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  • I think that was a F40 LM, ever more rare than a regular F40🤣 Dope car

    dgt3rsdgt3rs10 órája
  • Damn Jon you realy need to stop touch your mask.

    Linus LinusLinus LinusNapja
  • @Jon Olsson, I did the same breakfast only not with the milk also added an apple sliced in small pieces with some cinnamon. And you can also put it for a few seconds in the microwave.

    FabianFabian2 napja
  • The run with the waves was great to watch !

    Tracy GreenhoughTracy Greenhough2 napja
  • To complete that meal I recommend you almond milk with two bananas, butter cream two spoons, 3 eggs but only put one complete and the other ones just the clear, and oatmeal taste good brotha.

    Hugo SieteHugo Siete3 napja
  • while they where running, the song was magic from robin ticke

  • Your breakfast needs to be cooked.. haha.

    Em DaughertyEm Daugherty3 napja
  • I mean the trimaran is cool but there was the Perini Navi Maltese Falcon sail yacht in the back! That's what I want to see!

    Pierre-Etienne PlourdePierre-Etienne Plourde3 napja
  • Ask Sv3rige what he thinks of veganism. Don’t fall it Jon, veganism is not a path you want to follow.

    MEN 101MEN 1013 napja
  • The virus can’t get you while you’re eating or sitting down at a restaurant. WHO and CDC certified information. 🤣

    MEN 101MEN 1013 napja
  • great breakfast, but i prefer to replace your milk/water with plain joghurt

    BoxxerBoxxer3 napja
  • I still dont know any person so far in history of earth, and i am a historian, who got rich enough to buy such luxury things with honest way and actual contribution to humanity. Without corrup ties to goverments, ruining environment or some other people's lives, exploiting some groups, ruining people's health and all the similar things. So if I was to rule the world, I would on first day arrest all the people who posses such things in the world, confiscate everything they got, and send them to work some honest job. If they then get rich again sure, congratz. But none of them ever would.

    cibetka76cibetka764 napja
  • 5:44 where that path walk starts from? I've seen it sometimes but I can't understand from where to take it

    AN D1AN D14 napja
  • Golden spoon .. He reached the aim of life

    Mike BottenhoppMike Bottenhopp5 napja
  • En av dom bättre vlogs på länge. 👏👏👏😊

    Andreas WaltherAndreas Walther5 napja
  • I just photographed a similar one (if not the same) in Dubai this week.

    Droning aroundDroning around5 napja
  • Does he eat the berries frozen 🥶 or did I miss something?

    Julia HelmJulia Helm5 napja
  • Yeah why are y'all wearing a mask outside it does nothing outside or inside for that matter it's all just political

    William HughesWilliam Hughes5 napja
  • Awesome run 🏃‍♂️ 👏 😎 Great place 👌 for running Thanks for this vlog , I'm starting running again

    Lazin Marius LMGLazin Marius LMG6 napja
  • Gör en vlog på svenska! :D

    Caroline GrönroosCaroline Grönroos6 napja
  • Like boat

    DJ007 BondDJ007 Bond6 napja
  • seeing you guys in Benni's car with leon, just made me so happy.

    Gökhan AyarGökhan Ayar6 napja
  • Amazing broo

    Adi FirmanzahAdi Firmanzah6 napja
  • Такой милый ребенок. Забавно наблюдать, как он все повторяет за взрослыми.

    Надежда ОсиповаНадежда Осипова6 napja
  • so ugly man🤢🤮

    Danny SzeDanny Sze7 napja
  • I love your vlogs. You seem so nice and genuine.

    Gen KooGen Koo7 napja
  • Dont shame Leon, in public or else, Kids job to try stuff, so they can learn.shaming children may make them feel like they aren't capable❤🙏

    Gaia in peaceGaia in peace7 napja
  • I been eating plain oats and berries with walnuts every day for almost a year ...

    Randy ARandy A7 napja
  • How does he have all this money?

    El JefeEl Jefe7 napja
    • He was one of the best pro skiers in the world, got big million dollar deals and sponsorings with brands like Red Bull, was not stupid with investments and had for a while a big youtube channel that gave him millions each year and was one of the bests channels ever. Also he owns a part of the companny "Douchebags". Since his channel is loosing viewers, the channel of his wifes got big and now she is making millions with brand deals and viewers. But I don't like him anymore and lost my respect for him. He is/got fake and most of the time his only reason for new videos are product placements or he want sell something like houses, cars, new merch.

      AlessandroAlessandro7 napja
  • Haha Jon I have the exact same breakfast as you everyday! It's so healthy and delicious in the winter

    Julia MrtnJulia Mrtn7 napja
    • except I put mine in the microwave for a minute or so to warm it up

      Julia MrtnJulia Mrtn7 napja
  • Thanks for the positivity you & benni spread in our lives through your vlogs......

    Suprit ChavanSuprit Chavan7 napja
  • What happens to your American accent bud

    Green ValleyGreen Valley7 napja
  • Well... I need a Mr. Benjamin Ortega in my life 😌😌😌

    Alex OAlex O8 napja
  • eat beans not beings go vegan for life 🌱 check out game changers and dominion to learn the truth

    Josh PatronJosh Patron8 napja
  • I don’t care what anyone says... but wearing a mask outside is ridiculous Covid or not and the more you do it the more likely it will become the norm. There is absolutely no science in the world that backs it up. Don’t become a sheep

    Curt HookCurt Hook8 napja
  • Did y’all buy it

    Bryson BrownBryson Brown8 napja
  • Awesome VLOG as always! Just watched it in 2160p (4K)

    Jim Makes MusicJim Makes Music8 napja
  • Will the blue hoodie be on the site again? I didn’t get a chance to get one🥲

    josh Fabbrojosh Fabbro8 napja
  • Help me India poor family

    Hari HariHari Hari8 napja
  • That boat costs alot to dock takes up space

    j johnsonj johnson8 napja
  • Don't constantly grab your mask with you hand that's how you can transfer virus too

    j johnsonj johnson8 napja
  • Starbucks sucks

    j johnsonj johnson8 napja
  • Janni's face at 21:03 hahahah

    Army BossArmy Boss8 napja
  • If someone has a clubhouse invitation, respond to this com

    Nelith_YTNelith_YT8 napja
  • That running path was worth the watch. So I didn't read anything about your channel and this is the first video I watched. My question is where did you grow up? What brought you to Monaco? How or what is your gig that allows you to afford to live there?

    Dagda IontachDagda Iontach8 napja
  • after watched this video ,just sold out all of my stocks,.emea stocks not dm portfolio

    defne barandefne baran8 napja
  • song name from 2:36 - 2:56

    keywan gillekeywan gille8 napja
  • 13:15 "Best part of eating out"

    FatwomanfartingFatwomanfarting8 napja
  • what was the last thing in that oatmeal thing? he completely skipped it.

    ittotaqittotaq9 napja
  • Masks outside is literally the dumbest thing. It is illegal in the States to put a Child Seat in the front. should be illegal there as well.

    Double DDouble D9 napja
    • Masks outside is literally the best thing because we have literaly much less covid death in europe per 100.000. You in the US killing LITERALLY 4000-5000 people each day with your hate for masks and not wearing them everywhere. And also we are just fine with guns are mostly illegal over here in Europe. In 2020, not a single baby in a car seat in the front was killed in Germany. In the US, more kids are killed by guns each day than childs in front seats in a whole year in Europe. Guns should be illegal in the US as well. ;-) Also the US has 12,5 traffic-related death per 100.000 inhabitants per year. 3-4x as much as Germany and 2-3x as much as Europe. Our traffic laws are pretty good and our driver are MUCH better skilled and trained by driving school. At all I've driven over 10.000 miles in the US between 2011 and 2019 and you have a lot of bad and risky driver :-(

      AlessandroAlessandro7 napja
  • What’s happening with the house in Bali?

    Faze RedoFaze Redo9 napja
  • enjoyed the video!

    William TravisWilliam Travis9 napja
  • You guys need some t.v. tray tables!

    William TravisWilliam Travis9 napja
  • I could just pull up a chair and sit and watch the waves crash against the rocks! relaxing!

    William TravisWilliam Travis9 napja
  • Hey, what about lombok?

    elcasta_198elcasta_1989 napja
  • Leon was doing the same what benny did with the finger at 19:57min

    Elson CastroElson Castro9 napja
  • nice vlog !!

    Mister PaulMister Paul9 napja
  • Breakfast sounds and looks amazing. Jenni is just jealous tahah😉

    Hans Asmus LindholmHans Asmus Lindholm9 napja
  • Put the oats and the milk in the microwave for a few minutes 👌🏼

    D.L. SanderD.L. Sander9 napja
  • First there was Jon, who’s a cool dude. Then he added Janni, who is a cool girl. But now there’s Leon, and he’s just blowing everyone in the vlog away. 😍 He’s extremely funny and cute.

    Nicky VNicky V9 napja
  • Such an awesome and wholesome VLOG ! ♥

    xZealouzxZealouz9 napja
  • Water? Oatmeal? Frozen berries? YUK ... Try real fruit, oats, yogurt ,honey and nuts... You will LOVE it 👌👌👌

    Thomas RebokThomas Rebok9 napja
  • Update please it’s so interesting!!

    Hratch MkHratch Mk9 napja
  • Stock market bubble is so big that even Jon is into it

    RDK-WDHRDK-WDH9 napja
  • I don't know if they are aware of how great they are in parenting

    Igor MarkovicIgor Markovic9 napja
  • Who else is absolutely IN LOVE WITH BENNY!?💜💜💜💜 gosh i am dying haha

    Joelina456Joelina4569 napja
  • 19,57 when Leon copies benny with his finger is hilarious

    Luuc VanopzeelandLuuc Vanopzeeland9 napja
  • Super breakfast sir but I'd stay clear of the toxic tap water and get in bottles of filtered water minus the fluoride.... Fluoride calcifies our pineal gland😉

    Kieran PatrickKieran Patrick9 napja
  • Cool video!!! ps: I need a Benni in my life!! 😆💜😆💜

    Patricia BMPatricia BM9 napja
  • Oatmeal bowl is a staple include 2 to 3 soft/medium boiled eggs on the side because you're running a lot and cardio tends to eat at the muscles...less running do 15 mins burpees sessions instead ( Chris Heria channel ) cheers from Tahiti

    ViniMac9ViniMac910 napja
  • Theodora its Greek name and means gift from the God

    psninospsninos10 napja
  • hyper-base.do.am .

    Yurii Pan'kivYurii Pan'kiv10 napja
  • hyper-base.do.am.

    Yurii Pan'kivYurii Pan'kiv10 napja
  • You should try a smoothie mix. I am sure it will be more tasty like that 😁 your vlogs are the best

    Luis MorenoLuis Moreno10 napja
  • @the bfast meal. Tip to put it into the microwave for a minute so that the oatmeal can react with the liquids and the berries melt. Warm will taste better 🙃

    V DV D10 napja
  • Show us the new car.

    Luís GonçalvesLuís Gonçalves10 napja
  • Since you like efficient yachts you should check out S/Y Black Pearl, that monster is awash in green tech.

    rugby342rugby34210 napja
  • I got 2 invitations for clubhouse and I will be happy to send you one

    Piotr GaszczykPiotr Gaszczyk10 napja
  • What camera are you using when running?

    Tahir RamzanTahir Ramzan10 napja
  • 'bout your breakfast... sounds good ^^ I'm having also a kinda special'n healthy breakfast each day: I mix together Kellogs Frosties, Kellogs Smacks and a bit Müsli (what is it in engl? lol... various cerials).

    René SonstwerRené Sonstwer10 napja
  • 6:59 Also das kam jetzt echt unerwartet. Seit wann flucht er denn auf Deutsch? :D

    Moritz.97Moritz.9710 napja
  • really nice video jon, been following for a long time. Keep it up

    Jordi BioscaJordi Biosca10 napja
  • Mcconaghy boats

    BlakeBlake10 napja
  • You don’t have to wear a mask outside?? Crazy talk

    joeschmo Mofojoeschmo Mofo10 napja
  • “scheisse” your german is point on! 🤓

    santasanta10 napja
  • Clickbait title.

    Alexander De BoeckAlexander De Boeck10 napja
  • How much is an apartment lime yours cost in monaco? to buy or rent?

    Agentlife1Agentlife110 napja
    • I guess less than the taxes they avoids with having their primary residence in Monaco. It's the only reason for them, while having a perfect big house and their friends and family in Marbella.

      AlessandroAlessandro7 napja
  • apprrciate the little things you learn in these vlogs, thanks Jon and Benny

    Yudi ZhangYudi Zhang10 napja
  • 5:15 add some protein for the muscle and a small scoop of nut butter and it can't be better for your body.

    Ciceraw MMXXCiceraw MMXX10 napja
  • Do you still use the ADHD medicines? I really want to know if the medication have helped you. I have ADHD but could not started any medication yet because I have so many doubts..

    Saint LateSaint Late10 napja
    • be very careful , those drugs can be quite toxic , lots of downstream side effects , you are rational and logical to fear them , jon was on them while abusing red bull , a very toxic blend

      mark norrismark norris5 napja
  • Please make more vlogs, it makes my day better the day I watch

    Bawer SilvaaBawer Silvaa10 napja
  • And i cannot afford my cartaxes 😂

  • very cool run 🙌🏽

    Yannick TranYannick Tran10 napja
  • It’s great video but there is too many adds

    LouisJBLouisJB10 napja
  • You should add coffee and protein powder to your breakfast. Blend it all together and it is amazing.

    Lasse Nørregaard JohansenLasse Nørregaard Johansen10 napja
  • You guys eat pork 🤢🤮🤮🤮 tu

    Shazaib ShoukathShazaib Shoukath10 napja
  • As a german I love hearing you say "scheisse"

    N1l0cN1l0c10 napja
  • lol thats my breakfast as well! I just add banana and crushed cookie into it to give it more taste XD perfect quick healthy breafast

    Nitish7Nitish710 napja
  • That VLOG really felt old school in a good way! Loved the crazy running part on the small coast path with those huge waves! Now it's getting more grooved in with the little one: Family, bit of cars, big yachts, sports & fun! Keep it up, Jon! And stay with them, Benni! You always spice things up with that magical touch! All the best from Germany

    Daniel Z.Daniel Z.10 napja
  • The Mustang is so sick.

    InvasionInvasion10 napja