100 Layers of Crayons vs Lego Wall

2021.máj. 1.
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  • Did you watch the last 100 Layer wall challenge? 😜 huworld.info/flow/vide/tZV52W7EjK2_i3g

    JustDustinJustDustin6 napja
    • Yep

    • Hii

      TempleTemple5 órája
    • When is the video being released

      Anime watcherAnime watcher13 órája
    • Best HUworld maker of 2021 and my favorite

      Eric CatalanEric CatalanNapja
    • Love your videos I subscribe d pls hert

      wrk cubingwrk cubingNapja
  • JustDustin ive been a fan since the first video can i please get a shout out

    Zackary MaddenZackary Madden30 perccel
  • Dumbo

    Tawfik MoustafaTawfik Moustafa49 perccel
  • Have to say something the Lego one was so much easier then the crayon one

    lelletilelleti2 órája
  • Try not to flinch but with weapons such a bow and arrow

    Steven FloresSteven Flores2 órája
  • Wtf

    Beatsaber Mack tracksBeatsaber Mack tracks2 órája
  • we need 100 layers of drywall and everytime someone hits it jeremy yells "NOT THE WALL"

    bouytt guytbouytt guyt3 órája
  • When are you going to post a new video it’s been a week and I’m dying for a new video please

    Kaycie GoodwinKaycie Goodwin3 órája
  • Make a video but unedited

    Alexander Jullian Ba�ezAlexander Jullian Ba�ez4 órája
  • Should have used a shovel

    L2 DoggoWAGL2 DoggoWAG5 órája
  • Who remembers Travis

    Coleman ByrdColeman Byrd5 órája
  • Make a video like this : the goodest shild or the goodest armor win

    Raul TrutaRaul Truta9 órája
  • Your skinny as put some wait on

    Briana StewartBriana Stewart13 órája
  • Who else started watching this during quarantine?

    IdkIdk14 órája
  • I have some weapons I wanna give to Dustin how should I go about doing that?

    Peyten88Peyten8815 órája
  • 9:31 Trent reminds me of the lumber jack in the little red riding hood movie. That just me?

    Bennymos LIVEBennymos LIVE20 órája
  • New weapon idea, a metal bat to your collection

    Evoker_ MasterEvoker_ MasterNapja
  • why was there PACKING TAPE on the legos???

    Gaming DudesGaming DudesNapja
  • Justin has easyare wall

    Zoe WeaverZoe WeaverNapja
  • Not gonna lie but...TRENT IS A TANK!!!!

    jack kennethjack kennethNapja
  • Dustin: Trent is not the only one who can bend bars: hardly bends it then you see tents bar

    Sarah KennySarah KennyNapja
  • I love how they where like sheeeeeeeeshhhh and trent just stood there confused

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyNapja
  • You should make soap box cars

    rhino Lontorhino LontoNapja
  • I love the videos and everyone in them. But why does Dustin always squint when he makes a statement? Is it just me that notices this. Also i think Trent can break any weapon or wall.

    Dr- CrazyCarlosDr- CrazyCarlosNapja
    • @nieooj gotoy yes, i just started about a few days ago myself. I like it and it good. It's better he got a team thing going with everyone. I hope they all stay together and put out good content.

      Dr- CrazyCarlosDr- CrazyCarlosNapja
    • I literally watched him yesterday and i have already watched like 25 videos

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyNapja
  • Jeremy’s new word is wombo combo

    Damian SteveDamian SteveNapja
  • What ever happened to Travis???

    Emett KauralaEmett KauralaNapja

    Jon SpaldingJon SpaldingNapja
  • Hey Dustin I'm never won a contest but when you're doing the contest please send me it send me a giveaway if you have a the PS5 28 East Washington Street

    Martin JacquezMartin JacquezNapja
  • 6:33 dig dig dig lol

  • 6 33

  • 633 dig dig dig lol

  • this channel is literally my child hood

    Adrian MejiaAdrian MejiaNapja
  • Bring Travis back for your camera man I miss him

    Cool SharkbrowwCool SharkbrowwNapja
  • You mr dustin came far you literally been here for 5 years

    Hoak The FurryHoak The FurryNapja
  • I wish you still recorded with wolfy =(

    Hoak The FurryHoak The FurryNapja
  • I don't know why but for some reason think that he's Mr beast brother

    super maxsuper maxNapja
  • Believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins on the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day, and you are saved.

    zyzz sysszyzz syssNapja
  • That bustibustin shoo shee

    Mike PullenMike PullenNapja
  • I literally watched him yesterday and i have already watched like 25 videos

    lol lollol lol2 napja

    Ace ChristAce Christ2 napja
  • I love Dustin's reaction when he sees Trent's wall completely destroyed and well done Dustin keep up the good work 👌👌👌

    kostas lioyrtas2kostas lioyrtas22 napja
  • Where is sweeee

    Oliviero Lionell DjayaOliviero Lionell Djaya2 napja
  • Dangie bros broke the unbreakable box watch there video

    Miisha Rue EstoresMiisha Rue Estores2 napja
  • Do 100 layers of cookies First make a wall of cookie dough Second cook it somehow

    Alexander HamAlexander Ham2 napja
  • Dude Trent is an absolute unit. That wall is gone.

    SpinBlockWizardSpinBlockWizard2 napja
  • Have you did on 100 layers of flex glue wall? Cuz if you didn't can you do that please

    Blaze RoiBlaze Roi2 napja
  • But

    Rachel FaulkRachel Faulk2 napja
  • But

    Rachel FaulkRachel Faulk2 napja
  • But

    Rachel FaulkRachel Faulk2 napja
  • I love how they where like sheeeeeeeeshhhh and trent just stood there confused

    Jordyn BloomquistJordyn Bloomquist2 napja
  • Dustin you should make a candy prison

    FirespringFirespring2 napja
  • I aint gonna lie i feel like Dustin is a Control Freak

    MxtthixsMxtthixs2 napja
  • does the sound of the legos falling remind anyone of anything??? Just me?

    That BiWomenThat BiWomen2 napja
  • These videos have become more and more chaotic compared to his earlier vids. I love it!❤️❤️

    That BiWomenThat BiWomen2 napja
  • U should make a shirt that says the wall!!!

    Random boy LeeRandom boy Lee2 napja
  • Anyone else feel annoyed by everything Zach does?

    Emeralds 212Emeralds 2122 napja
  • JustDustin, PLEASE check out this online company "Kult of Athena", they sell the COOLEST WEAPONS!! It is pretty expensive, but I think their medieval swords, axes, spears, and armor and stuff would fit right in your collection!

    Thomas LumbThomas Lumb2 napja
  • 9:20 happy trent noises

    smoothwolf Gachasmoothwolf Gacha3 napja
  • Dustin's reaction to Trent's destruction was priceless lmfao😂

    Hailey HankinsonHailey Hankinson3 napja
  • Song at 8 min 40 sec?

    Nicholas DiGeronimoNicholas DiGeronimo3 napja
  • Weak swings I can swing really hard.

    Gabe BranhamGabe Branham3 napja
  • Dustin had a huge advantage lol

    Lex SmithLex Smith3 napja
  • ice in my vanes

    nightmare shadowtrapnightmare shadowtrap3 napja
  • Flex seal wall

    Marcus Luis MercadoMarcus Luis Mercado3 napja
  • love your video

    James Morgan 62 (STUDENT)James Morgan 62 (STUDENT)3 napja
  • dustin so won

    Broden MakiBroden Maki3 napja
  • dustin did really won cause he made a hole first

    XxashgamerxX TohXxashgamerxX Toh3 napja
  • We’re did you get the big lego blocks

    Jeremiah HurleyJeremiah Hurley3 napja
  • justdustin there new tape called frogtape I want you to make a wall out of metel

    Sebastian MacCollumSebastian MacCollum3 napja
  • 100layers of jello wall!

    Atharva LangoteAtharva Langote3 napja
  • Funny thing... I ate both of these When I was little.

    ChaLa QuiRabChaLa QuiRab3 napja
  • Can we just take a moment to thank the floor for sticking through all of these weapons hitting the ground 😂😭🤣😭

    hello Darkness my old friendhello Darkness my old friend3 napja
  • Next video: Trent vs A Freaking Bear

    OnionOnion3 napja
  • Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  • It isnt a JustDustin video *without the wall being harmed.*

    Laura SmithLaura Smith3 napja
  • It was my birthday on the 10

    Odin SuttonOdin Sutton3 napja
  • Can you please shot me out on may 10 please love you bro your the best

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  • Hi guys. My real name is Kassadey Hibbs. I am a girl who played football 🏈 and I love you guy since yesterday.

    Ironhide GirlIronhide Girl3 napja
  • Dustin was through first

    Darren YoungDarren Young3 napja
  • Why do u love putting Trent an a prison

    Miles CorvinMiles Corvin3 napja
  • thats just not fair

    jake_the gamerjake_the gamer3 napja
  • I come back 2 years later. What has this channel become 😔

    JustJulianJustJulian4 napja
  • hey justdustin will you invite me to your channel video sometime please

    The OneCuriousThe OneCurious4 napja
  • Imagine Trent vs Zias

    Sahis ArzolaSahis Arzola4 napja
  • bro but dustin did win

    Ptilson11 _ObbysPtilson11 _Obbys4 napja
  • but dustin your wall was much softer than trent's

    Christian Dawes - FearonChristian Dawes - Fearon4 napja
  • Who every asked for crayons well done

    Sturdy SnakeSturdy Snake4 napja
  • sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Linh NguyenLinh Nguyen4 napja
  • You guys should face the walls diffrents way as to not hit eachother

    D3rk0oD3rk0o4 napja
  • I love ❤️ you’re videos JustDustin

    Tiffany ReynardTiffany Reynard4 napja
  • who else notice that the same good song plays in all of his videos

    madden guthriemadden guthrie4 napja
  • imagine Trent on the Swat

    madden guthriemadden guthrie4 napja
  • Just do that’s on fair on you are you should get all the good food to get the strong the walk because he is stronger than you know things are true to get the strong all

    Luay JafferLuay Jaffer4 napja
  • You sold make a wall made of chok

    Hudson CatesHudson Cates4 napja
  • You should make a wall of chok

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  • Tiktok:Kleverkidmari315

    Msj.MariiiMsj.Mariii4 napja
  • I just wanted to thank all of you guys for putting in the work for us!

    Voided LightVoided Light4 napja
  • Haha Trent at 9:20

    Patrick van ProoijenPatrick van Prooijen4 napja
  • yes and I feel bad for all of the Legos

    Sarah TietgeSarah Tietge4 napja
  • like the vid

    Tae Hee LimTae Hee Lim4 napja