5 Goals in 9 Minutes - The Legendary Lewandowski Show | Bayern München vs. VfL Wolfsburg

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22 September 2015: Robert Lewandowski makes Bundesliga history
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Bayern München welcomed VfL Wolfsburg to the Allianz Arena. The Wolves led 1-0 at the break - but then the Pole made his legendary appearance. In Robert Lewandowski's finest hour, the striker did something unimaginable by scoring 5 goals in 9 minutes as a substitute, a magical new Bundesliga record. In front of coach Pep Guardiola and the entire footballing world, Lewandowski set a new benchmark. The 5-1 win against Wolfsburg - a game for eternity. Will Lewandowski's record ever be broken? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.
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  • Só golaço do Lewandoswisk O brabo ( brasil)

  • Polska gurom

    Ziemas 10Ziemas 105 órája
  • Thomas Muller is strong

    مصطفى الجنابيمصطفى الجنابي8 órája
  • Wow

    مصطفى الجنابيمصطفى الجنابي8 órája
  • I'm feop poland

    kabiqkabiq8 órája
  • Poland rules

    Szymon JachimczykSzymon Jachimczyk10 órája
  • Pep's reaction was pure joy

    СССР АnthемsСССР Аnthемs13 órája
  • Lewendowski = 2 times messi

    Gaming BoYGaming BoY14 órája
  • Hack

    鷹L Y O S H A 7鷹L Y O S H A 715 órája
  • Wait that’s me

    Hyper GodHyper God18 órája
  • Legeda

    Ali DjurayevAli Djurayev20 órája
  • Imagine having him on German FPL that day.

    J p b Dude / JTVJ p b Dude / JTV21 órája
  • Ronaldo Is The Best . He Will Win The Ballon D'or 2021, IF YOU ACCEPT THIS , PLEASE 👍 Like BELOW

    Honey SudheerHoney SudheerNapja

    Skwarson BożySkwarson BożyNapja
  • O. My god 😨😨😨😱😱

    Ajinkya GamerAjinkya GamerNapja
  • Everyone comparing suarez to lewa just saying; I agree suarez can make wonderful assists but Lewas goalscoring ability is parallel to Ronaldo's (they create goals out of nothing)

    just ajmjust ajmNapja
  • The Germans fans are soo boooring espacily the Bayern Munich fans ... all of This audience Maybe More than 60 000 And you barley Hear the roar of the fans .. the Germans are soo gentle and calm they are not crazy being crazy for your team is something beautifull and spécial

    world of art and gamingworld of art and gamingNapja
  • Hello im from Poland and good match

    Trak 330Trak 330Napja
  • Guys. Listen. To. Me. Bayern is a great time, everyone loves Manchester and Liverpool. But the fact is that Bayern er the best ;)

  • Number 9 scores within 9 minutes.Coincidence? Do not think so..

    Tomasz IgnielnickiTomasz IgnielnickiNapja
  • Legend!

    mentosmentos2 napja
  • i remember this match

    Abdullah ŞebeşAbdullah Şebeş2 napja
  • He is a legend

    Ikekwen Simon osunduIkekwen Simon osundu2 napja
  • The commenters name is Shyju Damodaran

    Sourav SudeshSourav Sudesh2 napja
  • The song in 2:38 please

    Hazard BlackHazard Black2 napja
  • I love this so much

    ATL 331ATL 3312 napja
  • 3:20 👀

    Adeel TahirAdeel Tahir2 napja

    JontuśJontuś2 napja
  • This guy is a cyborg

    • DERONA •• DERONA •2 napja
  • Доктор да попусти са горким речима , нико није свој живот поред пута нашао.И више поштовања, мање рејалити душевног геноцида нације на ТВу, мање паланачког примитивизма и непотребне једноставности око нечега што не заслужује банализовање, упаковано у поштење, зрелост, здрав разум и традицију које то уствари нису. Ни једно живо биће ,не захтева да се са њиме поступа са више вештине и пажње, од човека.

    Benito GonzálezBenito González3 napja
  • Magic touch

    X MooseX Moose3 napja
  • That how Lewandowski got the müllon d'or

    Muhd HakimieMuhd Hakimie3 napja
  • Tiktok qua , đỉnh vl

    cuồng truyện tranhcuồng truyện tranh3 napja
  • 3:24

    anakLaden TKO_anakLadenanakLaden TKO_anakLaden3 napja
  • vip pro

    Thân Văn ĐiệpThân Văn Điệp3 napja
  • 💋❤️

    Hoài Thương Hoàng ThịHoài Thương Hoàng Thị3 napja
  • 3:10 everyone is looking at lewy but nobody realizes that amazing cross from lahm

    Manas GamingManas Gaming3 napja
  • Respect ✊

    Christopher AntrobusChristopher Antrobus3 napja
  • Co

    Marcin BaginskiMarcin Baginski4 napja
  • “you just can not be that good!!” 😁

    Taylor fouldsTaylor foulds4 napja
  • This is Polish power

    Karol KulaKarol Kula4 napja
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    Robby MorningRobby Morning4 napja
  • I got lewandowski in pes 21 and my opponent rage quitted because lewandowski scored 6 in 7 minutes 😂

    Sire SirolSire Sirol4 napja
  • Polska górą

    PodobasienickPodobasienick4 napja
  • every time i watch this video i fell emotion

  • Vay bee

    EAZY- EEAZY- E4 napja

    DonAnônimous ytDonAnônimous yt5 napja
  • Guardiola:Lewandowski weź strzel 5 goli w 9 min Lewandowski :chelenge akceptet

    Marcin PiłatMarcin Piłat5 napja
  • wer iz ronaldo?

    mr bombmr bomb5 napja
  • People who nearly cried |

    Joe PotterJoe Potter5 napja
  • I was 11 that time, but I still get goosebumps when I watch this. I can't understand those who say that football is just a game. No, it's not. It gives you emotions, memories and pleasure.

    Mingu PinguMingu Pingu6 napja
  • Commentator:every time Caligiuri scored a goal...they've won. Lewandowski: Hold my beer.

    Mo Khaled YTMo Khaled YT6 napja
  • me to my friend listen I'm going to get a beer. 10 minutes later , so I missed something?

    jacke Cobainjacke Cobain6 napja
  • Don't worry you've got lewangoalski

    Kayden JacksonKayden Jackson6 napja
  • 3:34 RIP Mic

    Hnich UchiwaHnich Uchiwa6 napja
  • This man deserved the ballon d or this year

    Ashit8sh AAshit8sh A6 napja
  • POLSKA GUROM!!!!1!!!!11!!!

    Jakub MitkaJakub Mitka6 napja
  • amazing performance

    Jakub MitkaJakub Mitka6 napja
  • huworld.info/to/OL82G8BMl-Mx0DxLR7UcVQ

    Campeones MundialesCampeones Mundiales6 napja
  • Mkym bide normalde atmıyor hepsi vole falan 😅 guardiola diyor mk başta alsaydım keşke tüh 20 tane atardı

    Punch RightPunch Right6 napja
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/lqFq253HiZLJoGc

    Easy way to learn ArabicEasy way to learn Arabic7 napja
  • Most of them are open goals

    santosh kumarsantosh kumar7 napja
  • Lewandowski is still waiting for Pep's marriage proposal.

    Ravish Hussain ShaikhRavish Hussain Shaikh7 napja
  • Total beast

    Adilene OjedaAdilene Ojeda7 napja
  • Wtf

    VLVL7 napja
  • What an awesome performance 😱 What a disheartening moment for Wolfsburg it will remain a history to me😇

    Nwankwo LukeNwankwo Luke7 napja
  • Wow nice!

    KhuKhu8 napja
  • Lewandowski jest tylko jeden.

    Marek WisniewskiMarek Wisniewski8 napja
  • Polska GUROM

    AlanikXAlanikX8 napja
  • Best game : 2011 Man U , Barca ucl final !

    Zafran AkramZafran Akram8 napja
  • I just love how rl9 scores 🐐🐐

    Its ComplicatedIts Complicated8 napja
  • 😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶utterly speechless nothing to say wtf this is called completely flipping the game over

    Jyoti DeshmukhJyoti Deshmukh8 napja
  • NAME : Lewandowski *NO* *NO* NAME : LewanGOALski *YES* *YES*

    Flow FlowFlow Flow8 napja

    StilkkoStilkko8 napja
  • Robert Lewandoski 5 , Wolfsburg 1 😂😂😂

    Jocstar_Jocstar_8 napja
  • Lewongoalski - Fine I’ll do it myself...

    SiyatshahebSiyatshaheb8 napja
  • 3.12 GG

  • Lewa é gol não ha quem pare esse craque tik tok - fut parodias

    RYAN XTRYAN XT9 napja
  • Who came here from pes

    Yesli TaluriYesli Taluri9 napja
  • ليفا الرائع 💚🥰👌

    Saad SaadSaad Saad9 napja
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    Saad SaadSaad Saad9 napja
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    Saad SaadSaad Saad9 napja
  • "You just cannot be that good!"

    ZacharydeLimaZacharydeLima9 napja
  • Legoaldowski

    Hung NguyenHung Nguyen9 napja
  • Commentator : "Everytime Caliguiri scored, Wolfsburg won" Lewe : Smiles.. "uh huh... Really?"

    Shopping HacksShopping Hacks10 napja
  • I think...Lewandowski is better than Messi,Ronaldo

    SCPSCP10 napja
  • Poland!!!

    Peppa pig team pepPeppa pig team pep10 napja
  • Best 9 in the human history

    سولطان بن سعيدسولطان بن سعيد10 napja
  • Robert Lewandowski the best Stricker in the world ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    boyka gonsonboyka gonson10 napja
  • I get goosebumps watching this

    Inno ZuluInno Zulu10 napja
  • Poland Mountain🇵🇱

    mikolaj komisarczykmikolaj komisarczyk10 napja
  • Craque

    Bruno GomesBruno Gomes10 napja
  • Polak rodak zawsze najlepszy

  • 0:45 you could also say that about lingard

    Theo FishlockTheo Fishlock11 napja
  • Watching 2021😁😁😁

    Panthu KaliPanthu Kali11 napja
  • it is usually Ronaldo that scores as many goals but man Lewandoski was on fire today😂

    Matthis AzzopardiMatthis Azzopardi11 napja
  • 3:35 when he broke the camera

    FifaNörd 1FifaNörd 111 napja
  • Lewa is truly one of the biggest 🐐 alongside Messi & Ronaldo

    Lukman KadujiLukman Kaduji11 napja
  • everyone: wow that last goal was amazing also the last goal: broke the camera🥸

    BõsBõs11 napja