11,200 IQ TEAM SELF REPORT decimates entire lobby...

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Disguised Toast and fellow big brainer 5up gets partnered up as impostors, ready to run circles around the crewmates with some mastermind lies...
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  • Chill, people. When you're in-game, you have limited time to process the information given to you. Not to mention there are other POVs which could have influenced the players decision in voting out who looks sus. Geez, let's just enjoy the game.

    Mikee AMikee A4 órája
  • 17:47 mans just turned into a race car

    Toby BoardToby BoardNapja
  • The music choices in Toast's videos are great. Deltarune - Lancer 0:23 A Hat in Time - File Select 3:53 Super Mario 64 - Inside the Castle Walls 10:13 (I don't recognize the others)

    b2198b21982 napja
  • Toast is my stress reliever.

    srcdlcsakylsrcdlcsakyl3 napja
  • Toats iq Has reached 11 200, HOLY CRAP

    Curtain AnimatezCurtain Animatez3 napja
  • Omg 5up and Toast though😧 holy moly

    lSophiellSophiel4 napja
  • Dumbdog must be very nice, him saying "this body" means he felt guilty and was un-associating him self from the victim. Guilt for the virtual murder of his friend 😂

    LukeLuke4 napja
  • Toast self reports and gets away with it* Me: Bruh! I get voted when I self report!

    General GrievousGeneral Grievous4 napja
  • Why does Steven sound like Michael Cera in Scott pilgrim

    Isabella OosterhartIsabella Oosterhart4 napja
  • 3:54 A Hat in Time music!! 🤩

    TM04TM045 napja
  • "I can do it...AGAIN" lmao

    Zenna mokZenna mok5 napja
  • oof

    maliyahmaliyah5 napja
  • boi

    juan camilo martinez hurtadojuan camilo martinez hurtado6 napja
  • 00.27 The muuuusic

    Rage QuitRage Quit6 napja
  • 😁😁✌✌✌✌

    ٌReema AlamriaٌReema Alamria6 napja
  • bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    ٌReema AlamriaٌReema Alamria6 napja
  • heheboy heheboy heheboy heheboy

    ٌReema AlamriaٌReema Alamria6 napja
    • I am coming to your house

      Lost Sanity / SonOfLethalLost Sanity / SonOfLethal5 napja
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 heheboy

    ٌReema AlamriaٌReema Alamria6 napja
  • hehe boy

    ٌReema AlamriaٌReema Alamria6 napja
  • hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    ٌReema AlamriaٌReema Alamria6 napja
  • ome g0d

    ٌReema AlamriaٌReema Alamria6 napja
  • gae

    Triều Vỹ TônTriều Vỹ Tôn6 napja
  • I love how it's Hafu's body sliced in the thumbnail lol.

    OmenatiOmenati6 napja
  • On this map, turning off the lights makes it dark *outdoors*.

    4356456 345635464356456 345635466 napja
  • 5up carried so hard this was such a good game

    spadesspades6 napja
    • Not really carried LMFAO In every game they play as impostors, Toast carried 5up a lot of times cause he gets caught after the first kill. 5up wanted to play his best this time that's why he played his A game.

      faithfaefaithfae6 napja
  • I love you toast! You’re like a less intelligent 5up!

    Brick ChangBrick Chang6 napja
    • 🤨 The audacity

      faithfaefaithfae6 napja
  • Is sleepy's discord picture Felix from Re:Zero?

    BobTheBoxBobTheBox6 napja
  • @TheaTrinidad!!! Represent!!!!!!!!!!!

    Atma persadAtma persad6 napja
  • Can I just say how much I appreciate Toast using A Hat in Time music?

    McKenna is a personMcKenna is a person6 napja
  • Toast, 5UP, Hafu + Dumbdog is a top tier intelligence lobby

    kj Fordkj Ford7 napja
  • “Tina you sun of a bish “

    Game_SantiGame_Santi7 napja
  • Poor hafu, her body was in cams. 5up had a great alibi cuz he said he was on cams

    _hex.i_ _a.q__hex.i_ _a.q_7 napja
  • I feel dumbdogs kill on wolfabelle would have worked if toast was as observant as me i had to go back to see if the name showed

    Cap193Cap1937 napja
  • How did they get to toast being in o2

    Cap193Cap1937 napja
  • i enjoy toast playing in the hafu lobbies a lot, get to see a different side of his play, and how it combines with some of the more top tier players like 5up and hafu

    SeRolGenreSeRolGenre7 napja
  • I just cant i hate ray so much idk why but her laugh and her acting is so bad.

    Erich VäänErich Vään7 napja
  • Yay!! Wolfabelle!!

    Sally GormanSally Gorman7 napja
  • DumbDog actually being one of the smartest in the lobby always great

    Razor Gaming NetworkRazor Gaming Network7 napja
  • bring back normal among us

    kenj kenjikenj kenji7 napja
    • This is normal among us wdym?

      Maria AlonsoMaria Alonso6 napja
  • Damn 5up 👏🏻👏🏻 u guys played along very well

    A HumanA Human7 napja

    Sheer CrowdSheer Crowd7 napja
  • I swear Toast wearing black clothes is something I never knew I desperately needed in life

    Chrysan themumChrysan themum7 napja
  • Toast vs 5up Toast: "Hafu and Dumdog gotta go then this will be an easy lobby" 5up: Time to kill yellow again!

    Jack PabichJack Pabich7 napja
  • I never self report my own kills personally, but if it works....don’t fix it.

    GriffinRexGriffinRex7 napja
  • Woofabelle literally incriminates her self

    ReeflexYoutubeReeflexYoutube7 napja
  • 9:27 Toast: "Well Done Haf-..." Toast: "...wow.." Toast: "Nice Job 5up!"

    RyneRyne7 napja
  • Stop increasing the iq. There all the same

    LuigiStylesLuigiStyles7 napja
    • It's IQsode 😌

      faithfaefaithfae7 napja
  • 19 minute video with 38 commercials...

    jasondean88888jasondean888887 napja
  • You can see that imp Is rae at 0:21turn to .25 speed to see

    Shocker8140Shocker81407 napja
  • Raes laugh is really the Cats laugh from Emperors New Groove. Like really real

    Yousif GhalebYousif Ghaleb7 napja
  • Real Madrid

    brandon cordovabrandon cordova7 napja
  • Poor Hafu. Always getting killed just cause she’s smart.

    AWriterWanderingAWriterWandering7 napja
  • in the year 2400 toasts titles: 40926474629486976342 iq single person double kill

    Brendan VossenBrendan Vossen7 napja
  • don’t be shy drop today’s vid

    aleanah reylenealeanah reylene7 napja
  • Noooooo.... There's not one posted today...

    Iain LeadbeaterIain Leadbeater7 napja
  • You look dum with that mike

    M SchulzM Schulz7 napja
    • @M Schulz He is 😌💙

      faithfaefaithfae7 napja
    • @faithfae I don’t think so

      M SchulzM Schulz7 napja
    • He look handsome wdym

      faithfaefaithfae7 napja
  • 5up + Toast = ez win

    Alexander RiekenAlexander Rieken7 napja
  • That game was amazingly played by you and 5up!

    nicole becerranicole becerra7 napja
  • ^ l 5

    Mello JelloMello Jello7 napja
  • They should do one where they enter face chat during the discussions, so they have to read the expressions of each other not only the tone of voice. I think it could be funny.

    Nathan HillNathan Hill7 napja
  • 5 5 5 5 5 5

    Mello JelloMello Jello7 napja
  • POV: You’re waiting for your daily dose of toast 🍞😔

    Damion HighDamion High7 napja
    • This is why I only watch toast when I’m eating so I have like 5 extra videos to watch

      Dino PooperDino Pooper2 napja
    • tru

      shanisgreatshanisgreat7 napja
  • ... Waiting for your new video.

    Michaela BryantMichaela Bryant8 napja
  • There was no upload today. Came back here to thank you for the last 100+videos. If you are sick or something I hope you'll get well soon. Take a break, we can wait :)

    Ömer OstaÖmer Osta8 napja
  • Glad to see the 5UP respect.

    MyThoughtsBelowMyThoughtsBelow8 napja
  • TOAST DIDNT DO HIS REGULAR UPLOAD TODAY??!?!? i felt like something was missing and i realized i was missing toast's video.

    JiU SuhJiU Suh8 napja
  • 5up is so good

    Isaac MaTTzIsaac MaTTz8 napja
  • In the first 0:21 seconds I saw Rae kill, wasn't it obvious? She literally stood on the body for more than 2 seconds. Their eye sight dude-

    Kat MeowKat Meow8 napja
  • why does u let rae get away like that fuck i dont get it

    Kyou KuroKyou Kuro8 napja
  • The "A hat in time" music when the parts are sped up is nostalgic lmao

    ꧁ Txrii コ韻ゴ T a e꧂꧁ Txrii コ韻ゴ T a e꧂8 napja
  • youtube is getting way to comfortable with these unskipable ads

    s a d i as a d i a8 napja
  • 3:28 So far Rae's Best Sinister laugh

    Charryson CentilloCharryson Centillo8 napja
  • Everyone’s among is titles: Tina: Litteral 1 iq plays Sykkuno: She thought I was in the vent Valkyrae: My greatest imposter game Toast: THE 11200 IQ SELF REPORT DECIMATES THEIR ENTIRE LOBBY

    Ronn GiangRonn Giang8 napja
  • Scientists: The human brain cannot exceed 200 i.... Disguised toast: Allow me to introduce myself

    Ronn GiangRonn Giang8 napja
  • Rae is so bad at stack killing😂

    Kyle LKyle L8 napja
  • Among us is literally legend

    threeboy hipermodethreeboy hipermode8 napja
  • Need more Sleepy :D

    Nathan BelmoreNathan Belmore8 napja
  • he is making four everyone s lif a better😀

    1K Subscriber No Video1K Subscriber No Video8 napja
  • this game is still not dead?

    slick greasy gamerslick greasy gamer8 napja
    • Not if it’s toast playing

      Shi FaaShi Faa8 napja
  • Uh"

    bruhbruh8 napja
  • I saw Rae kill at the start

    Rowan and EarlRowan and Earl8 napja
  • Hilarious video clips. Btw toast do update your rust stream or ya do live rust too.playing only among us isn't work out. Bored of everyday watching same thing. Join your fellow friend sykkuno, aria, ash, Ryan , Ludwig, spedicey, tinakitten, shroud, wendy, bnan, xcq, sotfi, kkhatamina, fuslie, Edison, peener, etc play together and show us rust. You play but don't stream lol. Well that's upto you your wish bla bla btw I'm bored of your among us.

    Jumsi Loya Jr.Jumsi Loya Jr.8 napja
  • I wonder how does toast iq multiply by 10

    yunq saitoyunq saito8 napja
  • play wit ninja again he’s the best 3rd imposter ❗️

    FlossyJacobFlossyJacob8 napja
  • I just realized today the meaning of disguised toast = "this guy is toast ".

    Brian Daniel ShajiBrian Daniel Shaji8 napja
    • Yeah its from a voice line in heartstone

      KairuKairu7 napja
  • hey toast the vision ur playing on for crewmates is not fair so if u read my comment please make it wider like what u used to play before this

    omr khateabomr khateab8 napja
  • *Miawu*

    bakuhoe thotsukibakuhoe thotsuki8 napja
  • Gg

    winwin8 napja
  • I like how Yvonnie was so dumb in that beginning part. We saw Rae kill so how didn’t they

    Jonah HillierJonah Hillier8 napja
  • I’m so sick of among us, it’s so boring to watch. All these twitch streamers need to find something else to play or I’m gonna unsubscribe!!!

    Big Black Billy GoatBig Black Billy Goat8 napja
    • Then find someone else to watch?

      KairuKairu7 napja
    • Shut up you're always commenting this in every video of toast and you didn't even unsubscribe LMFAO

      faithfaefaithfae8 napja
  • Toast: I’m on vitals 5up: toasts in labs Toast: I was on cams 5up: toast was in o2

    iHexRTiHexRT8 napja
  • I love how your IQ goes up slowly.... your evolving!!! :D

    Tristan DelcourtTristan Delcourt8 napja
  • In Yvonne's POV, Rae is the obvious killer. How the hell did she miss that? Toast wasn't even in the area and he suses out Rae. Lol

    faithfaefaithfae8 napja
  • Omg they're dumb how didn't they see rae kill

    Glenda RichardsonGlenda Richardson8 napja

    BillNyeTheRussianSpyBillNyeTheRussianSpy8 napja
  • OMG! Pro gamerrrrr

    Aditha AroshanaAditha Aroshana8 napja
  • i am not first but i am here to say hi

    BudgetNinja GamingBudgetNinja Gaming8 napja
  • 0:26 rae did it

    Nezuko KamadoNezuko Kamado8 napja
  • Next title be like, "The REAL 11,300 IQ was the FRIENDS we made along the way..."

    McPlebeianMcPlebeian8 napja
  • awww my guinea pig likes you

    life with hamsterslife with hamsters8 napja