5 Min Crafts: Baking

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5 Min Crafts: Baking
Cody Ko

  • 4:52 welcome to '5 minute crafts'? no no, welcome to 'actually starting the video five minutes in.'

    _amoonstrucktraveller_amoonstrucktraveller7 órája
  • cody looks incredible in this video

    cari romancari roman11 órája
  • So much slapping So little melted butter

    no peaceno peaceNapja
  • This is one of the most wholesome Cody videos ever

    Mary ChristMary Christ4 napja
  • 12:22 she loves the ugly duckling if we know why she's with Cody

    OutcastsOutcasts4 napja
  • am. i the onlY one who's actually concerned ..about the milk......out for an hour.... and uncovered nOpe? cool

    Katherine MichailidesKatherine Michailides4 napja
  • You just know that if Cody and kelsey have kids they're going to have the most beautiful eyes

    DeoDeo5 napja
  • He got some that night

    Cole HinshawCole Hinshaw5 napja
  • lord Farquad really has over 5 million subs it’s crazy how far he has came

    Anabelle partidaAnabelle partida6 napja
  • why did he put no cinnamon in the cinnamon rolls tf

    Siya SharmaSiya Sharma11 napja
  • what a missed opportunity to say kneaded as needed

    Fat BastardFat Bastard12 napja
  • Come on, sinking so low as to copy markiplier. Pretty much exactly the SAME as markiplier makes. He doesn't even get good views

    Iona ErofeeffIona Erofeeff12 napja
  • Imagine Cody on the great british baking show

    Taylor MackeyTaylor Mackey13 napja
  • Wait but is kody actually our unproblematic queen?

    samashaktisamashakti13 napja
  • That song is my favorite.

    KBeezy MyNeezyKBeezy MyNeezy13 napja
  • I am so mad u didnt drop the recipe

    Hele-Mai KallasHele-Mai Kallas13 napja
  • Cody: Its Perfect Also Cody: Maybe a little overbaked

    CornstonedCornstoned14 napja
  • I can’t help but imagine being a fly in a wall in this kitchen. Just watching some surfer that gave up on his dreams and disappointed his parents looking ass down champagne while smacking dough and screaming at a screen.

    Morgan EliseMorgan Elise14 napja
  • The fragile control evidently learn because september thoracically jam barring a hesitant fifth. snobbish, educated david

    Holly HansonHolly Hanson14 napja
  • thanks for all the toes bros

    Fire FoxFire Fox16 napja
  • I love Kelsie!!!

    Jordan McphillipsJordan Mcphillips16 napja
    • Kelsey** woops

      Jordan McphillipsJordan Mcphillips16 napja
  • That song at the end was great #1 triple platinum

    Like ButtonLike Button16 napja
  • I’m late but so happy that u hit 5 million

    dead girl in the pooldead girl in the pool17 napja
  • Grandpa is alone in the kitchen talking to him self again.

    Trollimus PrimeTrollimus Prime18 napja
  • cody looks best w this hair length imo

    Squarehead BagginsSquarehead Baggins18 napja
  • cody always gives me 80 year old drunkard that's stuck inside a 16 year old pov boy

    Sydney O'MaraSydney O'Mara19 napja
  • U made me feel ok when me parents were fighting so thx

    Dana ZahabiDana Zahabi19 napja
  • “Clean and cut” Says the guy with a mop on his head

    kimberly wachsmankimberly wachsman20 napja
  • Congratulations on the subs, the buns, and the babe! This video made me so happy 😅🥰

    Penny ParkerPenny Parker20 napja
  • he literally did anything but kneed it

    Fleur LewisFleur Lewis20 napja
  • he mad a molly joke guys look cody ko made a molly joke

    reklaw 77reklaw 7721 napja

    Olive SterryOlive Sterry21 napja
  • So humble🤣

    Ethan LeeEthan Lee22 napja
  • i would purchase that song

    amelia mamelia m26 napja
  • the way kelsey looks at cody it's just i just relationship goals🥺

    Just CommentsJust Comments27 napja
  • at this point this content just gives me stress agh

    Maddy VuignierMaddy Vuignier27 napja
  • This video is very breathy at the beginning

    BillCosby StoleMyWifiBillCosby StoleMyWifi28 napja
  • Cody has more subs than the entire population of Alberta, Canada - I think that's his home province. That's wild! He has enough followers to have the second largest city in Canada and I'm betting he'll surpass Toronto's population eventually.

    Madeleine CooperMadeleine Cooper28 napja
  • Video starts at 4:57 before that is talking about 5 mil and a sponsor and talking about wanting to bake. You're welcome.

    Son GaykuSon Gayku28 napja
  • Congrats Cody!!

    Saraswati ChandraSaraswati Chandra28 napja
  • why do u keep calling us chods .. :(

    goatseatoatsgoatseatoats28 napja
  • Kelseys little dance made me laugh so hard 😂

    怠惰な耳の長いフクロウ怠惰な耳の長いフクロウ29 napja
  • I kept expecting him to half-ass it like all the other 5min craft videos, but it’s kinda adorable how proud he is of himself at the end.

    Michelle MeyerMichelle Meyer29 napja
  • It’s official let’s all get in a room and have him say thank you(socially distanced though ofc)

    Supa Cool GamingSupa Cool GamingHónapja
  • "got that raw milk jus like mommy used to make" wtf lmaooo

    I dont kno lolI dont kno lolHónapja
  • It looked like you scolded your yeast. They are living organisms. You can't throw hot milk on them. It should be body temp, no warmer. If you try this again. Read the directions more carefully and slow down. Baking is very precise, you can't just fuck off.

    Mrs. BeesMrs. BeesHónapja
    • @Mrs. Bees Me pointing out that 42 is better for dry yeast isn't trying to argue. It's just me pointing out that 42 is better for dry yeast. Because, you know, it is. Or do you take anything as an arguement?

      Lusus NaturaeLusus Naturae24 napja
    • @Lusus Naturae are you really arguing over a couple of degrees? Yes 110°F is best for dry yeast. I was trying to use simple terms so a non-baker, like Cody, would understand. Also my original point stands. He killed or over activated his yeast. Yeast die when temps over 140° F(60°C). He threw boiling hot milk on to his yeast. Rule of thumb is to stick your finger in the milk and it shouldn't feel hot or cold. That's easiest for beginners that don't read directions, let alone use a thermometer.

      Mrs. BeesMrs. Bees24 napja
    • It's dry yeast so the milk should be around 42°c

      Lusus NaturaeLusus Naturae24 napja
  • ok but why did i think he was making salmon rolls

    Dee's ASMRDee's ASMRHónapja
  • 7:49 I-

  • cody popped the fuck off

    Delainey DiazDelainey DiazHónapja
  • Cinnamon roll pro tip for all my baker friends out there: pour about 1/2 cup half-and-half over them right before baking. The level of gooeyness is UNPARALLELED

    Molly With a KMolly With a KHónapja
  • cody rolling dough with a 160 $ bottle is something

    lott sulott suHónapja

    Rosa HernandezRosa HernandezHónapja
  • You appreciate me Cody? Really? 🥺

    Rosa HernandezRosa HernandezHónapja
  • 1:27 If saying thank you to each subscriber takes roughly 2 second then it would take about 116 days straight of saying thank you to each sub

    Zach AndrewZach AndrewHónapja
  • Who else thought that the sponsor was gonna be manscape No, just me....Okay 🥲

    Ballal KhanBallal KhanHónapja
  • I love how amused he was by his mama milk joke lol

    Kana BeatsKana BeatsHónapja
  • i miss this hair length

  • Them getting all excited over Cody doing a good job was so cute

    Star linedStar linedHónapja
  • I love that Cody is just kind of shit at baking. And him calling it "proving" is making me giggle. For the record, don't slap your dough. Slapping the dough will break down the starches and make the dough collapse a bit. And its "proofing" not "proving" lol

  • Cody the milk🤧

    breanna nbreanna nHónapja
  • just love u 2 LLLLOOOVVVVEEEEE

    Parsa PouriaParsa PouriaHónapja
  • "That's a lotta fuckin chodes" PLS 😭😭

    party like it's 1949party like it's 1949Hónapja
  • 8:14 *who’s your daddy*

  • "we baked" you mean Kelsey baked you put a mixer in your mouth

    Kira BaeyensKira BaeyensHónapja
  • this video is not funny, or good. Unsubscribing. Sorry Cody.

    Declan CambeyDeclan CambeyHónapja
  • leaves milk out for an hour

    Katsuki SimpKatsuki SimpHónapja
  • that's a W Ä C

  • Okay but the song at the very end, woah.

    Staci KStaci KHónapja
  • Cody did not just put his feet on the internet for free

    Ellie AndersonEllie AndersonHónapja
  • Never seen a more spanked tray of food, i'm almost jealous

    Manuela MontuoriManuela MontuoriHónapja
  • Hit 5 Mil pretty frictionlessly there

  • Proving. Cody I'm disappointed

    Torkey _JoiceTorkey _JoiceHónapja
  • Why is no one mentioning him predicting WAP when he said WAC at 12:28

  • If you involve raisins with.... Well, with anything, God doesn't like you.

  • please play the knead montage in my funeral

    Vibhor MandalVibhor MandalHónapja
  • When you have “5-min” and “baking” in the same sentence, you know this is gonna be good..

    Kevin ODonoghueKevin ODonoghueHónapja
  • they are the cutest couple in the world 🥺

    Grace RudolphGrace RudolphHónapja
  • proof of proving

    Dagan StrasDagan StrasHónapja
  • Lol

    Alex CombeiAlex CombeiHónapja
  • I love how proud of him kelsey is and how fast he devoured his creation

    tori wangtori wangHónapja
  • What recipe is he following. Can someone give me the link to that

    Tyler FarinaTyler FarinaHónapja
  • Cody and Kelsey are the cutest couple on the internet I love them so much

    Saraswathi VSaraswathi VHónapja
    • What recipe is he following. Can someone give me the link to that

      Tyler FarinaTyler FarinaHónapja
  • "Ok tIMe foR tHe rAiSANs" LMFAO

    Violet WadeViolet WadeHónapja
    • What recipe is he following. Can someone give me the link to that

      Tyler FarinaTyler FarinaHónapja
  • I thought made it in America was your favourite show of all time🤨

    l e w i sl e w i sHónapja
    • What recipe is he following. Can someone give me the link to that

      Tyler FarinaTyler FarinaHónapja
  • Is no one gonna mention the milk that was left out the ENTIRE TIME??

    Stephanie GilbertStephanie GilbertHónapja
  • 🟥🟥🟥🧢🟥🟥🟥🧢🟥🟥🟥 🟥🧢🧢🧢🟥🧢🟥🧢🟥🧢🟥 🟥🧢🧢🧢🟥🟥🟥🧢🟥🟥🟥 🟥🧢🧢🧢🟥🧢🟥🧢🟥🧢🧢 🟥🟥🟥🧢🟥🧢🟥🧢🟥🧢🧢

    Ryanveer ChouhanRyanveer ChouhanHónapja
  • When u realize Cody has almost the same amount of subs as nelk and still lives in an apartment

    John BraseJohn BraseHónapja
    • lmao this is funny. they did actually buy a fat house recently. it’s very modern & very nice

  • I like being called a chode, its weird... but I like it

    Tijana VodopijaTijana VodopijaHónapja
  • The number of times they say "Prove" instead of "Proof" 😂 ⬇️

    Experiences Over ThingsExperiences Over ThingsHónapja
  • or just like wear a glove and shake everyone’s hand too..

    Pedro PerezPedro PerezHónapja
  • Anyone see the nicotine poutches on his desk😂

    Cal SchultzCal Schultz2 hónapja
  • Cody somehow manages to look like both the teacher and the student at the same time

    Alex DuffusAlex Duffus2 hónapja
  • i took the title of this video and i found all of the words to make the word DICK

    HaloHalo2 hónapja
  • Collab with Julien and I can die happy

    Chelsea RyderChelsea Ryder2 hónapja
  • Bet drop ur cords so I can pull up and get a thanks

    Spence LincicSpence Lincic2 hónapja
  • What’s the point of letting the bread rise when you just roll all of the air that was in it right out

    PhilidorPhilidor2 hónapja
  • your eyes during the sponsor are freaky bro almost slitted pupils

    Wendy MoralesWendy Morales2 hónapja
  • I don’t care much for cinnamon rolls, but those looked like they came out really well, so good job dude 👍

    nerdwarp112nerdwarp1122 hónapja
  • this video is like watching an alcoholic with anger issues, bake cinnamon roles. and I love it!

    LouLou2 hónapja
    • @Bobie Okney ermmmmmm...

      LouLou2 hónapja
    • @Wiwit Handayani who knows

      Bobie OkneyBobie Okney2 hónapja
    • @Bobie Okney why

      Wiwit HandayaniWiwit Handayani2 hónapja
    • i hate you

      Bobie OkneyBobie Okney2 hónapja
    • this made me sad thanks a fucking lot

      Bobie OkneyBobie Okney2 hónapja
  • This video is only five months old....?

    NanaNana2 hónapja