15 Minecraft Lifehacks and Tips to Save Time

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Learn the Best Minecraft Time Saving Tips and Lifehacks in this video. Did you know there is a way faster way to place blocks in Minecraft? Or glitch through walls? I'll show you in this video!
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  • Try to Swim backwards I did that

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  • 8:23 lava don't reduce fall damage

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  • ShulkerCraft: MLG lava Me: has done this in the past and lost all my stuff

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  • It’s funny because everyone says middle click but I have my pick block set to “p”

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  • lava is useless it aslo take hearts

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  • 0:03 ahhh yes lifeacks

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  • huworld.info/to/GdIzYZYGk5IMKPH4Hj7a6A

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  • You can craft concrete powder into concrete?!?!

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  • "He say you can go through glass by using ender pearl" *me who just break the glass to get through*

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  • Life hack be like first go to water you must like Swimming animation and Look the Fence and walk and you just make a Zipline

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  • Boo lava boo water save life

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  • 2:40 already know

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  • 5:48 this glitch is not working

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  • Also ladder we can use to avoid fall damage 😌

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  • Hax: Reason : lava bucket doesn't cushoin fall damage and the glass bug will get fixed

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  • I came here to dislike this video for click baiting

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  • That you can't use much pearls cuz you will die

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  • There's one thing

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  • Amazing bro or sis (don't know) but thank you

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  • Shulkercraft: u can use enderpearl to go through the glass Me: It Takes A While To Get 1 EnderPearl

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  • A more faster way to travel is running, jumping and ender pearling.😂 It is just an estimate.

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  • huworld.info/to/eNhZChM7bt1YvW1vt6HeWQ

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  • 7:29 just take a frickin snow golem with you

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  • Add on 3:40 Also mobs don't spawn on slabs so you can prevent mobs like creeper spawn in house and blow things up

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  • Editing God here

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  • How to play higher version world in lower version without losing any build in minecraft java

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  • 0:34 think it works for every blocks

  • and also we never knew that we can (MLG) lava :D

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  • you can also place torches in ground you know

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  • 5:23 you can do that in survival!?!?!

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  • 1:34 elytra: Gas Gas Gas

  • How you get light just by holding a torch

  • Dream should see this

  • 0:24 you can do it with all the blocks

  • ender pearl trick i can now break into my friends house

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  • In new cave update we can also use snow as a water bucket to remove the fall damage

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