[1218] This Should Be A Nuclear Launch Key (Allen-Bradley Interlock Picked)

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    LockPickingLawyerLockPickingLawyer27 napja
    • Was wondering why o hadn't seen any videos in my feed for a week or 2, turns out i had bern in subscribed..... Of course, HUworld wouldn't do anything like that, honest 😉

      steve dsteve d16 napja
    • President: Arrest that LockPickingLawyer and put him behind lock & key! Everybody else: ehhh.....

      Bob JacobsBob Jacobs21 napja
    • you can give us the link of this lock

      Ruphus BauRuphus Bau23 napja
    • Are door knob or slide bolt locks harder to pick?

      Carl OCarl O24 napja
    • One million views in 2 days... apparently, 1 million locks are being picked at the same time too hahaha

      B RB R24 napja
  • i watched all of your videos . Now i can easily enter in and out of my crushes home 😌

  • Unless the lock picking lawyer is bullet proof dunno how he is gonna pick this lock while being shot at with automatic fire from the guards ........

    Styxx NStyxx NNapja
  • OK, what if we make a lock with an electronic shield blocking the pins and the key has NFC, so you need the nfc tag + physical key to open at the same time.. that would probably be somewhat tricky for LPL.. It couldn't be defeated totally by hacking or by lock picking and the nfc thingy in the chamber would make it hard to pick around even if you somehow got that part down.

    Eileen the CrowEileen the CrowNapja
  • in all honesty that looks easier to pick than the average lock because you can actually see all the pins lol.

    Eileen the CrowEileen the CrowNapja
  • I wonder how good of a locksmith he would be. Has he made any locks? If he knows the strengths and weaknesses of a ton of locks he would know the strongest ones and get inspiration off of them. I can see it now, “Hello guys, its the Lock Smithing Lawyer here...”

    Drahgunbum -Drahgunbum -Napja
  • "This should be a Nuclear Launch Key", also LPL "Takes nothing then a couple of seconds to defeat"

    Doktor ALLESDoktor ALLESNapja
  • Wait a couple of weeks before you ask any presidents anything requiring a sensible answer. In just a couple of weeks we'll have a real one again.

  • I love this dude he's like this could be a nuclear key picks it in like 2 seconds

    Gunner PenningtonGunner PenningtonNapja
  • Don't pick on me just because my name is Locke.

    John LockeJohn Locke2 napja
  • So it won't actually be effective in keeping the kids out of the Deep Freeze where iKeep the Ice Cream?

    pjlu2pjlu22 napja
  • thats why the need two guys do it the same time

    boom 350boom 3502 napja
  • This lock has the same name as the guy who made TRON

    Zack LunasZack Lunas2 napja
  • We use keys like this at work to shut off a robot arm if you need to go inside the cage to fix something. The robot is off when the key is out so picking this lock makes it possible to get smacked in the head by a big robot. I'll make sure no one is messing with the locks whenever I am in the cage from now on XD.

    giejongiejon2 napja
  • aka LPL start WWIII

    SamanthaVimesSamanthaVimes3 napja
  • Not one of us ever has a question. Just funny jokes. I do like that he keeps insisting us to leave our questions below.

    Anders Estes JacobsenAnders Estes Jacobsen3 napja
  • the highlight of watching his videos is when I saw women sending him gifts because they love his voice.....lol... you do a good job though..... are you a lock smith?

    john doejohn doe3 napja
  • you did this for the comments section to go nuts, right?

    Diego CrusiusDiego Crusius3 napja
  • Nooooo, I didn't check how long the video was and really liked this key.

    sonicx059sonicx0593 napja
  • Could you lock pick a nuclear launch core?

    greenspiraldragongreenspiraldragon4 napja
  • Now,we are a click away from Nuclear War.

    Gae CyntGae Cynt4 napja
  • The title made me think it was an actual good luck that would be secure enough for nuclear weapons

    Neurofied YamatoNeurofied Yamato4 napja
  • No need to ask the president, he wouldn't ask you.

    SquantSquant5 napja
  • Ask the president... the actual president XD

    Interro bangInterro bang5 napja
  • Lesson learned: No lock is unpickable

    先生CherryPepsi先生CherryPepsi6 napja
  • Criminals be watching this like “take notes! take notes!”

    Kayleigh DanielleKayleigh Danielle6 napja
    • No Doubt..... LAWyer (LOL).... murikan statutes are merely silly murikans making up bullshit that doesn't matter outside murika despite the delusions of murikans, and no stupid murikan statutes Apply to MOI, since iAm Above all murikans, and iKnow The REAL LAW! This guy is a Danger to Society, he's even selling the TOOLS of CRIME to 'general public' lawleSS murikans.

      pjlu2pjlu22 napja
  • I had high hope but then I saw the video was less than 2 minutes

    OneWireOneOneWireOne7 napja
  • "This Should NOT Be A Nuclear Launch Key!"

    Kieran MullenKieran Mullen7 napja
  • i am always waiting for the result but then the video is over

    Mi KuMi Ku7 napja
  • This is the lockpickinglawyer today i show you how to destroy the world in under 30 sec...🤷🏻‍♂️

    WilkomakrophageWilkomakrophage7 napja
  • no way this guy is legit has to be hacking he needs to be banned

    ChickenChicken7 napja
  • Hey, this is like a nuclear launch lock, hold my lunch while I beat it in 20 sec. Thanks for watching, bye. :)

    FlamermageFlamermage8 napja
  • you sure you need the president's permission to lockpick a toilet? no srsly it looks like a toilet lmao

    GuzmaGuzma8 napja
  • Allen Bradley makes good programmable logic controllers.

    Jack DJack D8 napja
  • crap, I blinked and missed the video

    The TranspanzerThe Transpanzer9 napja
  • My method is simplest ..remove 2 screws

    InspironatorInspironator9 napja
  • behold the A-zed 5 key

    Dude STOPDude STOP9 napja
  • This lock got me thinking. Would a lock with a cover that you need to hold open, or some other thing that required multiple fingers to hold make trying to pick the lock significantly harder just because you only have two hands? I feel like this would have been harder to pick if it was installed in a panel.

    Jordan RossJordan Ross9 napja
  • Lock picking skill at. 100

    Leader of BearsLeader of Bears9 napja
  • The key usually remains in the lock at all times and if it is missing it just means you can't turn the equipment on

    ßrißri9 napja
  • The day this guy turn to a life of crime is the day we should fear for our lives

    A RockA Rock10 napja
  • Castell interlocks are not used for security, they are operation safety locks. Idea is that with a dangerous part of a machine unlocked/open the machine cannot be started (you have two locks and only one key which is held in the unlocked lock). Still interesting to see one picked.

    Penry PoochPenry Pooch10 napja
  • LPL: “There’s nothing about this lock that should take more than a couple of seconds to defeat” Me: *wonders if we should double check the security of all nuclear launch sites*

    droxinadroxina10 napja
    • Maybe we need something that's like an electronic shield on it blocking the pins and the key has NFC, so you need the nfc tag + physical key to open at the same time.. that would probably be somewhat tricky for LPL?

      Eileen the CrowEileen the CrowNapja
  • i would mount this to my wall just cause i like the way it looks

    FluffFluff10 napja
  • It's built for interlocking your safeties on gates to enter safe zones not to keep your belongings safe. Robot cells is a common use for these keys.

    KC Crypt KeeperKC Crypt Keeper10 napja
  • Has he ever failed

    dylan jacksondylan jackson11 napja
  • I feel like LPL's name appears quite a few times on CIA's lists...

    PastaAivoPastaAivo11 napja
  • These things are like 500 - 700 dollars on Amazon =0

    hypersapienhypersapien11 napja
    • Everything Allen Bradley makes is expensive. Welcome to industrial electricity.

      KC Crypt KeeperKC Crypt Keeper10 napja
  • There should be a law: You shall not build locks where the key weights twice as much as the lock itself.

    Void ByteVoid Byte11 napja
  • industrial interlocks like this really aren't designed for security. They are just there to make it so someone cant just walk up and start a piece of equipment. Same goes for safety locks. lots of them have a plastic body.

    forrest225forrest22512 napja
  • You should have shown how you lockpicked your way to the president office to ask for his permission to open the lock

    Igor JarotaIgor Jarota12 napja

  • You’re right lpl I’ll tackle that lock in under a minute, no problem, it’ll literally take longer for my to put the gauges on my torch tanks then it will to defeat this lock.... I mean it can’t be secure if it’s a liquid 😏

    bosshoss69leebosshoss69lee12 napja
  • Ok at this point he knows what he's doing

    VideogameeVideogamee12 napja
  • Given that the stated intention for the lock is timing-control, rather than security, is it really fair to fault it for "taking a couple of seconds to defeat"?

    OneWingedSharkOneWingedShark12 napja
  • And just like that a guy on HUworld destroys the world

    fabian pedrozafabian pedroza13 napja
  • Found them here: www.acquirecontrol.co.uk/installation-of-allen-bradley-guardmaster-prosafe-trapped-key-interlocks/ Used as a security switch for industrial areas that have more than one industrial robots to make sure they don't run at the same time and collide. I want one for my laptop :)

    handjobs for the homelesshandjobs for the homeless13 napja
  • I at least think it's fair that this shouldn't really be called a lock in the traditional sense, especially since you mentioned that it was mainly to prevent machinery from accidentally running.

    DarkDark13 napja
  • Dude shouldve named himself "LockPickingWizard" this is magic if ive ever seen it

    ValmorianValmorian13 napja
  • so, are you really a lawyer at work?

  • I use them all the time on job sites. They are mainly for idiot 1 and idiot 2 not to kill each other on a machine because they don't know how to lock out correctly, we'll and don't care. They are easy to bypass because 75%of the time the wires are jumped on the electronics.

    MarkMark14 napja
  • Would this work better if the blocking lugs where spring loaded and required all 4 to be activated simultaneously?

    HumbleAbodeHumbleAbode14 napja
  • nobody and nothing is safe

    Erdi ÇanErdi Çan14 napja
  • best i could do is 20 bucks. wait wrong channel.

    Jono KerenJono Keren14 napja
  • You didn't really pick it correctly, in all the movies there are two of these and they must be turned at the same time. So technically you should pick two of these and turn them at the same time.

    Ryan KsiazekRyan Ksiazek14 napja
  • You and me and a trip to an ATM machine ;)

    UnknownUnknown14 napja
  • Now pick two of them that can't be reached by a single person at the same time. You might have something then.

    Wall Stretcher - TopicWall Stretcher - Topic14 napja
  • Do you get demonetized

    Moose CockMoose Cock14 napja
  • This is the type of lock I'd use to prevent shutting off a Covid vaccine fridge.

    Paul SantosPaul Santos15 napja
  • LPL must have a daily segment in the national security briefing.

    MrSaemichlausMrSaemichlaus15 napja
  • Your voice sounds like Robert Picardo.

    CzabCzab15 napja
  • well....it IS a good looking lock...

    Luminous playerLuminous player15 napja
  • I accidentally skipped to the end of the video trying to tap full screen and all I hear is: "This is TheLockpickingLawer... And as always.. have a nice day c: "

    Carmine CasterCarmine Caster15 napja
  • We have similar in few machines at my workplace. They have to be opened in spesific order. More of a safety thing for our use

    Raksa PölyRaksa Pöly15 napja
  • these are used on gates around robot arms and automatic equipment, you can't lock the gate and thus re-activate the equipment unless you have the key, and trying to pick it to start would probably get you a mean look from the guy who's holding the key

    PsychoLucarioPsychoLucario16 napja
  • And here I thought LPL actually found a lock secure enough to put on a nuke. Were it so easy....

    theXEN0KIDtheXEN0KID16 napja
  • This is the Lock Picking Lawyer and today im gonna launch a nuclear by picking this lock under the president table

    AudreyAudrey16 napja
  • Ive heard about many millwrights using screwdrivers to bypass the locks on the cages surrounding robots. Remember you get paid by the hour, screw your boss.

    Nigel NigelNigel Nigel16 napja
  • what cant you pick! lol

    theodore scotttheodore scott16 napja
  • What a gorgeous device.

    ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ16 napja
  • It looks like a Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor! Government devices on my tires!

    Dylan PattersonDylan Patterson17 napja
  • Like there gona let an lock picking their into the nukeular wart head facility xd

    a roblox playera roblox player17 napja
  • it is realy sad how easy it is for you to defeat these locks go figure how much money we spend on suposed 'good' locks

    Catherine A. HarbinCatherine A. Harbin17 napja
  • Launch keys don't need to be complex. Anyone who is dumb enough to press the button can't get close enough for it to matter. Hence why the us launch code was all 0s in the 60s. You'll forget 62949383940494 but not 00000000000000

    Nicholas LupoNicholas Lupo17 napja
    • I do know the all 0 code was used during the entirety of the cold war. Which never really ended but just to the point when americans stopped caring

      Nicholas LupoNicholas Lupo17 napja
    • The football that you enter the code into has a giant unguessable code that it sends automatically. My knowledge caps at year 68, I don't know how it works after that

      Nicholas LupoNicholas Lupo17 napja
  • Villain in the launch control : yo, we don't have the key. Villain 2: Hold my beer.. 2 sec later: " Hey guys, it's the lock picking lawyer.... "

    Regret AjRegret Aj17 napja
  • That got me thinking...could...could you actually pick a nuclear launch console?

    Crow senpaiCrow senpai17 napja
  • This perfectly highlights the difference between a safety lock and a security lock.

    SySy17 napja
  • did u ever unlcok the ozlockcon lock?

    Ethan GrazierEthan Grazier17 napja
  • 0:32 Haha. Good one, but we all know it's the president that should be asking you extremely politely not to play with it - not you asking permission to use it ... actually, no : he should be hoping it's not dangerous, because we ALL know you're going to play with it, anyway. 😹

    Jack FablesJack Fables17 napja
  • Number 3 size Phillips screwdriver.

    Ron GlowczewskiRon Glowczewski17 napja
  • If he’s around I’m never safe

    maddog _snipermaddog _sniper18 napja
  • The ads are longer than the amount of time needed for him to pick the lock

    Cat gamingCat gaming18 napja
  • Unless there is a second LPL that is equally as efficient and can turn both keys at the same time, we are still safe.

    Ryan CappoRyan Cappo18 napja
  • Like every "lock out, tag out" you'll encounter, mainly to prevent people from getting turned into paste when they're working on industrial machines and or vehicles. Oddly enough management tends to frown on people getting liquified.

    Austin CannonAustin Cannon18 napja
    • I've seen some that were basically hex keys, so this is actually somewhat overkill for its purpose (or the hex key ones a bit too lax).

      DefeqelDefeqel17 napja
  • Me knowing nothing about lock picking, finding & binge watching LPL “Yes, of course”

    The Drop BearThe Drop Bear18 napja
  • yikes

    Patrick TaylorPatrick Taylor18 napja
  • I love how fast you are... get right down to business! I do like the design and "clickiness" of the key-lock combination.

    KutWriteKutWrite18 napja
  • I think it would've been cool to go into a little more detail about how that key and cylinder works. :)

    ElTurbinadoElTurbinado18 napja
  • That’s a tpms

    - Tyxoid -- Tyxoid -18 napja
  • Hey LPL, just wanted you to know, thanks to you my 5 year old asked for, and got a lock picking set and some practice locks for Christmas. 😎🎄

    Chris KaderaChris Kadera18 napja