4K HDR 60FPS ● Bike Chase Scene (Gemini Man) ● Dolby Vision ● Dolby Atmos

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  • 8:57 who noticed he said kamina only hindu can relate like if you know

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  • this looks great when played back on my PC on my oled TV but when using built in tv app or firestick I don't like it. wasn't a fan of 60fps movies but after trying on PC I would prefer fast action films in 60fps now

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  • I am watching this on a smartphone with HDR supported display but whenever I play it display goes faded yellow and dull and also in normal player of the phone it goes dull and I checked other HDR phones they are facing the same issue while playing HDR videos do anybody knows the fix Pls help.

    Mrinal DuttaMrinal Dutta3 napja
  • What's a movie name please tell me 🙏🏻

    Alex DasAlex Das4 napja
  • On my oled LG 65 CX this movie (and this video) it’s illegal, my god obsolutely incredible This is my “next gen” like (and with) Avatar 3D

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  • Soap Opera looks like 60fps

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  • Should call the cops

    savvas christoforousavvas christoforou7 napja
    • They did

      savvas christoforousavvas christoforou7 napja
  • Wow😘

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  • This is too real. The colors, the lack of artistic lighting, or even a color palette, the 60fps footage, the resolution. Goodness gracious. Somehow, the realism makes this a bit... ugly. Only because there's not much artistic expression in the film, like it's the stuff you see with your own eyes. Reality is ugly sometimes... Or maybe it's just the fact that we've seen "prettier" films. In the raw-footage-ness style of filming, it made everything look cheap.

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  • Gemini movie clips are the best hdr clips i have ever seen

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  • Man really reloads his bikes more then his guns

    David The PercussionistDavid The Percussionist12 napja
  • 99% of the people here in the comments are just pretends who probably heard someone saying that HFR movies look unrealistic and stuck on to that opinion. Not only is HFR better in every way, it also reduces strain in our eyes by a huge extent when trying to make out simple details in the movie, especially when watching with subtitles. Don't take my word for it, and don't just watch 5 minute clips on HUworld, which would obviously make you feel like you're watching a short video and not an actual movie. Instead, buy the Blu-Ray or an HFR digital download and watch it on your TV with the lights off, like you would for any regular movie. Don't compromise the cinematic experience and you will see what I'm talking about.

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  • That was awesome...

    OzilusOzilus13 napja
  • 60 fps is uncomfortably smooth to watch, it will take a while for me to get used to it

    The AgamerThe Agamer15 napja
  • Please update the full movie 🎥

    Shyam PunShyam Pun15 napja
  • Looks like a real life documentary

    Avocado 76Avocado 7617 napja
  • I got to see this movie in 3D 120fps; one of the best cinematic experiences of my life :) I wish this tech could continue

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  • Viendo la escena, y sirve de que conozco la bella ciudad de Cartagena de indias :v

    DrakeDrake18 napja
  • It looks so good on my phone ☺️

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  • Watching on an iPhone 12 Pro Max, this looks crazy delicious! I’m super impressed at the level of detail

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  • This looks amazing 😲

    Rock HardRock Hard22 napja
  • Which streaming services offer this kind of movies? 4k 60 fps? This shit is awesome!

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  • блевать тянет от 60 fps в кино,это 2d графика,зачем тут 60 кадров?content support crazy man vision

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  • Dolby vision FPS 60 is really impressive 😍 i fell that I am inside movie 🍿

    Ioane KirkitadzeIoane Kirkitadze24 napja
  • This scene looks insane at 60fps. We're used to seeing film in 24fps, but for action like this it looks pretty amazing. Some people think it makes it look too "real" and too much like video, but it's fitting for certain content.

  • I say all action movies should be offered in 60fps too

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  • Ahh yuck, no. Will keep 60fps for games, this looks too wierd.

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  • Pretty enjoyable to watch from iPhone 12 :)

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  • 6:22 tats awsome dude😎

    Rajdeep DebRajdeep Deb29 napja
  • Why is it looking weired.

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  • Looks like carl johnson riding sanchez 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Awesome visuals and awesome special effects!

  • Now i understand 24 n 60 very interesting

  • 2160p60fps HDR ... youtube started providing these setting now...

    S R SandersonS R SandersonHónapja
  • No cinematic grading colour

  • preview: GTA SA with rtx???

  • This completely ruins the cinematic experience. This looks like behind the scenes footage.

    Mr FreemanMr FreemanHónapja
  • what a bad camera man

    Vitali EisenbraunVitali EisenbraunHónapja
  • everything of the stunt is so realistic except the scene when the bike hit the side of the car at 8:35. Not even a scratch, seriously?

    Mohd Nasyit StudioMohd Nasyit StudioHónapja
  • The last volkswagen not crashes and changes the color from silver to white 8:28

    Rafayel HovhannisyanRafayel HovhannisyanHónapja
  • our eyes are so used to the standard 24fps that picture looks fast forwarding in sometimes

    Laxmikant BagartiLaxmikant BagartiHónapja
  • 24 FPS and 30 FPS are garbage, high refresh is the future

  • I think the image was actually pretty interesting to see in 60. I think they should do more of these. I think the thing that threw me off the most was the occasional CGI and mostly the sound design. Didn't seem to match very well. It was sound and music of a standard action film but this is not one.

  • looks like video game

  • This is how you guys plays PUBG right?

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  • Wow I play this on my phone Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra and the oled screen turn brightness and those details is so good on 2K Hdr 60fps

    Matthew TanMatthew TanHónapja
  • I accidentally day dreamed while watching this and felt like will smith was gonna ran me over

    Elijah Jess BerouElijah Jess BerouHónapja
  • lol this doesn't look like a movie at all

    Alfath MuqoddasAlfath MuqoddasHónapja
  • Who else thought it's gta SA CJ bike chase gameplay 😂

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  • I honestly got to say, holy cow 4K60 HDR is amazing. I understand some may not like it, but since our Oled supports 4k120 HDR and games with ray tracing blow me away, I'd really like a 4k120 HDR film, so far the whole family feels it not only helps immersions, but gives depth, and better sense of fluidity to the films. Truly loved Gemini Man, about to get the Star Wars 4k Box Set!

    Steeze GodSteeze GodHónapja
  • Are they using animation here?

    Xae 12Xae 12Hónapja
  • Looks clean af on the S21

  • Watching this on a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and 😱😳.... Looks incredible

  • Now imagine that at 120fps instead of 60..

    • @Some Dank Boi This isn’t games

      Malik KellyMalik Kelly12 órája
    • @Hank Hill nah fam 144fps or 240fps all the way

      Some Dank BoiSome Dank Boi10 napja
    • I think 90 would be better suited for movies

      Hank HillHank HillHónapja
  • 480p highest resolution

    095 IX sem Akshay Pawar095 IX sem Akshay PawarHónapja
  • 2:20 el príncipe del rap

  • my eyes !!!!!!!!!!

    the jdmguythe jdmguyHónapja
  • HUworld now allows us to watch in 4K finally Samsung Note 10plus

    Son Of Ogun FitnessSon Of Ogun FitnessHónapja
  • That's a good looking video game.

    Nova VerseNova VerseHónapja
  • Personally, I got used to the 60fps pretty quick. Actually looks kinda nice IMO.

  • this movie looks terrible

  • It looks like when you go to universal studios and see a staged scene from Backdraft or Indiana Jones.

  • gta 6 when me and my boy get sanchezes

  • no movie should ever be filmed in 60fps or converted that way, damn this looked terrible. It comes across like an amateur film.

    Not So CriticalNot So CriticalHónapja
  • It is not 4K 60 FPS, it is running on RTX 3090 2-way NVLink.

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  • Movie name

    Malik SarimMalik SarimHónapja
  • Who's here after Irfan View?? 🙋

    Arvind ThayiruArvind ThayiruHónapja
  • this movie make me 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • It looks good , real , not fast shadows , this is future , no guessing what is happening, you can finally see it 60fps all the way , most people saying it looks like a soap opera , I bet they have never even seen one . Studios dont like this cause they have to work harder from now on

    dansenausadansenausa2 hónapja
  • I don’t know what people complain about. Looks good.

    DaltiraDaltira2 hónapja
  • 60fps look alike a soap opera

    Michele Sambo 360DMichele Sambo 360D2 hónapja
    • This is 60fps ?????

      Brandon BarrettBrandon Barrett5 napja
    • broooo it does wowwww haaa

      ShontrailShontrail13 napja
    • @jerc hongkong Absolutely agree with you. HFR is the brakethrough we have been waiting for so long

      Michael KnightMichael Knight18 napja
    • @Ronal Martinez Soap oreras are shot in 30 fps.

      Michael KnightMichael Knight18 napja
    • @4K Clips And Trailers In this day and age where information and content come at a pace so fast, that people lose interest quickly…..yea….haters are gonna hate lol

      Ronal MartinezRonal Martinez22 napja
  • It looks like a videogame

    M DM D2 hónapja
  • 60fps o more for national geographic

    Mercyful FateMercyful Fate2 hónapja
  • in 60fps the stars are no longer stars...tom cruise knows

    Mercyful FateMercyful Fate2 hónapja
  • In whatching It in 1080p60fps Redmi Note 9

    Carlo MCCarlo MC2 hónapja
  • It looks pretty good, shame the movie is not that good

    Michael DavidMichael David2 hónapja
  • So smooth that it's irritating my eyes

    _śrąťš_īņ_ ęvøł_śrąťš_īņ_ ęvøł2 hónapja
  • That camera is better than my eyes 🤣

    _śrąťš_īņ_ ęvøł_śrąťš_īņ_ ęvøł2 hónapja
  • Lemmino brought me here

    Jerry LeJerry Le2 hónapja
  • i came just to test my new display HDR and now i got to see the dam movie :D

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  • Lemino if ur watching this recently....

    REDHOTREDHOT2 hónapja
  • What's the movie name ?

    Suraj VankhedeSuraj Vankhede2 hónapja
    • it's in the title of the video: "Gemini Man"

      REDHOTREDHOT2 hónapja
  • If valve made CSGO realistic

    EdelwenEdelwen2 hónapja
  • Videogames at 30fps: Unplayable Movies at 60fps: Unwatchable

    Pectoralis MajorPectoralis Major2 hónapja
  • Iam checking my internet speed 😂

    SUHAIL AnsariSUHAIL Ansari2 hónapja
  • High refresh rate is generally better but when it is used at movies, leads effects to be noticed. Nice video btw.

    Harun OKUDUCUHarun OKUDUCU2 hónapja
  • 2:20 "Enemies ahead" 😂 2:32 " help I am being surrounded" 5:17 " You knocked out by felling from high location

    Unplugged RoasterUnplugged Roaster2 hónapja
  • RIP Data

    NautixNautix2 hónapja
  • 2:30 cayó perico in gta

  • looks like shot on iPhone :)

    Евгений МатовыйЕвгений Матовый2 hónapja
  • Shot on iPhone

    Thi RananThi Ranan2 hónapja
  • Os vídeos ficam estranhos em 60fps kk

    Murilo Canuto • há 9 anos atrásMurilo Canuto • há 9 anos atrás2 hónapja
  • This movie fucking sucks, but looks beautiful

    No.No.2 hónapja
  • The thumbnail looks like a scene from GTA San Andreas lol

    MythotiMythoti2 hónapja
  • I actually think the action scene in 60fps adds something exciting to it, in 24fps would feel like a typical action movie that I wouldn't bother to watch.

    Sebastian LiXiangSebastian LiXiang2 hónapja
    • Same, I was actually very immersed in what would have otherwise been a pretty standard and forgettable action sequence, because of how real the scenes look in 60fps. I was scared that the actors were going to die in some of those stunts.

  • This film looks like something pulled out of a video game

    Asil MehaboobAsil Mehaboob2 hónapja
  • 2:17 Fucking camper

    J ColezJ Colez2 hónapja
  • This looks really goofy, hope people will at some point put down the massive escalation of commitment shades that came together with their 10k setup.

    EpiKuroEpiKuro2 hónapja
  • I have a question, this video has some motion blur, I guess it's a good thing, not bad, but the question is: is the motion blur real optical on this video? or is it made artificially by software?

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