5 Feelgood Moments in Portugal | Portuguese Grand Prix

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Ahead of our return to Portugal, we look back on five feelgood moments. From Ayrton Senna's first win, Niki Lauda's title fight, to Kimi Raikkonen's super start in 2020, sit back and enjoy!
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  • It's sad that Murray Walker - I was a big fan of him - couldn't hold back his sympathy for Alain Prost ...

    A. N. OtherA. N. Other3 napja
  • gp de portugal 1985 gp de portugal 2020 gp de portugal 1989 gp de portugal 1992 gp de portugal 1984

    Simón Miguel Vega ZúñigaSimón Miguel Vega Zúñiga8 napja
  • 2:48 wives or girlfriends are not shown anymore in current coversge

    LuisLuis13 napja
  • Perez VS Ocon in & Villeneuve VS Schumacher out?!?!?!?!

    Francesco BaginiFrancesco Bagini13 napja
  • Which of those moments was at Portimao and which at Estoril

    StevenShakeSpearStevenShakeSpear14 napja
  • Senna, the legend.

    Renato R.Renato R.14 napja
  • Portugal GP 🇵🇹 Best Regards 🏎

    Luís BitaLuís Bita14 napja
  • Who would bet on Kimi on the 2021 Portugal GP?

    AsunjiAsunji14 napja
  • Given the title, surely Sir Stirling Moss's most gentlemanly act, which happened in Porto, and which led to him just losing the world championship to Mike Hawthorn in 1958 should have been mentioned at the very least. If there is no video of the race available (though I'm sure that a call out to the world's petrolheads might find a bunch of personal film - that would be worth doing as a means to save any remaining film, by the way. Check out the BFI in Leeds - I'm pretty sure they do the same thing), I'm positive there would be stills. Showing that not only did the old-fashioned gentleman of the track really exist, but there is filmed proof of it, might remind today's drivers (and other sports people and fans) that to be considered one of the greatest people of all time is even better than just one of the most skilled in whatever they do. The latter will always be a part of statistical analyses (and arguments), the former will bring people together in agreement. I think we need that.

    Mandy BMandy B15 napja
  • 1984 Portugal podium was the one where you could really appreciate its greatness only years later. At the time there was three-time world champion, a top driver who had not yet won a title and a driver who had just completed his rookie season, getting few podiums in not so competitive machinery.

    SinisetSiniset15 napja
  • Seriously? TWO of those moments from last year??

    Hammer handHammer hand15 napja
  • Villeneuve around the outside of Schumacher in 97!

    PMGFPMGF15 napja
  • Does anyone know the audio track being used? It sounds superb.

    Jeroen JongenJeroen Jongen15 napja

    CesarinoF1CesarinoF115 napja
  • Senna, Lauda, Portugal......ahhh!!! que bella la F1!!!!!

    Adrian SmithAdrian Smith15 napja
  • Kimi's opening lap from last year will be considered one of the best of all time in the future

    Joseph ReynoldsJoseph Reynolds16 napja
  • wheres smooth operator?

    Jose lopez maestreJose lopez maestre16 napja
  • Senna. 1985. Enough said.

    Daniel MeloDaniel Melo16 napja
  • Portugal 🇵🇹🇵🇹

    Eduardo CruzEduardo Cruz16 napja
  • :

    Jemma MilesJemma Miles16 napja
  • 0:08 and 2:28: Yes, things have changed, but I wouldn't voluntarily go on a live race track when cars are fast approaching. People were brave back in the day.

    TheJokerit19TheJokerit1916 napja
  • can’t wait for this year’s race!!

    Daphne MontecilloDaphne Montecillo17 napja
  • Senna, Senna, Senna!!!

    synaptik111synaptik11117 napja
  • Tbh Portugal should be on the next years calendar, it's such a great track I love to see it

    AndREEEEEAndREEEEE17 napja
  • Senna, Niki, and Prost on the podium, what a beautiful sight to behold.

    wa gewa ge17 napja
  • Kimi: bwoah 😎

    edgar albaedgar alba17 napja
  • lauda's wife looks exactly like in the movie!!

    Chris PallaresChris Pallares17 napja
  • Ayrton 🥺🥺🥺

    Raphael JuniorRaphael Junior17 napja
  • Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene asechados”

    Laura MárquezLaura Márquez17 napja
  • Actually Kimi dropped to 17th at start so basically he overtook 11 positions. Proof that 20 yrs later, he's still got it.

    Umang SrivastavaUmang Srivastava17 napja
  • there were other cars with softs do, but they didint do anything, Kimi charged from 17th to 6th in inferior car. He has clearly above average confidence in those rare conditions, where track is so cold and dusty as it was that time, and it showed. Kimi does ice racing on winters, perhaps its where he gained that type of skill.

    Mikko LappalainenMikko Lappalainen17 napja
  • Resilients 🇵🇹🌍

    Diogo F.Diogo F.17 napja
  • I hope enjoyed next race!

    Donny LaneDonny Lane17 napja
    • Portugal 🇵🇹

      Donny LaneDonny Lane17 napja
  • Senna 🇧🇷

    Canal Do EduCanal Do Edu17 napja
  • Perez v Ocon actually started earlier in the lap, at turn 3, didn't it?

    Nuno SalvaterraNuno Salvaterra17 napja
  • Grande kimi :)

    Mustafa KüçükoğluMustafa Küçükoğlu17 napja
  • Senna, Prost and Lauda in the same podium. Can't get better than this.

    UrieUrie17 napja
  • Senna 85. Maiden win, grand chelem.

    Claudio EstevesClaudio Esteves17 napja
  • Onyx on the podium in 1989

    Alexandre AmirizianAlexandre Amirizian17 napja
  • cant believe they cut out the first half a lap of the perez ocon fight, cant wait to see more of that at the weekend

    paint sanpaint san17 napja
  • Lauda... das ist alles!

    DKWDKW17 napja
  • April 21, 1985.... One day unforgettable on Senna's life.

    Wilbirá MirandaWilbirá Miranda17 napja
  • How is number 3 a "feelgood" moment? it was just a battle between two midfielders. How can it compare to someone winning the championship there

    apxapx17 napja
  • Senna first win was in Monaco, but, Prost cried more then the rain that day and stole it.

    MrElpajitaMrElpajita17 napja
  • 🇵🇹🎢🥰

    Marco FernandesMarco Fernandes17 napja
  • Even tho I'm no fan of the Mercedes dominance and sir Lewis Hamilton he's missing on the list

    useruser17 napja
  • Kimi last year was unstoppable

    CustomNameCustomName17 napja
    • Indeed

      OYCOYC17 napja
    • i insist what u doin here go back to discord dude

      Sebastian SordoSebastian Sordo17 napja
  • Pérez vs. Ocon is on here, but not Hamilton's brilliant, record-breaking 92nd win? 🤨

    Elliot CrossanElliot Crossan17 napja
  • Kimi had a great start and short shifting. Not just for the memes.

    Liam TurnerLiam Turner17 napja
  • Portugal! 🇵🇹 🏁 🏎

    Andre MoraisAndre Morais17 napja
  • Lauda, Prost and Senna. 10 World titles in a single podium! Ps: Portugal caralho!!

    TeixeiraTeixeira17 napja
  • Grand Prix is my life

    Chief Captain OverlordChief Captain Overlord17 napja
  • In the name of all Portugueses here I go: PORTUGAL CARALHOOO

    Daniel BreiaDaniel Breia17 napja
  • Ayrton’s first win in wet conditions was a masterpiece

    Matt HMatt H17 napja
  • Kimi's first lap was just awesome

    GeorgeGeorge17 napja
  • Awesome Portuguese moments.

    Lightening McQueenLightening McQueen17 napja
  • Sena ... como vc adoraria ver a evolução dos carros

    DELTADELTA17 napja
  • The things I would do to have Portugal host a GP next year, and the years after...

    JohnnasJohnnas17 napja
  • GoPortugal🇵🇹🇵🇹

    Lucas MouraLucas Moura17 napja

    80s F1 Fan80s F1 Fan17 napja
  • Niki Lauda had no pole positions for the entire season and usually qualified around 8th or 9th place sometimes even further back. He beat Prost in quali only 3 or 4 times during the whole season but always came back during the races to win them and genuinely raced people. This is how you win championships not this plagiat Lewis Hamilton titles... 1984' and win by 0.5 points will forever be legendary...

    Dani BudalićDani Budalić17 napja
  • No Sprint races!!!! Bring back old quali!!!

    Rafael MedeirosRafael Medeiros17 napja
  • 🇵🇹🏁

    Moises SimoesMoises Simoes17 napja
  • The oficial and water F1

    CRISTIAN 251CRISTIAN 25117 napja
  • Senna's first win was truly remarkable by those conditions and against legends such as Lauda, Prost or Mansell

    InexpugnabilisInexpugnabilis17 napja
  • Great podium Estoril 1984 with Prost, Lauda and Senna and one of the most exciting championships in history.

    Francesco ZaneFrancesco Zane17 napja
  • Although I find Estoril better than Portimao by a slight margin, Both tracks are better than many tracks on the calendar, so I'd take both actually.

    Mihzvol WuriarMihzvol Wuriar17 napja
  • All of 5hose were great but 92 wins for lewis should be an honorable mention

    Francis MartinezFrancis Martinez17 napja
  • Every Kimi overtaking, the pitstop crew must be cheering everytime

    Patrick CesalestaPatrick Cesalesta17 napja
  • 🏁🏎️🔥👌🇵🇹

    Vini AlmeidaVini Almeida17 napja
  • For me Villeneuve's overtake around the outside of the last corner on Schumacher in 1996 is missing.

    Wolfgang WeberWolfgang Weber17 napja
  • This video should have 10 moments at least, there’s plenty to choose from, just read the comments

    nazartnazart17 napja
  • What about Lewis breaking the record for most wins?

    Francisco GomesFrancisco Gomes17 napja
  • Where is Villeneuve’s maneuver on Schumacher in 1996? With his IndyCar experience he was able to pass Schumacher from the outside in the Parabolica. Oh, and it was only Villeneuve’s first year in this business...

    David LewDavid Lew17 napja
  • Senna's victory It was the beginning of everything

    K 16K 1617 napja
  • Kimi's start was amazing! Even at that age, in an uncompetitive Alfa, he went from P17 to P6. The man still has it, and should race on until he thinks he's done

    Vyas PonnuriVyas Ponnuri17 napja
  • Niki

    Scott's ThoughtsScott's Thoughts17 napja
  • Dear Formula 1, please keep portimao, Imola and mugello on the calendar next year.

    chicken6000chicken600017 napja
  • Did we see that Ocon v Perez on cameras? Can't remember it.

    Hermann26Hermann2617 napja
  • Kimi on 4: Overtakes 10 cars Mansell on 3: Overtakes 3 cars Logik?

    NepTuneNepTune17 napja
    • Mansell overtook 3 cars in the same move in a car with 40% of the downforce said cars today

      Majority of 1Majority of 117 napja
  • These portugese crouds are wild man, specially in rally racing

    Sushil SapkotaSushil Sapkota17 napja
    • And specially Fafe Power Stage!!

      Fábio PaulinoFábio Paulino17 napja
  • Once again '93 is ignored. Watched it as a kid and still maintain it is 1 of the greatest drives by anyone ever. In this case it was 'the Michael' but watch it. the last 30L are a treat. (Perhaps not for Mika or Gerhard though.) -U10

    Ultegra10SPDUltegra10SPD17 napja
  • No MSC 1993? What?! My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined! /now I need pancakes/

    Elvijs LasisElvijs Lasis17 napja
  • Prost, Lauda and Senna sharing the podium... 😎

    GreedyMonkey69GreedyMonkey6917 napja
  • Poooooortugaaaaaal🇵🇹

    Joana de Quintanilha MantasJoana de Quintanilha Mantas17 napja
  • Bwoah, It was nice to do some overtaking....

    Devendra SinghDevendra Singh17 napja
  • 2:42 the most legendary podium I have ever seen

  • Estoril. Much better track 👌🏻

    sdstewart87sdstewart8717 napja
  • fantastic .......

    Adonis Top of MenAdonis Top of Men17 napja
  • This Title Lauda (1984), 3th... Senna very participle in Monaco - 1984. Lauda say: "Thanks Ayrton!"

    Eduardo Antonio Di CavalcantiEduardo Antonio Di Cavalcanti17 napja
  • You had a chance to Give us classic commentary from Murray going manic on mansell passing 3 cars and you gave us.... that

    Brum RacingBrum Racing17 napja
  • Magician Senna! Estoril.

    Eduardo Antonio Di CavalcantiEduardo Antonio Di Cavalcanti17 napja
  • Thats the stuff we want to see on a racing channel! racing, emotions coming from the fights! legends on 4 wheels. Leave the other stuff to the boulevard press!

    XMLXML17 napja
  • FeelsGoodMan

    Adam the bestAdam the best17 napja
  • 2:40 one of the most iconic podiums ever

    glumandinoglumandino17 napja
  • "Kimi in another state"

    Mighty_RBLXMighty_RBLX17 napja
  • Every F1 driver under rainy conditions: *struggles* Ayrton: 0:11

    Bruno Lima DiasBruno Lima Dias17 napja
  • Bwoah

    Daktus05Daktus0518 napja

    EricEric18 napja
  • Perez and Ocon over Villeneuve passing Schumacher? What is going on with this channel?

    Ciaron SmithCiaron Smith18 napja