10 Crazy Expensive Gifts Bought By Billionaires

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10 Crazy Expensive Gifts Bought By Billionaires
ORIGINAL VIDEO: (huworld.info/flow/vide/zH5v23qToNrcY6o)

  • Didn’t Anil Ambani go bankrupt?

    srihaan namburisrihaan namburi6 órája
  • 2:19 that one kid who thinks gta online is everything

    SHADOWSHADOW11 órája
  • How do they not know what the real batmobile looks like....

    Kamsi onyenekeKamsi onyeneke15 órája
  • React on top ten richest actors in the world

    charli damiliocharli damilio21 órája
  • lol ksi's moaning

    Thinesh JayasingheThinesh Jayasinghe22 órája
  • ambani"s net worth is 90 billion dollar to be precise....

    Harsh rajHarsh rajNapja
  • Sidemen watching how Billionaires spend money 👁👄👁......Fans watching how Sidemen spend money 👁👄👁

  • Mate, I live in Pune, that donny has got bread. He's also leading the vaccine development here

    doliio volaydoliio volayNapja
  • Did KSI made fun of pune city

    Pathak DwijPathak DwijNapja
  • im a billionare too in gta

    LessLess2 napja
  • Happy wife happy life

    Jeremiah tvJeremiah tv2 napja
  • feel sad they dissing the OG batmobile like that ;-;

    Trav PlaysTrav Plays2 napja
  • My man said maka 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 4:01

  • Jeff Bezos, for him money is no object. Amazon employees: 😑😑

    ibrahim stamiliibrahim stamili2 napja
    • I like 1. The longer one is better

      doliio volaydoliio volayNapja
  • They just dissed the best BatMobile

    Smoke DuckySmoke Ducky2 napja
  • King : Heres your gift, Obama. America : Our Gift

    yuoop nokeyuoop noke3 napja
  • Ummm yall big trippen about the bat mobile

    Sam AllenSam Allen3 napja
  • Bro it hurt me when they dissed the bat mobile from the second batman movie!!

    Javier VasquezJavier Vasquez3 napja
  • 2:15 thank me later meme makers] The captions say he was getting it inside your son he cant drive

    DeAnthony Grindle-ArtrucDeAnthony Grindle-Artruc3 napja
  • Fun Fact, Adar Poonawalla has come up with covid vaccines for India

    Dede HoranDede Horan3 napja
    • @yuoop noke harry?

      Dede HoranDede Horan3 napja
    • Who is the person in the blue shirt who introduced everyone?

      yuoop nokeyuoop noke3 napja
  • Elon Musk after gifting humanity to Martians: “that’s cute”

    Red SusRed Sus4 napja
  • I’m happy jj is investing and is early in on the next gen of decentralized financial system, eth to the moon!

    v vv v4 napja
  • Jj wasn’t joking btw... it was financial advice.... listen to him

    Christopher WalkerChristopher Walker4 napja
  • my drama teacher has been inside the Antilia. they performed there bahaha

    sophie falkinersophie falkiner4 napja
  • Ethan is the most annoying person on reacts he doesn’t be quite

    noah myersnoah myers4 napja
  • King: Obama Family here are you gifts America: OUR GIFTS

    dcoog anmldcoog anml5 napja
  • The Ambani family went to my aunts hotel in Kenya /Serengeti

    Weakenedbus0 1Weakenedbus0 15 napja
  • Do they not know that's the original batmobile design

    Leigh CurwenLeigh Curwen5 napja
  • 6:08 jj is so rich he probs would only give someone 10 quid coz he is selfish

  • huworld.info/flow/vide/x4KSqJ3Ko5WvfGc

    FaB ClipzFaB Clipz5 napja
    • They disrespected the original batmobile y’all 😡

      dcoog anmldcoog anml5 napja
  • Think these need to understand the different between net worth and personal wealth

    Unknown ArtistUnknown Artist5 napja
  • If you don’t know that Batmobile, you don’t know Batman, end of story

    A WebzA Webz6 napja
  • Those paintings were better investments than Werner and Havertz

    S AliS Ali6 napja
  • Who is the person in the blue shirt who introduced everyone?

    Alex WilsonAlex Wilson6 napja
    • Btw its sarcasm I know he is w2s wrotetoshaw harry dont get pressed bro

      Alex WilsonAlex Wilson6 napja
  • That's the 1989 batmobile

    Ninja SLAYS4Ninja SLAYS46 napja
  • 10:18 KSI he just growing weed In his backyard Harry I respect it ya know

    Abrian C4Abrian C46 napja
  • If “boros “ dies jj in trouble

    Luka PapantoniouLuka Papantoniou6 napja
  • Its jokes how 1 of those paintings can pay my life and more

    ঔৣDragonicঔৣঔৣDragonicঔৣ6 napja
    • 6 days later, I get the notification... But I have watched this already when it came out...

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuyt6 napja
  • That’s the original bat mobile you dopes

    y2jose285y2jose2856 napja
    • They should react to goldigger videos

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuyt6 napja
  • The first few were millionaires

    Matthew SimmonsMatthew Simmons6 napja
  • The enthusiastic outrigger typically spill because modem intriguinly exercise behind a spurious lawyer. deserted, needless newsstand

    Haily DoeHaily Doe6 napja
  • Cmon man only a 60 million dollar jet

    lukeymo 4lukeymo 46 napja
  • Y’all need to get educated that’s Keatons Batmobile

    SlffekkSlffekk7 napja
  • They disrespected the original batmobile y’all 😡

    Christopher Martinez ToscanoChristopher Martinez Toscano7 napja
  • i want my mill when yall get big big

    Metallic TwisterMetallic Twister7 napja
  • Hi

    TheBananaPeelTheBananaPeel7 napja
  • sidemens DC comics knowledge is seriously lackin

    MuzzaMuzza7 napja
  • 7:27

    Jacob TrudellJacob Trudell7 napja
  • 3.5k

    LeafyLeafy7 napja
  • That's the old batmobile car

    bradley Williamsbradley Williams7 napja
  • The last guy spent 1.8 billion dollars for 30 paintings

    Luciano LopezLuciano Lopez7 napja
    • Jjs is more priceless after reacting to this

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuyt7 napja
  • Ok I was disappointed that they dissed one of the best Batmobile's ever made but they don't even know what weed looks like. I don't smoke and I even know what weed looks like. I'm also 17 so I never was born in the 80's so you can't say they don't know better.

    Puppy BearPuppy Bear7 napja
    • Anybody hear Harry at 10:27 say I respect it bro at the weed?😂

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuyt7 napja
  • They should react to goldigger videos

  • 6 days later, I get the notification... But I have watched this already when it came out...

    Zippy2707Zippy27077 napja
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/uINvnILJeLC1b3g

    Yvng CribYvng Crib7 napja
  • JJ: "Is Boris gonna give Stormzy a jet?" Stormzy: "FuCk ThE GoVeRnMeNt, FUCK BORIS" Boris:

  • It is the 70s bat mobile

    Daniel QuackersDaniel Quackers7 napja
  • ksis moan they hit differannt

    gwan dong leegwan dong lee7 napja
  • ETH??????? why not BTC

    Digital MadeDigital Made7 napja
  • the king of Saudi Arabia gifting the Obama family, America that’s our gift. And who said America isn’t a communist country 😂

    TrapperTrapper7 napja
  • King: Obama Family here are you gifts America: OUR GIFTS

    bouytt guytbouytt guyt7 napja
  • Don't talk shit about India, you will have to suffer for it...

    AnubisAnubis7 napja
  • *7:27** jj's new song*

    DubSkiDubSki7 napja
  • King: Obama Family here are you gifts America: *OUR GIFTS*

    Shayne590PlaysShayne590Plays7 napja
  • Anybody hear Harry at 10:27 say I respect it bro at the weed?😂

    Cay9nineCay9nine8 napja
    • This is amazing

      bouytt guytbouytt guyt7 napja
  • Jjs is more priceless after reacting to this

    PixiGamerHDPixiGamerHD8 napja
  • How can you be a virgin if your always jumping in the poonawalla

    Adrian BeltranAdrian Beltran8 napja
  • Hopefully for that Abramovich want to sell Chelsea FC😂.

    Teodor IvanovTeodor Ivanov8 napja
  • Similar thing happened with my mum because my grandads company worked with another huge company in Saudi Arabia and the king was involved with the business. Anyway my mum taught one of the princes how to swim and he gave her a gold and diamond bracelet but she couldn’t accept it due to company policy.

    Oliver_BlackburnOliver_Blackburn8 napja
  • 7:26 not vick supporting hitter 💀

    OMGItsFierFoxxOMGItsFierFoxx8 napja
  • Yo they dissing the batmobile triggered me😤

    Tomasi MaubyTomasi Mauby8 napja
  • Punewala is the owner of world biggest vaccine making company.... yes yes he is making corona vaccine and world is counting on him

  • JJ sign up pm

    Waqar KhanWaqar Khan8 napja
  • So much money, And yet it goes on stuff that isnt needed instead of helping sick people, homeless people including kids, families in need, hospital bills, billionairs or trillionairs cause give atleast everyone in the world like 1 billion if they all put towards it, but they dont and thats what makes me hate this world.

    UnIcOrN fArTeRUnIcOrN fArTeR8 napja
  • The wedding was so cap

    Jamie LordJamie Lord8 napja
  • Jj: ‘he’s growing weed’ Harry: ‘I rate him’ Ladies and gentlemen, we got him

    Jamie LordJamie Lord8 napja
  • 2:22 its the old bat mobile

    Maaz PatelMaaz Patel8 napja
  • IF in my coyntry someone had 1000 euros he will be so hapy that hes happines would kill hin Jay Z chiling with a 50m fricking tzet...............

    PS4Gamer _PS4Gamer _8 napja
  • Vik definitely has a jet

    Jamie LordJamie Lord8 napja
  • Vik’s been on a private jet with a bedroom, it is definitely his

    Jamie LordJamie Lord8 napja
  • Vid looking offended when jj makes fun of poo

    Adam Is a MuslimAdam Is a Muslim8 napja
  • Like it how ksi is moaning even though hes rich lol

    Orange ZombroOrange Zombro8 napja
  • Finally a sidemen reacts without Ethan 🙌🏻

    Max EmeryMax Emery8 napja
  • Ello

    ᎡiteᎡite9 napja
  • There's 7 of you. Vik only needs to be in every 7th one. Stop including him.

    R 10R 109 napja
  • Right boys ur like 2 or 3 older than me and even I know that number 9 is one of the old batman cars. Like the very first or seconds ones.

    Al - Dog vlogs and moreAl - Dog vlogs and more9 napja
  • No joke, sideman should make a video that’s like 2 hours long like a movie, very thought out and good and make people pay 5 dollars for it. 14 million people watch the video. They get 10 mil each.

    Collin StantonCollin Stanton9 napja
  • My dad knows goerogee clooney really well hes an old friend

    Sami HikmatSami Hikmat9 napja
  • When’s josh gonna take the Xmas decks down🤣🤣bless

    daisy maydaisy may9 napja
  • 2:18 - 3:24🤦‍♂️ 🤡

    _ Ross_ Ross9 napja
  • Billionaires simping hard my guy

    Ashley Ratahi-HoweAshley Ratahi-Howe9 napja
  • Joshua really does hate being called “Zerkaa”

    vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuyt9 napja
  • Kinda disappointed they dissed the og batmobile

    Zetty 6ixZetty 6ix9 napja
  • They litrlay just stole someone's title

    Adam MansourAdam Mansour9 napja
  • When I hear how much money they have I feel poor

    Cesar TellezCesar Tellez9 napja
  • Ayo viks headphones r the size of his head lol ngl😂😂🎧

    Jesmin AktherJesmin Akther9 napja
    • Anyone else see the xbox noti? Brings back good memories.

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuyt9 napja
  • I wish the sidemen were less materialistic

    AlexAlex9 napja
  • „he’s just growing weed in his backyard” harry: “i respect that you know..”

    Buscape 34Buscape 349 napja
  • Sadia Arabia king is a SIMP

    Fishing with WillFishing with Will9 napja
  • Mr Beast in 2089... I just bought 39 Tesla's and five Mansions

    AustinnAustinn9 napja