2019 Funny Moments Fails & Wins

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    PhlyDailyPhlyDaily2 hónapja
    • Non schiacciare leggi tutto. Perché lo hai schiacciato ti avevo detto di non farlo...

      Briosky 05Briosky 0512 napja
    • @Troyer Swartz Thank you

      Priest MichaelPriest Michael21 napja
    • Priest Michael its called soviet march metal

      Troyer SwartzTroyer Swartz21 napja
    • @Кирилл Шапик english pls

      Priest MichaelPriest Michael27 napja
    • @Priest Michael Наш советский союз покоряет весь мир от европы к неве на восток

      Кирилл ШапикКирилл Шапик27 napja
  • I can't stop laughing at rule tank getting stuck on the other tank and then getting shot in the face because I had that happen to me earlier when I was starting this game for the first time several times in a row because my internets really bad

    Austin Scoutt TomasekAustin Scoutt TomasekNapja
  • Therapist : Germany Kamikaze Pilot Isnt Real It Cant Hurt You Germany Kamikaze pilot : 1:45

    Xephonine CrafterXephonine CrafterNapja
  • I just wish that happens to me one day 😭 😭 30:28

    Ashton SubionAshton SubionNapja
  • 7:00 are you in Russia or something cuz it looks live Russia

    Monica GoodwinMonica Goodwin2 napja
  • 12:04 what is that game?

    gamer indo rafidgamer indo rafid2 napja
  • 25:18 BIG BRAIN MOVE

    Doran MartellDoran Martell3 napja
  • what game is shown at 12:17? it looks pretty cool

    AtrumJAtrumJ3 napja
  • what is the tank from the first clip

    Luka NLuka N3 napja
  • rip maus

    Michael KosminMichael Kosmin3 napja
  • 32:56, a land cruiser drifting in the sand then eurobeat Intestifies in your mind.

    Fhel Gerald BasFhel Gerald Bas3 napja
  • 3:05 Ah yes the meme war

    Aaron Gabriel GalonAaron Gabriel Galon4 napja
  • 5:55 My Favorite Scene

  • Maaaaaus is Back

    Bloody DreamBloody Dream5 napja
  • 5:54 best moment

  • 17:52 "I have a better idea"

    Bufettraccon 5Bufettraccon 56 napja
  • I appreciate you using Boris hardbass

    I’m From AlabamaI’m From Alabama6 napja
  • The fact Erika is in it makes my day (1:40)

    Stär WøłfStär Wøłf7 napja
  • 3 more months till the best moments of 2020

    Keiran GrayKeiran Gray8 napja
  • 7:52 squire

    Mack Fam13Mack Fam138 napja
  • F4c phantom:I’m the best jet Harrier:hold my cannons

    Doge sonDoge son8 napja
  • i have a challenge Phly can you only use the p 26 and the m1a1 Stuart just do those 2 and try ro get as many kills as you can my challenge is to get 8 yeah that is a nice solid number try to get 8 kills with the peashooter and the Stuart as many as you want

    Samuel BlakeSamuel Blake8 napja
  • This is where the fun is at bois last words said before disaster

  • Whats the name of game in 12:57.. Cause.. This doesnt seem like WT..

    Lukas OdlasLukas Odlas9 napja
  • 'murica intensifies

    XCcuberXCcuber9 napja
  • Slav king?

    phantom gamingphantom gaming9 napja
  • So, who is more merciful, bo or phly?

    Global citizenGlobal citizen10 napja
  • 11:58 what this game?

    Герман ТитовГерман Титов10 napja
  • a normal field trip they said

    XCcuberXCcuber11 napja
  • what game is 12:00

    Mr. TNTMr. TNT11 napja
  • What was that song at 30:07?

    Mika LegaultMika Legault11 napja
  • Love the vids fam also thanks for getting me into such an amazing game I'm shocked I didn't play it before.

    Kaiden KatsilierisKaiden Katsilieris11 napja
  • Game is war thunder

    Juan Antonio García PérezJuan Antonio García Pérez11 napja
  • 7:02 one made my heart melt

    Gello Yuan SenecaGello Yuan Seneca11 napja

    Mr Thomas AndrewMr Thomas Andrew11 napja
  • Russians in their day to day life: 8:55 Russians when their at war: 9:09

    shirley juicebummershirley juicebummer12 napja
  • I can't play war thunder like that couse of amount of lags

    dueciaż 124dueciaż 12413 napja
  • cmon win

    Мистер КустМистер Куст13 napja
  • GG

    Мистер КустМистер Куст13 napja
  • nice ussr

    Мистер КустМистер Куст13 napja
  • i am love war thank you to play its game thank :3

    Мистер КустМистер Куст13 napja
  • 24:25 What?! This music has rock in it! Unacceptable

    RazvyRazvy13 napja
  • 9:11 Like

    МаксМакс14 napja

    Ephram EasleyEphram Easley15 napja
  • We Miss You Maus

    AidBakAidBak16 napja
  • I come here from the tralier and im new to the comunity im enjoying your content :D

  • the russian parts got me laughing hard

    Theo LeonorTheo Leonor16 napja
  • 12:03 что за игра?

    Артём РепниковАртём Репников17 napja
  • What is the song and video at 8:45?

    Nova GalaxyNova Galaxy17 napja
  • What did you do to the guns I love that

    Ethan KrenEthan Kren17 napja
  • slav king ah man of culture i see

    Cole LoganCole Logan17 napja
  • What is the name of the song that starts at 20:27

    Alpha 2356Alpha 235617 napja
  • 3:16 OMFG that was crazy. I want to play in this game LUL

    Hask inkHask ink17 napja
  • 1:45 what is the name of this music?

    Kirstie WoodKirstie Wood17 napja
  • Love the interstellar memes

    Harold GarsonHarold Garson17 napja
  • 1:46 scared the American out of me.

    SteveUchiha GamesSteveUchiha Games18 napja
  • Is is that red alert but rock???

    Ryan VanderweelRyan Vanderweel19 napja
  • Это ОЧЕНЬ смешно чувак, больше шуток про Русскую технику, по типу зенитка с надписью adidas и хардбасом )))

    DaNTeDaNTe19 napja
  • How did you do the sound change in 3:16 ? I want my game to always sound like that

    _Vaderleader __Vaderleader _19 napja
  • 2019: fun and games 2020: a shat ton of fun and games

    GP33GP3319 napja
  • 35:49

    History LanceHistory Lance19 napja
  • 23:59 when i heard that i knew what was coming

    Essa AlnoonEssa Alnoon20 napja
  • 21:02 what is this game?

    Carter LewisCarter Lewis20 napja
  • 12:40 what game is that

    Big TanksBig Tanks20 napja
  • The Maus small in name BIG in nautre.

    Bennett BushBennett Bush21 napja
  • What is the name of the mod on 2:26-3:38

    Ybrbnf323088Ybrbnf32308821 napja
  • Really close to 1 Mil subs,good luck

    Ken SelhorstKen Selhorst22 napja
  • 32:50 lmao what did I just witness.

    Oscar PihlströmOscar Pihlström22 napja
  • What was game at 12:10

  • 9:10 Soviet March

    The Gameplay AviatorThe Gameplay Aviator22 napja
  • Minecraft war thunder

    Unnecessary OccupationUnnecessary Occupation23 napja
  • Ломайте ломайте ,мы новый Берлин построим !!!

    Vadim FoxVadim Fox23 napja
  • The maus is never forgotten RIP maus

    Kara RyanKara Ryan23 napja
  • Ooo

    Não Sei 2.0Não Sei 2.023 napja
  • What song of 1:45

    두우DooUoo두우DooUoo23 napja
  • 1:41 name song ?

    jear2002jear200223 napja
  • I love the german march erika and I couldn't stop laughing at the german plane camikase

    Gladys PosadaGladys Posada23 napja
  • What a sad boi

    Reska PutriReska Putri23 napja
  • What's the video with the people talking with the guns

    Roads NephewRoads Nephew24 napja
  • 12:05 what was the game?

    CarlosCarlos24 napja
  • What is the another game you play?

    dogerynosdogerynos24 napja
  • Me when im playing nerf 2:24

    Daniel Quinn FergusonDaniel Quinn Ferguson25 napja
  • 1:40 name of song please??

    Ondřej TobiášOndřej Tobiáš26 napja
    • Erika

      Tiffany Chatham-PardusTiffany Chatham-Pardus24 napja
  • 5:30 I really need that song XD

    Kacper WandasKacper Wandas26 napja

    geographyRyan GaminggeographyRyan Gaming26 napja

    Scalleta DogevScalleta Dogev26 napja
  • The f4 phantom clip needed some American music

    Raidriar01Raidriar0127 napja
  • It’s back!

    A R C H I E GAMINGA R C H I E GAMING27 napja
  • what is that song at 145?

    Mr. Mac-n-cheesMr. Mac-n-chees27 napja
  • 5:30 mufet undertale

    wiktortank war thunderwiktortank war thunder27 napja
  • What is the tank in the first clip ?

    Griffe ArdenteGriffe Ardente27 napja
  • does what is the game?

    АйзетАйзет27 napja
  • I want that sound effect mod

    Kawakaze ChanKawakaze Chan27 napja
  • I feel the pain of the 7th guy

    OAST Shark 131OAST Shark 13128 napja
  • 1:45 what's that song?

    VeXVeX28 napja
    • Erika

      Tiffany Chatham-PardusTiffany Chatham-Pardus24 napja
  • Poor maus We always will remember the fun you brought to custom games and how fun it was to take you down.....now you're a collectors item

    Frost WickedPawFrost WickedPaw28 napja
  • Someone: *sits down* Stalin: yes comrade

    Anime WeebAnime Weeb28 napja
  • Что за игра на 13:00?

    СнусмумрикСнусмумрик28 napja
  • 6:40 to 6:50 Heart warming

    SU_TART198BDSU_TART198BD28 napja
  • PhlyDaily attacking lower ranks like *DAMMIT WHY DID YOU MAKE ME TO*

    Connor RK800Connor RK80029 napja