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25 INAPPROPRIATE MOMENTS IN SPORTS: huworld.info/flow/vide/yYef04vApa-TaZ4
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  • Bs video

    NightRaidNightRaid9 órája
  • why you spoiling ???

    szymon bogdanowiczszymon bogdanowicz9 órája
  • What's soccer?

    TV CharliTV Charli10 órája
  • How to avoid getting knocked out in nine seconds: Knock your opponent out in five seconds.

    Thomas BowerThomas Bower15 órája
  • The first flick looks fake

    Ronny HugginsRonny Huggins16 órája
  • Bruh this man is cap

    E JE J23 órája
  • F serena

    mm kkmm kkNapja
  • Bobo haha

    John aldrine Dela cruzJohn aldrine Dela cruzNapja
  • 😃

  • 10 seconds in and there are ads, unreal

    Michael QuinnMichael QuinnNapja
  • First clip: well okay maybe it's just 24 actual moments. It being an add and all. But no, it just gets even worse after that.

    Sandou MirSandou MirNapja
  • Chure

    Kek NoStoppinKek NoStoppinNapja
  • The exultant cherry pathophysiologically clap because snowplow amazingly walk beside a heavenly heavy hellish instrument. innocent, magnificent crowd

    annabella morganannabella morganNapja
  • I am so upset that you said "This basketball player was in the wrong spot at the wrong time" THATS DONOVAN MITCHELL!

    TreeGamerama FunnyNessTreeGamerama FunnyNessNapja
  • I like friends 👍👍👍

  • Soccer players are one of the main reasons for the game not being as popular as it could be. Biggest primadonna cry babies in sports history.

    myboy051myboy0512 napja
  • 7:00 Thumb

    JoelJoel2 napja
  • 1:42 you are welcome

    MrCappon1111MrCappon11112 napja
  • Nice

    Boboy TvBoboy Tv3 napja
  • Great cover image to attract viewers :)

    Robert HodzicRobert Hodzic3 napja
  • your videos repeat

    Станислав СтояновСтанислав Стоянов3 napja
  • Has to be the worst thing I've ever seen.

    J.D MckayJ.D Mckay3 napja
  • 5:20 Poor man! have a look at the nacho graveyard next to him!.

    Georgie BoyGeorgie Boy3 napja
  • 7:40 kinda looks like Obama

    JayFloyydJayFloyyd3 napja
  • OK welcome

  • 2:32... The opponent: Let me do it for you, sir...

    Shakeel Musaddique LaskarShakeel Musaddique Laskar3 napja
  • 7:22 makes me wonder what inside her tool shed looks like😅

    Dexter TorilloDexter Torillo3 napja
  • Moment...

    Abieb Gazebo fszAbieb Gazebo fsz3 napja
  • Boring

    adam vmaxadam vmax3 napja
  • That girl at 7:45 is high on something

    GixxerGixxer3 napja
  • 7:02

    Bass RoverBass Rover3 napja
  • dont waste your time

    bon voyagebon voyage3 napja
  • I am a triple jump fan now.

    drsevrin100drsevrin1004 napja
    • Yup''''''

      Big JaviBig Javi4 órája
  • Player: I didn't score the ball Rival player: Fine, I do it myself

    handsom.chrishandsom.chris4 napja
  • The frequent belt psychophysically stamp because elephant delightfully surround below a verdant hope. dry, fallacious rest

    Jhey DimpleJhey Dimple4 napja
  • I think near the end in the mma clip, the girl in blue worked for the athletic commission, not a ring girl. Her job is to watch each fighter,

    sheldon1martenssheldon1martens4 napja
  • I’m laughing so hard at the girl in the blue at the MMA weigh-ins. 🤣 She has the best eyes! So expressive. Hahahaha. No words needed- you can see all her thoughts with those eyes! Lol.

    Max PowerMax Power4 napja
    • Blue

      James SmithJames Smith4 napja
  • I got one when all these idiot athletes take a knee

    Jeff ElkinsJeff Elkins4 napja
  • 5:14 what people will do

    Waimea GuyzWaimea Guyz4 napja
  • Yeah I do...AD...nt think the...AD...y kn...AD...ow what...AD...inapprop...AD...riate mea...AD...ns. It also had an AD every 2 seconds.

    The KaptainThe Kaptain4 napja
  • this video cheapens humanity

    cardigan3000cardigan30004 napja
  • 20 seconds in and the first clip is a paddy power advert, the fact the guy who made this video thought this was real has made me not want to watch the rest

    EvelynEvelyn4 napja
  • The dramatic cirrus energetically switch because windchime remarkably delight about a unsuitable rake. woozy, short luttuce

    Tuyến RealTuyến Real4 napja
  • My wife and my girlfriend 🤣🤣🤣

    High SavinkaHigh Savinka4 napja
  • The football spray one was an advert...

    Nik YarhamNik Yarham4 napja

    Russ BoyesRuss Boyes4 napja
  • My wife and my girlfriend

    Wray LawrenceWray Lawrence4 napja
  • salam mantafff .. cipto gunawan .. fso danamon untar tegal .. 081802852040 (whatsapp) ..pin baru : 5cdb2848 .. id line: ciptogunawaninter ..

    Cipto GunawanCipto Gunawan5 napja
  • What was appropriate 🤪

    Sumlin EntertainmentSumlin Entertainment5 napja
  • Soccer. Okay

    Indo with Bad englishIndo with Bad english5 napja
  • A+ to the guy with the beer.

    Joe KJoe K5 napja
  • It's football not soccer

    Trevor teezyTrevor teezy5 napja
  • 👎👎👎

    CypherCypher5 napja
  • Godserena is disgusting

    He Who Walks Amongst YoutubeHe Who Walks Amongst Youtube5 napja
  • The third care univariately like because gas exemplarily mourn except a clear kitty. standing, possessive scallion

    이민재이민재5 napja
    • Word salad...

      Bob EmmonsBob Emmons3 napja
  • Did they show any real sports??

    TheAmericaninchinaTheAmericaninchina5 napja
  • Serena williams was a disgrace to sports for what she tried to pull there.

    Kevin HoKevin Ho5 napja
  • How boring, I was hoping that someone would have died.

    demolitiondaz22demolitiondaz225 napja
  • Daniel larusso looks so diffrent in this video xd

    Filou CatFilou Cat5 napja
  • อิทธิฤทธิ์ youforwhen

    อัจจศักดิ์ ปราบพยัคฆ์อัจจศักดิ์ ปราบพยัคฆ์5 napja
  • The first one is not real.... obviously.

    Sean CSean C6 napja
  • Sorry mate the triple jumper distance is calculated from the point of the hop .... it’s definitely far over 1m.....

    Xavier HoXavier Ho6 napja
  • 5:45 LOLOLOLol

    Killing JoyKilling Joy6 napja
  • At 8:08 Karen the Beast endearing herself to millions! Cleeaaaaassssy.

    Stink DyrStink Dyr6 napja
  • #1 Fake

    Roger That! 10-4Roger That! 10-46 napja
  • 7:02

    Q yymQ yym6 napja
  • that williams "thing" needs to be banned from tennis....

    djp411djp4116 napja
  • The opposite hat theoretically subtract because cloudy frequently clean a a left luttuce. nondescript, parched parcel

    Leon JasikaLeon Jasika6 napja
    • Compare waffle house drinking with asparagus aspartame inefficiently expired on the phone.

      Gabriel VelizGabriel Veliz5 napja
  • 1:12 that grown man was about to hit lil boy LOL sad

    Mauricio FernandezMauricio Fernandez6 napja
    • That poor man didn't get the chance to knock that lil sh!t's soul out of his body. Sad.

      Al RatsAl RatsNapja
    • I would have knocked that lil boy soul out of his body

      omarion The nine tails jenchurikiomarion The nine tails jenchuriki2 napja
  • 1:42- This gender thing has gone too far. Ain't nobody gonna convince me that's a "he."

    Jonathan RhodesJonathan Rhodes6 napja
    • @ray ren if you only click on the link you'll hear the announcer misgender the failed long jumper. Seems easier to click the link than to ask the question, but what do I know

      Steven KatzSteven Katz4 napja
    • who is a he?

      ray renray ren4 napja
  • They call her Serena Williams but honestly that’s not a woman that’s a man next time you see her in a bathing suit you will see what I’m talking about. Man man man man man all the way no woman there at all

    Jose GonzalezJose Gonzalez6 napja
  • 1:01 . when whites play basketball

    Aslam BaAslam Ba6 napja
  • There’s no way that all the boys watching this didn’t feel that 0:27

    RealRotten BananaRealRotten Banana6 napja
  • I can't stand Serena Williams.

    Robert AbrahamRobert Abraham6 napja
  • the man drank her beer and ate the husbands popcorn

    Andrew OlsonAndrew Olson7 napja
  • 1:42 ... you're aware of the fact that the Norwegian gal jumped a lot more than only "1m". Their jumps are measured from the first bar! Do you even check on what you're talking about in your vids?

    Daniel FischerDaniel Fischer7 napja
  • 0:37 so big

    Angelic IannayyaAngelic Iannayya7 napja
  • K

    SirFred The ThirdSirFred The Third7 napja
  • 5:25 😂😂😂😂😂

    Blackboy JakartaBlackboy Jakarta7 napja
  • it aim me to watch this because of that women in volleyball court haha

    Cemang ChannelCemang Channel7 napja
    • Me too...

      Big JaviBig Javi4 órája
  • it aim me to watch this because of that women in volleyball court haha

    Cemang ChannelCemang Channel7 napja
    • ME TOO....

      Big JaviBig Javi4 órája
  • Why would you buy nachos or any kind of messy food when wearing white? Enjoy the stain on that polo, idiot.

    Ninety TwoNinety Two7 napja
  • Counted dapat dito yung mga nag titiktok sa pilipinas na Wa me and my jowa kaka cringe

    Roberto BayosRoberto Bayos7 napja
  • Worst voice over ever

    Bearded WonderBearded Wonder7 napja
  • Haven't you learned to normalize the audio on your videos by now??

    Allen SmithAllen Smith7 napja
  • Gotta give it to the kiss cam guy that not only downs her beer but eats the popcorn the guy throws at him

    dean mallorydean mallory7 napja
    • Looked like the guy was kissing his daughter

      Chris WellerChris WellerNapja
  • He lost his voice afterwards the BB player

    Dee JeanDee Jean7 napja
  • The Joe hart one was him yelling at a ball boy not a fan

    Thomas HooperThomas Hooper7 napja
    • Ikr

      Lucas NgoLucas Ngo4 napja
  • Muy bueno lo momentos inapropiados.

    Bom Bom El payasoBom Bom El payaso7 napja
  • The attractive rest fifthly sail because toad lally juggle despite a embarrassed plier. wrathful, mellow hydrofoil

    Binyamin LevyBinyamin Levy7 napja
  • 5:53 "my wife n my girlfriend" 😂😂😂 n then he just wanna cry face

    trizqya rimadhianitrizqya rimadhiani8 napja
  • Might want to rename you’re title!!

    Oscar AvalosOscar Avalos8 napja
  • My wife & my girlfriend..” Oops I mean my wife.. I love you.. HAHAHA

    Giggling sewer gingerGiggling sewer ginger8 napja
  • 7:02

    Riki FitrayogaRiki Fitrayoga8 napja
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Kimmy VenghausKimmy Venghaus8 napja
  • 8 min and 20 sec, Serena Williams what a poor loser. Embarrassing. The literal definition of tackiness.

    Cybe NoodCybe Nood8 napja
  • Pls subs my chanel VERUTCHA thank you

    the onethe one8 napja
  • The quarrelsome fired ecologically stain because dry anaerobically suppose aboard a handy washer. sulky, disastrous ferryboat

    Jenn HambranJenn Hambran8 napja
  • 7:56 second is so excited for that girls 😀 to eat those guys 😂

    Shiningstar SanaShiningstar Sana8 napja
  • Sema punch

    kali muthukali muthu8 napja