1200HP Porsche 9ff 911 GT3 *HUGE TURBO* REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL

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1200HP Porsche 9ff 911 GT3 *HUGE TURBO* REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL
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IT: Auto-Top è una società che si occupa di riprese e test drive. Non siamo interessati a macchine che consumano o inquinano poco (a meno che non siamo veramente veloci). Noi vogliamo sentire scarichi che urlano e turbo che soffiano!! Facciamo recensioni su ogni tipo di auto sportiva. Nelle nostre playlist troverai sound di scarichi, riprese onboard, test di accelerazione con launch control (0-100, 0-200) e il suono unico e riconoscibile di ogni auto. Supersportive, hothatches e berline cavallate.. Proviamo di tutto!!
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  • 12:57 "NO WAY" finally finds out the 6th gear

    job bakkerjob bakker3 órája
  • This is impressively fast. Glad you didnt die. Id be scared to death.

    That Deathstep GuyThat Deathstep Guy4 órája

    Vinny RussoVinny Russo5 órája
  • Its a bike, but with 4 wheels 🤣

    Jordan TabaryJordan Tabary6 órája
  • Wow

    .:: KOEN ::..:: KOEN ::.6 órája
  • It's all english, then.. 5:34 "exhaust auspuff" 😂😂

    Olli_smc 660Olli_smc 6608 órája
  • Is he coasting in neutral or is it just a really short shifter

    Aidan JonesAidan Jones9 órája
  • Take off the fish eye lense its very off putting thanx mate. Makea the vid look like a dogs breakfast

    daspecialist1220daspecialist122010 órája
  • "why does the power cut sometime in mid boost?" "it's traction control" isn't traction control supposed to act only when the wheel spin? 😭 if yes then the wheel does spin over 100kmh even on low boost lmao what the fuck is this car

    lonedrilonedri10 órája
  • Why he rev to 7,500rpm?

    mac3528mac352814 órája
  • 14:07 i would shit my pants in this situation

    Qorr IlajziQorr Ilajzi14 órája
  • 13:47 ... no shit sherlock , i tought its was made of flesh and bone ...

    Gilberto FranciscoGilberto Francisco14 órája
  • I literally watched with a grin on my face the entire time.

    Scott McLellandScott McLelland19 órája
  • Damn nice. Love it that you can hear the excitement that much :D

  • 340 on this shit autobahn and the car struggles.... cars like this can only be driven on good highways! 👎

    Ba SchnebreBa SchnebreNapja
  • I am sure whoever drives this car in the UK they will lose their licence :-) your video's making me dizzy can't you use more cameras?

  • Car from hell..mental...no one can t beat this car

    daniel danieldaniel danielNapja
  • Inline 6 engine will forever be the best

    yasin kalamyasin kalamNapja
  • Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

    Numair SawasNumair Sawas2 napja
  • 13:17 wtfffffffff life flash before eyes type shit right there.

    anthrofighteranthrofighter2 napja
  • anyone else that drive stick here getting anxiety up the ass

    SergSerg2 napja
  • Houly mouly

    Martin MalikMartin Malik2 napja
  • Wie viel Liter verbraucht das Teil?

  • When I saw it was a manual car, I just simply smiled at this beauty

    RobsRobs2 napja
  • We say its the dogs bollocks in the UK. Andy England 🇬🇧👍

    andrew daleyandrew daley2 napja
  • Amazing

    Norbert TrujanoNorbert Trujano2 napja
  • 9 fuckin fuck =))

    Ali KavousiAli Kavousi3 napja
  • You can tell that hes shocked :D

    BotDamianBotDamian3 napja

    Njcm 123Njcm 1233 napja
  • 9:31 when vtec kicks in.

    Aurther MorganAurther Morgan3 napja
  • I want that car

    MrDMrD3 napja
  • nononononoyesyesyes

    shengyu qishengyu qi3 napja
  • My first thought was. It must be TC. lol

    Ronalds SvarupsRonalds Svarups3 napja
  • Thats mi dream car

    klådklåd3 napja
  • Give this man his 5 million views

    murray duncanmurray duncan3 napja
  • Dayum

    murray duncanmurray duncan3 napja
  • Does FF stand for fukn fast?

    S GrimS Grim3 napja
  • ‘Why not drive with the licence plate on’ 🤣

    Nick BNick B3 napja
  • Always wondered what the offspring of a 911 and a GTR would look like........now we know lol

    Alex H.Alex H.4 napja
  • amazing car! 100-200 time looked slow compared to 200-300

    Dennis van der ZalmDennis van der Zalm4 napja
  • Koeningsegg 1 to 1 i think can beat this car with aceleration

    Bruno GajdosBruno Gajdos4 napja
  • what a beast

    PotatoGaming1978PotatoGaming19784 napja
  • 340 km/h. That's faster than a Formula 1 car.

    nosesmashernosesmasher4 napja
    • Nope

      TurismoTurismo3 napja
  • "Maybe drive with the license plate on"

    Moua XiongMoua Xiong4 napja
  • Incredible car...not so incredible driver...just shut up and press the full throtlte!

    Cookie MonsterCookie Monster4 napja
    • Can you read?

      TurismoTurismo3 napja
  • Killer machine

    SkywalkerTiborSkywalkerTibor4 napja
  • Sounds like my 700bhp mitsubishi evo 8MR

    Jack TranJack Tran4 napja
  • what's the point of this car? You can't go fast in the corners anymore....

    Kaneda12Kaneda124 napja
  • Im gonna take it slow 2 min later... 270 km/h

    YoLoGuNYoLoGuN4 napja
  • what a car!!

    alihan özdemiralihan özdemir4 napja
  • " this is not human at all!" Well, you know its a car..

    Yanis MadaniYanis Madani4 napja
  • you should do an Autobahn review of the polestar 1

    The Stiffmiester MattThe Stiffmiester Matt4 napja
  • Im i the only one that saw the rust on the passenger front fender?

    The Lord memesThe Lord memes4 napja
  • "This is the freaking shit" - love it!

    Rainer BeanRainer Bean4 napja
  • Besides this freeking car, the best part is the amazing driver sensation and happiness! Amazing video and 9ff performance!

    Auttomotive Electronic PerformanceAuttomotive Electronic Performance5 napja
  • I've always liked how Porsche exhausts sounds loose

    Daniel TriantopoulosDaniel Triantopoulos5 napja
  • Monster car

    valy statacuvaly statacu5 napja
  • Of course it's not normal! 😂

    P5Z91P5Z915 napja
  • you cant even shift lol

    JurekJurek5 napja
  • what camera do you have on your head

    ArmLedArmLed5 napja
  • Dont cry if speed kills me because i was smiling

    el problemoel problemo5 napja
  • I love the autotranslation of the Video. “hairy clutch“

    brunbrun5 napja
  • hoooolyyyy maoooolyyyy

    Lorenzo HeringerLorenzo Heringer5 napja
  • When going 200km/h feels slow, lol

    CRT GamerCRT Gamer5 napja
  • @ 14:08 I shat my pants for him, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    CRT GamerCRT Gamer5 napja
  • Porsche engines are fuckin insane😬 If you put 1000hp in it, it will fell like 1500hp

    TheSN1K3RSTheSN1K3RS5 napja
  • Stunning german engineering

    Otto -Otto -5 napja
  • Imaging disliking this video, god bless you

    S. JanssenS. Janssen5 napja
  • Can't touch this..👍🏻🤩

    SN4PYoF1Ng3rZSN4PYoF1Ng3rZ5 napja
  • This man just had a religious experience

    Aaron TiczonAaron Ticzon5 napja
  • That’s the first lumpy idle I’ve ever heard on a Porsche. Beast!

    MitchTubeMitchTube5 napja
  • Porsche translate=the best

    b. j.b. j.5 napja
  • I can see someone who's not used to manual gear... gave me anxiety.

    Dubai BrazilDubai Brazil5 napja
    • bro im here pushing my fucking left foot down trying to shift CORRECTLY in my head lmfaoao

      SergSerg2 napja
  • 300km/h is niks zo snel die daar na toe gaat

    Hulk GroenHulk Groen5 napja
  • Max: “I don’t know what this is” It’s complete and utter German perfection

    Adam KAdam K5 napja
  • very nice

    Daniel FredrickDaniel Fredrick5 napja
  • I never thought I would hear a Porsche with major L O P E

    Adam KAdam K5 napja
  • que lastima que no sabes hacer bien los cambios, lastima de carro....

    Carlos SanchezCarlos Sanchez5 napja
  • That accent though hahaha

    Thijs van de WalThijs van de Wal5 napja
  • if the tire went at that speed....

    JackPecker911JackPecker9116 napja

    B. K.B. K.6 napja
  • 14:08 💀

    ricardo millosricardo millos6 napja
  • That rattle though! :(

    Dan ValentineDan Valentine6 napja
  • Among the videos I watched from Max, The GTR and this Porsche are the fastest accelerating cars. I can feel your excitement very well. No words can describe that excitement 👍

    Melih CeritMelih Cerit6 napja
  • I love how his name is "MAX"

    Mr SwaggerMr Swagger6 napja
  • forza horizon cars be like:

    FaetonFaeton6 napja
  • extremely poor shifting speed

    Dario SimicDario Simic6 napja
  • it reaches the limiter in sixth very easily, with a longer ratio it reaches much higher speeds without problems

    Carlo CoronaCarlo Corona6 napja
  • 😨

    This GlockThis Glock6 napja
  • You are a Blessed man!

    ClarkClark6 napja
  • I was waiting for the moment when a Supra at 320kmh flashed its lights from behind and wanted to pass :) nice video

    DoktorBrezelDoktorBrezel7 napja
  • imagine if a deer walked out on the road

    Tyler BivinsTyler Bivins7 napja
  • What is the insurance premium to be able to run a channel like this?

    Terrence SmithTerrence Smith7 napja
  • Why do you find it fit to use my Lord's name as a cuss word. Hence the dislike.

    Ryan MortimerRyan Mortimer7 napja
  • That voice, that English.

    henk vrielinghenk vrieling7 napja
  • Whats happen on 12.53min

    bRIght side of LifebRIght side of Life7 napja
  • The sound of the car is amazing😍

    Marco Van De KoreMarco Van De Kore7 napja
  • I've done 155ish in my Cobra but what's scary are the cars in front that can't judge how fast you're coming up on them. 1 little mistake and boom.

    Axe MannersAxe Manners7 napja
  • wie haat nederlanders die engels spreeken

    4ES_TranQuille4ES_TranQuille8 napja
  • Why does he shift that weird

    LaurenzLaurenz8 napja