1239HP Toyota SUPRA 2JZ *310KMH* on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL

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1239HP Toyota SUPRA 2JZ *310KMH* on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL
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  • We removed the headlight for a second run, allowing more airflow and lower intake temp. Lets go!

    AutoTopNLAutoTopNL19 napja
    • Das hast du gut gemacht. Alle anderen Verkehrsteilnehmer finden es bestimmt total super das du sie mit einem, durch deine Modifikation, nicht zugelassen Fahrzeug gefährdest. Die Autobahn ist nicht deine persönlich Teststrecke und deinen Hinweis unten links kannst du dir sparen. Wenn du ein so "experienced driver" wärst, würdest du solchen Unfug nicht auf öffentlichen Starßen machen. Mach das in den Niederlanden oder sonst wo. PS: Lebenslanges Fahrverbot hättest du mehr als verdient.

      Martin PMartin P9 napja
    • @juliet.echo. aviation Yes, of course! But please read my comments again...I am against it, I just like the complete (full interior and exterior) car, so you know that this measured times are ALWAYS possible! ;-)

      Dejan ŠtamecDejan Štamec11 napja
    • @Dejan Štamec Well if the police is catching you without a headlight, they will take away your Betriebserlaubnis

      juliet.echo. aviationjuliet.echo. aviation11 napja
    • @WTF Is Going On it isnt street racing

      Cobrafan 123Cobrafan 12312 napja
    • My right leg was twitching trying to back out of the wheel spin 🙈

      Legoman888Legoman88813 napja
  • Será que esse Cara não sabe dirigir com cambio manual. Me dá agonia ver esse carro saindo de giro. Parece que vai vuar pistão e tudo pra fora. Da impressão que o carro está gripado mais com fôlego. Kkkkkkkkkk

    Pedro henrique Rezende de Souza MoraesPedro henrique Rezende de Souza Moraes4 órája
  • Imagine missing a gear

    FN videosFN videos5 órája
  • Wheelspin at 260 :-o you will shit in your pants

    Sascha SabelekSascha SabelekNapja
  • 🎌Shift down bad shit🗾

    新型S1000 RR新型S1000 RRNapja
  • *crying gtr fans noises*

    NTXC frl YTNTXC frl YTNapja
  • “ WHY WE GOING SO MF FAST “ 😂 if ykuk

  • 3:01 lol Max looking for comfort mode after that 2nd pull

    Alex FergusonAlex FergusonNapja
  • Is this a supra?????!?!?!!!!!!!!!

    Igor ZającIgor Zając2 napja
    • yiiiiii

      IRAQE m21IRAQE m2110 órája
  • and that what people call 'Legendary Supra'💥💥💥

    BLAKEBLAKE2 napja
  • I LOVE Turbo SOUNDS and SUPRAS...

    Daniel BjørnDaniel Bjørn3 napja
  • 1:12 that was dangerous😨😨😨

    Real World SceneReal World Scene3 napja
  • When your late for a meeting with your group 😂😂😂😂

    lyndon macaraiglyndon macaraig3 napja
  • Is that the same sound on a assetto corsa supra mod ?

    ASReakyASReaky3 napja
  • Hey car people, what is the sound at :47?

    SharaShara4 napja
  • Que sonho em

    LuluAn brLuluAn br4 napja
  • Wow

    เมาดี รีซอร์สเมาดี รีซอร์ส4 napja
  • Don’t mess with a guy missing a headlight for a turbo

    Amax-PG3DAmax-PG3D4 napja
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    ItsBorisBTWItsBorisBTW4 napja
  • @AutoTopNL How many RPM`S

    FredFred4 napja
  • A lot better than the first attempt in my opinion this was a solid run

    Luke CaswellLuke Caswell4 napja
  • 3rd gear 200km/r ?

    GL AGL A5 napja
  • Ai futut supra aia de au luat-o draci!!!!!!

    H17MANH17MAN5 napja
  • I honestly don't get the appeal of putting 1,000+ horse power in a supra, like we get it, the 2JZ can withstand that kind of power but is it really needed? Frankly it makes the car less useful since all that power can only really be used in drag racing or top speed runs

    SkylahSkylah5 napja
  • Why homie shift the car so aggressive tho💀either way I love jdm he should do a RX7

  • Holy fucking shit😅😅💀

    Utku AygunUtku Aygun5 napja
  • I really need this cars mod list it sounds just perfect

    Ian BanksIan Banks5 napja
  • 1:13 - you can just hope the brakes are as razor sharp as that motor pulls 👍

    g00dl00kinb0ig00dl00kinb0i5 napja

  • Kurwa mać.

    ErnestoErnesto6 napja
  • this car is scary :D

    quakegottquakegott6 napja
  • 604 dislike R34 lovers

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  • I love this car pls mor from

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  • 元々日本で普通に乗られてただろう国内仕様車がドイツのアウトバーンで大爆走…嬉しいような悲しいような

    名古屋の田舎侍名古屋の田舎侍6 napja
  • I wish people in America would know to stay out of the left lane unless you're passing

    Black ThunderBlack Thunder6 napja
  • here before 1million views

    Shanon DebbarmaShanon Debbarma6 napja
  • Аж жутко!

    Денис ХрамешинДенис Храмешин6 napja
  • *JDM Legend*

    M4T3U5ZM4T3U5Z6 napja
  • Try Downloas RPM Meter In playstore .. because .. App Rpm not lie ..

    Reza HunteRReza HunteR6 napja
  • 2:42 you could say he missed 4th 😂😂😂

    nathan lewisnathan lewis6 napja
  • Holy shit...

    Gustavo BarríaGustavo Barría6 napja
  • Fuel consumption?

    He DopeHe Dope6 napja
  • ur shifting gives me cancer

    VaiserintVaiserint6 napja
  • 2:41 he’s too excited to drive a turbo supra lol

    CarsAndSirensVidsCarsAndSirensVids6 napja
  • Reminds me of the highway in Forza.

    Fluffy PanzerFluffy Panzer6 napja
  • go change your rpm meter dude and dyno your car to know red zone....you want your car engine blown?

    Mohd AffizMohd Affiz6 napja
  • Omg he's so fckn rude with the gearbox chill dude

    Anto GamerAnto Gamer6 napja
  • Headlights hmmm I guess we don't need that anymore

    Anto GamerAnto Gamer6 napja
  • Que país es ese que los camiones van a 260kh jajajajaja

    Andres IglesiasAndres Iglesias6 napja
  • Sonho de varios pilotos 🚀

    Bruno RealeBruno Reale6 napja
  • Hey i dont have a supra but my freind also dont have it and my freinds dad also doesn't have it so im sad

    Darbaz KingDarbaz King7 napja
    • Bananas yea

      Darbaz KingDarbaz King6 napja
    • It's fine. The Supra is a terrible car anyway. It's only saving grace is the engine.

      BananasBananas6 napja
  • Por qué es tan malo cambiando de marchas???

    lolomanolo RGlolomanolo RG7 napja
  • Дикая

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  • 1200 hp supra *exists* -traction has left the chat

    misterbanan 2misterbanan 27 napja
  • Dat 2jz...😱

    John KoutalasJohn Koutalas7 napja
  • *D U D E* IS THAT A *S U P R A?*

    AndrewwwAndrewww7 napja
  • Motoru bağırtma Motoru Bağırtma

    Judge `Judge `7 napja
  • so slow.. my honda is more fast than supra xD (MY HONDA İS 105HP DİESEL)

    Eray AslanEray Aslan7 napja
  • This is something else than a supercar this is on another level this is really savage.

    Slash AddictSlash Addict7 napja
  • Führer Fahrzeug mit Fahrzeugführer

    Adilf HotlerAdilf Hotler7 napja
  • That things insane. Its a monster

    V. F.V. F.7 napja
  • damn this needs a NSFW tag lol

    Austin MAustin M7 napja
  • What we really want to see is the gas gauge.

    a Singha Singh7 napja
  • We have a Autobahn here in the US too, it’s called Texas

    S I G N I AS I G N I A7 napja
  • Rpm meter every gear :🎶Fuck that shit i’m out🎶

    KarimLePenKarimLePen7 napja
  • This is epic

    StevenSteven7 napja
  • Ive seen a lot of these videos from him. Thats why im surprised he floored it in such a low gear. What did you expect? Just deal with the 1 second of lag if any in next gear and you would have accelerated faster. Its already well.into boost.

    kamil wojcikkamil wojcik7 napja
  • Driving over 300 and it's legal, what a dream

    MacaludaMacaluda7 napja
  • Vas a romper el cambio en dos dias te lo digo yo loko

    tupanga rtupanga r7 napja
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    itsmerubenitsmeruben8 napja
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    Dinu CosminDinu Cosmin8 napja
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    46 kromozom46 kromozom8 napja
  • Hey Bugatti ! Hold my Headlight ヘッドライトを持って Halte meinen Scheinwerfer. Подержи/потримай мою фару. менің фарамды ұста tieni il mio faro turiet manu lukturi मेरी हेडलाइट पकड़ो 抓住我的头灯

    Aбгa KadaбгaAбгa Kadaбгa8 napja
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    Koteł KucharzKoteł Kucharz8 napja
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    Evan LaClareEvan LaClare8 napja
  • 2jz is insane, no grip on 4th gear

    Elvis PauElvis Pau8 napja
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    Marcelo DutraMarcelo Dutra8 napja
  • Welche Autobahn ist das? Wo ist die? Someone knows which Autobahn that is and maybe where it is

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  • This car looks disgusting. 🤮

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  • Krank

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  • *Every Kid which is watching this, thinks its Stock*

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  • Idk why but I'd love to see drone footage of this, it's a missile!

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    petoopetoo8 napja
  • yes officer, its stock

    Tymon StuczyńskiTymon Stuczyński9 napja

    Katarina du CoteauKatarina du Coteau9 napja
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  • 9,000 rpm supra... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    ProjectForged: MR2 SpyderProjectForged: MR2 Spyder9 napja
  • am I the only one having wet hands after watching this video?

    Valerii PaziukValerii Paziuk9 napja
  • 2:36 best pull

    adam govorkovicadam govorkovic9 napja
  • why are you so slow

    RaZe_FluffyRaZe_Fluffy9 napja
  • Im sorry to say this just does not do it for me and i love supra's to death i see 2 things wrong with this setup. i would much rather have 600-700hp with less lag this thing doesnt kick in fully to nearly 7k rpm seems a bit pointless to me full whack at 5k would be much more usable. The amount of money this thing must have cost to build must have been some serious cash, Therefore i really dont know why you would go to all this work to get 1200hp + and use a 6 speed box it would be so much better with a proper Sequential gearbox fitted.

    haydensuprahaydensupra9 napja