2021 Rome E-Prix - Race 3 | Free Practice 1

2021.ápr. 9.
69 567 Megtekintés

Watch live as the Formula E field runs at full power for the first time in Rome. Who's your bet to take pole in the race?
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Welcome to the closest, most intense racing series on the planet. We bring unpredictable wheel-to-wheel combat to the city streets.

We race on the streets of the world's most progressive cities, in 5 continents. We take wheel-to-wheel racing to the streets. That means tighter turns, close combat and plenty of unforgiving concrete.

Formula E brings racing tech to the road. With major global car brands going head to head, Formula E is more than just a racing series - it's a battle for the future. Our cars, powered by pure electricity, pave the way for the cars of tomorrow.

  • 29:13 Scramjet!!

    bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiHónapja
  • 11:32 Jump!

    bocoy noiubocoy noiuHónapja
  • うるさい

  • Yessss, I love these street circuits! So much better than Formula 1's silly tracks

    jackie csjackie csHónapja
  • This was the most VIOLENT wreck even before the race.

    Purwanti AllanPurwanti AllanHónapja
    • 29:13 Scramjet!!

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiHónapja
  • Well, this layout maybe makes it a bit more obvious, not to mention the commentators pointing it out, but this is the same area of the city where the Rome Royal Prize races were held in 1928-30. The Circuito Tre Fontane was 8.109 mi (13.05 km). *Winners:* 1928 Louis Chiron - Bugatti Type 35C 1929 Achille Varzi - Alfa Romeo P2 1930 Luigi Arcangeli - Maserati 26M

    Robert PfeifferRobert PfeifferHónapja
    • Amazing video man

      bocoy noiubocoy noiuHónapja
  • Where are the full races?

    Tobias EsperónTobias EsperónHónapja
  • Sounds like my son's RC jeep.

    Mr MikeMr MikeHónapja
  • Come guardare il bob a due, una rottura di coglioni.

    Sergio B. BarlozziSergio B. BarlozziHónapja
  • The battery should be made better. Now they need to save energy. This ruins racing. Furthermore they should go to better tracks. Not only streetcircuits

  • It's like Logan's Run on Ecstasy!

    Andrew FlowersAndrew FlowersHónapja
  • Why dont they display mph or kph to show how fast they're travelling, why just disply kw which doesn't mean alot??

    Josh MillsJosh MillsHónapja
    • Kw is more important in fe

  • the problem with Formula E is and always will be the triste street circuit sceneries. If they raced the racing tracks, such as Imola, Monza & Co, I am sure more people would watch it on a regular basis, including me

    Phil MaeserPhil MaeserHónapja
    • Honestly, the street circuits give you an enhanced sense of speed over what you'd get at most "modern" permanent circuits. Given the relative pace of these cars, augmenting the sense of speed seems like the better idea. And courses like this revised one in Rome, Santiago, or Sanya, are a lot less fiddly than some of the ones we've had previously. Paris certainly comes to mind as one that's just absurdly tight in parts of the lap, likewise Bern. I wouldn't mind having Zurich back though. Valencia (coming up) and Mexico City are permanent.

      Robert PfeifferRobert PfeifferHónapja
    • They’re literally going to a real track next round...

      SovietBear 64SovietBear 64Hónapja
  • EUR. One of the most beautiful district of modern Rome. Full of history. Thank you formula E for doing this. Superbe track.

    Mkhl90 XmasMkhl90 XmasHónapja
    • F1 at Imola and FE where I live, Rome, in those days! What a motorsport weekend for Italy!

  • Don't forget to LIKE the video

    3Box Collate3Box CollateHónapja
  • 55:00 (ignore this comment)

    Sax GarconSax GarconHónapja
  • Y 2 el choque del año en la fia

    Miguel Angel Barrios Rojas VelizMiguel Angel Barrios Rojas VelizHónapja
  • Crash e formula

    Miguel Angel Barrios Rojas VelizMiguel Angel Barrios Rojas VelizHónapja
  • 29:13 Scramjet!!

    James AllenJames AllenHónapja
  • 11:32 Jump!

    • Lol when I clicked on it I immediately got an ad of someone jumping off a cliff skydiving😂

      Synthal SiwemSynthal SiwemHónapja
  • @ABB Formula E will the race show in Philippines?

    Diether SantosDiether SantosHónapja
  • Groovin on the starting soon music!

    John KellyJohn KellyHónapja
  • any way to watch full races in Canada?? It's too hard to try and find a way to watch these races...I think I have to tap out!!

    JKat KatJKat KatHónapja
    • @JKat Kat I don't think that the series's promoters are in fault, it's mainly because of licensing of the serie in certain countries

    • If spanish is not a problem a mexican HUworld channel stream the races

      clips random de Lord_Cztivnclips random de Lord_CztivnHónapja
    • @KOVSSAY no....after struggling to watch this series since the very first race I'm done....just can't handle it anymore......sad for them to lose a long time fan, but it shouldn't be this hard to find a way to watch it

      JKat KatJKat KatHónapja
    • I can give you a Tunisian one if you want

    • The only way is to get a Google email from another country

  • 53:04

    42 Eizialunacy42 EizialunacyHónapja
    • @Diether Santos Turvey its James please cause the big one.

      Purwanti AllanPurwanti AllanHónapja
    • I just love comments like these

      Kunal PatilKunal PatilHónapja
    • What a crash from OT

      Diether SantosDiether SantosHónapja
    • Thank you

      Janardan SJanardan SHónapja
  • vicious crash at the end, glad they’re alright.

    • Yeah OT is fine I believe

      Diether SantosDiether SantosHónapja
    • We don’t have a clear angle but that looks huge 😱

  • Heureusement que tu es présent mon Rom Profites!!!!

    Claude ThibaultClaude ThibaultHónapja
  • I love that formula e