipe wrong.

    Marcus HMarcus H15 napja
  • My life will be complete if cody ko and babish make a video

  • Can we talk abt how badly the dog wants the pizza

    NyctosparkleNyctosparkle15 napja
  • How the hell is that supposed to be a five minute craft lol

    Brandon TackettBrandon Tackett15 napja
  • Will someone tell me where to get the shotgun beer thing he has please

    ttoland16ttoland1615 napja
  • two gey parrent making a diy fried pizza for their daughter launch

    m9Dm9D15 napja
    • Hmm

      Sean FiSean Fi15 napja
  • the ad @ 7:25 killed me lmao

    Cartman BroflovskiCartman Broflovski16 napja
  • He's so much less of a tool in this video

    Jackson MajorJackson Major16 napja
  • 13:27 Has 100k likes. 41k dislikes. says 96% thumbsup ratio. M E T H

    DoofyDoofy16 napja
  • its the funny food man and the funny talking man. I'm so happy

    TheRealGalvanicMechamorphTheRealGalvanicMechamorph19 napja
  • 7:18 is the best thing i've seen in a while

    CornstonedCornstoned19 napja
  • "im sorry man" leaves

    Fahd AbdullahFahd Abdullah20 napja

    Fahd AbdullahFahd Abdullah20 napja
  • he looks like a microwaved version of brad pit

    Fahd AbdullahFahd Abdullah20 napja
  • The strong processing intrestingly arrest because spear rationally receive past a weak gate. obsolete, ruddy pig

    Michael TangMichael Tang21 napja
  • What 1 beer does 😂

    Ramon De La TorreRamon De La Torre21 napja
  • My high school makes pizza with tortillas and let me tell you right now, it ain’t good. Edit: that looks so fucking good actually

    ItsDopamine05ItsDopamine0522 napja
  • Can someone please tell me the song in the intro. I’ve been comment surfing and found nothing

    RoejRoej22 napja

    Sleepy BigbirdSleepy Bigbird22 napja
  • Your face has aged so fast man I’m concerned please moisturize and take collagen

    Daniel SDaniel S22 napja
  • I like Cody, I like Joshua, yet this video was weird lol

    t st s23 napja
  • i’m so glad other ppl think cody’s hair looks like eren jeager’s i thought i was the only one lol

    Victoria VazquezVictoria Vazquez23 napja
    • So happy there is a thin overlap between Cody Ko fans and AOT fans.

      beatsdownlow103beatsdownlow10314 napja
  • Yo, nice Eren haircut

    MikeMike24 napja
  • cody looks so fine with the little bun he reminds me of eren yeager

    lizliz24 napja
  • It looks like Pizza Hut

    Jordan JonckheerJordan Jonckheer24 napja
  • My man Cody is rockin the eren yaegar haircut 🔥🔥🔥

    Eric VelasquezEric Velasquez25 napja
  • I ship them

    George ProiskosGeorge Proiskos25 napja
  • We need to teach the Americans what a vorteke is

    didjfbf eieirdidjfbf eieir26 napja
  • the crossover i never knew I needed in my life

    AussieOxideAussieOxide27 napja
  • That looks like the definition of overcooked

    kellen .baklundkellen .baklund27 napja
  • what is that beer thing

    Christian MirzaChristian Mirza27 napja
  • This is the namekian style "5 minutes" deep fried pizza

    BranBran28 napja
  • these two look like they came out a factory that produces lord farquads

    ch bibsch bibs28 napja
  • This guy looks like gypsy crusader.

    Tyler HiteTyler Hite28 napja
  • The robust swing commonly wreck because help relatively buzz minus a lean panther. fretful, quarrelsome tuba

    judy arabjudy arab28 napja
  • DrossRotzank duplicated and younger lmao

    VecrisvVecrisv29 napja
  • Collaboration of the century

    Ajack AjackAjack Ajack29 napja
  • The sun is going from midday to sunset during this 5 minute cooking.

  • Cody and Josh: “that way too much bacon we dont need that much fucken bacon” Me: “theres never to much fucken bacon.”

    Mr. TimberWolfMr. TimberWolfHónapja
  • American 100

    Abudy AwadAbudy AwadHónapja
  • Deep fried pizza is a Scottish specialty 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • I really lost it at the Foodhub section. I love the randomness of Josh & Cody when they are together. I already knew Josh's channel but this series is its own league. Just 2 dudes acting casual while cooking. No cringe, no like begging, or other stuff. Very entertaining.

    Creamy GoodnessCreamy GoodnessHónapja
  • It feels so weird to hear josh curse

    The WybitThe WybitHónapja
  • Spocks better lookin older brother

    Lui _Lui498Lui _Lui498Hónapja
  • It say the viral but let me not

    Kalen HarleyKalen HarleyHónapja
  • women! don't quote me on that

    Rio GmRio GmHónapja
  • what was that beer shotgunning contraption

    Colton KnightColton KnightHónapja
    • @Aleksander Høistad dude me too

      Colton KnightColton Knight27 napja
    • I need that shit

      Aleksander HøistadAleksander Høistad28 napja
  • Deep fried pizza? How's pizza gonna get a job now

  • I like swearing Joshua

  • Do you deliver to Croatia? XD I want this "It's okay" hoody to login with it to my everyday job! roflmao #remotejob #truestory

    Petra R.Petra R.Hónapja
    • I think you can check at the shop

      Abudy AwadAbudy AwadHónapja
    • Btw I enjoyed this video (and some others, but my previous comments got deleted). Hope you're all nice and well

      Petra R.Petra R.Hónapja
  • they just look like a small and big brother trying to cook

    Carl Bergstrand IsakssonCarl Bergstrand IsakssonHónapja
  • Can anyone help me and tell me what Cody used to shotgun a beer at 4:39

  • there's gotta be so much hair in that food

    Katherine LucasKatherine LucasHónapja
  • I know I'm old when Cody's moaning was "too much" for me. Reminds me of my friends moaning in public to attract attention which annoys the hell out of me... yeah, that's right, I'm the killjoy

    Karl GlennKarl GlennHónapja
  • Cody will make a video with anyone but Noel lmao

    Amari BoxillAmari BoxillHónapja
  • Wait, where can I get that shotgun tool?

    Michael DillonMichael DillonHónapja
  • This is perfect for when my muchie meter goes off the charts only issue is trying to make it while stoned

  • for some reason, he reminds me of spencer from icarly here...look wise

    Allie KirkegaardAllie KirkegaardHónapja
  • 16:48 cody speaks dog

    Very Thick BoyVery Thick BoyHónapja
  • I believe this dish is called cardiovascular disease.

    Collin MurphyCollin MurphyHónapja