13 Types of Among Us Players

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Who's sus? Who's not? Who's the impostor? What happens when Among Us becomes real life...?
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  • Did you guys manage to figure out who was the imposter before the big reveal? 😝

    JianHao TanJianHao TanHónapja
    • Black

      Kian Lance BernardoKian Lance Bernardo7 napja
    • I thought is was Debbie !!!

      Prateeksha AnuragPrateeksha Anurag15 napja
    • Black was sus from beginnigg

      AmongUs GamerGurlsAmongUs GamerGurls16 napja
    • Yes

      TheBeeGirl!TheBeeGirl!28 napja
    • Me lol

      Loki XiaoLoki Xiao29 napja
  • OMG so dramatic haha

    Veera SrinivasanVeera Srinivasan14 perccel
  • Hao: this is ruining our friendship! Also hao: Ok one more game Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Eric GomezEric Gomez25 perccel
  • u guys are sooooooo dum dum but your vids are good

    its_ wolfhunterits_ wolfhunter30 perccel
  • Red always sus.

  • 10:00 Kevin swiping his card in Nav lol. Also, Nav doors don't shut.

    Priyansh DPriyansh D39 perccel
  • Is she is really colour blind

    Srimoyee GuhaSrimoyee Guha48 perccel
  • Who is the imposter that is sus

    Petulisa TumaloPetulisa Tumalo52 perccel
  • I think it’s red and black

    Petulisa TumaloPetulisa Tumalo53 perccel
  • i love among us

    Ann KimAnn Kim53 perccel
  • Anyone else noticed that there are three imps? Cause sierra said there were only wires task and kevin did the task that was admin cad swipe so kevin is also a imp 10:03

    RKJ Productions Inc.RKJ Productions Inc.Órája
  • It's not blue it's cyan

    Jeena MeiJeena MeiÓrája
  • hakim was cyan when he got imposter but when voted out he was pink anyways good vid enjoyed it

    Heated Party gamingHeated Party gamingÓrája
  • Vented in front three peiple

    Isaac OngIsaac Ong2 órája
  • Lol

    rozirozi2 órája
  • Why was the end so emotional? I was legit bout to cry lmao

    Gabrielle HutsulGabrielle Hutsul2 órája
  • Orange is right do your tasks pink and blue are stupid

    Mathieu NguyenMathieu Nguyen2 órája
  • debbie:how do i vent like orange did? 2:03 her again: did i ever told u guys i was colorblind? me: whattt u said ORANGE vented-even tho ur colorblind?

  • We need part 2

    Muhammad SardarMuhammad Sardar3 órája
  • btw if you say the impostor but there are 2 imposters

    those passionate little onesthose passionate little ones3 órája
  • Wheres pei shi (i forgot the actual spelling so pls correct me if im wrong) in the real world i mean shes literaly in the among us world.

    Francis Arnel BermejoFrancis Arnel Bermejo3 órája
  • Purple said there was no card swipe as common task, so why is Kevin doing card swipe

    RayDaAngel PlaysRayDaAngel Plays3 órája
  • One time my sister is playing among us and than someone said “why is my name red I want it blue” than everyone vote him out

    Lianna CancelLianna Cancel3 órája
  • Red is always sus

    Wolf turd PlaysWolf turd Plays3 órája
  • Not gonna lie but this game is addictive and HELLA FUN

    jess bjess b3 órája
  • LOL

    Princess Mikaela Freia ParelPrincess Mikaela Freia Parel3 órája
  • They voted on sven!

    josh catindigjosh catindig4 órája
  • Debbie: I saw orange vent! Also Debbie: have I ever told you guys I’m color blind?

    VersionVersion5 órája
    • she could have recovered xD

      Heated Party gamingHeated Party gamingÓrája
  • Lol, I can’t stop watching this

    Itzz MoosyItzz Moosy5 órája
  • If Debbie said she was colour blind then how did she see Vincent vent ?!?

    Jason HuangJason Huang5 órája
  • Black and red Impostor

    Jan Izel OzmaJan Izel Ozma5 órája
  • Orange was serious purple gave them a lot of facts but they still vote purp

    keandre McNealkeandre McNeal5 órája
  • I hate being the imposter sometimes because the other imposter will betray you and call you out

    xxhxoney xxxxhxoney xx5 órája
  • See I told you is Vincent is the inpostor

    robin lerobin le5 órája
  • How dose debbie know orange vent then she says did you know i am color blind

    alishba Alialishba Ali5 órája
  • And white was in the game

    Tomas JoveroTomas Jovero6 órája
  • That white was not there

    Tomas JoveroTomas Jovero6 órája
  • 🤔Red Kinda Sus Ngl🤔

    Just a random human beingJust a random human being6 órája
  • i though all among us codes end in q or f

    Henry GaoHenry Gao6 órája
  • Stereotype: the emergency button spammer.

    Brayden NakamuraBrayden Nakamura6 órája
  • impostors

    MauventuresMauventures7 órája
  • Black was so creepy this whole game...

    Stephanie AlonsoStephanie Alonso7 órája

    Stephanie AlonsoStephanie Alonso7 órája
  • I watched this in 0.25 speed and the girl in the shoes leaving and the girl next to her it looked like she was wearing those shoes then I replayed and it went away....

    sha nettasha netta7 órája
  • One moment Jianhao is like that’s not enough evidence next meeting we don’t need evidence

    Kyle GopaulKyle Gopaul7 órája
  • It's blue biches. Not purple

    Umeranees MalikUmeranees Malik8 órája
  • Debbie always act as a noob and stupid and as a nerd

    Umeranees MalikUmeranees Malik8 órája
  • Pei Shi

    BreadFruit :3BreadFruit :38 órája
  • Why do u guys act cringe man

    Umeranees MalikUmeranees Malik8 órája
  • Who's the girl in the green sweather? She's very cute

    DaveRGcz98DaveRGcz989 órája
  • 11:15 top 10 anime betrayals!!

    KbotKbot9 órája
  • That guy in the middle one the one that was talking about 4 guys was right full guys will be back

    Robin KuzanRobin Kuzan10 órája
  • This is how many Vincent said DO YOUR TASKS

    Crystal_ IzzyCrystal_ Izzy11 órája
  • Image crying over a fucking game

    Doan Trang NguyenDoan Trang Nguyen11 órája
  • And kevin was doing admin swipe card

    tamanna mishratamanna mishra11 órája
  • U know that admin cannot be sabottaged right?

    tamanna mishratamanna mishra11 órája
  • Debbie: have I ever told you guys I'm colour blind Debbie in the meeting: orange your sus

    Shurtera BibiShurtera Bibi12 órája
  • Detective scene be like: When your entire team has the worst memory, no brain, their skeleton is a skeleton without their spine and they touched acid as a kid they ruin the game because they are useless beings

    Pixelated LuisPixelated Luis12 órája
  • I thought it was yellow Bc it looked like he glitched his phone

    Bowgart My singing MonstersBowgart My singing Monsters12 órája
  • What colours I wear and what hats got with them! Black and red beanie Blue and ninja headband.

    Asha SolutionsAsha Solutions13 órája
  • i love how kevin was swiping his card in nav

    Wet FloorWet Floor13 órája
  • kinda sad😢

    quyenvy damquyenvy dam13 órája
  • sus-ometer: 100000000000000000%

    Kelsey GarciaKelsey Garcia13 órája
  • That is stupid guys you all not good noobs in the END it is sadly

  • 8:01 lil

    Umer PlayzUmer Playz13 órája
  • At the end of the video in the back round when they said NO the guy in the pineapple suit is saying NO to

    Gino’s Gang and freindsGino’s Gang and freinds13 órája
  • pls make part 2!

    •ʟᴇᴇɴ••ʟᴇᴇɴ•13 órája
  • Can we just appreciate that this video is exactly 13 mins long?

    XxMilk ToastxXXxMilk ToastxX13 órája
  • 3.38 u can see Vincent is talking to someone

    Gacha_ Mini moviesGacha_ Mini movies14 órája
  • Is nobody going to talk about JianHao saying "was the vent clean?" like lolll

    Choung Lee ChaiChoung Lee Chai15 órája

    Ashwin KarthickAshwin Karthick15 órája
  • Hahah lol the way rikiyang just laughed at his face while hao was killing kevin hahah lol Jeeze yh he was like shreruuhmmm

    Renee RoseRenee Rose15 órája
  • Fav

    Fun With InayaFun With Inaya15 órája
  • Do we get to have cute animals Pets in among us.

    Anonymous ManAnonymous Man16 órája
  • Me

    Aris NorcioAris Norcio16 órája
  • DO YOUR TASKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gopi DGopi D16 órája
  • Watch this pubg montage video if you want i am sure you will not be disapointed: huworld.info/flow/vide/3qplup3OfLDOr3g

    Shubham tech & gamingShubham tech & gaming16 órája
  • super

    butter fliesbutter flies17 órája
  • If not blue then is black

  • Among us has came out in 2018 WHY IN 2020

    Jonathan Comes back FOR VIEWSJonathan Comes back FOR VIEWS17 órája

    RUZANAH ZarrinRUZANAH Zarrin18 órája
  • Pink said or maybe is red and it was red

    wang mengkieanwang mengkiean19 órája
  • Are you the Impostor

    Phyo Min ZawPhyo Min Zaw19 órája
  • R.I.P Fall Guys

    Spezy GamingSpezy Gaming19 órája
  • And if we have 2 impostor and 2 crewmate, the impostor already win

    Nhat AnhNhat Anh19 órája
  • The report button will never have a problem like that!!!

    Nhat AnhNhat Anh19 órája
    • It does

      Commander MustacheCommander Mustache13 órája
  • jianhao: takes out gun 69 years later... finally kills kevin

    Jason ChungJason Chung19 órája
  • At 00:30 youre bulliying fall guys hehe...

    Aurelyan PlayzAurelyan Playz19 órája
  • The ending 🤣👌🏼

    シiiHelxniiシiiHelxnii20 órája
  • Person 1: there’s no farming. O2 Mira hq plant task: Am I a joke to you.

    Abe KnightAbe Knight20 órája
  • Did ren just killed pet shi

    Standrp RoseteStandrp Rosete21 órája
  • Purple: (speaks evidence's and facts) IT'S BLACK!!! Black: purple is sus. PURPLE WAS not THE IMPOSTOR

    Cooly RblxCooly Rblx21 órája
  • I love among us

    Amber Da PandaAmber Da Panda21 órája
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Jayjake BossyJayjake Bossy22 órája
  • If I'm impostor im always self report

    Z MADZ MAD22 órája

    Abel ChagollaAbel Chagolla22 órája
  • Hi i realy love your vids and i subscribed your channel😁

    Kirsten chloe BucoyKirsten chloe Bucoy22 órája
  • I'm crying when hao just shows the gun killing Kevin I'm crying

    Diptankar ChakrabartyDiptankar Chakrabarty22 órája
  • I realised that Jian Hao tan switched phone otherwise can you explain why his name is not RED 3:17

    UndoTypingUndoTyping22 órája
  • 10:52 Why they didnt report the body right

    Aljor BenosaAljor Benosa22 órája