2021 LEC Spring - Week 4 Day 1

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  • The fucken weird angle on the broken blade smile at the end LOL hide your poros this man's on the prowl

    idiot widowmakeridiot widowmaker10 napja
  • 1:08:11 Crownie comet

    Chemik KyselinaChemik Kyselina10 napja
  • So happy to see L.S. hope he gets to cast again to 💚

    Dj NovackDj Novack11 napja
  • Anyone knows where I can find the music of the picks and bans?

    Antoine GeorgesAntoine Georges11 napja
  • Best broadcast

    Daniel ShamlianDaniel Shamlian11 napja
  • FNC ladies night

    Iztok FlekIztok Flek11 napja
  • Anyone knows the name of the tune at 5:14:25?

    tuna sandwichtuna sandwich11 napja
  • Why is this the only livestream listed?

    Fleda MILKYFleda MILKY11 napja
  • song 5:38:00 during FNC draft?

    Emil KrabbeEmil Krabbe12 napja
    • This is the long Version that is used in LEC: huworld.info/flow/vide/0Hhwq3jXn7W0gow Its also on Spotify (but only two minutes and the speed is a bit different: "I like it" by "SaraoMusic"

      sir iomsir iom11 napja
  • How fcking bad is hylisaang. Jesus

    Dominik JanikDominik Janik12 napja
  • What music in 4:28:51

    Natapon MKGNatapon MKG12 napja
    • @Fleda MILKY thank you

      Natapon MKGNatapon MKG11 napja
    • Live It Up - SaraoMusic

      Fleda MILKYFleda MILKY11 napja
  • WideBwipo 11/0 WideBwipo

    Alex WilsonAlex Wilson12 napja
  • Loved LS on the Broadcast, if he is interested pls more!!

    Jens WestphalJens Westphal12 napja
  • LS in the LEC??? GET HYPED! please have him on more often I love his personality

    doom heitdoom heit12 napja
  • Magifelix coming hot

    ćomi ćomićomi ćomi12 napja
  • SK 6/20 "This is fine"

    Rodrigo MelottoRodrigo Melotto12 napja
  • Vai de capu vostru ca va sufla vantul pe strada voi nu ati auzit de Dej , ma jucam asa inainte sa il instalez.

    Veneto98Veneto9812 napja
  • 5:36:56 Fnatic vs SK Gaming - all female champ comp. Go girls!! Samira Shakira 💃#FNCWIN

    Michelle AnnMichelle Ann12 napja
    • That was just beautiful

      giulliana rampinelligiulliana rampinelli11 napja
    • Bruh

      Arsenije KovacevicArsenije Kovacevic11 napja
    • Bruh

  • Song at 6:15:10.?

    Jan SteinacherJan Steinacher12 napja
  • I heard the JayZ lyrics from Medic during the FNC game ;)

    Ben JonesBen Jones12 napja
  • 3:33:15 Best Match in live Stream G2 vs MSF

    Gaming SupermanGaming Superman12 napja
    • Fnc definitely look much more dominant. If G2 plays like this tomorrow, Rogue will win easy.

      Jace WJace W12 napja
    • Fanatic was smashing too though, that was a satisfying stomp on sk

      Jansen ShalmarJansen Shalmar12 napja
  • G2 FNC ❤️

    Gaming SupermanGaming Superman12 napja
  • 1:03:50 what's the song name?

    Luki PolskiLuki Polski12 napja
    • Use shazam

      0blivion0blivion11 napja
  • dived

    PoodiniPoodini12 napja
  • what's the name of the outro music that starts at 6:35:53 ?

    Dawid TrojanowskiDawid Trojanowski12 napja