5 Min Crafts: Baking

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5 Min Crafts: Baking
Cody Ko

  • I feel like Cody is the Jenna Marbles of HUworld. Unproblematic, funny, wholesome. Love his channel!!

    Selah LileSelah Lile6 órája
  • am i the only one stressed out by the fact that he left the milk out on the counter for over an hour

    GretaGreta8 órája
  • The way Kelsey looks at cody makes me realize just how mega single i am, and I need to just leave all hopes and dreams out in the cold to die

    SlippnSlothSlippnSloth10 órája
  • i love ur channel and i listen to everyone of u and noels podcasts. keep it up #tinymeatgang

  • sshake it shaake it sugaree

    Laura WulfmanLaura Wulfman2 napja
  • My dude.

    BreastFestBreastFest2 napja
  • Beautiful Sexy toes

    GhostGhost2 napja
  • he failed to melt butter in 3 occasions (dough, feeling and frosting) - ✨I'm bamboozled✨

    zineb yassinizineb yassini3 napja
  • Why does this guy get so many views? Lol

    Andrés Mora duranAndrés Mora duran3 napja
  • cody: the great british baking show, let’s say that right the show: the great british bake off

    juliajulia4 napja
  • you funny

    diary of a lame ghostdiary of a lame ghost4 napja
  • 5:09 Cody is in one of those late night infomercials where the person fucks up basic tasks

    Forever MoonForever Moon4 napja
  • I thought Cody said he was done putting that much autotune on music after short kings anthem

    Ethan MathesonEthan Matheson4 napja
  • You’re welcome

    Lejla KldLejla Kld4 napja
  • Makes more that's cringe

    XDmanic 26XDmanic 264 napja
  • Ok, but so many HUworldrs play up the “i can’t cook” shtick that, in all real ness, I just appreciate that even with all his fucking around he is still obviously comfortable in the kitchen. He tried out a new recipe without looking like he was encountering aliens on an unknown planet. I also love the HUworldrs who can’t cook, but watching him be so chill in the kitchen is such a relief.

    TessTess4 napja
  • 7:30 those next few minutes was the straightest thing I’ve ever watched LMAO

    D CD C5 napja
  • I know this man didn’t shave his unibrow wtf

    Chase BarcaChase Barca5 napja
  • If i had all 5 million chodes in a room 😂😂😂

    Unheard NewWorldUnheard NewWorld5 napja
  • 14:10 weird that I still remember this even tho it wasn't that long ago but I learned to play the song in the background in 7th grade

    Snuf faluffagusSnuf faluffagus5 napja
  • Have you seen cobra Kai?

    Dak ZevonDak Zevon6 napja
  • cody’s hair looks like liam payne during quarantine. no ones gonna know what i’m talking about ahaha

    Lydia RoseLydia Rose7 napja
  • I remember when you used to vlog and I subbed at 200,000😭

    Lee McCullochLee McCulloch7 napja
  • Cody is one of the only good youtubers to come from Vine

    SpagzSpagz8 napja
  • premier pro is the absolute worst. i use it for my art gen ed and it’s awful

    Griffin UnderwoodGriffin Underwood8 napja
  • Its the great british bake off!

    Max MusicMax Music8 napja
  • Cody feels like the male version of emma chamberlain.

    it's me nadineit's me nadine8 napja
  • Not Cody smashing all of the air out of the dough the entire video...

    Isabella DumitrescuIsabella Dumitrescu9 napja
  • You going to hit 10 mil subs in the next 2 or 3 years you heard it here first people

    Marouso RoussosMarouso Roussos9 napja
  • Cody is the drunk me 🤣

    Zane LittlefieldZane Littlefield9 napja
  • man really just sexually assaulted a bunch of foods

    Oliver WoodhouseOliver Woodhouse10 napja
  • The actual video starts @5:00

    Chad BustamanteChad Bustamante10 napja
  • 6:48 more like frictionless

    KUMPA - CS:GO & MoreKUMPA - CS:GO & More10 napja
  • When he said I have beautiful toes, I became extremely self conscious of my toes. They are kinda sexy though.

    Ella KlassenElla Klassen10 napja
  • thatscringe

    bastiantennettbastiantennett10 napja
  • the amount of eye contact between cody n kelsey i am Living 4 it

    Elysa SofeaElysa Sofea10 napja
  • 6:19 You did it Cody. You finally did it. You said something in a video that made me consider unsubscribing. I thought it couldn't be done... but fr that joke made me AAAUGHHH

    Lily LaMaeLily LaMae10 napja
  • Cody ko:we make family friendly content Also Cody ko: 5:06

    Ty GuimondTy Guimond10 napja
  • the add sounds like shit haha

    O JO J11 napja
  • Cody loves spanking lol

    marcicanpmarcicanp11 napja
  • cody spreading the butter makes me so uncomfortable

    o do d11 napja
  • Why does men shaving give me so much anxiety

    Hannah FaasHannah Faas12 napja
  • Cody’s cooking style is so chaotic. It honestly stresses me out.

    Rhianan StockwellRhianan Stockwell12 napja
  • Cody's too powerful with that hair

    Maria BerezaMaria Bereza13 napja
  • is kelsey tall, cody short or both very average??

    name.name.13 napja
  • kelseys dance was SO unexpected omg I died laughing

    name.name.13 napja
  • He didn’t cook the butter enough all three times 😂

    Garrett SchoebGarrett Schoeb14 napja
  • cody's 5 mil special hey guys just shaving my unibrow

    Mardav JainMardav Jain14 napja
  • The rolling thing 😂😂

    Sam HauckSam Hauck14 napja
  • Finally a fellow Canadian gaining some success on this platform. 🇨🇦

    somegirl46somegirl4615 napja
  • You and logic gotta stream on twitch together! Like so he sees it

    CoolVidBroCoolVidBro15 napja
  • lmfao thats 50 million toes lmfao beautiful sexy toes lmfao

    Richard SangerRichard Sanger16 napja
  • I’ve never seen anyone melt butter worse than Cody 😂

    Brandon FuduricBrandon Fuduric17 napja
  • Imagine saying thank you 5 mil times

    PotatoPotato17 napja
  • Cody shaving downwards is causing me so much anxiety. How he isn’t one big ingrown hair at this point is beyond me.

    poopoo apepoopoo ape18 napja
  • I was here sense 2k

    JBCoolestGaMEr! !JBCoolestGaMEr! !18 napja
  • why did the song actually make me emotional damn those memories

    libby blakelibby blake18 napja
  • You're not supposed to shave your eyebrows lol, please tell me you tweeze

    Boo JayBoo Jay18 napja
    • BTW I ordered Harrys through your code

      Boo JayBoo Jay18 napja
  • i’m really drunk and watching this and shed a tear when the song played. please produce my music cody ko

    tt19 napja
  • 13:16 i was ready for that icing sugar to go EVERYWHERE

    tt19 napja
  • As someone who used to make cinnamon rolls as a job I’m going to need therapy after this. Congrats on 5 mill man.

    Clarissa CaseClarissa Case19 napja
  • Im trying to understand Kelysey’s hair and outfit here knowing you’ll appear in front of millions of people 😂 but you know what. Love and life is more than looks and when you’re at home with your man and are happy and confident, you can be a bit messy but your man looks at you and you feel beautiful. Congrats you guys.

    lizzfrmhonlizzfrmhon19 napja
  • Thank u for calling on me for Q&A on the tmg tour in Jan 2019😍

    Ari VentiAri Venti19 napja
  • Cody Farquaad

    Ariana HuntAriana Hunt20 napja
  • he's going to overwork the dough V_V

    emily simondsemily simonds20 napja
  • wade doesn't burn he bakes

    Humaira AhmedHumaira Ahmed20 napja

    G. T.G. T.21 napja
  • 9:13 he’s fucked up haha. Glossy lit eyes

    CashDayYoungCashDayYoung22 napja
  • I like that he is also trying to prevent a uni brow while shaving.

    SunnySunny22 napja
  • My mans starting to look like drug addicted markiplier

    Will JenningsWill Jennings22 napja
  • It's all fun and games until you (almost) throw the dough at a random wall-

    The Keeper of SecretsThe Keeper of Secrets23 napja
  • I don't know about anybody else but when he smiled while he was about to kneed the dough with his foot got me feeling some type of way

    Leah OakesLeah Oakes23 napja
  • the dough is a bad little bitch though ... serves him right that punk ass

    naruto uzumakinaruto uzumaki23 napja
  • cody looks like a young frank gallagher

    katianna gomezkatianna gomez23 napja
  • She got like 1 bite and he inhaled the rest. 😆 Real talk though good job Cody those looked like Tastydotcom

    RoseShell HudsonRoseShell Hudson24 napja
  • Ok is no one gonna tell me why my mans just shaved between his eyebrows instead of getting them waxed/threaded?

    Agent 47Agent 4724 napja
  • Why is nobody talking about how cody's starting to go insane

    BiznizGuyBiznizGuy24 napja
  • hes so fucking rich

    Cam ClerkinCam Clerkin24 napja
  • Me: OOooo Codys gonna bake something! Cody: *violently slaps dought the entire video* 😳

    Alana WalkerAlana Walker24 napja
  • ayyy 5 million subs nice job master chode with sexy toes

    Silas PirschelSilas Pirschel25 napja
  • 15:07 better than Owl City

    King BernardKing Bernard25 napja
  • i need a that’s cringe video

    Zoe MillerZoe Miller26 napja
  • So are you releasing the 50 mil toes song on Spotify and Apple Music or what

    JoshJosh26 napja
  • greatest knead montage _/\_

    Gaurav MehtaGaurav Mehta26 napja
  • when the knead montage is not a knead montage

    kaylalookaylaloo26 napja
  • cody laughing at his own jokes is why i continue to consider him superior

    grace mcneilgrace mcneil26 napja
  • i watch this video easily 3 times a week, it cracks me up

    Ashley NorwoodAshley Norwood26 napja
  • Joni earnst interuppted the song, im mad

    Jo Is A PotatoJo Is A Potato27 napja
  • is no one going to talk about when he clapped and flour came off his hands so it looked like a special effect LOL

    gracegrace27 napja
  • cody is sexually attractive to the dough

    zakblakezakblake27 napja
  • Cody. Your hair is so fucking sexy

    Peter PertsinidesPeter Pertsinides27 napja
  • Just found your channel like a month ago and I’ve binged so many episodes. Glad to contribute to 5 mil!!

    Dilla DoobDilla Doob27 napja
  • share your haircare products !

    CoNcuZsioNCoNcuZsioN27 napja
  • Yes Cody chug the wine keep the tradition going

    Jamar SmashberryJamar Smashberry27 napja
  • Imperfections are beautiful

    Chase JonesChase Jones27 napja
  • I thought thumbnail was a raw chicken

    Cal NCal N27 napja
  • Which recipe did u use??? What’s the website???

    Carlos TorresCarlos Torres27 napja
  • This is literally cody slapping his food for 10ish mins

    Lisbeth CLisbeth C28 napja
  • *yeeeEEast*

    Terri-AnneTerri-Anne28 napja
  • Cody drop the skincare routine ur skin always look so good damn

    ToubaTouba28 napja