27 Life-Saving Camping Hacks You Have To Know

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Amazing camping tricks and ideas that will change your life

Do you have any last-minute plans this summer? Since most of us just spend our holidays at home, it might be a good idea to go out and explore nature. Maybe a camping adventure will be the perfect get-away. If you haven’t decided where you’re going next, I’m sharing with you some cool and amazing camping hacks you can try in nature that will save you money this summer.
For starters, I show you some cool tricks with cling film/plastic wrap in the wild. One of them is to use it to warm up your body when you’re cold.
If it’s too windy and you can’t start a fire, wrap your matches in some insulation tape and then light them.
Watch the video to see some tasty meals you can try in the wild and other important emergency hacks.

1:03 - A DIY waterproof case for your phone
2:26 - Cool hacks for your matches in windy weather
3:36 - DIY whistle from a soda can
5:57 - Emergency natural deodorant
7:47 - Tasty outdoors cooking
10:31 - Easy cooking trick inside a soda can
13:27 - DIY emergency compass
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