3 Dollar Homemade Ramen | But Cheaper

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No, this isn't instant ramen so don’t ask. I'm talking about the gourmet ramen that costs $15 or more for a single bowl! That's just unacceptable so I'll show you how to make homemade gourmet miso ramen for just 3 dollars that'll make all categories of ramen from fancy to instant look bad.
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  • Chef Joshua, can you please make a vegetarian version for the vegetarians?

    killer jawkiller jaw3 órája
  • Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits from WHATABURGER 🧡🤍🧡🤍

    Y MY MNapja
  • Why do I always get deadpool vibes from you

  • I'm going to try this today!

    • I did it! I fed my entire family but my sister had to bail me out with the cooking T-T It was soooo good!

  • Them are some sweet onion pubes you diced up there man.

    Jay WJay WNapja
  • Ramen cost less than 10 dollars in my area, on average a bowl of ramen costs 4-6 dollars. :)

    LilianaLiliana2 napja
  • I feel like this is what culenary commentary by Ryan Reynolds would sound like

    Ja NaJa Na2 napja
  • My fav way to make shin ramyun noodles is to boil the noodles first, then take them out while they're kinda raw (like pasta) and fry it in butter. While that is frying I add in some olive oil and more butter and turn the heat down so it doesn't burn, then I add in other stuff depending on how many ingredients I have in my dorm fridge, fried eggs, cheese, garlic paste, garlic oil its all fair game, then I add in the flavoring and other packets in Tastes so good, so spicy very nice for less than $2 (Canadian dollars so its a little cheaper). I am not a good cook, but I can save money :D

    Nachiketa KumarNachiketa Kumar2 napja
  • UMAI!!

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  • ❤️

    Amy WinehouseAmy Winehouse3 napja
  • Make vegetarian version of this,,, why does no cooking youtuber caters to vegetarians or vegans. You can just mention substitutes of them in the video itself

    samiksha gargsamiksha garg4 napja
  • Proper noodles don't add that much time nor money, but the flavor is way better than instant ramen! Think, viewer, think!

    Tim BelayTim Belay4 napja
  • Emm the miso ramen is from Japan while the Shin ramyun is from Korea. Totally different.... nothing to be compared...

    Nyses GohNyses Goh5 napja
  • 1.21$ for a carton of eggs?!?!? I wanna live wherever he does cause eggs are 6$ a carton where I live :(

    JordynJordyn5 napja
  • I stumbled upon this channel, and I’m so glad I did. I love this guy.

    Alexis GascaAlexis Gasca6 napja
  • if you would actually answer... i get that the bowl is cheap for what you get. but maybe a week long menu? i really don't want to eat the same thing times over. and if i have leftover spring onions they can't last and .... could you maybe be more realistic?

    Jayne BlackwaterJayne Blackwater6 napja
  • I always watch your channel when im hungry

    ff6 napja
  • 7:10

    GodSpeed IOSGodSpeed IOS7 napja
  • josh you have a competitor huworld.info/flow/vide/zXds35zRj8fXbqI

    James HuffmanJames Huffman7 napja
  • Another superb recipe from the master. I even get to save some money to buy some proper ramen bowls that are ludicrously expensive.

    linuxgreybeardlinuxgreybeard8 napja
  • I always get excited seeing i could eat great food for such a low cost. until I realise the title did not include the time cost required lmao

    ryan choiryan choi9 napja
  • You should do one but with mi Goreng nood

    Katelyn PorterKatelyn Porter10 napja
  • How many 🥣 do you have to make to get it to that price.

    Al fultonAl fulton11 napja
  • I have found my new favorite channel!! Can’t wait to make!

    Bina PGHBina PGH12 napja
  • Josh just got jealous that the ramen was made quicker 😂😂😂

    Kimo OlacioKimo Olacio12 napja
  • Is this like a troll video or is he being seriously?

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  • If you're buying cup noodles or some other shit over shin then I dont wanna know you. BUT real daddies make the tasty hot bowl of noodz seen before us. Praise the Alldaddy.

    FreshDouganFreshDougan14 napja
  • Take the time and cost to make the marinated eggs. Please. It's so good

    Samantha NihsenSamantha Nihsen14 napja
  • 0:48 that’s what she said

    Marquis de LafayetteMarquis de Lafayette15 napja
  • I LOVE corn in my Ramen 💜 my family thinks I'm weird

    Harley QuinnHarley Quinn16 napja
  • Uncle roger should see this

    Hannisa SandiHannisa Sandi16 napja
  • Just made it, that was delicious thank you.

    Ben JacksonBen Jackson16 napja
  • 4:13 Those vocals 🔥

    Manav JaisonManav Jaison16 napja
  • Hey josh your videos are awesome. This papa approves lol anyways instead of referencing your haters in your videos reference your positive posts I bet you have tons

    Scott LScott L16 napja
  • i think im in love with you👨‍👨‍👦

    Judah PenneyJudah Penney17 napja
  • um is there anything u can replace the pork w for vegetarians lmao

    •nnxkka••nnxkka•17 napja
  • Can any of these steps be done ahead of time/in bulk so I can make it once and have it for several meals?? Love ramen but I’m pretty busy.

    Tova WeisbergTova Weisberg17 napja
  • Please do a but cheaper lobster roll! Got my first one in NH and cost $20! Oh but it was so good!

    Analise WheelerAnalise Wheeler18 napja
  • too many ads..

    www.optionancoll.comwww.optionancoll.com18 napja
  • I just made this today!! It was amazing and even boyfriend approved (fussy eater 🙄)! Yum yummmm! 🍜

    Shamar FewsonShamar Fewson18 napja
  • Ay papa can you do potato donuts please

    Cody WoloshynCody Woloshyn18 napja
  • corn.... in ramen...?

    Jewtube - Censor Yourself. Or we'll do it for youJewtube - Censor Yourself. Or we'll do it for you18 napja
  • Ngl, I expected him to make the broth and show it, this is kinda underwhelming for a "But cheaper"

    MRCMRC19 napja
  • 3 dollar ramen?!? They said it couldn’t be done but wow did you do it! Haha great video what a yummy recipe!

    Chop HappyChop Happy19 napja
  • How many servings is this recipe?

    Justus HollowayJustus Holloway19 napja
  • Yeah sure your eggs has to cook for 7 minutes and get that nice soft boiled egg NOT you wasted two of my perfectly good eggs the egg white was wet and gloppy

    Kai YuanKai Yuan19 napja
  • Tbh, I think the instant ramen is better, it's been there since my childhood. Okay, I'm biased with ramen noodles, but I still think that.

    Hannah LeHannah Le19 napja
  • Thos eggs !! 😍

    Sarah AndersonSarah Anderson19 napja
  • What if a carton of eggs is $3.90 where you live, not $1.20?...

    Ryan MartinRyan Martin19 napja
  • OMFG who is this Papi?! I mean, Papa. It’s my first time here. Apologies. And. I’M HOOKED if I get to COOK with this papi.

    GlamourPuss, M.D.GlamourPuss, M.D.20 napja
  • Look at Mister Fancy Pants with his French Staub pot

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  • The corn 😂😂🌽

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  • Hey Josh, make OMURICE!

    Tarik Al NehalTarik Al Nehal20 napja
  • Please never say "papa's hot miso juice" ever again.

    Diana HDiana H20 napja
  • what is wrong with this guy?? i just wanted a recipe for my instant noodle cake and this guy is 'memeing' every 5 seconds? and the jokes arent even funny just close up and voice filters and 'papa' no x. Do better man.

    tankie celltankie cell20 napja
  • I would like to see shrimp and grits. I had this at a restaurant for $17.5 and was amazing borderline phenomenal but would love to do it from home for cheaper. It was 2 cheesy grit square patties grilled with a layer of spinach between surrounded and topped with a hefty portion of shrimp and a what I can only describe as a buttery cheese sauce.

    Matthew KingMatthew King20 napja
  • Looks super delicious! I'm so excited to try this one!

    Rachelle ShuteRachelle Shute21 napja
  • Jay Dub a is a Gourmet Spirit Animal

    SwimmingBirdSwimmingBird21 napja
  • Soooo when are we doing but cheaper poke bowls 👀

    Matt Hinkamp CooksMatt Hinkamp Cooks21 napja
  • Idk the ground pork here would be like 12 dollars

    Insomniac SquadInsomniac Squad21 napja
  • There is so much nude- noodles

    HugursHugurs21 napja
  • Amazing I would never think this would cost $3

    Switch RasenSwitch Rasen21 napja
  • Well done! What kind of dashi did you use for this recipe?

    Daniel MacGregorDaniel MacGregor21 napja
  • Dude ty I made one really close to urs I was not disappointed omg my mouth loves me for this dude so glad I made it if I could put a pic here I would looks amazing and taste o so good

    Mrmatt55Mrmatt5521 napja
  • Uncle Rodger will be all over this about the broth

    Joshua MorganJoshua Morgan21 napja

    Boris KljaicBoris Kljaic22 napja
  • Isn't the price inaccurate?

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  • fire vid n fire instrumental at the end with the b-roll

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  • The way you defended the corn made every person who questioned it try it.

    YourMomGoogleYourMomGoogle22 napja
  • I feel ya about the corn, Bruh. Theres nothing worse than mushy corn,...unless it's corn out of a can.

    KeDe GlowKeDe Glow22 napja
  • We went to Tan Phat (in Tampa, FL) today and came home and made this!!! Absolutely delicious!!!

    Renee DeMasso - GriffinRenee DeMasso - Griffin23 napja
  • wer ist auch deutsch?

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  • But... it comes out to like $13.00

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  • Ok now tonkotsu pls

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  • Is this instant ramen?

    Carlos Joaquin Cuellar TobarCarlos Joaquin Cuellar Tobar24 napja
    • jk Josh, awesome video!

      Carlos Joaquin Cuellar TobarCarlos Joaquin Cuellar Tobar24 napja
  • I made this last night for me and my family! Bloody delicious!! I couldn’t get hold of any Hon Dashi, so I just put about a tablespoon of fish sauce in, perfect! Thanks Josh!!

    Sasha15MitchellSasha15Mitchell24 napja
  • This is a but better, a but cheaper, a but faster, a but simpler and a but healthier

    CretaceousXCretaceousX24 napja
  • When you realise the majority of the cost go to the noodle

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  • Where the tare?! Where the tare?! -Uncle Roger

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  • 1:26

    John DoeJohn Doe24 napja
  • 7:49 You are welcome 😁

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    • @CretaceousX I prefer 7:49

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    • Thank you 7:48

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  • Josh, my partner doesn’t eat meat or dairy but eats egg. How can I make a substitute broth for ramen for her?

    Shiri GornickiShiri Gornicki25 napja
  • *Its so small and im looking at it* Thats waht *she* said

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  • your math is flawed.

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  • mmmm

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  • Uncle roger review incoming 😛

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  • okay so this is my first time watching the but cheaper episodes and bro I vibed to the intro music at 0:15 until it ended

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  • Shin instant ramen is goated

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  • 0:48 Thats what she said

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  • Was that "big" voice effect taken from No Dunks?

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  • 3 dollar just the first meat will be 4 dollar in my country

    fu-ck youtubefu-ck youtube27 napja
  • Lost me at Sugar!

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  • When you are in Indonesia, nothing but cheapers Indomie.

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  • NO more rolex?

  • So much measuring. You were meant to use feeling. Throw random shiet in. I think Uncle Roger will have to review your viedo once more...

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  • did he say Miso Ramen? Uncle Roger gonna come and k ll him

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  • Your voice is so fokking annoying.

    Romario RoepanRomario Roepan27 napja
  • Your videos are awesome! Can you do a but better episode on gyros? I love gyros but I’ve never found a place that makes the meat/sausage themselves.

    Isaac SIsaac S27 napja
  • why didn't you add the ground pork price?

    Onslaught GamezOnslaught Gamez27 napja
    • Ground pork price is stated. $1.28

      CretaceousXCretaceousX24 napja