10 World Records That You Can't Repeat

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10 World Records That You Can't Repeat
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Many of us dream of setting a world record. Some of them are easily beaten but there some
records that no one would ever dream of beating because they are just too dangerous, or just
impossible. From the highest shallow dive to jumping from the stratosphere, let us look at 10
world records that you cannot repeat.
Number 10.) World’s Highest Shallow Dive
We’ll begin our deep dive into the craziest records by diving shallow. You must be thinking
what is a shallow dive? Well, it’s a dive from any height into a pool of water no more than 12
inches deep. As you’d imagine, the technique of choice by shallow divers is that of the belly
flop, or, the belly buster. American shallow diver, Darren Taylor, also knows as the “Professor
Splash” had been progressing higher and higher over his career, and one day he finally broke the
highest shallow drive record. He presently holds the world record at 10.3 meters. Yes, that
equates to Darren jumping off a platform that is over three stories high and slashing down into a
kiddie pool that holds roughly a foot of water. Diving is a hazardous sport in general, but one
miscalculation, or too much rotation in a shallow dive, and participants will dive 6 feet under for
their next attempt. If you know what we mean
Number 9.) World’s Largest Pizza
Is there anything in the world as satisfying as a normal pizza? We have an answer for you: the
world’s biggest pizza. Before we give you the details, what would you guess as to the size of this
pizza? We will offer a hint: it was made in the contemporary era. December 13, 2012, to be
precise. This was just before the world was coming to an end on December 21st. what a great
send off it could’ve been to the planet. Obviously, this pizza was made in Italy, and named
Ottavia, in honor of the first Roman Emperor, Octavian Augustus. The size of the pizza? 13,580
square feet. If you imagine a baking sheet under this pizza, it would measure nearly 117 by 117
feet. The pizza was made by some of the best chefs of Italy: Dovilio Nardi, Andrea Mannocchi,
Marco Nardi, Matteo Nardi, and Matteo Giannotti of Rome.
Number 8) The Heaviest man
Surprisingly, it doesn’t come off as a surprise to anyone who is told that both the heaviest man
and woman records are held by Americans. Of all the countries, the US has the highest
percentage of obesity, which was 39% in 2017. Believe us, it goes up, not down. Jon Brower
Minnoch was from Washington state and at age 12 he weighed 135 kilograms. His weight
increased steadily until he reached a peak weight of 635 kilograms in 1978. Sadly, but not
surprisingly, that March, he suffered heart and respiratory failure. Can you guess how many
people were needed to take him out of the home? Let us give you a hint: more people than in a
soccer team. Yes, you heard that right, 12 firemen were needed to transport him to University
Hospital in Seattle. Once there, he was diagnosed with massive edema and the doctor estimated
that he carried 400 kilograms of accumulated fluid, the scientific term for fat. He remained in the
hospital for two years, lying on two beds lashed together. It required 13 people to roll him over.
While in the hospital, Minnoch married a woman named Jeannette and, because she weighed
only 50 kilograms, they set a record for the biggest weight difference between spouses. He died
in 1983 at the age of 41. No one is definitely beating that record.
Number 7.) World’s Longest Human Mattress Domino Fall
Here’s another record in the category of strange and weird. Before addressing the record that was
broken, and still stands, we need to explain exactly what Human Mattress Dominoes are.
Differing from human dominoes, who just fall onto one another in succession, human mattress
dominoes rely on people holding a bed mattress. In this particular world record attempt,
everyone was using a TWIN SIZED mattress. We’re guessing human dominoes with king-size
mattresses would be a different competition altogether. So, this particular record was set at the
immense Gaylord Resort and Conference Center in National Harbor, Maryland, and included
1,200 participates. Yes, 1,200 people holding 1,200 mattresses. The entire event took over 13
minutes to complete. The great thing about this record: all of the mattresses were donated to
people in need in the Greater Washington, D.C., area.

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  • Edema is congestive heart failure. A condition that occurs when the heart doesn't beat strongly enough to pump blood to the kidneys to allow them to operate properly and remove fluid from the body. The fluid then gathers in the appendages and body cavity. Eventually it will gather around the lungs and push the air out of them and cause suffocation. The "400 kilograms of extra fluid" is not another term for too much fat.

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