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100 ton hydraulic press crushes coins

  • How to destroy coins and be paid with bills by youtube.

    Francys MegalonaFrancys Megalona6 órája
  • Iseaplastan

    Elizabeth CiriacoElizabeth Ciriaco9 órája
  • Alacomoserompen lospesos

    Elizabeth CiriacoElizabeth Ciriaco9 órája
  • No es vetdad

    Karim SantosKarim Santos9 órája
  • 0:21 вам денег мало

    Назар ЛарінНазар Ларін13 órája
    • ви багачи

      Назар ЛарінНазар Ларін13 órája
  • Well there goes my pocket money 🤣

    Shiney FXShiney FX14 órája
  • wy have this 9,9k dislijkes?

    Leander WilbrinkLeander Wilbrink17 órája
  • Destroying coin or currency is punishable offence...I think

  • Without the use of this genius amazing brainy work I won’t be here to testify about my banned account *labelspy on telegram did it all thanks for giving me the best service on time”

    Habakku ElahHabakku ElahNapja
  • Without the use of this genius amazing brainy work I won’t be here to testify about my banned account *labelspy on telegram did it all thanks for giving me the best service on time”

    Habakku ElahHabakku ElahNapja
  • Myth: we are humans

    Shahim MustafaShahim MustafaNapja
  • Türkiye'de o kadar parayla millet ev gecindiriyor

    Defne GönültaşDefne GönültaşNapja
  • This reminds me of when I was young and strong. We used to play twiddley winks with man hole covers. I always won.

    Old HippieOld HippieNapja
  • Perfect chappati maker

    gadanga aandhagadanga aandhaNapja
  • Hello everyone. Nice to meet you. I do sculpture work ❤8

    Góc Nghệ ThuậtGóc Nghệ Thuật2 napja
  • When I was a kid we used to put coins on the train tracks. Back then it was disel engines no electric 3rd rail. You could hear and feel the train coming for 10 minutes. The train would do about the same damage.

    Mr. Caucasian WhiteMr. Caucasian White2 napja
  • 🙄

    Kayky MatheusKayky Matheus2 napja
  • 😭💲💲

    Ali AboaliAli Aboali2 napja
  • wow

    Nicky fofo_33 2021Nicky fofo_33 20212 napja
  • Their goes all my spare change 😭

    Awesome KageyamaAwesome Kageyama2 napja
  • Land

  • dont try this at home so he is the one earning in the youtube im planning to buy 200 tons pressing machine

    lazada shopeelazada shopee2 napja
  • Asmr😂

    Chaos Evox 04Chaos Evox 042 napja
  • OK

    Chaos Evox 04Chaos Evox 042 napja
  • Why do i feel like those coins were just nothing but a metal 😢like money is not really valuable

    cpt.macmillancpt.macmillan3 napja
    • Because it's not. money is a concept created by humans and is basically only real because we continue to treat it like it is.

      faroshscalefaroshscale3 napja
  • ???:ez

    lIIllIIlIlIIllIIlI3 napja
  • Todo

    Alonso Machaca RamírezAlonso Machaca Ramírez4 napja
  • Es de goma

    Alonso Machaca RamírezAlonso Machaca Ramírez4 napja
  • Disclaimer: don't repeat it at home Yeah everybody has a hydrolic Machine sitting at thete house

    anonymous 892anonymous 8924 napja
  • Alternative Warning: Do not repeat it at home. Oh, I forgot that no one has a Hydraulic Press like us...

    Mai SongMai Song5 napja
  • If you don't love money, give it to me

    haikal hakimihaikal hakimi5 napja
  • No s

    Axel 24Axel 246 napja
  • isn’t this illegal tho

    ThatShortGuyThatShortGuy6 napja
  • I liked the part with the coins

    Alex’s GamingAlex’s Gaming6 napja
  • Dont try this afhome Yeah we all have hydrolic.pressure system in our homes

    Kundan SinghKundan Singh6 napja
  • Why dies Someone do this ???

    Moritz ZiemekMoritz Ziemek6 napja
  • This is very satisfying 😌😌

    Drazmatshaikh ShaikhazmatDrazmatshaikh Shaikhazmat7 napja
  • It’s a federal offense to destroy U.S currency. But DAMN that was cool!!! 😂

    Luke HammerLuke Hammer7 napja
  • Song is??

    HモAVモN CODHモAVモN COD7 napja
  • 👍😀👍

  • Zinc

    Yud UulYud Uul8 napja
  • I think that's illegal lol

    CyanideDreams 80CyanideDreams 808 napja

    Eyup ÇiftciEyup Çiftci8 napja
  • It seems like Paisa Barbad bc 😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Suraj NikamSuraj Nikam8 napja
  • He’s committing a crime rn

    Tamara WenningTamara Wenning8 napja
  • ashhad 'an la 'iilah 'iilaa allah wa'ashhad 'ana muhamad rasul allah💜💜💜

    سبحان ربي العظيمسبحان ربي العظيم9 napja
  • Warning: do not repeat at home Ppl with a 100 ton press in theyre home: *inexistent sounds*

    Bruno ScarabelliBruno Scarabelli9 napja
  • It might fall on our faces

    Abs FernandezAbs Fernandez9 napja
  • Never try to do this at home

    Abs FernandezAbs Fernandez9 napja
  • It's not real

    Meryeme TotoMeryeme Toto9 napja
  • 最初のやつ、エヴァのアレっぽい

    カズマサカズマサ9 napja
  • Дибильный ролик из цикла: пресс есть ну и ладно

    Аноним АнонимовАноним Анонимов10 napja
  • Тест вышел в копеечку

    G technikaG technika10 napja
  • Ub

    Rajesh rayappen Rajesh rayappenRajesh rayappen Rajesh rayappen10 napja
  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🏿👎🏼👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    ramu parshuramkarramu parshuramkar10 napja
  • I actually have tried this at home....not

    Andy BelfieldAndy Belfield10 napja
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/0ICJtm3MoNmbfKI

    iu igiu ig11 napja
  • Coin waster so mani people wo want those coin silli so mani people wo want them

    José María Romero FragosoJosé María Romero Fragoso12 napja
  • Shoulda got em hot first so they'd fuse together.

    norman rockwellnorman rockwell12 napja
  • My dearest 100t hydraulic press is in idle state again since I have banknotes, not coins.

    Muhammed KılıçMuhammed Kılıç12 napja
  • Your mom could do better

    corban.corban.13 napja
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    M U S T A F A •_•M U S T A F A •_•13 napja
  • National coin shortage

    Moto WorkzMoto Workz13 napja
  • Now go with these money into a bank and say - I sat on them, please replace them. That would be hilarious.

    Victor GeorgievVictor Georgiev13 napja
  • How to expand your money tutorial

    Kunal KaleKunal Kale14 napja
  • Mentira do krlh

    Doente ONDoente ON14 napja
  • These guys are rich

    sai bhaveshsai bhavesh14 napja
  • STONKS ❌

    Anónimo CelesteAnónimo Celeste14 napja
  • Him: hey dad can I borrow some coins Dad: for what?

    Titoy Boy LaroTitoy Boy Laro15 napja
  • Finally i get to try out at home

    Tom LTom L15 napja
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

    Saddam Technology CenterSaddam Technology Center15 napja
  • Oh so this.is the value of coins?😒😒

    vinay chauhanvinay chauhan15 napja
  • The gov't might sue you for destroying money, careful

    TisoyDos TvTisoyDos Tv15 napja
  • Clay

    Sandeep JSandeep J15 napja
  • son tremendos rokers

    CAFF ResonarCAFF Resonar15 napja
  • 0:08 What if someone puts their hand in it

    ShriyanshShriyansh15 napja
  • Honest Fact : The disclaimer is not for common people. It's for other hydraulic HUworldrs. So that they can't copy him.

    ShriyanshShriyansh15 napja
  • J'aime bien regarder sa😄

    Talamohe TakaniuaTalamohe Takaniua16 napja
  • Destruction of government property.

    He leaves the 99He leaves the 9916 napja
  • *Não faça isso em casa* Como se eu tivesse uma prensa em casa lol 0_o

    YoshiakytosYoshiakytos16 napja
  • Mom: what u watching Me: just a guy destroying cent coins

    Lelo beatsLelo beats16 napja
  • 0:05 when you want to buy a product with a 50% discount on it.

    OligamplaOligampla16 napja
  • How's called the music?

    Maciej ZawadzkiMaciej Zawadzki16 napja
  • Seems like jell

    impostern ximpostern x17 napja
  • Sek macem-macem pethuk anak'e OPO mbo'e tak hutang banyu.#jajalen.

    Lugito BejoLugito Bejo17 napja
  • やめてあげてー!

    thanksmithanksmi17 napja
  • RIP Money (RIP soldi mi sto sentendo male...)😂😂

    Elisa CalviElisa Calvi17 napja
  • Where is this guy from??

    T EmrozT Emroz18 napja
  • 0:10 Legend says that the coins are still flying

    GraVityRagEGraVityRagE18 napja
  • Ah I love watching people committing felonies on HUworld

    Durzo GhoulDurzo Ghoul18 napja
  • E eu aqui querendo comprar bala🥺😭🙄

    kauan zinnnkauan zinnn18 napja
  • There are 9k Mr.Krabs who don't like this. Mr. Krabs : OH NO!! MY BABIES!!!

    Akainu D. AceAkainu D. Ace18 napja
  • In indonesia, this is ilegal. You could go to jail

    Aditya PambayunAditya Pambayun18 napja
  • Thanks to Darkcreed90 On Telegram for the remotely unlock my child iPhone 12 pro Max..you really did a very Good job..God bless America✔🇺🇸

    dr Pauldr Paul18 napja
  • Islam soldiers put a head on in it to try it 🤣

    W.B. MISDRAW.B. MISDRA19 napja
  • I used to put coins on the train tracks when I was a kid.....they became smooth little coin pancakes

    PoWeR ToKeR 420PoWeR ToKeR 42019 napja
  • Otras persona de senado pisto y ustedes baba son malos

    Aracely CastilloAracely Castillo19 napja
  • Casi sentí que saldría uno disparado y me sacaría un ojo xD

    Diego Morales CruzDiego Morales Cruz19 napja
  • You guys want some pancakes?

    Ricardo VillaRicardo Villa19 napja