2021 F1 Drivers - My First & Last | Part 2

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When was the first time they got into trouble? When was the last time they were scared? Our 2021 drivers go under the spotlight again! Watch Part 1 here: huworld.info/flow/vide/t56Fxa-ve7K9oIw
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  • We all remember the last time mazepin went to a party 👀

    CD 975CD 975Napja
  • rest in piece ocons shirt

    OperatorDollpissOperatorDollpiss2 napja
  • me: - gets home and instantly plays on the PS4 - yuki: - gets home and instantly plays on the PS4 - also me: - surprised pikachu face -

    OperatorDollpissOperatorDollpiss2 napja
  • Nobody takes off their shoes first thing when they get home?

    CynCyn2 napja
  • that was actually a scary story, Lance's spider story lol

    Aylín EspinoAylín Espino2 napja
  • When mazespin said last time I went to a party was a long time ago 😂😳

    SX5SX52 napja
  • "When did you last get scared" Lando: Last night. I am scared of dark.

    Juanjo SolerJuanjo Soler2 napja
  • 1:47 Yes, you can do it still 😂😉🙂

    999999SkyGuy999999SkyGuy2 napja
  • 1:32 Bottas you bad, bad, bad boy Stop playing, get back on the track 😂

    999999SkyGuy999999SkyGuy2 napja
  • you know 3:22 hits differently now as Lando has opened up about depression and anxiety

    Maleeha KhanMaleeha Khan3 napja
  • 7:55 missed opportunity to say "a cold one with the boys" there Lance

    Pedro SilvaPedro Silva4 napja
  • that Seb guy is a really likeable character

    Martin Adrian ArcenasMartin Adrian Arcenas4 napja
  • Can you not include mazepin?

    Edgar MEdgar M5 napja
  • Alex albon: My first season: 2019 My last season: 2020

    StratowindStratowind5 napja
  • I will never go to Australia!

    BlackbeardBlackbeard5 napja
  • Imagine getting wrecked by Yuki Tsunoda on COD Cold War.

    ForzurdaForzurda5 napja
  • Lando scared of the dark!lol

    Leonie DorflingLeonie Dorfling5 napja
  • Seb: "no active ones, very German, only for organisation" don't know why that cracked me up 🤣

    TrechmannTrechmann6 napja
  • esteban ocon has similar style like niki lauda

    Fahad NadirFahad Nadir6 napja
  • Danny's schnoz is an absolute unit

    Matthew BreslinMatthew Breslin7 napja
  • Why are people mean about Yuki in the comments?

    calcicalci8 napja
  • 3:28: V --> A Do you understand? ;-)

    Pius SchmidtPius Schmidt8 napja
  • Why lando, why?

    Max Verstappen FanMax Verstappen Fan8 napja
  • I want a single video of checo or lando or Carlos 🤩🤭🤭

    Monica MirandaMonica Miranda9 napja
  • Every single driver in their head at the last time i was scared question: “When Magnussen was on the track for the last time”.

    Francisco Pereira IVFrancisco Pereira IV9 napja
    • 😐

      GamingGaming5 napja
  • 8:52 Hamilton's minestrone tantrum hahahaha

    angel Izquierdoangel Izquierdo10 napja
  • 2:12 classic lando

    Joshua RadomskyJoshua Radomsky10 napja
  • 3:27 and this guy has a super license

    Jack SmithJack Smith11 napja
  • "who won the fight" "hehe. Me" I'm scared. Yuki probably reduced the person to atoms.

    Place HolderPlace Holder11 napja
  • Lance hair... hahahaha

    Cbn EazyCbn Eazy12 napja
  • Don't worry Lance. I don't like spiders either.

    Dorka _Dorka _12 napja
  • 10:38 last time I went out groping

    Andrew OliverAndrew Oliver12 napja

    Eva LópezEva López12 napja
  • Y U K I 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Ave JalyAve Jaly12 napja
  • Love love love this segment. Makes them human.

    Ave JalyAve Jaly12 napja
  • How can you hate Lance ?

    Ave JalyAve Jaly12 napja
  • OCON ❤❤

    Ave JalyAve Jaly12 napja
  • 6:12 fantacalcio Antonio, fantacalcio (only for Italians)

    Riccardo ArcuriRiccardo Arcuri12 napja
  • Well, that means Ocon and Russel went to the same party. Or...

    Uday HiwaraleUday Hiwarale12 napja
  • Wait, hold the phone! Lance is allowed to drink beer? Is that even legal?

    Uday HiwaraleUday Hiwarale12 napja
  • So cringe, but entertaining, reminds me of the important things in life. First World problems for millionaires.

    miky binnsmiky binns13 napja
  • Awesome!

    A1PH4 F0XA1PH4 F0X13 napja
  • I can only imagine yuki trash talking on warzone

    Blue FlagsBlue Flags13 napja
  • my boi lance needs a new barber 4:13

    CodeCode13 napja
  • "What do you do when you get home?" Kimi Raikkonen: hdgdidhs....endycc..then kdfhtb my wife.

    prod. LsDiiprod. LsDii13 napja
  • Russell making himself out to be one of the worst guys at ironing, and he's the one who ironed 2nd most recently

    LoganallyLoganally13 napja
  • Max : if I’m alone, I go to the simulator right after the race. I need that level of grind in me.

    Shreyas SreedharShreyas Sreedhar14 napja
  • I really felt a connection with Lance and the ironing question. Lol

    DamienDamien14 napja
  • i just learned that charles plays piano and yuki plays shooters thats nice

    Capy1337Capy133714 napja
  • George: " I'm one of those guys who hangs my shirt up and lets it self-iron" No George, you're the ONLY guy who lets his shirts self-iron!

    Asma SibdaAsma Sibda14 napja
  • 8:39 "If kids are awake I see them. The wife also"

    Ganguly RajGanguly Raj15 napja
  • Lewis on track: "Bono, my tyres are gone!" Lewis off-track: "Bono, my chef is gone!"

    Jorge AliagaJorge Aliaga15 napja
  • Lance, those big spiders are just Huntsman spiders. They're not harmful to humans. But they get big.

    Captured By SmartphonesCaptured By Smartphones15 napja
  • Aussies coming in clutch to freak out everyone

    JakeDoubleShotJakeDoubleShot15 napja
  • Ocon, Stroll, you bore me on and off track....

    Sarah MitchellSarah Mitchell15 napja
  • I was a wild boy.

    James PuckettJames Puckett15 napja

    Racing RedRacing Red15 napja
  • Ocons last trouble was brazil 2018

    pepijngamespepijngames15 napja
  • kimi be like. sun

    KrankiKranki15 napja
  • The background music is making me insane

    Jakob RieckJakob Rieck15 napja
  • No wonder mazsespin was scared

    hi Kinghi King15 napja
  • Ironing challenge f1

    Stanjy18Stanjy1815 napja
  • I literally love these plz never stop 😂

    Blue BellBlue Bell15 napja
  • 3:30 they probably say the same about you.

    Vojta KrejčíVojta Krejčí15 napja
  • 4:57 yeah, Daniel will want to cash in at a random time.

    IIGrayfoxIIIIGrayfoxII15 napja
  • 6:09 Antonio Broski finale col Fantacalcio

    DanDan15 napja
  • The first thing you do if you come back home: Everyone: rest, eating, unpack bags Max: jump behind my simulator 😂😂😂

    Brittjuhh xxBrittjuhh xx15 napja
  • Next challenge ironed shirts!!!

    elena draguelena dragu16 napja
  • Mazespin last time I went to a party long time ago........ My eyebrows just raised

    Hua Chen YuHua Chen Yu16 napja
  • SUN

    mazespinthekingmazespintheking16 napja
  • Bruh Max is an absolutely beast, right back in the simulator. I love him

    Muppetz BoyMuppetz Boy16 napja
  • Esteban Ocon seems so nice

    Louis DndLouis Dnd16 napja
  • Last time you ironed a shirt: Nikita Mazespin: when I last went to a party...which was a long time ago.... well thats just a lie isnt it... ;)

    Tom WellerTom Weller16 napja
  • George Russel, Toto Wolf and Sebastian Vettel group chat thats weird

    Ondraaa1Ondraaa116 napja
  • Amateurs...

    Ricardo de RadaRicardo de Rada16 napja
  • Lance stroll's hair cut is a 2$ haircut..

    O HO H16 napja
  • When Esteban said the first time he was in trouble was when he was born, did he mean...?

    alextreme 3107alextreme 310716 napja
  • "Open a beer." Thats why Valterri is a fav.

    Ellis HaindoboEllis Haindobo16 napja
  • Guy does 300kph average speed and is afraid of a little turbulence. Mcheeuww.

    Ellis HaindoboEllis Haindobo16 napja
  • Sebastian vettel 💚💚🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

    Stan MathersStan Mathers16 napja
  • Yuki scares me

    TheWibbsTheWibbs16 napja
  • Lando eve gelince ilk kombiyi açıyomuş alxmalfmwf sen bizsin lando

    ne eveti aslıne eveti aslı16 napja
  • Vettel 👌👌

    Sebastian HippSebastian Hipp16 napja
  • Hahahaha *me.*

    Luca RotaruLuca Rotaru17 napja
  • 3:30 afraid of embarrassing yourself again?

    StratowindStratowind17 napja
  • 7:27 i thought seb was speaking german instead of "only for organization lol

    evolved penguinevolved penguin17 napja
  • The True Fantastic Four: George Russell, Sebastian Vettel, Toto Wolff, Fred Vasseur 😂🤣😂😅 wow what a lineup

    W CW C17 napja
  • For those of you that can’t/won’t iron: buy wrinkle release spray! So much faster...

    Lex BLex B17 napja
  • Lando Norris: drives a car at 300km/h every weekend and go around the world Also Lando Norris: mom can I have a tattoo?? no? okay

    PriziePrizie17 napja
  • Not going to lie, but Lance tries so hard (but fails miserably at least to me) to sound and look normal with his stories and comments. He has a billionaire's life...there's nothing normal on his life.

    RobWilliRobWilli17 napja
  • Carlos Sainz: "I'm one guy and two sisters and we would spend a lot of time...........arguing." :P

    Tzeff's Main ChannelTzeff's Main Channel17 napja
  • Nikita spin is trying hard to be so funny😂😂😂

    Ashish SardjoeAshish Sardjoe17 napja
  • Is it just me or did Russell get a huge glow up?

    Its EIts E17 napja
  • Vettel bettel vettel vettel vettel vettel

    Santiago LópezSantiago López17 napja
  • I am just waiting for kimi!!!!

    lokesh chandranalokesh chandrana17 napja
  • Yuki’s laugh is just another thing

    Christian Natali Tik TokChristian Natali Tik Tok17 napja
  • Daniel Ricciardo held smoke 😂😂😂😂😂

    DemzDemz17 napja
  • Last time you were scared: Mazepin: Every corner?

    Nico van der LindenNico van der Linden17 napja
  • Hamilton "souP"

    StorageBallsStorageBalls17 napja
  • F1 Racers: Drives the fastest cars in the world Most F1 racers: Don't iron clothes And btw Yuki is such an entertaining lad, nice.

    Nathan HonNathan Hon18 napja